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    After using cc18 on W7 pro with no problems, I finally moved over to Windows 10 pro 64 bit and did a full clean install of both that and premiere -  Version 13.02 build 38.  Now lumetri effects do not work at all!!  The scopes still work but not a single applied effect makes any visible difference to the image


    Has anyone else found problems with this? And a solution?


    Nvidia gtx 980 gpu, i7 quad core.   Only 12Gb ram at present - about to increase-  but always worked fine for HD before. Not using 4K


    Any suggestions appreciated - as Lumetri is a rather essential element!!

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi all,


    I am trying to open a project that I received along with all the footage (each of the asset folders were zipped for ease of download and then unzipped on my desktop)

    everything seems to be going fine until at one point of "locating media" it gets stuck.

    Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 5.35.33 PM.png

    It always gets stuck at the same point.

    I've tried emptying my media cache. I've also created a new project and tried to import just the sequence.

    Nothing has worked so far.

    Anyone know the solution to this problem?


    Thank you!

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  • 12/22/18--09:51: Problem with Title Templates
  • Hello,


    I have some free templates downloaded for my drone videos

    See video and info: 5 Pack FREE modern & clean Title Templates for Premiere Pro (.MOGRT) - YouTube


    I have downloaded this and added as shown in the video.

    So I have the same problem as what in the comments, and done what it says.

    But still the same problem!!! I is driving me mad.


    So my question is, Are there somewhere good title templates download that do work in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018? Particularly suitable for drone videos. I've already tried multiple template packages but they don't work!!

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  • 12/24/18--08:53: Backwards?
  • Hi,


    I've never made a film or edited before but I need to know how do I reverse (make it run backwards) a short film (60 seconds) that I've just put together? many thanks, Michael

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  • 09/22/17--05:15: No playback in Premiere
  • I just got a new PC and installed Premiere Pro CC today. I create a new project, import video and when I drag that to the timeline it does not play back. I've gone to prefrences and clicked Adobe DV under playback, but this did not help. Installed and uninstalled many times. Same problem occurs.


    Got Windows 10 Pro - 64GB RAM, Intel Core i9-7900X, and GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Twin x2.


    Also, when I try to quit Premiere, it freezes and does nothing.


    Can anyone help me?

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    So i got a new XLR mic and ever since setting it up the playback in Premiere Pro and After Effects has stopped working. i have tried updating drivers, uninstalling and reinstalling, ive tried messing around with the Audio Hardware and playback preferences and even resetting preferences, nothing seems to be working. Everything was working fine before i setup my new mic. Please Help. My specs are; Intel i7 8086k, 16gb RAM, RTX 2080.

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    I have no idea what to think here. All of a sudden, all of my .pproj files (and auto saves) are missing off my computer. I was working in a project earlier today, even, and that file is gone, too. I thought I may have accidentally saved that file in a different location, and that's when I discovered that every single .pproj file I had saved was missing (dozens of them).


    So, some background. I am using Adobe CC 2017. I had .pproj files saved both locally (on my D: drive--Windows) and in Dropbox (which is also synced to a separate folder on the D:drive of my PC). Both of these folders are also backed up by CrashPlan. All .pproj files have disappeared from the local folders, from Dropbox (local and web UI), and CrashPlan backup files. When I open PremierePro, it doesn't show anything under recent files. When I do a search of my computer, none of those missing files come up. They are not in the Recycle (Trash)--of course, as I did not delete them. Nothing else seems to be missing except for these .pproj files (and the associates auto save files). I still have all my After Effects project files (.aep). All the video and audio files that were in the same folders as the Premiere Pro project files are still there. So this definitely seems like the issue is with Premiere Pro.


    How in the world did all these files disappear, and is there any way to get them back? I figured having the files backed up locally, through Dropbox, and through CrashPlan would be enough of a contingency plan to prevent the loss of data. However, I have never heard of (or experienced) anything like this before.

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  • 12/24/18--10:34: Workspace
  • Кто скажет, в чем проблема. Установил Premiere Pro CC 2019 и появилась проблема, не запоминает work space при запуске с нуля или при создании нового проекта. Делаю под себя вкладки и окна, располагаю как мне нужно, сохраняю work space под другим именем, но когда выхожу и запускаю снова тот же проект или создаю новый, мой workspace не сохраняется по умолчанию. Включается или Assambley либо Learning, но не мой сохраненный workspace. В CC 2018 все запоминалось

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    Hi guys, yesterday i wanted to use the trial of Premiere Pro CC but when i try to launch it i get this error when loading ImporterQuicktime.prm :
    "Could not find any capable video play modules. Please update your video display drivers and start again."

    - I actually have an AMD GPU R9 390, with latest drivers.

    - I also have an Intel integrated GPU but i disabled it in device manager and BIOS. (I've also tried to run it without disabling the Intel gpu, but it didn't work)

    - I have tried to launch the setup and also the program itself as an administrator.

    - I am currently on the Administrator user.

    What do i have to do?

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    The actions in question are:

    1. Scrolling/scrubbing the playhead in the timeline (cmd+scroll wheel)
    2. Zooming the timeline (option+scroll wheel)


    In the CC 2018 update, they have changed:

    1. Scrolling/scrubbing the playhead in the timeline (shift+scroll wheel / shift+control+scroll wheel)
    2. Zooming the timeline (option+control+scroll wheel)


    I cannot figure out a way to map new keyboard-and-mouse shortcuts / combinations and it's very frustrating that this switch was done.


    What's the deal?


    The old way was much faster and more intuitive - the old combos don't even do anything on CC 2018.


    Anybody know how to switch it back in CC 2018?

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    link to similar problem.PNGjittery playhead won't go away.PNG


    I noticed now the playhead jitters its way down the timeline in Premier Pro. You're not going to be able to see it in a still image, the only change I made was a trial of New Blue Transitions, see in Effects to right circled in blue. I found a similar problem listed on another site but they were referencing the programming monitor. ganged or unganged I still have jittery playback. Any suggestions? I'll try removing New Blue to see if this is the problem,, if so I'll have to find another vendor's plugin for transitions.

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  • 12/24/18--11:13: Audio is mixed around
  • I am doing an old home video project for my family as a present for Christmas. I took old digitized clips (digitized professionally from tape) and imported them into premier, however when I am editing the clips, the audio is completely off. If I am watching the files in windows movie player, the audio is matched up and working, but in adobe it is somehow mixed around. I have tried a couple different solutions such as making sure premier was updated, tried rendering the clips and the sequence (this feature was oddly not really working), re-importing the clips different ways, and looking in the clip properties to see if I needed to change anything in the sequence settings. So far nothing has worked, some clips have the audio matched up, but most don't. It is very random.


    Not really sure where to go now, I am a perfectionist when it comes to editing so it is really bothering me.


    Thanks, and happy editing!

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    Not too pleased with the latest update of PP.  It is so slow that it is practically unusable to me.  Just trying to play my timeline with simple unmodified videos is not possible anymore as the lag is too much.  I have cleared my cache, turned down playback resolution, and tried everything I can to at least make it usable but it is just too slow.


    I am running an aged PC Windows 10 workstation but I have a processor with 6 cores, 16GB of RAM, and a decent video card.  Just a few weeks ago before the 2018 update everything was fine and PP was quite peppy.  I am not sure if there is anything else I can try or not.  To me it seems like something is just bad with the latest update.

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    I created a movie clip in the latest version of Premiere Pro CC. I used High Definition NASA-approved footage of a night shuttle launch.

    1. What are the best ways to polish up the graininess in the film? I did not get much luck with the Premiere Pro special effects tools, but I do have access to the rest of the Adobe video apps.
    2. When someone accesses my website I want the video to AUTOPLAY FIRST, and once finished then my website page appears. I have been trying to do this with HTML but I am not having any luck. How is this done? Do I have to involve Javascript?

    Thanks Community.

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    When I work with PP 2019 I sore everything on an external drive, we can call it "Nr 1".

    Now and then, well every second day, I do a back up copy (just drag and drop the folders I´ve been working in) on another external hard drive, we can call this "ExtraHD".


    Tonight the "NR 1"- hard drive broke down. I can't read any data from it.


    I fetched my "Extra HD"- and found the folders I copied. So I opened a file (from auto-save) in PP. Then I get a message "can't find these files"-message, so I try to locate them in the "ExtraHD"-hard drive. I realize that the files missing all got "Nr 1" in there name- and the files I get from "ExtraHD" has not (as far as I can see).


    Then the window for PP opens and I can see the folders etc in the Media Browser, BUT the clips in the Timeline is empty!

    If I go back to every bin in the media browser an (re)import the files listed in the bin, I then can right click in at the clip In the timeline and choose: "replace with clip" and then "from bin" and the clip will be filled (sorry don't know the exact term) with the desired photo/video.


    My questions:

    1. Is there an easier way to get my projects back? (than this "(re)import and right click..."-method)

    2. How do I avoid this problem in the future? How shall I store files or copy folders so they are reachable from all hard drives?

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    Acabo de dar formato a mi macbook pro y actualizé a la ultima versión de Premiere y encore y corre muy lenta cuando encore realiza proxys ¿Soluciones?, con la version anterior trabajaba de maravilla.

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    I can't open premiere pro cc2017 on my Mac Pro these days. Every time It says: "Adobe Premiere Pro could not find any capable video play modules. Please update your video display drivers and start again." Is there any way to solve this problem? My Mac Pro has latest system which is macOS Sierra 10.12.6.

    Thank you.

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    I've been through all the discussions. All of them tell me to crank the playback resolution to full. My default is at full and I cannot change it to lower as it is greyed out. High playback quality is turned on. The same image is given in export. On the left is the raw video, and on the right is the playback. I zoomed in to show detail. Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 4.48.16 PM.png

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  • 12/24/18--15:21: Clips freezing
  • I am new to Premiere Pro and I have been trying to make a video with clips from youtube. When I import my clips the video freezes towards the end of the clips. The audio will still play all the way through but the clip freezes. My friends told me to render the video (went to sequence >render in to out) & (double-click clip > Render and replace ) but the video still freezes.


    What should I do?

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    I am running PP CC 13.0.1 on a MacBook Pro MacOS Mojave


    I had PP crash and when I reloaded it I got this error 'a low-level exception occurred in: adobe scope' and nothing would play back on my timeline. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I have also tried starting a new project and importing the project in which seemed to work at first but then when I reopened PP I got the same error. Also when I close PP it crashes and I have to force quit.


    I have sat for 20 minutes twice waiting to speak to someone on the Support chat and have had it connect. It just told me I was in a queue and stopped and just referred me to the forums cheer Adobe.


    Any help would be appreciated as I have a job in need out on Tuesday.

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