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Latest Forum Threads in Premiere Pro CC

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    edge and italic does not work together on subtitle in premiere

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    Necesito ayuda, por favor, con un video con fotos que se ven borrosas cuando se exporta el proyecto.

    1.He usado un video-background navideño con estas características:

    Length 0:15, 0:15
    Resolution 1920 x 1080
    File Size 1.57GB
    Frame Rate 25 fps
    Alpha Channel No
    Looped Yes


    2. Luego, he subido fotos en formato jpg y png  (una sola en png) con diferentes resoluciones. (Por ejemplo, el logo de Biointropic del final pesa unos 40 kb, otra foto pesa 171 kb, 222 kb, 1,93 mb, etc.)


    3.He exportado en varios formatos para probar pero el resultado es el mismo: las fotos se ven borrosas y el fondo parece verse bien.


    4. Este es el link del video (subido a fecha de hoy 14 de diciembre): (video en pruebas) Gracias, este ha sido un año de grandes momentos – Biointropic - YouTube


    Les agradezco su orientación.

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  • 12/17/18--05:45: Premiere freeze out
  • Hi,


    I have problem every time when I try to make a video with .png file and make simple animation. Premiere closes and report unexpected error.

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  • 12/14/18--16:35: Struggling to export
  • Hiya, I'm new to adobe and have made a few videos in the past, exported fine. However this time I have finished my editing and every time i go to export my video adobe crashes.When i get my computer back up all i find in my documents are two files one the Audio and the other the Video. I am not sure why it is splitting the two up or if I have accidentally done this in settings? but i have not seen this with my previous videos.

    Also when i click on either of these files, neither work. It just pops up notifying me that the file is corrupt and unable to play. I have not experienced this before either.

    I have tried following YouTube videos and read the forum questions however every answer doesn't seem to work and when I did the help chat with an Adobe expert, the answer i was given was the lack of RAM in my computer, however i have now got more and it is still not working.

    I am setting my export to the H.264 setting and matching all the sources as this is what basically every video says but its just not working.

    If anyone could help I'd be very grateful as I don't really know what i am doing lol, thanks x

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    Hi guys...


    my conf is:

    - i5 6600k 3.5ghz

    - board msi b150m gaming pro lga 1151

    - ram 24gb DDR4

    -SSD samsung 750 EVo 250gb sata3

    - grafica msi nvidia geforce gtx 1050 2gb DDR5


    I have some problems editing, for example the effects.....

    where can I switch to perform better?

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  • 12/17/18--05:33: Major question: Help please
  • I don't understand it:

    I am in the middle of the final editing of a feature film.

    As everyone suggests and knows well, at this stage is NEVER advisable to swap applications versions and system versions.

    As a paying customer for Adobe, why did they remove the option to keep the previous version with everything included?

    Their app on my desktop no longer offers this option: I wanted to try the new improvements they talk about.

    As I'm working on a feature I have festivals waiting for our latest versions and so on and I can't risk to ruin our work with my previous bad experiences with their internet updates policy.

    This policy is against privacy and personal ability to choose what is actually needed.

    Does anyone know if there is a way to download the new version with the option to keep the previous one?


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    I don't really understand what is going on, but i'll try to explain; all of a sudden premiere isn't working when i go to edit the videos. The timeline tab isn't letting me move the scroll bar, i can't use the cut tool (or any other tool for that matter) and it will only move through the timeline when i press the spacebar to start the video. I thought the issue might have been an update problem, but that hasn't solved it.

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    When I add a video with a green screen on the timeline it plays fine.

    When I add the Ultra Key on the video track it will black out the green screen however then when I play the video the audio is out of sync and intermittently the video with go backward 2 seconds then play again.



    Type: MPEG Movie

    File Size: 844.78 MB

    Image Size: 3840 x 2160

    Frame Rate: 30.04

    Source Audio Format: 44100 Hz - compressed - Stereo

    Project Audio Format: 44100 Hz - 32 bit floating point - Stereo

    Total Duration: 00;02;26;28

    Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.0

    VR Projection: None

    Canera Source:  Google Pixel 3 XL



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    Mercury GPA Acceleration - Enabling error.png

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  • 12/17/18--07:45: Safe Margins
  • I just updated to Premiere Pro 2019 and when I go to turn on my safe margins, I get a black screen with one white line at the bottom of the screen. I am on Mojave 10.14.2. Any suggestions or workarounds would be amazing, please!

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    After few days without working on a project generated on Adobe Premiere CC 2018, coming back to it I don't succeed in opening the projetc in CC 2019 nor in CC 2018. All menus are unreachables (grey). The two versions perfectly run on my computer. It seems that the file is corrupted.

    Is there a way to open it

    Thanks a lot


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  • 12/17/18--09:07: Make selected clip visible
  • Hi!

    When working with multiple clips on top of each other, is there a way to have them all be invisble in in the preview panel, but selecting an individual clip makes it visible?

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    my computer configuration are:


    intel core i7 - 4770

    36 gb DDR 3 RAM

    240 ssd system disc

    6 TB Raid hard drive

    Nvidia Geforce 660 2 GB

    windows 10 pro


    when I open my project and play on my timeline I can only hear the audio. The video is blocked and I can not do anything.

    And RAM, see picture 2,  seems to be locked, the graphics shows a flat line.

    The problem is from my graphics card ???...I'm using different video formats in the timeline (MXF, MP4, MTS)

    somebody help me.



    foto 1.jpg

    foto 2.jpg

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    1) Last night I was having problems where I would right click on clips and hit "Create Sequence From Clip" and it would take forever to show up.


    So, I updated to the latest version this morning.


    Same issue.


    Uninstalled, Re-installed, installed an earlier version, rebooted several times.    SAME ISSUE.


    What gives?


    2) And I have a project to finish in 10 bit H.265 mavic 2 pro video that I need to complete.


    Is this new version h.265 capable?

    Thank you.



    16 gig ram

    Intel Core i7700 HQ 2.8GHZ

    Solid State C drive - Standard Media Drive

    Windows 10

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    I searched for this information, but didn't find anything.


    I'm using Ultra Key to remove green screen, but the person talking in front of the camera is making lot of hands movements and sometimes we see a bit of green screen in the movements. Do you have any idea how to remove that?


    I don't want to use the smooth option, because it's just cropping too much the person.


    Thank you

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  • 12/17/18--08:54: Can't find Audio Waveform
  • I love downloading new versions of Premiere, because you never know what new bugs will emerge. It's kind of fun. This time, one of the more annoying ones is not being able to see the audio waveform on certain files. No matter what I do, they just won't show up, or only half of the wave form of a clip will show up. Happens across multiple projects and files. Got to love Adobe.

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    Apart from crashing when least expected (not that one ought expect such fine software to crash), but it appears impossible to rename sequences or files within the Project manager. The entire field goes blank when attempting a rename. Anyone else having problems with this?



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    Anyone else experiencing Premiere 13.0 mismatching timecode? I had a project done in Premiere 12 that needed its media reconnected. I opened in 13, and when it reconnected, in and out points were all over the map. Went back to 12, it reconnected just fine. No big deal, I think, it's the whole "don't open old projects in new releases".


    Well, now I'm trying to send a different edit via XML to Davinci Resolve for color grading. All the in and out points are incredibly off in Resolve - have NEVER had an import issue before like this. Some clips are just flat out offline because, according to Resolve, the XML calls for selections outside of the clip runtimes.


    So, I think to myself, let's have 12 be the middle man between 13 and Resolve. Go to 12, import XML - it freezes up. Every time. Now, unfortunately, I must go back and redo my recut of the last edit, as there is no way to get it out of Premiere 13 reliably, even to last year's Premiere.


    13 was not ready for prime time, this is a HUGE problem.

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    We are having big trouble with some Sony Venice MXF footage.

    Premiere is misinterpreting the Media Start timecode across several days worth of shoots.

    The problem reproduces in both Premiere 2018 and 2019, on multiple machines, in old and new project files, and even after clearing the cache and aggressively deleting XMP and other sidecar files.

    Please see the graphic below for more description.

    Since the text on that graphic isn't web searchable, here's a summary of the issue:

    We received a drive from our DP and copied it onto our NAS, as we have successfully done dozens of times before.

    We ran the footage through Adobe Media Encoder to make smaller MP4s with burned in timecode for the producers to review, as well as WAVs for transcription.

    As we started editing using selects notes with TC from the producers, it became clear that the timecode was off.

    Upon investigation, we ascertained that Premiere had the Media Start timecode screwed up.

    Nothing we've done has been able to get the timecode correct, short of manually going clip by clip and using Interpret Footage/Timecode to set the correct timecode as an Alternate Start Timecode, which is not an acceptable solution in a busy post-production studio.

    Anybody been having similar experiences, or have a solution?

    Thanks in advance,


    San Francisco, CA


    Premiere TC issue 20181022.jpg

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  • 11/06/18--10:59: Can't Rename Bins
  • When I go to rename a bin, I can't see the text or cursor, and when I hit "return" Premiere crashes. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, is there a fix?



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