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Latest Forum Threads in Premiere Pro CC

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    Hi all,


    My premiere has been useless for nearly a year now. The meters say audio is playing. If I export a clip from premiere the audio will always play. Adobe Audition and all the other parts of the suite play audio fine. But in Premiere there is no actual audio. To repeat - the meters are peaking, there's everything working fine according to the program, there just isn't any audio.


    Please - any ideas. I've been recording in  Audition, I have my tracks all good to go, but I need to make the videos now.



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  • 12/11/18--14:29: Severe Interface Lag
  • So here's the story, I left work on Friday with my machine running great. I came in on Monday and Premiere's interface has been lagging horribly ever since I logged in. If I click on a menu the highlighted items lag a few seconds behind where my mouse is. When I click around on the timeline the playhead follows a few seconds behind. Anything you do it lags behind. In the video example below you'll see the kind of lag I'm talking about.


    Obviously it's impossible to work this way so I've pretty much tried everything I can think of to resolve it, including editing in Resolve instead lol


    It seems to be strictly related to Premiere because After Effects is running great and Resolve is playing back 4k flawlessly. No other issues with my machine.


    Here's what I've tried:


    -Restarting computer

    -Shutting down computer

    -Trashing preferences

    -Shutting down my Blackmagic UltraStudio4k

    -I'm currently running Premiere 12.1.2 but I've installed Premiere 13.01 as well and it acts exactly the same.



    The computer is a beast so it shouldn't be anything to do with specs, but here they are just in case:

    Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 4.38.59 PM.png


    Please let me know of anything else I can try, I'm at a loss right now and there's loads of work to be done. Thanks!!

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  • 12/21/18--14:03: Play Back Troubles
  • So play back has been something that has been annoying me to no end. No matter what I do I always get dropped frames, even if the footage is 1080p.  I recently upgraded my computer parts. My current build is:


    Ryzen Threadripper 2920x (12 Core 3.2ghz)

    32GB of Corsair Dominator Platinum 3000hz

    EVGA FTW3 1080ti

    Corsair 750 Watt Modular Power Supply

    Asus Strix x399 MOBO


    Most of my footage is either 4k at 24p or 1080p at 120fps.

    Even with the specs of my computer I still get dropped frames in playback.

    Could it be something todo with my sequence settings or how im editing? Anything info would be appreciated.

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    I volunteered to do audio for a hobby project, and subscribed to the Adobe CC suite.
    I knew going in that the person I volunteered to help have PE 14 (PC), but didn't do my research.
    I couldn't fathom our version compatibility would essentially be zero.


    Does anyone have a recommended workflow for this scenario?
    Keep in mind it's a hobby project with less than ideal asset management.
    And with a 0.5 MB upload rate on my current connection, sharing files online isn't an option either.
    We're using portable hard drives like it's 1999.




    The project owner is not so technologically savvy. (And I'm new-ish to the CC suite workflow myself.)  All I have at the moment is the raw footage, my audio assets, and a *.prel file.


    As far as I can tell, I should be able to open his *.prel file in PP CC 2019 on a PC, then save it and re-open it on my Mac.


    But I can't see any way of giving him a project file back that he can work with. Help?

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    Hi Guys

    My OS is Win10 (latest) and I am using CC2019.


    Since CC2015, I have experienced a continuing irritating problem. Sometimes when I move from one workspace to another, the cursor disappears behind Premiere and I cannot access any controls. The keystroke to reset workspaces doesn't seem to be live when this happens, but I am able to use the keystroke 'save' and have to shut down PPr by clicking closed in the Windows toolbar. When PPr reopens all is fine again. Here's a short video. You'll see the cursor arrow at the bottom on the windows toolbar disappear as I move it up to Ppr. This unwanted feature seems in every version and is not confined to just this PC. My earlier PC faced the same issue.



    I have dropped a bug report several times, but nothing changes. Has anyone else faced this and did you find a solution?




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  • 12/21/18--13:48: capturing pal dv 16*9
  • cap lat.png


    hey there,

    Im capturing throug a camera directly to adobe premeire cc 2018 12.0 with blackmagic decklink studio 4k

    what is the best driver to capture pal 16*9

    cause i have a problem that when capturing dv 16*9 i have a missing pixels, the example is attached throug the image

    also when capturing pal uncompressed 8 bit or 10 bit the output is 4*3 not 16*9

    any one have a solution for my problem

    thank you...

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  • 12/11/18--21:18: Problems with HEVC clip
  • I apologize if none of this makes sense.  I've been working for over 16 hours at this point and my brain is fried right now.


    I was given a bunch of 4k clips that were shot using the HEVC codec.  Most are 30.00 fps but some are 30.01 fps and all of the audio is 44100 hz.  When playing them back in Premiere, I noticed a bunch were out of sync.  I converted them to ProRes as an experiment and it fixed the sync issues but there is one clip that is still being problematic and it's the most important one.


    When I put the clip in a sequence, the audio plays but the video "starts over" about every 10 seconds despite this being a 17 minute shot.  You can skim through and see that there is more than 10 seconds to the shot, but when you play, it loops the first 10 seconds.  Both HEVC and ProRes versions do this.  I have no way of watching this clip other than Premiere so I have no way of troubleshooting this.  It crashes VLC everytime and Quicktime Playe and Quicktime 7 both cannot play it.  I have no idea how it was shot and even asking may cause me to lose this client. 


    I'm assuming the file is corrupt but I need a way to make sure that is the case and to show the client that this isn't my fault.  Again, I apologize if none of this makes sense.


    I'm running High Sierra and the latest version of Premiere. 

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    i have Adope premiere cc 2019 the last version and i have problem with video preview and i can't fix this  problem is , i can't watch my project in preview.  how i can fix it


    fix pro.jpg

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    Bonjour, depuis hier j'ai mis à jour Première Pro et After effects. Depuis il m'est impossible d'ouvrir les deux logiciels. Déjà ils mettent un temps infini à se lancer (contrairement à d'habitude), et ils plantent avant de s'ouvrir. Soit sans rien dire, soit en m'indiquant que j'ai un problème "Premiere Pro n’a trouvé aucun module de lecture vidéo compatible".


    J'ai donc cherché sur les forums, j'ai trouvé cette page : Erreur : « Premiere Pro n’a trouvé aucun module de lecture vidéo compatible » | Démarrage

    J'ai fais tout ce qui était proposé (mettre à jour les pilotes graphiques (qui sont déjà à jour), désinstaller les plug-ins de tiers, etc) mais rien : soit ça crash, soit j'ai le message...


    D'autres ont le même soucis ?

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    I've been using the rating field in the project pane to rate clips from 1-5 stars. If I switch the copy of the media drive with that the project file is linked to, once re-linked, the clip ratings in the project pane reset to no rating information. Also any markers placed on clips without text notation are disappearing as well.
    Anyone have any insight? Descriptions come over. I'd hate to lose all of my notation work.





    On PP 2019 13.0.1 on Mac OS 10.13.6


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    I used to have my Premiere Pro set so that I could see ALL the frames in a clip. Not thumbnails or keyframes, but the actual frames, making it much easier to sync audio. In the timeline, not just in the monitor. I've searched and searched and can't find an answer. Can anyone help? I feel crazy.

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    Is anyone having joy with Essential Graphics? Or similar pains to me?


    Essential graphics sluggish and buggy.webm - Google Drive


    It seems almost completely unusable to me on a 24GB MSI GT7 2QE with 980m 4GB graphics and i7 with SSD.. Latest version of Prem.

    Any ideas super welcome. I'd love to be able to quickly and easily bring in the essential graphics I've bought from Envato and edit them in Premiere.


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    I'm having an issue where LUTs applied using Lumetri Color, both on an adjustment layer or the clip itself, aren't being applied to the final export if I export via Media Encoder. It works if I use the Premiere exporter, but it's not ideal as it means I can't use Premiere until an export finishes.


    iMac Retina 5K 27-inch, Late 2015

    3.2GHz intel core i5

    16gb RAM

    Premiere Pro CC 2017

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    In CC 2014 there used to be an option in the audio hardware preference for "System Default Input/Output" which would automatically change Premiere's output to match any change in the OS output. Beginning in CC 2015, the option was removed. This means switching from headphones to speakers requires not only a change in the OS output settings, but a trip into Premiere's audio preferences each time as well.


    If you would like to see this issue addressed, please vote on the feature request here to have it raised in priority: Bring back System Default Input/Output in Audio Hardware! – Adobe video & audio apps


    For more information on the issue, you can view the original thread here: Audio Hardware Changes in Premiere Pro CC2015

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    Hi All,


    I am new to Premiere but I am not a layman when it comes to IT.  This has had me scratching my head for 2 days now.  I have searched on the forums and the interwebs for a solution to this problem and found that others had this same problem but none of their solutions helped me.


    My Specs

    Adobe Version: CC (Latest)

    OS: Windows 10

    Gfx Card: Nvidia GeForce 980Ti

    Memory : 24GB

    CPU: Intel I7 3770K

    HDD: Solid State


    I have tried the following:


    • Checked the Crash log but it's greek to me as I am not familiar with Premier Pro.
    • Tried selecting "Mercury Playback Engine Software Only" but crash still occurs
    • Tested all other formats and they work fine.  Even the H.264 Blu-Ray works but not H.264
    • Tested with a blank project thinking it might be something in the project itself...same thing.  still crashes
    • COMPLETE reinstall of latest Video card Drivers after removing the current drivers using driver sweeper.
    • Ran a scannow /sfc to check for corrupt system files.  No problems found
    • Ran DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth to check for corrupt files - No problems found
    • Removed all and any other video editing softwares
    • Removed all other codec packs that I had installed
    • Multiple reboots in-between all this
    • Ensured that there were no outstanding Windows Updates
    • Checked the BIOS firmware for my mobo and my Gfx card.  all up to date.


    I'm at a loss.....


    PlEaSe can someone assist?  I cannot export my video using H.264


    Thanks in advance.

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    anyone have any ideas what is causing this? it plays audio fine but the video doesn't play. video plays fine in after effects and media encoder. I exported from timeline to encoder and it shows there and I created an AE comp from within premier and it played fine in AE. It just doesn't show in premier. My system windows 10. All updated. nvidoa Quadro m5000 card.


    I installed Nvidia cuda toolkit and after that it does this..tried install and reinstall.  If anyone can help thank you! 

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    Hello everybody,

    Actually I've started editing some videos on my Surface Book with the latest version of Premiere Pro CC 2018, and I'm facing a very annoying bug.
    Checking this forum I've seen other users are having the same or similar problem.


    Description of the problem:
    After a while using Premiere and randomly when editing a project and I click play on Program/Source monitor the play icon become the usual stop button and it stays like that. I can't revert it to play button.
    Timeline doesn't play at all, it shows the last video frame. The software is working correctly, I can move the play head, select clips, but Source and Program monitor looks like frozen.

    When this problem shows I can't close Premiere as usual. I've to force closing using Windows Task Manager.
    The project is started from scratch.


    Some further infos below:
    PC: Surface Book, i5 6300U, 8GB DDR3 RAM, Intel HD520, GPU Nvidia Geforce, Toshiba 256GB SSD, 13,5" 3000x2000 display
    Pr Pro version: version 12.0.0 (build 224)
    Multimedia cache: on main SSD, with "if possible store cache files near the original footage" option enabled (so it creates the cache on the external SSD specified below);
    Footage: Actually is on an external SSD, a Samsung T3 512GB USB3 portable drive;
    Codec of footage: H264 in MOV Quicktime container (original Canon DSLR MP4 clips);

    Effects on clips: none

    Memory settings: 6.5GB dedicated to Adobe apps on a total of 8GB.
    GPU: Cuda acceleration enabled, Nvidia Geforce Custom GPU from Nvidia for Microsoft Surface Book (Maxwell architecture). Actually is vital for me using the GPU acceleration, I can't work with just the software rendering performance.GPU Driver version:, obtainable via Windows Update or Microsoft Surface website (I've installed from MS website). Updated the drivers Yesterday, I had the same issue even with the previous driver version;

    Windows 10 x64: build 16299.98, latest updates installed (checked few minutes ago)
    Other infos: Windows Defender AV disabled, no Others softwares running, just Premiere Pro




    Thanks in advance who helps me troubleshoot this problem.


    Added further info on Premiere CC settings.

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    Hello Forum Users!


    I hope you can help me...


    I'm currently in the process of editing a large project in Premeire Pro consisting of 16 videos ranging from 8 - 12 minutes each. I'm editing on my Macbook Pro 2015 (15 inch) — 16 gb memory and Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB graphics card.


    However, I've been experiencing a very annoying export issue in both Pr and AME, in which all of my exports within a specific project, are out of sync by at least 5 frames — I know this through dropping the exported video back underneath the video in my timeline, and from it being quite noticeable to me. But this isn't a gradual issue, in which the audio slowly falls out of sync over time, it's consistent throughout the videos from start to finish.


    The project contains a mixture of 4K and 1080p footage all shot at 29.97 fps, but neither of the sequences contain mixed resolutions, it's either all 4K or all 1080p — I have attached screenshots of my sequence settings (4K and 1080 timelines). What I have also noticed (and I'm not sure if this makes any difference) but my "Source Audio Format" is: "96000 Hz - 24 bit - Stereo" and I'm limited to exporting a sample rate of 48,000 Hz with the codec and presets I'm using (H.264, 1080 x 1920 using both Youtube and Vimeo presets). I also believe the interviews were shot on a Sony A7S iii. In terms of effects, I have applied Lumetri grades to all of the interview footage, as well as the Cosmo effect from "Magic Bullet". I've also used the Dynamic Link feature with After Effects, to add some rather simple text and line animations which are consistent throughout the edits.



    Insofar, I've tried changing my settings in AME to Mercury Playback (Software Only), which was successful in removing some really strange glitch issues in my exports. I've also got onto Adobe Support, using their live chat system, where I was recommenced to try "HANDBRAKE", again this yielded slightly better results, but this ins't an ideal fix as I have a lot of these videos to export, which range from 7 - 12 mins each and just need them to be exporting out from AME overnight!


    I'm just lost to what to do, it's for a client of mine and I just feel I'm falling at the last hurdle here...


    Any recommendations on a fix would be amazing! Sorry if I've missed any important information — it's my first time posting on here.


    Thanks in advance!


    Screenshots of Sequence Settings below, with the first being the 4K:


    Screenshot 2018-12-12 at 11.15.07.pngScreenshot 2018-12-12 at 11.17.21.png

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    Hey so I am currently trying to edit footage, but my footage is not loading in adobe premiere 2019 version.


    The footage the I have recorded is in a mp4 format. Encoder is H265/HEVC Encoder(AMD Advanced Media Framework) and the bitrate is around 10000. It was also recorded at a CBR. Now this footage was recorded in OBS.


    Now when I open up adobe I get a notification sayin "Run Script Error: Expected)" it goes away after clicking it a few times. Once I get past that adobe seems to run normal. When I try to import footage the footage loads with a red screen. I am able to review the footage, but if I skipped ahead or pause it freezes then adobe crashes. Now I did turn off the H.264 decoder option in the media settings to try and fix the red screen issue, but it really hasn't had any effect. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program and tried downloading earlier versions. but I just keep running into the same issue. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.

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    Whenever I create a new sequence in any way, Premiere crashes and shows me this message (image attached) Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 7.32.01 PM.pngas well as "input contract violation!"


    This happens when dropping footage into the timeline from the source monitor, or by creating a new sequence under "File." I have tested switching my scratch disks from my cloud to hard drive, shifting footage from cloud to hard drive, clearing media cache, updating OSX, uninstalling and re-installing Premiere CC. It appears to be a glitch very specifically related to creating a sequence. Footage imports fine and plays perfectly in the source monitor, but will not transfer to the timeline. Old projects open and function perfectly fine, this started happening just a few hours ago when creating a new project.


    I'm working on a 13" mac using OSX Mojave, all of my file destinations should have ample memory space free.



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