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Latest Forum Threads in Premiere Pro CC

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  • 08/23/18--04:49: WAVEFORMS NOT SHOWING! help
  • HELLO!


    I recently installed Premiere Pro, and I happen to have stumbled upon a big problem: the waveforms are not showing. They are only a solid color (green). I am relatively new to editing with this program, so I need your help. Thanks!


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    There are some tools missing from my toolbar such as the TRACK SELECTION BACKWARD TOOL  among others.   How do I add more tools to the tool bar ?




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    Just tried to open Premiere Pro CC but got this error message this was working fine not long ago. I have tried photoshop and seems to work fine.


    Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 00.26.15.png



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    Hi all!


    I'm trying to figure out if there's a way of automating nested sequences for the sake of time saving.


    So, I use nested sequences frequently to "reverb out" pieces of audio by placing the end few seconds of the audio within a new sequence, along with a transparent video. I then drop a large room reverb on top of the sequence and hey presto!


    I was wondering if there's a way I could simply push a button and it would automatically do that for me, instead of going through the motions each time mentioned above (even just creating the new sequence and adding both the chosen clip and transparent video would be great!).

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    This is what I have

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  • 12/29/18--14:53: Frame rate question
  • Hello,


    I have an analog tape that I imported via an el gato capture device. The issue I have is when I check the specs, the frame rate shows as 29.91. I'm not finding any way to change sequence settings to match. Because of this the audio and video become unsynced very quickly. I've tried modify > interpret footage > and change settings there, but nothing has worked. I also tried to convert the footage to a mov file but it causes Premiere to run incredibly slow. Is there something I'm missing or might need to do outside of Premiere to get it to be the proper frame rate?

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    J'ai un problème survenant lors de l'exportation qui ajoute des transitions audio réduisant de quelques secondes le volume des séquences au début et a la fin. J'ai pourtant aucune transitions de ce type sur mon projet. Comment puis-je les enlever ?
    Merci d'avance.

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    I got the Adobe Premiere Pro 2019, and after 2 days, this issue came up. I have not been able to use Premiere since then. I re-installed the program, but the issue is still there. What can I do?

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    While editing I keep getting an error saying "unable to create image buffer" shortly followed by the program freezing or crashing (or my display driver crashing).

    I'm editing .mov files imported via the media browser shot on a Canon t5. I faced the same problem when editing MXF files from a Canon XF100 a few weeks ago.

    I've been trying to solve this problem for weeks to no avail. The only workaround I have is to edit quickly in sessions and save frequently before the program freezes again. Sometimes I think it's a pc problem and that I should install more RAM, but this wasn't an issue several months ago.


    Windows: Version 12.1.1 (Build 10)

    Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration (CUDA) enabled



    error message.JPG

    error message 2.JPG


    pc info.JPG


    system 2.png

    system 3.JPG


    clip properties.png


    p 1.png


    p 2.png

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    Hey everyone, I am needing some help with my Premiere program.

    The issue that I am having is that the Software for premiere is reading the color of my footage differently that how the footage truly is.

    The footage the premiere is showing within the software is more saturated and seems to be already color corrected, when in fact it is not.

    I'm going to post a photo below that has a side-by-side of what I am explaining. The image on the left is the footage directly from the SD card, the footage has not been imported or tampered with. The image on the right, is within the Premiere software, after I import the footage.

    When My projects are complete, I export the project and open it up to view it, and it returns to the same dull saturation from its original state before import.

    This leads me to think that the software is just portraying the colors differently.

    When I'm editing with premiere, I would like the colors to be true to what it is, because it is deceiving while I'm trying to color correct all my footage. Please let me know if you've had this problem and know the solution. I can screenshot anything you need within the software for help.



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  • 12/29/18--16:43: Delay with playback
  • I'm trying to edit a video, the source playback and the program playback are not syncing properly, so it's making editing frustrating and time-consuming. I have tried restarting my computer. I have reset my modem, but nothing seems to work to rectify the problem. Any advice?

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  • 12/29/18--17:42: Previous Versions
  • Through the Creative Cloud I am not able to download any previous versions.  There is no option to download them.

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    Hello all,

    I have a concern, I use the parametric EQ a lot and one of the known bugs is

    "Crash can occur with large project when scrubbing timeline with Parametric EQ filter."

    Has anyone experienced this or should I stay on 2017 version?


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    My timeline in my videoplayback and source only counts up to 0.23s and then skips to the next second. (0.00-0.23 and then skips to 1.00s) This makes it impossible to add audio because it chops it up. Adding video seems to be fine which i think has something to do with the frames attached to the clip. Please help

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    Hi-  A very new Premiere Pro CC 2017 user requesting a little assistance...


    I've watched many, many helpful web tutorials and how-to videos to get me where I am in my video project and am very happy with Premiere Pro.  Now that I'm almost done, I realize the source of the "juddering" in my still photo zooms and rolling credits most likely comes from the fact that my timeline is set at 10 fps.  As I understand it, my timeline's fps is set based on my having started the project by importing video clips taken with my digital camera which apparently works at 10 fps. So now I have this idea I need to somehow redo my timeline using 24 fps so the juddering will be reduced if not eliminated.  Am I thinking about this correctly or am I way off base?  And if changing to 24 fps is the thing to do, is there an easy way to do that or do I need to create an empty new 24 fps timeline and start copying my video clips, stills and audio into the new timeline?  And what issues might arise from changing the timeline fps?  Apologies for any wildly inaccurate assumptions on my part!  Remember, I'm pretty new to this program.


    Thanks very much for any assistance you can offer!

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    Im looking for a good video editor for making videos, like really memed version videos and i just want to try this before i commit to buying it. Will i be charged if cancel before the trial ends?@

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    I downloaded the new premiere pro 2019 update a few days ago and now it just freezes (or not responding) whenever I try to do ANY OF THE FOLLOWING:


    1. Import files

    2. Scrub through playback

    3. Export projects

    4. Close premiere pro window since its not working


    And when I reinstalled premiere pro 2018 none of the projects that I have been working on are able to open since it was already opened in a newer version. THERE IS NO WAY TO WIN!!


    Does anyone have any trouble shooting for this issue?


    My Computer specs:

    Razer Blade 15

    i7 8th gen with 16 GB of RAM

    500 GB SSD Memory

    Nvidia 1060 Max Q with 4 GB of RAM


    Moderator: Moved from  Adobe Creative Cloud  to Premiere Pro CC

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    I have just made the switch from Mac to PC recently.


    System Spec:


    Intel i9 9700x

    Nvidia 1080 8gb GPU

    64GB Ram

    M.2 SSD Samsung Sytem Drive

    2 x Samsung SSD Media Drives


    When I play back anything in the source monitor or program monitor the playback is NOT fluid. It seems very jerky regardless of resolution or settings.


    When displayed through the BlackMagic card to a HD TV the video is smooth with NO dropped frames. Yet still jerky in premiere app.


    When I playback in Resolve in the source monitor or program monitor the footage plays back smooth with NO indication of any dropped frames.


    So, no dropped frames. Fast video drives. Yet very jerky preview in premiere.


    Is this a Bug within the latest version of premiere or is it settings I need to change?


    Any help would be much appreciated.


    Many thanks,



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    No matter I drag files, double clip or use the media explorer, Premiere will freeze immediately. even I import a LUT from Lumentri. anyone have the same problem??


    My Laptop is Windows 10,

    CPU I7-7700 HQ

    GPU Nvidia 1070GTX

    16G RAM

    1T Hard Drive + 240 SSD


    every driver update to lastest version.

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    So I am having a big problem. How big? I am going to France within two hours to make clips and Premiere Pro is letting me down.


    When trying to import MTS files Premiere Pro freezes.... Here is what I tried so far:

    -Fresh installing Windows

    -Updating all my drivers, windows and Premiere pro

    -Importing MTS files from their original file structure


    MP4 files for instance work fine. Within the first minute of launching Premiere Pro, I am able to import maby two MTS video clips. Then when trying to import more clips, it freezes again.


    I tried contacting Adobe help centre and helped me out really nice. At first, the problem was solved (seemed like a problem due to not using the original file structure). However, after two hours the problem was back without having made any changes.


    I really hope that somebody can help me out or suggest what to do.


    [title edited by mod]

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