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    I'm having some trouble with my colors in Premier Pro.


    I'm using the latest version of Premiere ProCC, an external Monitor (4K Not calibrated) and I just bought an external graphic card (Radeon RX Vega 64)


    It is my understanding that using the "Color Management" option under file>General it's "better" (To put it simply).

    Now, before I never had a problem in terms of color: What I graded and saw in my preview was pretty much what I was getting in my export but now my export is a lot less contrasty that my preview.


    Is it because I'm using the color management option?

    Should I not use it and grade it again or should I change some setting during export maybe?


    (I'm exporting both in ProRes HQ, and H264 4096x2160  VBR  2 pass: 48 and 60; highest bit color range and and render at maximum quality) and I have the same problem.


    Is there anybody that could help me with this?

    or anybody that could suggest a different solution?


    Thank you so much.

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    I just received a scc file and I'd like to change the font and position for all subtitles at once. Is there a solution or do I have to change them one by one?


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    I have an animated gif that I got from the internet, and I'm trying to import it into Premiere Pro with a transparent background. The gif is of a video game character standing still and blinking. Whenever I import it, it always has a white background, so I need help on how to change that.


    I've gone into Photoshop and removed the white background frame by frame, making it transparent. I do this by using the magic wand tool to select the white background, then hit "delete" to turn it into that diamond grid, which means it's transparent. I then select File -> Save for Web. I preview every frame, and it shows that the backgrounds are transparent. I save it as a gif. But when I import it into Premiere Pro, the white background is still there.


    I've read many forums online about people trying to import images into Premiere Pro with a transparent background, but none of them have explained how to do it specifically for animated gifs. Every answer has always been "export the image as a png, that'll work", and sure enough, I exported a few frames of the gif as pngs, and those few frames had transparent backgrounds in Premiere Pro. But I don't want a png because those aren't animated sequences, those can only be still images. I need to export it as a gif so that it will remain animated, but gif files always have that dreaded white background in Premiere Pro.


    I suppose I could export every frame as a png, import each of those frames into Premiere Pro, then string all the frames together and tweak them so they'll be functionally identical to the animated gif, but that would take forever. I'm making a video project and I need numerous animated gifs to work with, so I don't want to do that with every single one of them. I'm looking for a way to simply import the gifs into Premiere Pro and be done with it. If there is any way to do this, please help me.



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    Hello, everyone.


    While happily editing a number of corporate product videos, I stumbled upon an issue importing a .mov file recorded by a Mac laptop desktop recorder. On importing the .mov file, Premiere Pro CC reported that the file could not be imported because it "contains a complex edit list". This has not occurred previously with .mov files recorded on the same laptop.


    There are other threads here that attempt to provide advice, but predictably devolve into pedantics, pseudophilosophy, pseudo-best practices, judgment, fanboyism, and juvenile vitriol, and anything that might be helpful is buried in pages of rhetorical genitalia measuring. In this thread, I'd like to avoid this by posing the following conceptually simple questions:


    • What is a complex edit list?
    • Is the complex edit list of a file accessible, viewable, or editable?
    • If so, are there applications that can reveal the complex edit list in such a way that it can be modified?
    • If the complex edit list is editable or removable, what is the best way to edit or remove it so that PPCC can import the modified .mov file?


    These are simple questions, but I suspect the answers are not nearly as simple. Kindly remain calm, level-headed, helpful, and respectful in the comments. No one is interested in anyone else's implied claims of superior knowledge or ability.


    Attached is the tree view from MediaInfo (below).


    Thank you all in advance for your kind help.



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    I can no longer create a sequence that has HD Quicktime settings. The only options are Quicktime DV (WTF). Same goes with export. There are a bunch of ******** formats that no one would ever use to export, but no quicktime prores. What happened? Why does Adobe keep making my life harder with these updates when I"m paying them 50 a month??? I'm on a Mac.

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    I have a lot of .mogrt in my computer. In order to sace my time, I attempted to open it at once but I couldn't. Please show me how can open multiple of those in only one time or is there any possible way to merge multiple .mogrt files into 1 .mogrt file?

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  • 12/18/18--15:43: red screen issue
  • During Premiere, a red screen appeared.

    Hardware acceleration turned off but still visible.

    I'm using Premiere Pro CC ver.2019. Windows is 10. It came out of a random place and disappeared.

    The movie clip is mp4.redscren.png

    What is the solution?

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    I got the Adobe Premiere Pro 2019, and after 2 days, this issue came up. I have not been able to use Premiere since then. I re-installed the program, but the issue is still there. What can I do?

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    Hi Everyone,

    I've got a ton of old home movies converted to avi clips that premiere pro cc 2018 can't read after I've imported them. How do I covert them to a format that will allow me to use premiere to work with them?

    thanx much,


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    [Moderator branched and moved from Adobe Creative Cloud to Premiere Pro CC.]


    This great and marvelous company with record profits can't answer the phone or chat promptly. (profanity removed) Just tell me why the graphics template in Premiere Essential Graphics panel won't drag to the timeline so I can get on with this project, you morons.  And don't get me started with the Lightroom/Photoshop debacle now going on.  Oh, what about Rush and its 'incompatible' issue?  But wait, there's more ...


    Moderator warning: Please do not use profanity, even if implied. We have minors reading here. Kindly refer to the community guidelines: Guidelines & Tips for the Adobe Forums

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    Everything is back to default. None of my settings moved over! Years of tweaking the keyboard layout and preferences. And no way to reference what I had to rebuild it.


    In the past when this has happened, I've dug into library/preferences/adobe/Premiere Pro/[ver] and started copying and pasting.


    I tried copying and pasting the entire settings folder. Nothing works. Copied the .kys folders to many places. Synching the settings to the cloud (which I think overwrote the existing settings with the blank default ones). Tried even using time machine to restore the old version of Premiere, which wouldn't launch.


    Please help!

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    Hello everyone,


    Recently I switched from MAC to PC. I have Gigabyte Aero 15x with Nvidia GTX i7-8750H

    With latest Adobe Premiere Update every time I open a new project or an old project

    my Adobe Premiere gives a report and crashes, it closes right away. I talked to Adobe Customer Service

    they told me it should be fixed with the new update yet I am still waiting.

    They advised me to open the program with Integrated Graphics card, when I do that it doesn't crash.

    Yet I don't know if that effects my performance since the computer is not using the Nvdia graphics card.


    What can I do to fix this program because it is really annoying, am I loosing performance overall?

    How can I avoid it from being crashed? If I downgrade my application to different version would that fix the problem?

    Thank you!

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    System Specs

    MacBook Pro 2012

    16GB RAM

    NVidia GeForce GT650M / 1Gb VRAM

    960GB SSD/432GB Free

    6TB WD MyBookDuo USB 3.0 External Drive

    MacOS Sierra 10.12.1

    Adobe Creative Cloud v3.9.1.335

    All Apps updated to 2017 versions approx. 8 days ago (Premiere, Media Encoder, After Effects.)

    I also maintain a copy of Encore to author the periodic DVD


    Within the last week or so, I keep getting a "MTLCompilerService quit unexpectedly" whenever I start any of the Adobe Applications that I regularly use (Premiere, Media Encoder, After Effects ).  Photoshop, and Audition seem to start ok without this error. This began with the recent update to Adobe Creative Cloud.


    Crash Report is below.  Any help or insight into this issue would be appreciated.


    Thread 4 Crashed:

    0     0x00007fff8db0301a NV::AIR::LoadViaTextureHelpers::emitBufferTextureLoad(llvm::Module&, llvm::IRBuilder<true, llvm::ConstantFolder, llvm::IRBuilderDefaultInserter<true> >&, llvm::Value*, llvm::Value*, llvm::Type*) + 1284

    1     0x00007fff8db03c20 0x7fff8db00000 + 15392

    2   libLLVMContainer.dylib         0x00007fff9fda7e25 llvm::legacy::PassManagerImpl::run(llvm::Module&) + 917

    3     0x00007fff8db49a35 NV::AIR::CompilationRequest::Compile(NV::AIR::CompileParams const*, std::__1::basic_string<char, std::__1::char_traits<char>, std::__1::allocator<char> >&) + 627

    4     0x00007fff8db5d4d2 MTLCompilerBuildRequest + 2478

    5         0x00000001079b9b2a MTLCompilerObject::buildRequest(unsigned int, unsigned int, void const*, unsigned long, void (unsigned int, void const*, unsigned long, char const*) block_pointer) + 7412

    6   0x000000010782b133 compileRequestMain + 211

    7   0x000000010782b74e ___ZL29MTLCompilerServiceHandleEventPU24objcproto13OS_xpc_object8NSObject_block_invoke + 791

    8   libxpc.dylib                   0x00007fffa7db8f82 _xpc_connection_call_event_handler + 35

    9   libxpc.dylib                   0x00007fffa7db794b _xpc_connection_mach_event + 1707

    10  libdispatch.dylib             0x00007fffa7b29f36 _dispatch_client_callout4 + 9

    11  libdispatch.dylib             0x00007fffa7b2a371 _dispatch_mach_msg_invoke + 414

    12  libdispatch.dylib             0x00007fffa7b3a9d2 _dispatch_queue_serial_drain + 443

    13  libdispatch.dylib             0x00007fffa7b28cab _dispatch_mach_invoke + 868

    14  libdispatch.dylib             0x00007fffa7b3a9d2 _dispatch_queue_serial_drain + 443

    15  libdispatch.dylib             0x00007fffa7b2cd41 _dispatch_queue_invoke + 1046

    16  libdispatch.dylib             0x00007fffa7b3b3bf _dispatch_root_queue_drain_deferred_item + 284

    17  libdispatch.dylib             0x00007fffa7b3e1b0 _dispatch_kevent_worker_thread + 978

    18  libsystem_pthread.dylib       0x00007fffa7d7160f _pthread_wqthread + 1004

    19  libsystem_pthread.dylib       0x00007fffa7d71211 start_wqthread + 13

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    I just updated both my Mac's to the latest Premiere Pro 2017. My desktop was running 2014 perfectly with no issues or complications for YEARS. My MacBook was running 2017 pretty well for the last month up until the latest update I just downloaded automatically. I wanted both machines to be compatible with each other to work with the same projects interchangeably (2017 would run the 2014 projects, but not vice versa). So, I updated both this week to the latest OS Sierra, and PP 2017.


    I am now experiencing a very odd and frustrating issue.  I will open PP on either the laptop OR desktop, and I can drag the first Video clip to the timeline and the linked audio comes with it just fine. But it only works for the first clip. The second only works 10% of the time, and the third never works. I can try and try various importing and dragging techniques with no results. So I save the one clip that moved okay and close PP. I reopen PP and the first clip works fine again and the second fails!  This is a royal PITA.


    I have called Adobe Support and their first solution was to go to Go>Adobe>Premiere Pro, and they told me to change the file name to Premiere Pro.Old which resets PP. I tried it and I thought it was working because the first three clips worked while I had them on the line. I did some editing with those and then tried a fourth... Nothing. I let the support line hang up before the problem was resolved, apparently.


    Any suggestions the community would have for this issue I would greatly appreciate it. I can't keep working like this.


    Please help. Thank you.

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    First off, I am using Premiere Pro CC 2019 on my desktop running Windows 10.  Also, sorry in advance for the length, I'm just trying to provide as much information as possible.  I am not very experienced with this software, I just bought a one month subscription to finish a project two days ago.  The project is of gameplay footage with voice over during the gameplay.  The files I was editing were recorded with a screen recording/streaming software called OBS (Open Broadcaster Software).  OBS gives you the ability to record up to 6 audio tracks within one single file.  I was using two audio tracks, the first for in-game sounds, and the second for mic audio.  I have been recording files in MKV format.  I found out through the free trial that Premiere recognizes these separate audio tracks so I edited about a 25 minute long project, which took me like 30+hours because of my lack of experience.  Today I moved my computer and in doing so had to disconnect my audio interface (PreSonus AudioBox USB).  When I rebooted my computer and opened Premiere, it said my audio preferences had changed and I noticed that under the Audio Hardware tab that Audio Input and Output said "(AudioBox USB)not working".  When I clicked the drop down menu to see the other sound devices there was another AudioBox USB that did not say "not working", so I selected that one.  When I clicked on it I got a warning that said something about it changing audio files and I just pressed okay thinking it was no big deal.  I then realized that the second track of audio for every single clip was missing.  I quit out of Premiere without saving and when I tried to reopen the software it literally would not open.  I then restarted my computer and opened Premier successfully but I got a "Missing Preview Files" notification and when I relinked the files it just duplicated the first audio track for every clip.  I tried opening a new project and importing the original unedited files and it imported with the first audio track duplicated.  I know the files themselves are no different because I can open them with VLC and select both audio tracks to listen and confirm they are still present.  It is also worth mentioning that this isn't the case with EVERY file that I recorded, only ones that were edited with Premiere Pro.  All the unused files import perfectly with both audio tracks being recognized.  I am very discouraged by this considering how much time I have spent so far and would be incredibly grateful if someone could help me.  Thank you!

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    Just installed the 13.01 Premiere update. (See error pic.) Go back to 13.0. Works fine.

    Tried latest 1080Ti display driver. No joy.


    Just me?


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    Hi. I'm on a Mac Pro OS 10.14.2.


    I'm working on working on an ongoing project that has run into problems after I updated to the CC 2019. The first problem is an error message that tells me that there are missing audio effects. The effects seem to be present in library, but are missing from the shots. The second problem is that a LUTs I applied (SL Noir Red Wave (Universal)), a Lumetri effect that came with the software, does not look as it should. The effect is in the clip, as are the adjustments I made, but it should be black and white and appears in color. I emptied my caches but that did not help.


    I went back to the 2018 version. The audio effects are back, but the clips are still in color. I did a complete unisinstall of Creative Cloud, and deleted all remaining adobe files, then reinstalled but it has not helped. If I reapply the Luts to the clips it does work, but doing it that way means that I'll have to redo all the finer adjustments.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    All the best,


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    Hi, I am running PPro CC v. 11 on a mac book pro running iOS Sierra 10.12.2. Over the past few months I have been experiencing an infuriating problem, which is that over the course of about 10 days/2 weeks of editing, Premiere  gets slower and slower and the RAM usage goes up more and more. I have 13GB of RAM assigned to premiere, and when it is running 'normally' it is using between 8 and 11GB. But suddenly and for no apparent reason (i.e. not using scopes or particular effects etc), the RAM usage will shoot up to between 18GB and 24GB! That's right, 24GB of RAM for doing simple edits. I am trying to keep everything as pared down as possible but it keep happening. I've been on with Adobe Support at least 4 times now, and each time they have me delete the Media Cache and Media Cache file folders, and trash the preferences/common/documents folder. This fix usually works for about 4 days before my system starts bogging down again - except for yesterday, when after I did the steps suggested by Adobe Support, Premiere crashed while using 24GB of RAM. This is making me INSANE. I am editing 2K footage in a 2K timeline and have about 15% of my footage in 3.2K, but all that footage has 2K proxies associated. Nevertheless, even when toggling proxies, playback gets jumpy.


    Any suggestions would be highly appreciated! Thanks everyone!



    Running Premiere Pro CC v. 11

    iOS Sierra 10.12.2.

    MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014)

    Processor: 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7

    Memory: 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

    Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB

    Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB

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  • 12/18/18--22:56: Friendly Feedback
  • Capture.PNG

    Well then, I suppose I can kiss my 8 bloody hours of work goodbye. Why, why is it that the default max of auto-saves 20 when 1TB hard drives are basically free? Why does this garbage feature even exist? ADOBE. PLEASE!

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  • 12/18/18--22:58: burn dvd premiere pro 2019
  • I have put together an awesome movie but can't burn it to a dvd.  I installed PP CS6 as I have read in every forum but Encore did not get installed with it as the forums say.  Why is it so easy to make a video, but almost impossible to burn it to a dvd.  Please help

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