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Latest Forum Threads in Premiere Pro CC

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  • 12/11/18--21:18: Problems with HEVC clip
  • I apologize if none of this makes sense.  I've been working for over 16 hours at this point and my brain is fried right now.


    I was given a bunch of 4k clips that were shot using the HEVC codec.  Most are 30.00 fps but some are 30.01 fps and all of the audio is 44100 hz.  When playing them back in Premiere, I noticed a bunch were out of sync.  I converted them to ProRes as an experiment and it fixed the sync issues but there is one clip that is still being problematic and it's the most important one.


    When I put the clip in a sequence, the audio plays but the video "starts over" about every 10 seconds despite this being a 17 minute shot.  You can skim through and see that there is more than 10 seconds to the shot, but when you play, it loops the first 10 seconds.  Both HEVC and ProRes versions do this.  I have no way of watching this clip other than Premiere so I have no way of troubleshooting this.  It crashes VLC everytime and Quicktime Playe and Quicktime 7 both cannot play it.  I have no idea how it was shot and even asking may cause me to lose this client. 


    I'm assuming the file is corrupt but I need a way to make sure that is the case and to show the client that this isn't my fault.  Again, I apologize if none of this makes sense.


    I'm running High Sierra and the latest version of Premiere. 

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    When trying to add to project video 115600019  into premium pro i am faced with run script error 'uncaught exception' screenshot below.


    Can any help or advise why this is happening and how to overcome it ?

    Thanks Amy

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    Hi Everyone,



    Just wondering if anyone else is really disappointed in the new upgrade?

    Myself and a colleague find that it crashed often.

    When we are trying to stitch together multiple clips into one, we have to add one, shut and reopen to add the rest? The video doesn't include audio unless shutting and reopening?



    anyone else struggling?!


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    I am new to Adobe and have looked at some of the tutorials, but cannot seem to find the answer to my concern.  I have GoPro video clips(mp4 files) that I am trying to stitch together, and am concerned.  When viewed as stand alone clips, outside of Adobe they are sharp.  When I import them and begin editing they are very pixelated.  I'm concerned that I am importing in the wrong format, or have a setting wrong.  Please help, and remember I am new to the software.  Thank you for your patience,


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    Upgraded to 13.0.2 on OSX High Sierra - seems OK mostly. But there is an issue when I create a title with essential graphics - this was just a temp holder so I typed 'master title?' and got '?master title'


    Further attempts put spaces and letters and punctuation at all sorts of weird places.


    Anyone else experience this / have workarounds?

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    In Premiere Pro CC 2017, when I add a title graphic to my video (or any other text graphic, it seems), the text in the graphic appears distorted when I playback the video preview. The still-frame of the graphic looks clear as intended, it's only when the video plays that the distortion occurs.


    When I first installed the application, I got a warning that my computer resolution was lower than the requirement of 1024x768. However, the display resolution on my laptop is 1366x768 (the recommended setting for my machine).


    Any solutions or insight into what is causing this?


    My graphics card is: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000


    Graphic still-frame:

    Graphic during preview playback:

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    I searched for this information, but didn't find anything.


    I'm using Ultra Key to remove green screen, but the person talking in front of the camera is making lot of hands movements and sometimes we see a bit of green screen in the movements. Do you have any idea how to remove that?


    I don't want to use the smooth option, because it's just cropping too much the person.


    Thank you

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    I have an Issue in Premiere Pro when I will Export Media and when I will Ingest Media for Proxys!

    The Error Message is:


    Ohne Titel.png


    "Adobe Media Encoder is not installed. Download and install the application to use this feature. For more information see https: ...."


    Installed is:

    Premiere Pro

    Media Encoder


    All other Versions from Media Encoder / Premiere Pro CC2014,CC2015,CC2017,CC2019 works fine together and have not this Problem!

    What is the Problem between PPro and AME?

    Sending Clips from Premiere Pro CC2015.4 to AE and AU works fine and AME alone works fine to!

    For Example, I can create Proxys in Media Encoder and can import and attached these in Premiere Pro.

    But not from PPro via Ingest, then comes the Error Message.



    And why are the CC2015.4 (2016) Versions from PPro and AME not listed in the Creative Cloud Desktop Manager like all other Versions ?

    I have listed only CC2014, CC2015, CC2017, CC2018, CC2019, not CC2015.4.


    R. Stephan



    HighSierra 10.13.6

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    if I activate in the program monitor "safe areas" is no picture available since this update!!!

    (Picture is black, Sound is working)


    R. Stephan



    High Sierra 10.13.6

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    Hi every body

    So I use Adobe Premiere pro cc 2019.

    I could easily load previously imported mogrt files but now I can't.

    It is stuck at : loading motion graphics template at 15 %.

    I uninstalled pp and reinstalled, reimported mogrt files but none worked for me!

    Help me please.

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  • 11/27/18--18:40: Thumbnails Always Reloading
  • I'm a little new to Premiere Pro (Version 13.01) and I'm hoping someone can shine a light on this situation.


    I'm currently transitioning over from FCPX, so to be honest I'm really trying to use premiere pro in a way I'm so use to in FCPX.


    I like previewing all my clips as thumbnails (personally I feel it makes for easier story building), though every time I close/re-open a bin in premiere, the thumbnails need to re-generate all over again.


    Why is this so? is there a way to stop this from happening??

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  • 12/14/18--10:15: 13.0.1 Corrupt Audio Files
  • Hello,


    I opened my project this morning to find audio files on one of my sequences corrupt. I cannot relink the media, and I troubleshooted the issue with an Adobe rep, who seemed to give up. We tried moving the media to a new location, changing the name of folders in the ~/Library, and trying it with different versions of the software. Has anyone else had this issue? This is the second time this has happened at our agency since we updated to 2019.

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    My system updated to the latest version of Premiere Pro CC (v13.0.2 (Build 38)) and I'm now getting a "This effect requires GPU acceleration" error when I add an adjustment layer or certain effects. I understand the GPU requirements have changed with this latest build but my system should meet the minimum specs. I'm running MSI mother board, AMD threadripper processor and Nvidia 1080 Ti graphics card. I've included complete specs below. I've updated to the latest version of Windows and Nvidia drivers as well with no change. I even tested by creating new project, but that was no help.  Any help is appreciated; I'm dead in the water.



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    Two of my systems are the latest Mac Pro (3.0GHz 8-Core. 64GB of RAM. 2 AMD FirePro D700s with 6GB of GDDR5 VRAM). Another system has 128GB of RAM and the Titan Xp with 12GB of GPU VRAM. All of my GPUs support Apple Metal GPU acceleration.


    The slowest system I have is my laptop and if the issue was only with my laptop, the lack of 4GB of GPU VRAM might be the issue, but it's a problem on all the system I own.


    As far as I can see, the issue I'm experiencing is not related to the hardware, as they all meet or exceed the system requirements.

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  • 12/14/18--12:02: Copy Project To New Drive
  • This may have been asked before, however I can't seem to find the answer.


    I am very new to Premiere Pro and have a MacBook Pro and iMac. If I start working on a project on say my MacBook Pro and want to then continue working on it on my iMac, I would expect to simply to be able copy the folder along with all the files to an external hard drive then over to the iMac.


    However when I copy the folder and files onto the external drive and if I open the project and look at the Properties of the assets they are still point to the MacBook Pro.


    Is there a quick way to relink all the assets to the new destination drive (iMac)?


    I have also tried collecting the project using the Project Manager however the folder structure isn't copied over, resulting in all of the files being in one single folder.


    Am I missing something completely simply here?


    Thanks in advance,


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    So I have many long takes in my timeline; each take has several moments that all will go into different places in my final edit. I want to rename a clip, but when I do, it updates ALL the clips in the timeline that are part of that one long take/file.


    How can I change the names of clips within the same file without changing the names of all the other clips? I don't want to use bins, I just want to rename each clip that comes from the same single file. Thank you!

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  • 12/07/18--20:25: thumbnails go grey
  • why is this so? I have to clear the cache and restart.  I have to do this far more with 13.0.1 than I did with 12. Even after a restart the thumbnails are often left with media pending. 

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    I've been stressing out over this and cant seem to find a solution to my specific dilemma.


    Running Premiere 2019 on a 5k 27inch 2017 macOS High Sierra (Radeon Pro 580); For my projects I usually export H.264 Vimeo HD settings.
    However, when I do, all the color is very washed/flat (See Examples). What on earth is going on????

    As seen on Premiere:
    Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 12.43.16 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 12.48.00 PM.png

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    This problem has gone back several versions.  Pr works fine with intraframe and MPEG-2 footage, but drops frames like crazy or won't even play 4K AVCHD, DJI, and other Long-GOP footage WITHOUT ANY EFFECTS OR SCALING applied, even at 1/4 or 1/8 resolution that plays smoothly in VLC and QT player outside of Premiere.

    And this is intermittent.  Some times it plays, some times it doesn't.  When it doesn't, quitting and relaunching helps for a while, but it inevitably stops playing again. 


    I've been deleting my prefs several times a day, which also helps briefly, but that may be because quitting and relaunching is required to do that.


    I have to render most of this type of footage to get it to play reliably.  Time killer.


    I'm not maxing out my 2GB/s RAID, 6-core (12 thread) 3.06 GHz CPU or Titan GPU and 128GB RAM.  Not even close.  I have iStat Menus installed, and can monitor my system resources in real-time by looking at my menu bar.


    This certainly suggests the problem is in the way Pr is built.  But, if I'm wrong and there's a fix for this, I'd be grateful to learn how.



    System described above is on a MacPro5,1 running 10.13.6 with latest GPU and CUDA drivers installed.

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    I have an mpg4 in my time line. I have two files with audio linked. When I out put the audio is longer then the video.

    I output H.264



    Why is the audio extending and not in sync?

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