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Latest Forum Threads in Premiere Pro CC

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  • 12/21/18--19:48: 1 year Cancellation ?
  • So I bought a £20 per month annual plan for PP, Which I find really handy, Only thing is how do I make sure my contract doesn't renew at the end of the annual period ?


    Any info is appreciated.

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    I'm editing in Premiere Pro CC 2018 and for some reason, my footage becomes washed out as soon as I adjust curves in Lumetri Color.








    Would appreciate any help available thanks!

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    Haven't used PP for a couple of months, and one of my main "getting set up" shortcuts is gone.  It was the backtick ` which would make the window go full screen.

    windows key and up doesn't work on the second and 3rd screens, and it would also hide the title bar and menu bar, giving me more real estate...


    I have searched the commands and shortcuts and can't find this anywhere, has it been removed?  If so why?


    Also ~ to make a single panel full screen doesn't work anymore :-(

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    1. Are you personally able to see any discernible difference between hardware vs software encoding @ 40MBPS CBR for HEVC? I'm using the 8550u for hardware encoding.


    1b. Will there also be a difference for HW encoding from 8550u vs 6600k (desktop)?


    2. For those using GoPro 7 Black @ 4K/60, what bitrate do you finally choose after you complete editing? Same as question 1 - 20MBPs vs 40MBPs - any difference? I viewed side by side on a 4K/32" monitor and struggled to see differences, but I also want future-proofing (who knows what new screen tech there is, that favors significantly higher bitrates)?


    2b.  Same goes for the A7Rii. What bitrate will be the best for 4K24 output?

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    Hi all,


    I'm having a very puzzling issue with Premiere Pro CC. I have created a brand new project. The project itself, and every scratch disk in the Project Settings > Scratch Disks menu, are set to my D drive. Despite this, whenever I import a clip, Premiere is creating a CFA cache file for it on my C drive. This can't continue because my C drive is a very small SSD only used for my OS. I can't figure out why this is happening, especially when all of my settings show that cache files should be going to my D drive. Any help appreciated!

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    I am trying to create a slow zoom in for a pic.  I add the pic to the timeline, then select the effects control.  Then I press the button next to scale to toggle animation at the beginning of my clip, then I go all the way to the end of my clip and select a keyframe and change the scale size up or down.  When I play the clip back the scale is moving, but the clip just stays the same, never zooms in or out.  What am I doing wrong? Is it something to do with the size of pics I am using, JPG maybe?

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    Hi all,


    My premiere has been useless for nearly a year now. The meters say audio is playing. If I export a clip from premiere the audio will always play. Adobe Audition and all the other parts of the suite play audio fine. But in Premiere there is no actual audio. To repeat - the meters are peaking, there's everything working fine according to the program, there just isn't any audio.


    Please - any ideas. I've been recording in  Audition, I have my tracks all good to go, but I need to make the videos now.



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  • 06/02/10--17:03: Any way to shake screen?
  • IS there any preset or effect so I can have the camera shake is it was being hit, or the stand is unsteady.. I'm looking to through it in the video i'm making when a girl hits a home run.. I'm new, and a solo learner to Premiere Pro

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    In Avid, there's a way to apply the same type of transition onto multiple cut points, either video or audio, all at the same time.  You do it by putting an in point before the first cut and an out point after the last cut, and then click the transition button.  A dialogue box comes up prompting you to adjust the parameters of the dissolve (duration, how many frames before cut, centered on cut, etc...) and it also gives you the option to check a box that says "apply to all transitions in-out" and another check box that allows you to "skip existing transitions".  Check those boxes and click OK and if there are twenty cuts between your in and out points, it will put a dissolve on each one of those twenty cuts with those parameters you chose.


    Is there any way to do this in Premiere?  I am used to doing it the Avid way, and the only way I know how to apply multiple transition in Premiere so far seems to be to apply them one at at time, which is extremely tedious and slow. 

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  • 12/22/18--01:32: Removing a part of the video
  • Hello, how do I remove a portion of the video, so that the background layer would be shown? So I don't need to remove specific time frame, but instead remove portions of the video. Is it possible with masking or something like that? So pretty much simple to what you do in photoshop, when you select a portion of the photo and just delete it, so that the bottom one is visible.House_Calls_Chavarri_a_Welts___Gage_Sacramento_living_room_1.0.png

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    If you have a large number of clips and you want to add the same dissolve to all of them, what's the quickest and easiest way to to so? Avid Liquid had the ability to add the same dissolve to all clips within your mark in and mark out points (although Liquid mostly sucked, I did like that feature). Does Premiere have anything like that?

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    I don't kown, It's obvious a bug

    All video

    The lastest version Premiere





    win10 pro workstation version_1809

    ASUS ROG RX vega64 with lastest driver

    AMD 2950X CPU

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    Hi, im using Premire Pro CC(v12.1.2), a couple days ago i start editing a new video but suddenly mid editing my timeline stop working and when i press "play" the video wont play so i tried to restart premire and still the something happens and sometimes the videos that i imported wont load. I tried to use a new project but the problem still keep happening. If someone could help it would be greatly appreciated thank you

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  • 12/22/18--05:31: amd radeon 530
  • hello !

    i have an amd radeon 530 4gb graphics card and an intel i7 8th gen processor , and 8gb ram can my pc run adobe premiere ?

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  • 12/19/18--16:53: Premiere Pro playback error
  • For a while now I have been battling an issue with playback. The clip plays fine, and then about half way through the video restarts from the beginning while the audio continues normally. This transfers to exports too? I have rendered time and time again, emptied caches, and updated to the newest version. I am now over a week behind on a project and am beyond irritated. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!

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  • 01/31/18--05:35: logiooptions panel pops up
  • In premiere cc (v 12.0.0) a small panel keeps poping up. Any Ideas how to permanently remove it?


    Thanks for you help with this!


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    I am getting very frustrated with trying to render to Apple Prores 422 through Premiere Pro and Media Encoder.  Is it even possible?


    I searched the FAQ's and there were only old posts without answers.  I found a site on the internet that wants to sell me software that they claim will solve the problem?  Any comments or suggestions on this problem?  I would consider buying the software for the $68 if others used it and found it works.  The site is


    Here is a Youtube video on the topic:  How to Render Apple PRORES 422 on PC - YouTube


    I am assuming the problem is a turf war between Microsoft and Apple.


    The Apple Prores 422 is an awesome codec and one requested by clients I am told.  With a PC I need a way to accommodate these requests plus I would like to work in this codec as it is just that good!


    At the moment I am rendering to the Prores 422 with my MacBook Pro and then transferring it to my PC.


    I am using Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Media Encoder (latest versions)


    Any suggestions or solutions would be very welcome.


    Kindest regards,

    Mike Whitehouse

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  • 12/22/18--06:28: Nesting and Stabilizing
  • I am trying to add some iPhone video into my sequence, but it is shot at 4k instead of 1080 like my camera. This becomes a problem when I try to use warp stabilizer. It says that it needs to match the sequence, match by nesting. I have nested all of the clips and restarted the program, but it still says the same thing. Do I need to trash my preferences? Am I doing something else wrong? Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Hi guys...


    my conf is:

    - i5 6600k 3.5ghz

    - board msi b150m gaming pro lga 1151

    - ram 24gb DDR4

    -SSD samsung 750 EVo 250gb sata3

    - grafica msi nvidia geforce gtx 1050 2gb DDR5


    I have some problems editing, for example the effects.....

    where can I switch to perform better?

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    When I work with PP 2019 I sore everything on an external drive, we can call it "Nr 1".

    Now and then, well every second day, I do a back up copy (just drag and drop the folders I´ve been working in) on another external hard drive, we can call this "ExtraHD".


    Tonight the "NR 1"- hard drive broke down. I can't read any data from it.


    I fetched my "Extra HD"- and found the folders I copied. So I opened a file (from auto-save) in PP. Then I get a message "can't find these files"-message, so I try to locate them in the "ExtraHD"-hard drive. I realize that the files missing all got "Nr 1" in there name- and the files I get from "ExtraHD" has not (as far as I can see).


    Then the window for PP opens and I can see the folders etc in the Media Browser, BUT the clips in the Timeline is empty!

    If I go back to every bin in the media browser an (re)import the files listed in the bin, I then can right click in at the clip In the timeline and choose: "replace with clip" and then "from bin" and the clip will be filled (sorry don't know the exact term) with the desired photo/video.


    My questions:

    1. Is there an easier way to get my projects back? (than this "(re)import and right click..."-method)

    2. How do I avoid this problem in the future? How shall I store files or copy folders so they are reachable from all hard drives?

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