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    Especially when I open a browser, chrome or edge, and other tabs sometimes too, premiere is unable to playback or do anything to the timeline. I always have to save (at least that one is working) and restart premiere, shutting it down from task manager since exit is not working either...


    All started when I updated to the new edition.

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  • 12/15/18--01:43: HDR Output via AJA Card
  • Many bugs are now away. In the last 2 month I worked for HDR with Resolve, now I tried it again with PPro. The problem is, when you have a "yellow or red" timeline the AJA Output for the HDR Monitor is OK. When I render the Timeline to "green" the HDR Output via the AJA card is gone. It is SDR like in the timeline. Therefore again it is impossible to work with PPro for HDR, again I use Resolve without problems.

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    After the new updates my premiere crashes constantly.

    For example, if I zoom in or out of the timeline or if I do any other.

    So I can not work longer than 1 minute. I must finish an important project next week and will lost my customer.

    What I can do now ?

    I suspect, Premiere has problems with Canon raw files.( rmf-files ), because with every new start, premiere reloads these files every time.


    ( windows 10 / 64 / new very powerful system )

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    No Matter how I change the setting including exporting through media encoder when I export a video from Premiere it is black with no sound. It is the correct length but nothing is there. I have even tried uninstalling the program and reinstalling. Any help is appreciated.

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    hi.  i have been working in a project  in premiere pro 2015 cc and I'm have  issues with nesting. I'm hoping you guys can help. im a beginner so  i have no idea what the problem is. it seems to me  that when  i nest a few layers in a sequence and zoom in, the resolution of the images inside drops significantly .

    the image itself is  not low resolution. if i go back to the main sequence  and grab the original and place  it alongside the  nested version of the original, you can see a huge difference.  as you can see in the screen shot below.

    Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 11.36.39 PM.png

    what should i do? I'm i doing something wrong? or its suppose to be like that?

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    hello from vienna!


    i never thought this day would come..
    normaly, the internet (and of course this forum) has all the answers & solutions, because every known problem appeared somewhere on earth previously.
    until today...


    problem: the presets i've imported disappear, when i re-open my project.


    i import presets - fine. (right click, import presets, click on it, as usual)
    i can use them normaly - great.
    i enjoy the workflow in premiere - nice.
    i save my project as usual. i start the program the next time and all the imported presets are gone.


    i tried to re-import them several times - and everytime they import normal - i can use them - and then, after saving and re-opening the project, they are all gone (and with them, all the progress i made with them)


    maybe anybody here, who could help me.. the internet so far couldnt.


    best wishes


    ps: i'm using:
    premiere cc 2015.3
    windows 8.1
    16gb ram
    dont know what you probably need to know. just ask. i'm here, hoping for your help. thx.

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    Hello, Premiere Pro CC2018 won't open for me. I see this has been a recent problem for many users. I am fully updated and I tried restarting my computer.

    The program starts to load then before it opens, it just quits. What's the issue? Can I please have this resolved?

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    It has happened literally every time I save or replace a saved filed by the same name. I'm running the latest Mac OS and I have a very fast GPU...

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    I've been doing some basic editing, and I need to use the slip tool.  Unfortunately it only has worked SOME of the time.  I've done about 25 videos and they worked, and here and there i wouldn't be able to slip some clips.  Now I can't seem to get any to work with the slip too. I'm not sure why it'll work on one clip and not another.  I've searched online and there isn't really any information or issues with this that people have posted so far.  If anyone has any idea I would really appreciate the help!

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    How Do You Open Up 2 PP Projects Simultaneously?


    Any drawbacks to doing both at the same time?

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    I haven't had any problems before with using Ultra Key for green screen, but I think after a update it started to act wierd.

    So I have a project for example here:

    Skärmavbild 2018-12-15 kl. 13.46.24.png

    This is how the colours should look like on the screen that I want to replace the green screen with.

    And this is how the green screen clip looks like:

    Skärmavbild 2018-12-15 kl. 13.46.53.png

    Adding ultra key and mark the green color, I get like a dark green filter over my clip that I replace my green screen with. WHY? I have never had this problem before.

    If you compare the first screen shot with the last one you see the slightly color change of green that happened. I can't make it go away.

    Any suggestions what have happened?

    Skärmavbild 2018-12-15 kl. 13.47.02.png


    Sincerely Therese

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    After the update to Premiere Pro CC 13.0.2 (on a Macbook Pro running OS 10.13.6) I started having issues with the project panel bin filter search not showing clips that I knew were in the project - I'd search for a word in the name of a clip and no clips would show up. I tried using the Cmd-F tool instead, and Premiere would either find nothing or stall out and rainbow wheel. Creating a search bin also failed to work properly - I'd create one to search for a word that was in the name or description of dozens of clips, and the search bin would remain empty.


    I tried multiple solutions discussed in this thread about CC 2018: Premiere Pro CC 2018 Doesn't seem to be able to search the Project Panel . I trashed preferences, deleted the media cache and database, uninstalled and reinstalled the software, and tried the lock project trick. I still saw the same behavior. Tried starting a brand new project containing only 4 clips. In one case, 2 of these clips contained the same word in the name; searching on that word in the project panel filter would locate only one. In another case searching for a different word in the name of one of the clips revealed nothing.


    For the time being I've reverted to version 13.0.1; I'm having no issues with search in that version of the software. I should be able to continue with that for now, but thanks for any advice on getting search to work in the latest update.

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    premiere closed when i was working on a project without giving a crash report or saving or any kind of error message, and for 2 days I tried everything

    I updated my graphics card and my windows, also tried uninstalling all adobe apps and used cc cleaner and reinstalled it still having the same problem,

    and I can't install a previous version of premiere because the project won't open, so can anyone help me ASAP Because I really have a tight deadline.


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  • 12/15/18--06:05: Crash after rendering
  • premier pro defak.png 2.png.png

    soo i keep having these bug where my premier pro crash after rendering,it is shut down with no notification



    not only that my premier pro keep lagging if wanted to find effect or expanding my project video


    [title edited by mod for clarity]

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    Hi! I have done something a little stupid. I put all the footage into a timeline, then dragged that into the source monitor to start selecting clips and put them into the Main timeline. It's only now that I realise the timeline changed the sequence settings from 1920x1080 to 720x480 (why??). Anyway, I figured I could just create a new sequence with the correct resolution and paste the clips in, but obviously the sequence is referencing the other sequence with the nested clips. I hope this makes sense.


    Anyway, there must be a way to delete the old nested sequence and re-link all those cuts to the new sequence with the right resolution. Please help!



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    How can i recreate the screen splitting as seen on Homecoming starring Julia Roberts

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    I have already trimmed  & arranged some clips in the timeline.

    And next, I want it to "automate to sequence".

    But after I select & drag those clips from timeline to out in the new bin, its order get misplaced.

    It does not match with the order from the timeline.


    How to drag several clips from timeline to bin with timeline clip order?

    So I can do "automate to sequnce" later.




    Is it possible to do "automate to sequence" directly on the timeline?

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    I'd classify the current timeline playback implementation as very buggy in the most recent release. I'm running with up to date Nvidia drivers (with the latest version of Cuda), and in testing a project on the previous version and this version, the playback lag rendered editing in CC 2019 completely unusable.


    Is anyone else dealing with similar issues? I'm on a Windows PC laptop, i7-7700HQ, 32 Gigs of ram. The previous version worked perfectly for editing GH5 10-bit footage. As a test, I have the same project setup in Davinci Resolve 15, and it plays and perfectly with zero lag.


    Adobe, please fix the playback and Cuda acceleration problems in the latest version!

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    After experiencing frequent crashes in Premiere Pro CC 2019 on High Sierra ... I decided to go back to CC 2018 12.1.2 to be safe...

    That worked fine until I got a new work computer, an iMac Pro with Mojave. I did start completely fresh, installed CC from the installer.


    I installed Premiere 12.1.2 and... After the pretty opening picture, loading all it's assets, it just closes. No crash report, nothing. I can't get it to open on my new Machine with Mojave...

    Is this a known problem? I read about Mojave compatible apps and CC2018 was in there... Now I can't get it to work.

    CC2019 works, but I don't want to update all my current projects because I also switch computers (and had horrible crashes on CCC2019 on that older computer)


    I hope somebody knows something...


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    Hello All!


    I keep getting this error when I drag and drop any motion graphics piece into my timeline on my PC.


    A window with the header "Motion Graphics Template Import Error" pops up and says Motion Graphics Template is Corrupt.


    Do any of you folks know the solution to this?
    I have deleted all filed from my AppData>Roaming>Adobe>Common>Essential Graphics folder....but what next.


    Thanks in advance for you help and tips

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