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    Been having a problem recently. For some reason, whenever I right-click on a timeline (and not on a clip), the only option I get is to ripple delete the empty space (and sometimes that option is grayed out so right-clicking may as well do nothing). Maybe I'm just crazy and it's always been like this but I swear it used to bring up an edit menu type of thing. I can still right click on clips, and I guess I can just use the edit dropdown menu instead, but I miss the ease of right-clicking to do something like paste a copied clip.


    Does anyone know how to fix this or is this just my life now.

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    I'm finishing a project and one of the last things I'm intending to do is apply some motion graphics templates.  One of which I use in basically all of my videos.  The last video I edited was this past Monday (12/10/18), now today 12/15/18 my motion graphics are not working.  The one I used most often is a template from Adobe Stock that I downloaded probably a year ago.  I've used it regularly since.  Today it is saying "Motion Graphics template is corrupt."  So I went to Adobe Stock and downloaded it again, placed the file in a new folder, and imported it.  It noted that the file already existed and asked if I wanted to overwrite, I did.  It still says it is a corrupt template.



    So I went to try and use other templates just to see what would happen.  ALL of my other templates do not work.  They are simply blank and generic with no parameters in them at all.  This includes all of the Premiere Pro standard ones that come with it, as well as the ones I've downloaded and added myself from Third Parties. 


    Here is what the parameters look like for ALL of my Motion Graphic Templates:




    Is there some way for me to wipe the slate clean and start over with these templates?  Aside from uninstalling Premiere that is.  If I have to do that I will, but I'd prefer to find another way. If I right click a template and try to hit delete, it is greyed out and does nothing.  And I cannot find the templates that are installed in a folder to wipe them out there.

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  • 12/14/18--12:02: Copy Project To New Drive
  • This may have been asked before, however I can't seem to find the answer.


    I am very new to Premiere Pro and have a MacBook Pro and iMac. If I start working on a project on say my MacBook Pro and want to then continue working on it on my iMac, I would expect to simply to be able copy the folder along with all the files to an external hard drive then over to the iMac.


    However when I copy the folder and files onto the external drive and if I open the project and look at the Properties of the assets they are still point to the MacBook Pro.


    Is there a quick way to relink all the assets to the new destination drive (iMac)?


    I have also tried collecting the project using the Project Manager however the folder structure isn't copied over, resulting in all of the files being in one single folder.


    Am I missing something completely simply here?


    Thanks in advance,


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    I'm new to the entire proxy editing work flow.  I've gotten as far as creating proxies for all 786 video clips (ridiculous I know).


    On this family trip I recorded primarily on the GoPro in 4:3 2.7K (knowing the added height might get cropped out when I do my final edit in a 1080p size but I wanted the flexibility to adjust the video up or down or zoom in, etc...  I do have some other video from iPhone and time-lapse that are in 4K (16:9)


    I created the proxies with the 1024x540 H.264 settings.  Was this the correct thing to do?  It looks like the majority of my 4:3 video when brought into the 1080 sequence is a "square" with black bars on the side.


    Any tips here, need to re-create proxies at different resolution?

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    Hello there,

    Just moving from Avid to Premiere and I have a question about the Merge Clips function. Just syncing up a project via inpoints - when I merge audio and video clips, I get a sync subclip where the audio lasts much longer than the video, resulting in a black screen gap at the end of every subclip. Are there any workarounds to this, in order to have the audio end exactly when the video does?


    Marking both in and out points helps but is not accurate and not really a workflow I'd be hoping to use.


    Thank you kindly in advance,

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    Hi there. In premiere pro CC, I'm trying to link media that has been changed or moved to a project. The media I'm looking for is on a network drive. When I click on "locate media" I am unable to browse to the netwok drive as there are simply no drives showing up under the "network drives" dropdown. Any ideas on how to make Permiere see my network to locate these files? Thanks in advance. BB.

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    I'm running Premiere on my desktop PC, mostly working with various Panasonic footage and previously exported h264 footage right now. I cannot believe how many bugs I've been encountering since updating. Now my projects are all 2018 and I can go back. I saw it's been updated a few times so I figured some of the problems I outlined below would be fixed, but I'm not sure any of them have been for me. I've lost at least 24 hours just guessing how to get three minute videos to export in the last year or so. It's just unacceptable, and I get mad just opening the program, which I do everyday because it's 80% of my job! I've given you folks $2000-3000 by now, I'm past regretful, raging mad and I'm ready to move on.


    I like the ideas of the new features, but ALL of them either are nearly unresponsive or prone to crashing. There were really annoying bugs I had to work around in 2017 version, like fighting open captions at every turn, but I figured out what to avoid for the most part and kept my workflow running. How could things have got so much worse after a major upgrade? How are you not beta testing the crap out of these features before we're presented an official release?


    The new match feature is great, except I have to save before using because it very likely will freeze my PC. This happened to me at the end of my workday last night and I just left the computer on overnight. At some point it recovered, but I almost lost a half hour of editing which has really been adding up. Right now, I opened up said project after saving and it's been pending media even as I write this. I should have stayed on 2015 version, but I think I had to upgrade to edit GH5 footage.


    I was trying to keep older version but 2018 had problems sending to Audition, Media Encoder and After Effects, even though those were all up to date as well. I uninstalled everything and reinstalled just 2018 and it seems like the round trip to Audition and Media Encoder works, I haven't had anything to send to after effects yet.


    Well, Premiere just now crashed after not even being able even bring up the first shot in my timeline. This is such a simple edit, that I'm scared to start up a complex music video.


    I was sent some client made .png files for titles on the first three shots and every time I export, be it in Premiere or Media Encoder I would get a error. I had to export said titles as a fracking video and use it as an overlay to get past that.


    Thank god I'm not using the essential sound on this (it's a simple music video using only lumetri color and some neat video noise reduction) because I made the mistake of using that on a few episodic projects and I had to manually go in and adjust all of the volume key frames because that caused crashes on export.


    I've opened the essential graphics panel a few times but holy moly that runs slow for what it is. The fun part, now the plain old title maker acts like it won't open, then has a three second delay for every action I make. WTF?


    There's more, but that enough for one rant. I could get into how 3rd party reliability has tanked, but I see from these forums that you'd rather have us work that out with those developers.


    Oh and Audition used to be rock solid, but if I change the order of some effects while audio is playing it instantly crashes. I don't even know what features you've added there, but older versions didn't do that. Now I've been using Reaper for audio lately and my god, there is a model program. Weekly updates, reliable 3rd party compatibility, customization and script support. The best part is it hasn't ever froze or crashed on me for a one time $60 license. There are open source design and photo programs that already are very competitive. If someone moves into the video/ effects realm in a similarly supported and reliable model I'm out. I love your stuff when it works, but mayyybe consider taking 2019 or whatever is the next CC version and just fix your ****.


    With Teetering Love,


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       I have one question - When suport Premiere PRO CC new codec : prores RAW?


    I don't use Final cut Pro
    Thx for reply!

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  • 12/15/18--16:22: crash report
  • I've received a crash report from Adobe and i can't open my project file without crashing, I badly need a help cause the project I'm working on is due tomorrow, please help me

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    I recently created proxies for a large Premiere 2018 project. Some proxies were made directly from Premiere using "create proxies" and others were made in AME. When I went to relink proxies, I was first able to relink entire folders without issue, but suddenly the relink others automatically function doesn't work. I've tried unmounting drives, moving proxies to a different drive, renaming proxies etc. Nothing works. It truly seems to be a bug. I've also tried in a 2019 project with no luck. Does anyone know a fix for this. I'm looking at relinking over 5000 files, so any thoughts are appreciated.



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    I'm having lots of problems with both premiere pro CC 2018 & 2019 and it started to accrue 3 days ago, before that everything ran smoothly on my computer.

    After I had issues with the 2018 version I've decided to update to 2019 to hopefully solve the problem. 

    The program suddenly freezes with no reason, I can still move the cursor and click on buttons but the source and program monitor are not working. In different cases, it will show me "media pending".

    After that, I need to close the program but it won't close until I close it manually from the task manager.


    My computer:

    Lenovo legion y720


    16G RAM

    512SSD (The project is on the computer after I thought that maybe the problem is related to my external hard disk)

    Geforce 1060 GTX (I've updated the drivers)


    I've tried to find a solution online and I couldn't find any, This is a huge problem for me because I'm wasting a lot of time on restarting the program more than 10 times a day.





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    Hi everyone, so here is a weird one. I have been editing with CC2018 in Windows 10 and took to the road recently with a new Macbook Pro for a test run. Opening up the project everything linked fine or seems to link fine except that a lot of the footage is out of sync or looking like the in and out points are set for different clips. I've never seen this before and curious if anyone else has? The sequences are unusable. But curious what would cause this? My projects were opening fine between CC2018 on my windows desktop and iMac, only change was upgrade to CC2019 and using laptop.

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  • 11/30/18--20:23: Canon XF705 H.265 HEVC Files
  • Hello,


    Wondering when Premiere Pro CC will support the files from this new camera. I anticipate it becoming very popular, like a Sony EX1-EX3.

    Right now, only a paid version of Da Vinci Resolve will work with these new files (which I don't have).




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    Just updated to the latest version (v 13.0), and the "crash report" window appears after 1 min of running the program.

    The previous version 2018 v 12.1.2 and 2017 v 11.1.4 works perfect. Any solution?


    My specs:
    Hp Omen

    cpu: i7-7700 2,80ghz

    Ram: 16gb

    Video: Geforce gtx 1050 Ti (4Gb)

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    2017CC 用了两年了 以前一直都好的


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    When rendering my work at 5.2K takes like 8hours for each 1 minute of movie... but if I downgrade to 4K specs, Cuda HW is activated and takes 40 secs for the same project...


    Is tehre any whay to activate CUDA HW for 5.2K projects ?


    Best regards.

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    Hi everyone,


    I'm glad to ask my question in such an active community.


    I have a project that's a fix background picture with a couple animated objects layered on top.

    I have a database of pictures I'd like to use as backgrounds and a CSV file with all the links pointing to those images.

    I'd like to generate multiple exports of this project with a different background picture each time.


    Does anyone knows if it's possible to automate the background switch and the export?

    If yes, how?


    Thanks for your attention!

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    Is there a way, or work-around, to search through all Markers in a project


    If you select a clip, you can search the Markers for keywords within that clip, but I need to search all of the Markers on every clip in my project.

    For example, I want to search my entire project for clips that have markers mentioning "Joe Smith", how can I do this?


    There is an Adobe forum here about the issue, and the adobe staff says that the issue is solved by creating a search bin, which is frustratingly incorrect. Search bins do not solve this issue. I would be very happy to be mistaken about this, but I've tried it many times by searching for markers I know exist. Nothing comes up, and "markers" is not even an option in the Search Bin drop down menu.

    I called Adobe to ask about the problem. The man on the phone put me on hold as he looked into the issue, I was on Hold for 20 minutes then he came back and said he wants to look into the issue some more. I was on hold an additional 45 minutes when they just hung up on me.

    I called again and after being on hold for 30 minutes I hung up on them.


    I can export the markers of a clip as HTML and search them in finder, but you can only export Markers one clip at a time, I can't see a way to batch export clip Markers. I have Hundreds of marked up clips, exporting them one by one would not be ideal. Anyone?

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    Hi Guys

    My OS is Win10 (latest) and I am using CC2019.


    Since CC2015, I have experienced a continuing irritating problem. Sometimes when I move from one workspace to another, the cursor disappears behind Premiere and I cannot access any controls. The keystroke to reset workspaces doesn't seem to be live when this happens, but I am able to use the keystroke 'save' and have to shut down PPr by clicking closed in the Windows toolbar. When PPr reopens all is fine again. Here's a short video. You'll see the cursor arrow at the bottom on the windows toolbar disappear as I move it up to Ppr. This unwanted feature seems in every version and is not confined to just this PC. My earlier PC faced the same issue.



    I have dropped a bug report several times, but nothing changes. Has anyone else faced this and did you find a solution?




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    Hi there,


    I have spent a couple of hours dealing with Premiere, but I still haven't been able to update my 12.1.2 version.
    This is what I have tried so far:
    - Reinstalled Premiere Pro
    - Reinstalled Adobe Creative Cloud and relaunched it
    - Changed Language in Preferences to UK, just in case
    - Restarted my Macbook
    - Checked the Help/Updates in Premiere (still grey)


    Even after completely deleting a reinstalling the apps, ACC does not show an update for Premiere, but appears as 'up to date'. I need to open a project to grade which has been saved with the newer version of it, so I really need an update soon. Please help!

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