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    Is it better to apply an effect to multiple clips or use an adjustment layer? Does it make any difference in export time if I use one method or the other?

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    I opened a project in the new update 2019 Premiere Pro. I have a stockpile of b-roll videos, stills, and graphics that I use for projects. Now I am getting an error.


    Unable to import video (insert location on hard drive)..... (.mov)

    File uses unsupported video compression type "icod".


    The files are HDV Apple Intermediate Codec. These have been used in various projects over the years.


    Is there a fix that doesn't require converting the footage? Premiere Pro not deleting the ability to use these files would be the best choice.




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    Trying to export my 25p timeline out as mp4 latest PP CC v13 2018 , it always exports it out with 30 fps with out of sync sound - Finally discovered this only happens with any of my saved preset export settings in PP export dialogue. PP Exports correctly with standard presets!

    So any ideas how this corruption with all my own export presets can be rectified? ( I guess I could just delete all of them and start all over again)

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    I'm experiencing such a massive amount of bugs with the new Adobe 2019 Premiere Pro CC update. I'm a professional film editor in NYC, and this update has seriously delayed my work. I'm sure people on here can agree?


    What are people's work-arounds? Or should I just delete this program altogether? Unfortunately I've started using this with some bigger projects, so now have to wait it out and start fresh with other projects with 2018 or something.


    But seriously, this new update is so buggy, I'm constantly finding workarounds and closing out almost every time I use the program. And i shouldn't be because i'm working on a 64gb ram iMac.


    I've been unfortunately faced with countless bugs: From the "find" button not working, to sound displaying wave forms and suddenly not playing sound- to alpha channel renders not registering with the program and creating weird blue backgrounds (and the dynamic link not working so rendering from After Effects and dragging in now clip by clip)? The resolve I've been finding is seriously closing out of Premiere Pro and reopening it again and dragging in the renders again and again, and i can't afford to constantly keep doing this.


    How do you go from a solid working program to something that's such a disaster @adobe lol.  I really regret updating from 2018 (that worked pretty well in my option and didn't need to change much) to the 2019 program.

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    Premiere was running slow, so I saved my project and restarted my computer. When I booted it back up, my project was not in the
    "Recent Projects" Area upon loading premiere, and ALL the files were gone! All the footage and the project file! The auto-save is still there and so is the folder in the "Recent folders" in the windows explorer, cache files are there too, just the folder is gone!


    I checked my recycle bin on both the hard drive and main computer and nothing!


    I did a mass search in the explorer by typing in the folder name, as well as the finished file and nothing, just the auto-save and recents. I called Adobe support and they were of no help, can someone on here maybe shed some insight on what is going on?!


    Luckily I had already rendered and uploaded the video to my client, but they wanted an alternate version and now i cant deliver because all the footage is poof! The files where there when i shut down my computer and Premiere and gone when i booted back up.

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    Nothing plays on my premiere, and this was BEFORE the update, I made a ton of proxy files for a new fresh edit, and now NOTHING in the project plays, I play I pause and there's no response not even lag. however in any other project none proxy footage works fine. What's the deal here?


    Intel xeon cpu E5-1600 @ 3.0GHZ

    NVIDIA Quadro M4000

    Windows 10 64 BIT

    64 Ram DDR4

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    Hi Guys,


    Since updating to 13.0.2 the title/action safe overlay on the program monitor is not working for me, this is also the case of a friend.


    we are both running OSX Mojave 10.14 on mbp's.


    It was working on 13.0.1 absolutely fine, even though I was experiencing crashing on that version hence why I updated.


    Is there a know fix for this?


    Cheers, Ben



    Moderator: Moved from  Adobe Creative Cloud to Premiere Pro CC

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    as the title says, Premiere is deleting Media in the background. I'm working on a project with 4500 clips from 4 different Red cams. from 4,5K to 8K. They got all connected with their proxies created by the camera in Premiere 2018, since Premiere 2019 doesnt automatically connect them.


    When working on the project, it happens from time to time, that premiere randomnly deletes media from my hard disk. It deletes always the whole Folder from a cam. Luckily we have 3 copys of the material but it always takes me several ours to copy those files back to the hard drive. This happened now for the 4th time and I'm really pissed.


    Does anyone know a solution to this problem. I'm about to switch to davinci, as this is just unacceptable.


    Side note: I noticed that when it happens while loading the project, the files in the loading bar have strange sign. Like &($%$&.r3d. I also recovered them once and thats how the were named before deletion:





    none of those files had this name. They are usually named:







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  • 12/18/18--12:23: Top Left screen issues
  • Hello,


    I'm hoping someone here can help, I'm having some kind of alignment issue with the top left screen. The timeline is overlapped and I can't get it back to normal. I've tried restarting, resizing the program window. Can someone help with a solution?


    thank you!PPhelp.jpg

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    I have the full CC suite subscription, rarely use PP - but the older versions used to work fine for me for basic editing. I usually just need to chop out sections of footage - no need or effects or anything beyond fades. Anyway, just tried to use some video from an iphone, and PP CC 18 is completely unusable. The preview pane shows a static frame and when it does update, it's woefully out of sync with the audio, attempting to export results in it estimating it'll take 20 hours for a 20 minute 1080p clip! It's a mess really...


    This isn't really useful - I'd like an easy way to just transcode the video to something I can import into PP 7, and edit there, as that works fine. Otherwise, suggestions for alternatives for what I need to do would be good! The only thing I really use CC for is Photoshop occasionally, so dropping my sub is kind of on my mind anyway.


    My machine is an i7 4GHZ, 64GB RAM, 2 x NVME drives plus 1TB 4xSSD RAID 0 array. I have 2 x GTX1080 GPUs. Obviously this isn't enough for the current version

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    I'm currently editing 8K 360 video in a timeline in Premiere, and I've been working in this project file for the past several months. But for the past couple weeks, every time I open Premiere and try to play through the timeline, Premiere will freeze up and then crash or give me the "send bug report" pop-up, then close the program without letting me save. I'm editing off of proxies for all of my media, using the CUDA engine to render, and am working in Premiere Pro CC Ver. 13.0. This is a big project file, currently at 3,650KB, and I'm accessing all my project files, media, proxies, and other materials off of a single external hard drive going through a USB 3.0 port on my computer.


    Other actions that have also been causing Premiere to freeze:

    +Opening the Legacy Title editor at any time

    +Toggling between VR view and Equirectangular view


    I've tried opening this project on other computers, but the sheer size of the project and its 8K video files takes too long to be opened on any computer other than the one I'm currently working on. I've also tried opening other projects on the same computer, and while opening the legacy title editor the program still freezes. My computer specs are as follows:


    CPU: Intel Xeon Gold 6134 CPU @ 3.20GHz and 3.19GHz (2 processors)

    RAM: 128GB

    GPU: Nvidia Quadro P5000


    Originally, I thought the issue might have been related to the Media Cache, so I moved my Media Cache Database and all cache files to a local 1TB SSD installed inside the computer. However, the crash problems still persist and there's 600GB of space left on the drive. Next, I tried reinstalling Premiere Pro, but that didn't solve the issue. Other typical troubleshooting solutions like copying the project file, starting a new sequence in the project file, and clearing my Media Cache have not helped. I'm considering installing two new SSDs into the computer and transferring all project files to one and all media to the other and working off of those, but this will take some time and I'm not positive this will solve the issue either.


    Does anyone have any advice? Premiere freezes less than every five minutes, which has completely halted my production. Please and thank you!

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    My team and I have been having this problem for a while, before CC17 but it is persisting even in the newest update 17.0.2. When someone opens a project that was started on another workstation premiere will get stuck partially through opening it. It doesn't time out or show an error. It just never moves from this screen:

    prpro problem.PNG

    We work on a shared storage device (Promax Studio) and everyone has their own IP address to connect to it. We've had some issues with media being offline because of the different IP addresses but this is different. Premiere just stops on this screen no matter how long we leave it (I've left it as much as 8 hours but more than 5-110 mins is enough of a problem). I can't find any thread of a similar issue.


    Any thoughts or solution ideas? Thanks!

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    Hi Folks,


    I have a problem that's been driving me nuts. Whenever I use a custom workspace, Premiere develops a huge lag, a 1-2 second delay between any mouse click and the action registering in the program (specifically the timeline). Keyboard delay is a little better, but it's still there.


    The thing that's super frustrating is this only happens in custom workspaces. The lag disappears in the default "editing" workspace. I edit with two monitors, so I tend to use a workspace I've set up for that. Resetting the workspace doesn't help, the lag persists. If I delete the workspace and re-create it, I'll have no problems for 2 or 3 days, but then the lag returns. This is dumb. How do I fix this?


    Windows 10 1803

    Intel i9-9900k 8 core

    64GB RAM

    NVIDIA 980 Ti


    Premiere is installed and running off an Intel NVME SSD.

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    After editing some videos over the last 24 hours almost every tool isnt working on the app! any ideas? i get laggy previews and the app just general doesn't work! all this for 20 a month n it doesn't even work.. should i move to a different platform?

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    This has been happening for months now.... During an edit, the program monitor suddenly goes blank.  Nothing is shown as you scrub through any sequence timeline and the only way to restore it is to save my project and restart Premiere.  And because Premiere is so slow, that is a huge productivity killer.  It takes 2 minutes+ to save, close Premiere, restart it, load the project, and wait for Premiere to load all of the media.


    I have noticed no patterns as to why and when this happens.  Sometimes after only a few minutes, and sometimes after an hour.... But in the last 2 days it's happened often.  I do suspect it's related to some interface bug with the CUDA graphics drivers, but I'm editing 5k footage so I can't afford to disable acceleration.


    I have the latest Nvidia drivers installed.


    My system is Windows 10 64 bit, i7 5960X CPU, 32gb RAM, Nvidia GTX1070, with a project on a 11tb RAID 0 drive, and 2 monitors (1 4k and 1 2.7k).


    I called Adobe support (taking about 45 minutes) and the guy was convinced that a reset of my preferences would solve this problem (holding down ALT while restarting Premiere).  I saw no discernible change.  A restart does revive the program monitor, but then it dies at some random time later, regardless of a preference reset.


    An alternate version of this problem is to have all effects control keyframes or motion bounding box graphics disappear.  This is equally frustrating when one is trying to use those tools and I'm forced to restart Premiere and reload the project to continue.


    Any assistance in how to cure this problem would be greatly appreciated.

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    Is there a way that I can duplicate my existing edits for the first few minutes as shown, later on in the sequence, but have all clips time-shifted to the right by the same amount?


    Basically I'm editing together 4 angles of a live performance, and I want to use my first set of edits and all the effects/transitions, again at the end. 
    I've searched but cant seem to find what I need!


    Many thanks in advance

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    I just installed a trial of the PrPro CC 2019 and trying to edit videos from my dSLR.  If i play a video from the beginning using the source monitor it plays no problem.  If i try to scrub through or grab the clip and move to the Sequence window and cut a section off, when I play the video again, it stutters and jumps around like I never cut the video. 


    I've created videos using an older (cs6) version of PrPro with no issue with the same camera.  Would love all the help I could get.  Thank you

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    Hi there,


    Would love some advice on how to get my image sequences to work again!


    I have been doing a lot of image sequences for a project and had no problems, so am now getting frustrated with the update as they are not working.


    Now when I import image sequences since updating to Premier Pro 2019 the images are chopped. Before, my images would go in and get scaled down to the frame size no problem, so would still show the full image. However now, it will not scale down properly, instead chopping the images that are slightly bigger and in some instances layering two images on the same frame. I have tried adjusting the settings on Media/Default Media Scaling/Scale to Frame Size (but also trying out all the other options!)..I have tried using the scaling tool, and zooming out of the preview, to make sure it wasn't chopped off for me zooming in too much. I tried rendering and it still has the same problem. I have since tried to recreate a recent image sequence I had which worked fine in Premiere 2018, and the same thing happens - the images get chopped despite adjusting all the settings. The images are different sizes, however I did not have any problems before the update, so I am wondering if there is anything else I can do that is less time consuming than adjusting the size of each photo. How do I scale the images down in the image sequence to fit the frame rather than Premiere chopping half the image off? None of the media settings seem to be working!


    I really appreciate any advice!

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    For the past week or so, I've had a strange issue where sometimes when I open a project and try to play the timeline, there's no audio. It happens for every sequence in the project. It's not that the audio is playing and I'm just not hearing it, the audio levels don't even move. It's as if all audio has been muted. The only thing that brings it back is to solo one of the audio tracks and then unsolo it. After that everything starts working again.


    Premiere Pro v12.1.0

    Windows 10 64-bit

    Asus Extreme4 Gen3

    Core i7-4930K 3.4GHz

    GTX 1080

    32GB RAM

    2TB SSD OS

    8TB Raid 10 Storage


    All drivers are up to date.

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    Does anyoneknow inwhich folderon the hard drivearestored the presets we create with the effect parametersinPremierePro?
    I askbecauseI have createdseveralpresets and Iwould liketoretrieve them and nothave todoall over again everytime I have to reinstal in another computer.


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