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    This continues to happen every time I reconnect a project or if it reconnects, it happens at the source window when I'm trying to look at the audio waveform only


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    Depuis aujourd'hui j'ai le message suivant lorsque je démarre Première Pro CC 2019 : "N'a pas pu trouver de modules de lecture vidéo. Mettez vos pilotes de lecture vidéo à jour, puis réessayez".

    Le message s'affiche parfois en anglais "^1 could not find any capable video play modules. please update your video display drivers and start again"




    J'ai mis à jour l'ensemble de mes drivers, j'ai également essayé en démarrant en mode administrateur et enfin en désinstallant le logiciel... mais le problème persiste...


    Que faire pour régler le problème ?


    Merci d'avance





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    I know that this has been in other threads but I have looked at them and still have not been able to get Adobe Premiere Pro CC to see my GPU. My laptop is an Asus ROG G745 with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560m. Any new suggestions would be welcome.

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    I used to have my Premiere Pro set so that I could see ALL the frames in a clip. Not thumbnails or keyframes, but the actual frames, making it much easier to sync audio. In the timeline, not just in the monitor. I've searched and searched and can't find an answer. Can anyone help? I feel crazy.

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    Trying to use Morph cut dissolve between two nested sequences and I get a "low level exception" The morph cut is intended for interviews—and multicam nested sequences are, to say the least, prolific in that kind of work setting—so while I wasn't expecting miracles from a new feature, I'm surprised at this.

    Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 8.23.07 AM.png

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    When importing footage, embedded LUT comes in automatically. First this is an issue because of project bloat. We know about the workaround, but then if we move to another workstation, when re-linking footage, it creates another instance of the embedded LUT in the master effect. I have projects where master effects on clips have 4 instances of the Amira LUT. This is in addition to the LUT not displaying consistently if we do decide to keep it on the master effect.

    Then when it does display, we get 2 or 3 LUTs on the master tab displaying at the same time and there is no way to delete any of them.

    Need an option to delete (really delete) the master Amira LUT either on import or after it is imported and don't import every time on re-link.

    In the attached, the Amira is the original when first imported, the other 3 every time I re-linked on other systems...and I can not delete them.

    I keep searching for a way to strip the metadata off the original file. If I import using Kyno and XML, the embedded LUT does not come with but if

    I generate proxies with a 3rd party app like Editready, when I attach the proxy the LUT comes in and then it attaches to the original file as well. Maddening!

    No one else is struggling with this issue?



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    I've recently changed computer from a 2017 iMac to a 2018 MacBook Pro which I've updated to Mojave 10.14.2 and am running Premier Pro 13.0.2. I have the 2.6Ghz processor with 16GB of RAM and Radeon Pro 560X 4096 MB, Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB


    My footage is not showing on either the source or the program monitor. I can see it's there. I can see TC and the I/O marks, I can even export the clips successfully but I can't see it. I've been searching the internet for hours to fix this - I've tried uninstalling PP and entire CC (which I might try again) , I've tried changing renderer to Software only, and I've tried resetting the workspace to saved version... all of which are fixes discussed on forums elsewhere. I've been editing this project for a few weeks and was even editing it on this Mac all of yesterday with no issues. But now, suddenly no images.


    I'm stumped and I'm running out of time.


    Any ideas, anyone?

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    Hi I need help with what seems a bug in Premiere.

    In the Preview, while editing, I can clearly hear the audio effects applied on a certain track working. However, when I render out the video the effects are missing and I'm left with basically the raw audio (the audio is a simple stereo  WAV recorded from a Zoom H6)


    I've tried rendering the audio only, same results.

    I've tried re-routing the audio track to a Submix, still no change.

    I've tried Render and Replace, I've tried rendering the audio file separately and putting it back on the same track and rendering again. Still no effect applied.


    I also tried switching the audio hardware to ASIO4ALL, and also tried rendering audio both AAC and MPG, no difference.


    I've tried nesting the audio and having a sequence on the track with the effects applied, no change.

    I've tried placing the sequence with the tracks that has the effects inside a parent clean sequence, no change.


    I'm running out of ideas...


    In the image: green one is track 4 (SOLOed because I'm working on it to find a solution). None of the visible effects applied work (Dehummer, EQ, Comp)



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  • 12/12/18--18:05: Not recognizing MP4 as video
  • With this update it sometimes thinks my MP4 file is an audio file.  Never had that problem before today.

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    Hi there


    New to Premiere from Avid - is there a timeline for the source window..? As in, is there a way to switch between the composer / sequence window timeline and the source window timeline..?


    Any help appreciated..!


    Many thanks

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    When I tell a multi camera video to  "open in timeline" it does not show the individual cameras like it used to.  It only shows one audio track.  So I cannot got in and "set to frame size" on those cameras that were shooting higher resolution.  I never had a problem doing this with the previous version.

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    From this page ...

    New features summary | Latest release of Premiere Pro CC


    The box of new features for this apparently bug-fix update is:

    13-0-2 Additions.PNG



    And bug fixes ...

    Bugs fixed in December 2018 (version 13.0.2) release







    • Crash when switching into DM mode after dragging the application to another monitor.
    • Crash when running a film project with multiple audio effects.
    • Effect Controls Panel crashes randomly. The control points of curves cannot be selected and adjusted.
    • In a locked project panel, double click opens importer dialog.
    • Crash occurs on zooming video or image in program monitior to 400% and scrolling to the left on Mac OS.
    • Multiple MXF files appear truncated on the system.




    • Performance drop in software decoding in the current build when compared to previous builds (12.11 and 12.12)
    • UI delay on switching clips or locking audio tracks on Mac OS.
    • Latest RED SDK produces occasional soft hang.
    • Crash when creating dummy wifi access point on Mac OS.
    • In H.624 encoding on Windows, Adaptive Match Source (High Bitrate) preset with software encoding results in different bitrates.




    • Clips imported from XML, AAF, prproj, or any other project are not referenced correctly.
    • Import .stl as Teletext is handled as Open Subtitling.




    • Locking audio tracks is slow with mix track option.
    • In a submix track, you get an audio output buzz when playing silence with an effect.
    • In multicam mode, playback has audio glitches.
    • Deadlock with audio with transmit involved.




    • Merged clips are deleted without warnings.
    • Recovered clips are created with merged clips.
    • Clips replaced in timeline appears black.




    • In a non 16:9 sequence, glitches appear on the right edge when the Adjustment layer has a combination of CUDA and Lumetri.
    • Clip Name background color draws over selection outline and clip outline.
    • Auto Color Match does not work with speed change.
    • Color workspaces: Unsafe memory usage in PixelFormatConvert.
    • DCM kernel uses out of scoped memory for kernel parameters.
    • Lumetri Color adds distortion to right edge of stills (MPE - CUDA).
    • In Lumetri, CIrGFTexture does not check for GPU allocation or operation errors.




    • STL Sidecar Captions ignore sequence out point in OP47.
    • Embedded Captions are one frame shorter than content in OP47.


    Morph Cut


    • Nesting of large number of clips is not possible.
    • Sequence playback crashes with Morph Cut.
    • The application hangs on moving Morph Cuts.


    Export and Render


    • DisplaySurface is limited to 8 bits in Metal.
    • When FCP XML is exported from Premiere Pro, position keyframes are not translated and are set to 0,0.
    • In Metal 1.0, errors appear on playing a project on Mac OS.


    Miscellaneous issues


    • Flattening a multicam shifts effect keyframes if its components have speed changes.
    • Shared projects: Merged clips break when dragging from one project to the other.
    • Sync Settings : Removing Manage Creative Cloud Account'still is visible in File>Sync Settings menu on Windows.
    • GoPro7 file displays upside down Proxy with GPU Renderers.
    • An audio icon or wrong icon is displayed for subclips in icon view.
    • Dynamic link: Character Animator cannot find the source and the application terminates when a saved project in Premiere Pro has multiple Character Animator sequences from different Character Animator projects.
    • Out of sync icon +1/-1 unselectable.
    • SRT/STL Import Background is only used, if defined in file. If defined as opaque and "Overwrite file settings", if should always be used.

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  • 12/13/18--20:20: Crashing
  • I have tried and failed to open this program at least 30 times since last time. I receive a crash report like this error.JPG

    I have a final project due in less than 2 weeks that has to be done in this program.



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  • 12/13/18--20:17: Importing Issue
  • When I create a new Project it will only let me import one video on to the timeline and then after that, I can only put audio on the timeline and no video clips

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  • 12/13/18--13:47: Latest update broke Premiere
  • I just had to downgrade to v13 from 13.1.

    After I had updated to 13.1, Premiere wouldn't start.

    I would get a message: could not find any capable video play modules

    I uninstalled, removed preferences, reinstalled. No luck.I updated my GeForce graphics. No luck.

    Any idea what might have happened?

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    So essentially, we've been working on this 2 hour recording for a while now. We made a multicam sequence out of two cameras. For the past 6 exports, the video exported fine, everything was showing up. Well, the client wanted some more changes. GOing to work on it today, I find that one of the cameras in the multi cam shows up for the first 15 or so minutes in the sequence and then it just cuts out, showing up as black. Whenever it cuts back to that particular camera on the timeline, the frame on screen is just black until it cuts back to the other camera, showing up. I don't know what exactly changed or happened since the last time this file was worked on but wondered if anyone has encountered something like this.


    EDIT: Looking deeper into the project, I noticed something odd. The timeline is broken up into two multicam sequences, since we had to stop recording half way through the show and continued recording. I noticed that the same thing happened in this sequence as well. Camera 1 shows up fine on the timeline for 16 minutes, then just cuts out. It's Camera 1 on both sequences. When I go into my bin with the videos, I see the raw clips and can see the video right there. Maybe premiere is having a hard time with the sequence, maybe my work machine can't handle the load, or something.

    Possible solution: Would I be able to re-link or just substitute the camera angle with a duplicate of itself so it fixes the problem? Would it still keep the cuts I already made on my timeline?


    Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 9.32.37 AM.png

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    MAC on Mohave


    Footage that was fine this morning is absolutely unusable after the update - looking like its 4 stops brighter etc. I suspect its a quicktime codec thing....... thats what was updated was it not? I have footage from a GH5 internal - thats all fine. Just the Pro-Res material is COMPLETELY broken.


    What can we do to use the software? This is yet another layer of nightmare for us. We are getting absolutely hammered by Adobes broken software. Patch on patch that bring more issues and resolve very little...


    Again - this patch is unusable for professionals. I advise - do not use it at this stage.

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    after exporting my project the sideways panning parts seems to skip frames.
    What can this be?



    i.m recording in 8 bit 50 fpsScreenshot-export-settings.png


    Please someone help me?

    [personal info deleted, forum policy]




    Cheers Seb

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    I have just purchased the iphone xs to use the video and on importing into premier pro cc [latest version.  it only imports the audio?


    There seem lots of questions for other iphones on this subject, but none on the new XS issue.


    Can someone help with this please - the time you wast on not doing the very thing you start out to do, is so annoying!



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    Fellow editors!


    This is a very annoying problem I have. Every time Premiere Pro updates, I am losing all of my custom keyboard shortcuts, my custom panel, my sequence presets ( I use quite a few) and other settings. I am using the sync function, but it doesn't download anything when I am syncing, or trying to download it. And I have synced my previous settings before it updated. This means I have to make them all over again. And I am using Premiere pro almost every day for work (news is a ***** sometimes). I have tries to search for this for some time, but I can´t find any answer for what the problem is.


    Please help..!

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