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Latest Forum Threads in Premiere Pro CC

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    What effect would you use to change a video to a completely solid color?  I'm not taking about transitions, but which effect in the colors would you change?

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  • 12/18/18--07:23: Bug with subtitle display
  • Hi,


    I've got a problem with the subtitles. There are some "arrow" on the outlines. I've changed the font and it's still the same. Do you have a solution ?

    Here a capture :




    My configuration :

    - Asus VivoBook

    - Windows 10 Professional

    - Premiere Pro CC 13.0


    Thanks you !

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    Uploaded two AVCHD files 00017 and 00018 into Premiere Pro, but when I click 00018 to preview or play it plays the file as if it's the 00017 file. I uploaded the last file 00019, and it plays as it is with no problem. I play 00018 on my Windows media player and it works fine. Please help. Thank you.

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  • 12/19/18--00:45: no color option?
  • My adobe premiere pro has no color wheels or color options

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    Upgraded to 13.0.2 on OSX High Sierra - seems OK mostly. But there is an issue when I create a title with essential graphics - this was just a temp holder so I typed 'master title?' and got '?master title'


    Further attempts put spaces and letters and punctuation at all sorts of weird places.


    Anyone else experience this / have workarounds?

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    Updated to the latsest version of CC on the 17th October 2018 and since then iv had problems with a font being changed automaticly with no way of changing it, tried uninstaling Premiere, reverting back to old version, re installing the fonts everything!!!!!

    so here goes ...



    I have a title created in After Effects with a specific font (Comic Sans) saved as an  "aep" file


    I import the Title into Premiere Pro, and go to change the text for the title...


    As soon as i type the new text the font changes to Ariel


    this is only since i updated otherwise when ever i used to change the text it would stay at Comic Sans, iv tried reverting to the previous version of After Efects and Premiere and it comes up with unable to open your project as it was saved in a new version of Premiere pro!!

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  • 12/19/18--01:23: Problem on Premiere
  • Hello everyone,


    I can't save or edit my file on premiere, it keeps giving the same error notification and my exported file doesn't play any sound.

    I tried moving the file and project do a different folder but it doesn't matter.. Here's a printscreen of it:




    What can I do to change it?


    Moderator: Moved from Adobe Creative Cloud to Premiere Pro CC

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  • 12/13/18--20:20: Crashing
  • I have tried and failed to open this program at least 30 times since last time. I receive a crash report like this error.JPG

    I have a final project due in less than 2 weeks that has to be done in this program.



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  • 12/11/18--02:54: Variable fps in Prores 4444
  • Hi,


    I have an issue when exporting in Prores 4444 with files being of variable fps all over the place: 18.19, 24,84, 23,74.
    The goal is to have a file of 25 fps.
    These are the export settings:

    Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 11.48.29.png


    The project contains material of different codecs, some of variable frame rate but I have never experienced Premiere exporting files with what seems random frame rates?
    How do i solve this issue?

    I am using Premiere Pro CC Version 12.12




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  • 12/12/18--18:05: Not recognizing MP4 as video
  • With this update it sometimes thinks my MP4 file is an audio file.  Never had that problem before today.

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    The title is self explanatory. Basically, I made a very long video (12 hours long) and found a couple of faults in it. Now as you can imagine I don't want to have to go through ALL the footage it took to make this 12 hour video, so please help!

    Every time I try to import it, only the audio track shows up. Every other video is fine, so what's the deal?

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  • 12/03/18--01:11: crash
  • crash adobe..,vysvetleni.jpg


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    I have the latest version of PPro and Media Encoder. Had the same issue with 2018 and 2017 when I go to File>Export>Media 95% of the time it will not open Adobe Media Encoder. I can't do anything if I can't export.


    Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 13.0

    Media Encoder CC 2019 13.0.1


    How can I fix this?

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    Hallo zusammen,


    ich habe einige Clips die viele Keyframes enthalten. Da wir eine zweite Version benötigen, würde ich gerne eine zweite Sequenz öffnen und die Clips samt Keyframes dublizieren. Wenn ich das tue, zerschießt es mir die Scale komplett. Manche Clips sind dann mehr reingezoomt, andere weniger und das ganze nach und nach aufzudröseln wird ewig dauern. Hat jemand ne Idee warum das passiert und was ich tun kann?


    ENG: I want to copy and  paste some Clips into a new sequence, which normaly works just fine. The Clips do have quite a few keyframes hence are animated. When I copy the Clips into a new sequence, the scale is compelety messed up and it seems that I have to correct every single keyframe again, which will take hours. Anyone has an idea?


    Vielen Dank!



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    Since the latest update the Media Export Funktion reacted extremely slow, occasionaly even crashing Premiere alltogether. The latest event - I wanted to create a Proxy from a MP4 clip (recorded at 1080p 60 fps 50Mbs - interpreted in Premiere to 30 fps). It took ages for MediaEncoder to start and finaly the System crashed.

    I had to restboot my computer, now when trying to open Premiere I get a Premiere Crashreport window. Regardless whether I send that report or not - Premiere just does not start.


    Acer Gaming Laptop, intel I7 Processor, 16Mb RAM, Nvidia 1060 graphic card, SSD drives. Latest updates on Windows etc.

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    So all the media is linked.  Files play in the work window but not in the preview window...  Thumbnails are all there....on the timeline it says all the media is linked...sound plays...but no vid...

    on a mac late 2014 imac. 27 in. retina...3.5 Ghz processor 8 gigs ram...etc.



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    Premiere pro cc 'File' menu is not opening/expanding. It is crashing every time. 'New project' is also not working.everything was good before two days.  I'm using windows10.

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    I have a project with some media that is linked but still showing the red "Media Offline" graphic.

    To troubleshoot this, I deleted all but one clip from the project and have made it available here: WeTransfer


    • The media is fine in the project, I can double-click it in the bin and play it in the source window.
    • It is the same clip as on the timeline which I can check by right clicking the clip on the timeline and selecting 'reveal in project'
    • if I 'match frame' the clip from the timeline, then I can see the video content in the Source window and play it fine there.
    • The timeline thinks that the media is offline, when exporting it says "this timeline contains offline material"
    • If I right click the clip on the timeline, the 'link media' option is grey'd out.
    • I can make the clip on the timeline offline. If I right click the clip on the timeline, the 'link media' option is then not grey'd out. But then linking the media still results in the "Media Offline" graphic in the program windows and it fine in the source window as per all of the above.
    • If I do a 'replace media' and select a completly different file, I still get the same result. Which is why I share the project because you can re-link it to any media and you will get the same result. (make offline on project open and then do the 'replace media' option)
    • I have tried re-setitng Adobe preferences, deleting all cache folders etc. Still the same result.
    • I have tried oppening on PC and Mac.


    I could of course re-edit the whole thing, after all, match frame does work and I could just drag the clips all back to the timeline one at a time. But there are about 200 offline clips throughout the one hour timeline and I would rather not have to. Anyone got any ideas?



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    Footage from my iPhoneX is unusable since I upgraded to cc2019. When I playback, audio & video runs out of sync and the video starts glitching and in the middle of the video it skips to the beginning of the file while audio is still runnig without skipping. This only occurs on IOS 12 files recorded with the native iPhone app, with FilmicPro I have no problems at all. Older files I recorded on my iPhoneX with IOS11 have no issues at all.

    I got two Windows 10 PC's with the latest Nvida drivers, now on both the same problem. On the older PC I did the upgrade to CC2019 yesterday and before I did the upgrade, the iPhoneX IOS12 files worked without any issues.    

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    Getting this error after trying to import .MOV video after bouncing it to quicktime from Pro Tools. Didn't find any answer on what is actually going on. What does it mean that clip has "complex edit list"?

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