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Latest Forum Threads in Premiere Pro CC

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  • 09/06/17--20:54: Blurry Text After Rendering
  • Hello all,


    This has been troubling be for most of my night. After rendering my titles are not as clean and crisp as they should be. I have tired rendering with many different formats and presets but maybe I am doing something wrong?


    I have seen this question ask many times on forums but I never see an answer.


    This is the outcome I am getting:

    CP Separator Animation test - YouTube


    This is my export settings:

    Help please.png


    Please let me know if you need any more info

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  • 12/19/18--09:04: Clip Speed/Duration bug
  • I've observed the following:

    1. Right click clip in the sequence
    2. Select Clip Speed/Duration
    3. Type 2 0 0 into percent box
    4. Instead of seeing 200% in the box, it says 5.3500%


    No matter what I type in this box, it appends it to the number 5.35%. I can't erase those first three digits or type anything over it.


    Any idea what is going on and how to fix it?

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    Hola! Cuando importo videos al Adobe Premiere CC 2018 se ven violetas y algunos también con rayas verdes y no encuentro la solucion.  adjunto una foto de lo que sucede, necesito hacer un trabajo urgente y no puedo!!

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    Haven't used PP for a couple of months, and one of my main "getting set up" shortcuts is gone.  It was the backtick ` which would make the window go full screen.

    windows key and up doesn't work on the second and 3rd screens, and it would also hide the title bar and menu bar, giving me more real estate...


    I have searched the commands and shortcuts and can't find this anywhere, has it been removed?  If so why?


    Also ~ to make a single panel full screen doesn't work anymore :-(

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    Hi All,


    My premiere pro 2018 won't start up on my mac (2017 works fine)

    When i click the 2018 icon i see a start screen loading than it minimalizes to my dock and does nothing anymore.


    Already uninstalled and installed it!


    What should i do????

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    I tried to send to the timeline a video clip when a message appeared telling me that the clip had no audio (not true) and that the video could not be used for streaming.

    Searched for an answer and was told that Premier Pro CC will no longer accept files with the “.mov” extension, as well as certain “.mp3” files.

    The clip was an “.mov” file. 

    Found a video converter and made it an “.avi” file.

    Was able to place it in the timeline.

    Did a lot of editing creating an opening.

    Everything  worked perfectly.

    Then I wanted to send a different clip to the timeline to continue editing.  The new clip always landed at the beginning of V1, pushing to the right the “.avi” clip and ruining my editing.

    It made no difference where the playback head was parked in the timeline.  It made no difference if I sent an overwright or not. The incoming clip will always go to the beginning of the production on V1,  and ruin my editing.

    Conformed the sequence, tried again.  Same problem.

    Decided to Export it, thinking that I could then bring the new clip into a new sequence which will allow me to complete the project, export it, etc., etc.

    The exported clip had black video and audio.

    Since I am still learning Premier Pro, would like to know if there is a step where I could use “Import” in Premiere Pro to have all clips that I am planning to use in a given project, converted or transcoded to a file format, standard to Premiere Pro CC. and thus avoid this fiasco.

    Thanks for the info

    Bert Delgado

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    is there a good reason to make us not only copy luts from one version to the next but also make us copy it to 3 places?

    Why not jsut have a central repository for luts - and one that would survive one version to the next.


    Whilst you're at it, why not make the luts referenced by name rather than number so that all our presets dont get utterly borked just by adding a new lut?


    i'd put this in a feature request but really what's the point? they dont even bother with bug fixes

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    I'm currently editing 8K 360 video in a timeline in Premiere, and I've been working in this project file for the past several months. But for the past couple weeks, every time I open Premiere and try to play through the timeline, Premiere will freeze up and then crash or give me the "send bug report" pop-up, then close the program without letting me save. I'm editing off of proxies for all of my media, using the CUDA engine to render, and am working in Premiere Pro CC Ver. 13.0. This is a big project file, currently at 3,650KB, and I'm accessing all my project files, media, proxies, and other materials off of a single external hard drive going through a USB 3.0 port on my computer.


    Other actions that have also been causing Premiere to freeze:

    +Opening the Legacy Title editor at any time

    +Toggling between VR view and Equirectangular view


    I've tried opening this project on other computers, but the sheer size of the project and its 8K video files takes too long to be opened on any computer other than the one I'm currently working on. I've also tried opening other projects on the same computer, and while opening the legacy title editor the program still freezes. My computer specs are as follows:


    CPU: Intel Xeon Gold 6134 CPU @ 3.20GHz and 3.19GHz (2 processors)

    RAM: 128GB

    GPU: Nvidia Quadro P5000


    Originally, I thought the issue might have been related to the Media Cache, so I moved my Media Cache Database and all cache files to a local 1TB SSD installed inside the computer. However, the crash problems still persist and there's 600GB of space left on the drive. Next, I tried reinstalling Premiere Pro, but that didn't solve the issue. Other typical troubleshooting solutions like copying the project file, starting a new sequence in the project file, and clearing my Media Cache have not helped. I'm considering installing two new SSDs into the computer and transferring all project files to one and all media to the other and working off of those, but this will take some time and I'm not positive this will solve the issue either.


    Does anyone have any advice? Premiere freezes less than every five minutes, which has completely halted my production. Please and thank you!

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    Hi all,


    I know others have long been experiencing this same problem, but all of the other forums on this topic that I've been able to find haven't resolved or acutely described the problem, and the discussion always devolves into lengthy discussions with solutions that ultimately don't fix the issue, so I hope this doesn't come off as a redundant post.


    The problem: Like many other posters, when I export from Premiere--even when I export lossless ProRes 422 HQ--I have major color shifting / desaturation / other color issues in my end product, and this is consistent across Mac/PCs, whether I have the latest version of Premiere or of my OS, etc.


    Yes, I know I can open my lossless file in VLC instead of Quicktime and my color will be accurate/preserved, but that's because VLC matches your source color on the back end. YouTube, Vimeo, & Facebook--where I'll actually be publishing my videos--don't do that, and the color is radically shifted/desaturated etc. when I upload there, which is what really matters here. By my lights, all of this means that something in the export itself is to blame.


    Does anyone know what this issue is and how to fix it? And I want to be clear here--I'm viewing the color in both the export and the Premiere project window from the same monitor, so I don't understand how it can be a monitor calibration issue.


    I'm by no means a color or technical expert--I just recently began motion graphics and editing--but this just seems like a consistent issue with Premiere / Media Encoder not exporting with remote fidelity to what you see in your editing window. This has been an incredibly frustrating problem for well over a year. I'm hopeful it's just a togglable setting that I have on/off, but I'm worried that's not the case. If this is an issue that Adobe knows about and can admit to, even THAT would be helpful. At least then I can stop trying to find the magic setting in Premiere or Media Encoder that fixes my issue and start working around what I know to be an immovable issue.


    I hope someone from Adobe can chime in, since I know tons of other post-producers who are much more tech-savvy than I am who complain about the exact same problem, and they use wild work-arounds that only approximate a real solution to get by. Any thoughts on what to do would be really appreciated.

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    Is there a way to create some kind of clip that i can drag above my audio clip and wherever that clip is it makes the audio fade lower then fade back hige at the end of the clip. I'm trying to have an easy way to lower audio of a background song when speaking instead of setting keyframes and such. this would make it easy to change the audio when you lengthen or shorten a clip

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    My workflow is extremely slowed down due to how often I have to render. I'll add an adjustment layer above a clip and start some editing, rather quickly I get red on the color changing bar above the clips, I don't know what it's called.


    Below, I'll add my computers specs. l've looked up the PR system requirements, but I'm not able to tell the difference between the two. I think the only thin I can upgrade on this Mac is the RAM, which I have upgraded to 24gb.


    iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015)

    3.2 GHz Intel Core i5

    24 GB 1867 MHz DDR3

    AMD Radeon R9 M380 2048 MB


    Thank you,


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  • 11/01/18--00:32: Premiere 2019 crashing
  • Is there any word on weather this will be addressed.

    I have sent reports from the app.


    Randomly crash. Anyone else experiencing this.

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    After I made the update to mojave and cc19 premier isn´t usable. New preview is showing in the timeline. Nothing works.

    Same problem with AE.

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    MAC on Mohave


    Footage that was fine this morning is absolutely unusable after the update - looking like its 4 stops brighter etc. I suspect its a quicktime codec thing....... thats what was updated was it not? I have footage from a GH5 internal - thats all fine. Just the Pro-Res material is COMPLETELY broken.


    What can we do to use the software? This is yet another layer of nightmare for us. We are getting absolutely hammered by Adobes broken software. Patch on patch that bring more issues and resolve very little...


    Again - this patch is unusable for professionals. I advise - do not use it at this stage.

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    The problem has been solved by swapping Video Rendering and Playback from CUDA to Engine Software Only. But is that the solution? Before that, I deleted the supposedly defective frame, created a new sequence, and still the same error occurred at the same location on the timeline. I would like a definitive solution so that we do not waste time trying and disrupting our workflow.

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    Hi, I work at a community media station and a lot of our users still use Legacy Titles. I have been trying to ween them off and use Essential Graphics but for some projects, Legacy Titles just works better.


    One issue that has been occurring is when a Legacy Title is duplicated and the text has been changed, it then reverts back to the original.


    I am just wondering if this is a known bug or if any others users have had this issue? If so, is a fix/workaround without using Essential Graphics?



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    I'm editing gameplay video's which are recorded with an Atomos Ninja Inferno. I try to edit these files (Apple ProRes, MOV) from an external ssd, since my iMac Pro only has 1TB internal. But I can't get Premiere to play these files normally. While the same file imported from my internal ssd does play on full resolution. Any idea's what goes wrong? Is it read/write speed? Is it a codec thing? Is it the cable?


    More info:

    iMac Pro 2017

    3 GHz Intel Xeon W

    64 GB 2666 MHz DDR4

    Radeon Pro Vega 56 8176 MB


    I connect the ssd in a caddy with a sata to usb3 adapter.


    What I tried:

    Switch between ProRes 422/HQ/LT

    Recorded with DNxHD-codec

    Several SSD's, for example Samsung 860 Pro

    A portable Samsung X5 Thunderbolt 3 SSD

    Multiple preview file formats at the sequence settings



    So it seems I found the solution. Premiere Pro on a Mac can't handle an exFAT formatted disk. Or at least in combination with ProRes files. I copied the prores files to a mac os journaled formatted disk and everything works smooth. I hope Adobe fixes this bug soon, because the workflow is now far from ideal. The Atomos device only supports exfat formatted disks, so I have to copy these files to another external ssd before I can start editing. And obviously this takes a while due to big file sizes.

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    Hello. I use Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018. I have a .mov file video interview. There are 2 people in the interview in a splitscreen. In the properties of the interview I can see that the video is 14.16 frames per second.


    When I import the video in Premiere, I can see that it is completely out of sync and moreover, I can see just one person in the video. When I play the video in a player or when I import it in Sony Vegas, there is no out of sync problem and I can see both people in a splitscreen.


    Does anyone have any idea what might be the problem?


    Here are the specs of my video:


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    The new vector motion controls are great.  I have been waiting for this in Premiere for a long time.  Unfortunately, I can only seem to use them on text generated with the text tool in premiere.  The "vector motion" controls don't appear on vector ai and eps artwork brought into a premiere timeline.  Is there any way to do this?





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    So I updated to Premiere Pro CC 13.0.1 on a mid-2017 iMac 3.8Ghz i5,  32GB ram, Radeon Pro 580 8192 MB. on OSX 10.13.6.


    And now when I open projects that played fine I get all of these 1 frame MEDIA OFFLINE pretty much everywhere that there is a the start or finish of a dissolve. Many of the clips also have color correction and some are re-sized, warp stabilized, or speed adjusted... but some are just plain clips. If I take off the FX then add it again

    it will play fine (with a yellow - needs to render bar up top) but once I render it the MEDIA OFFLINE frame is there.


    Boo.... real PITA.

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