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    I import an iPhone 8 plus video, and I drag it onto the timeline, and its not able to be edited.  Whenever I drag the blue timeline arrow through the video to edit, and cut pieces of the video out, the video doesn't move along with the arrow as it should be, It just lags and shows the same frame of the video.  The video is a mov file and its 1.24 gb big? Please help!


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    With iPhone XS Max footage (1080p 30fps), it plays back full red frames randomly, or it plays with glitches (repeats parts throughout clip) and also randomly slows the audio down on non-slowmo footage.. The footage is .mov HEVC (h.265).


    Premiere Pro says it supports h.265 files now in the latest releases, but it's a no go with iPhone XS h.265 footage.


    I tried encoding them to h.264 and it didn't help, all that did was bake in the glitches...... Also tried the files on both my Macbook Pro and my Windows 10 PC. Same issue on both systems.


    I'm running the latest version of Premiere Pro CC 2019 (13.0.2). My iPhone has been out for a few months now and this is CC 2019's 2nd update after the 2019 release..


    Trying both automatic and original settings on my iPhone for compatibility; didn't help.


    Why doesn't it work? How can I fix it? Unable to finish an edit right now.


    Also, other bugs I've noticed in 13.0.2:


    1. Selecting footage while zoomed out a bit, then trying to drag and snap it to other clips earlier in the timeline doesn't snap properly. It leaves 1 frame of black, making me have to zoom in and drag it again, defeating the point of the snap tool.
    2. Sometimes if you cut a clip in half for example, then on the 2nd new clip, use the rate stretch tool and speed up the second portion, it adds 1 previous frame at the start of the second portion. So I have to zoom in, and delete one frame from the beginning of the second part that rate stretch was used on, in order for it to playback without the extra frame.
    3. Sometimes when using certain Luts I've added to Premiere, an error message pops up (Low level exception) and then it won't playback anything; I then have to restart Premiere for it to work again.

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    HeyScreen Shot 2018-10-22 at 3.51.38 PM.png,
    Having a problem with this.
    Anytime I open a project, it shows this white screen in the preview monitor. Tried with multiple projects. Not working.
    Premiere also doesn't quit normally. Have to force quit it.
    The error shown is "A low level exception occurred in Adobe Scopes (Transmit::CreateInstance).
    Any help would be appreciated!

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    I recently shot a bunch of footage on Cannon XA-10 cameras and have AVCHD files. I understand Premiere does not like this type of file? When I open the AVCHD clips in Quicktime my settings are: H.264, 1920X1080 29.97FPS, 24Mbit/s.

    In the Cannon XA-10 cameras my settings for recording were: (PF30 framerate) & (MXP High Quality 24Mbps).



    If Premiere does not like AVCHD files, what can I convert my AVCHD files to to maintain Highest Quality? I plan to "create Proxies" upon importing that I can edit with, so would like to maintain the Highest Quality from my AVCHD files for relinking once finished editing.


    I have the "Edit Ready" program for converting the AVCHD clips, but am unsure what option to choose after importing the AVCHD file. My Options include:

    "Rewrap" (What does this mean??) "Custom" ?

    "H.264", "Pro Res 422", or "Pro Res 422 (HQ)"


    I've heard Pro Res is higher quality than H.264, but if my AVCHD file says H.264 when I open it in Quicktime does this mean it cannot be "upgraded" to Pro Res? Is there a reason the camera recorded in H.264 and not a higher quality? In the XA-10 camera I only have the option to control the Mbps and frame rate ~ curious if anyone has any tips on ensuring I'm recording in the highest quality for this camera?


    Thank you so much!


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    Is Adobe Premiere CC a professional program?

    The program crashes constantly.For example, if I zoom in or out of the timeline.
    And when I restart the program, I have to wait 10 minutes each time until all data are loaded.

    These are rmf data, raw data from professional Canon Cinema cameras.

    Is Adobe Premiere not ready to work with such data?
    It totally annoys.A professional work for customers is so impossible.
    My system is new and meets the minimum requirements by far.

    ( windows 10 / 64 // Premiere Pro CC 13.0.2 )

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    Guten Morgen,

    ich habe mir gestern Premiere Pro CC 2019 aus der creative Cloud heruntergeladen.

    Leider hängt es sich immer auf also es öffnet sich, der Start Bildschirm wird angezeigt usw aber wenn ich ein neues Projekt öffne und dann die Arbeitsfläche habe kommt sofort dieser ,,bunte, drehende lade ball'' und es geht gar nichts mehr. Wenn ich dann unten im Dock das Programm schließe kommt die Meldung das ein Fehler aufgetreten sei..


    Ich habe erst gedacht es liegt daran das mein Mac evtl zu alt sei (Mac Book Pro Anfang 2015) aber bei meinen Freunden klappt es mit dem gleichen MacBook.

    Und ich habe noch mehr als 28GB freien Speicher..


    Kann mir jemand helfen ?

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  • 12/31/18--02:57: Shaky Captions
  • Every time I import an .srt file that I've created with Aegisub into Premiere and add it to my timeline it never fits my sequence no matter if I give it all the same settings, including frame size and rate. The captions always come on too small and shaky.


    Usually, my fix for the size is to right-click the caption on the timeline and select "Scale to Frame Size" but then it becomes off-centre. So I have to change the position to what looks centred for me, and even then it doesn't even seem to be centred for every line.


    Now, when I try to fix the shaking by changing the frame rate from 1000 fps (I find it ridiculous that it's at this speed by default) to 24fps the entire caption freezes on the first line, but at least it stopped shaking right..?


    I need to figure out a better system because this is frustrating now, my client keeps complaining about shaky captions and there's nothing that I can do about it anymore. The frame rate change worked once, but now the entire captions are being stuck on the very first line.




    Premiere tends to create double lines as well. At first, I thought they were random, but then I thought maybe they create a duplicate when a line is too long. Still, sometimes it seems random.


    The problem now with these double lines is it creates a duplicate of the line before and sometimes when changing to the next line there's a quick flicker of the previous line appearing above for a fraction of a second.


    The only way I can fix this is to drag one of the lines that sandwiches the duplicate away and then adjust the timing of the duplicate in the captions window because it's way too small to even be selected on the timeline. The timing of the duplicate line is always so short that it's pretty much null, for example, the starting time would be 1:01:01 and then the end time would be 1:01:01. So the only way to click the line and delete it would be to change the end time, for instance, to 1:01:04. But of course, only after I've moved the line after it out of the way.


    It would be extremely helpful if someone has a solution to this problem because I've been searching really hard to find one both in Premiere and online, but it's really hard because my search terms aren't relating to anything else that someone has posted before.


    I appreciate any help!

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    Ich kann leider kaufmehr als 15 min in meinem Premiere arbeiten, bis mir das Programm abbricht und die Fehlermeldung kommt, dass ein schwerwiegendes Problem aufgetreten ist und das Programm beendet werden muss. Ich habe zwei Vermutungen. Seit dem ich die Captions benutzt habe, spinnt mein Premiere Pro etwas. Manchmal hing die Maus und oder das Programm hat sich geschossen. Andererseits passiert dies zeitgleich mit dem letzten Import meines Filmfootage. Dabei habe ich es genau wie das andere Footage  importiert (direkt im Projekt und nicht rein gezogen).


    Ich habe das Filmfootage jetzt über den Media Encoder importiert und dann in Premiere eingefügt. Das Programm bricht trotzdem ab.


    Ich habe leider keine Idee mehr, was ich ausprobieren kann. Es wäre wirklich sehr ungünstig alle Captions zu löschen und von neuem einzufügen, da ich auf die angewiesen bin.


    Ich wäre über jede mögliche Hilfe wirklich dankbar.

    Liebe Grüße, Yonca

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    "Create proxies" with 8-channel audio footage (4096 x 2160 MXF AVC /H.264 XAVC codec, only 2 channels recorded) doesn't work. How can I solve this problem?

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    Hallo everybody

    Videos from Gopro Mp4 format, transformed to constant rate and 30fps with handbrake, uploaded in adobe: video looks fine before cutting - after cutting and moving it to the video line and then viewing it again: it looks a little like black and white, blurred!

    No idea what to do! Never seen that before!

    I used the same setting with a lot of videos before, opened and closed adobe, used different videos, opened new projects - always the same.

    Thanks for your help!


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    Is anyone able to run the october update to CC2019 on CPU's older than Intel 6th generation? If the October update didn't force me to buy a whole new machine in addition to buying windows 10, that would be great. 

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    Hello Everyone!


    I've been working on some video files for my internship. I have sent him multiple video files and he hasn't had any issues viewing the file.


    Now there are three files that seem to have an issue when he plays them. In the beginning of the video I have an animation that I created followed by a transition that goes into a still image. He says that when the video plays, the animation flashes over the still. I do not see this on the three computers that I own.


    He said hes tried three different video players. I think its on his side but I don't know what else to do.


    I will attach a photo of my export settings from Premiere. I've been using H.264, mp4 files at high-bitrate.


    Let me know what you guys think! Thanks so much!


    Screenshot (11).png

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  • 12/31/18--07:48: No Keyframe icons
  • I do not have the option to use keyframes on anything but the opacity and I do not know why. Can someone help me out? Why don't I have the icons to use keyframes?


    no Keyframe.PNG

    no Keyframe2_LI.jpg

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    Does anyone know how I can change the external editing software which I use to edit certain images in the Premiere Pro timeline?  I want to set it so that I can use another version of PS



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    Just like how it is possible to publish to social media sites direct from premiere

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    Hello Discussion Group!    I need help!  What Adobe Programs do I use to add  a hyperlink to an object to video ?   My video is created in Premiere Pro.  And I've spent time googling and still can't come up with a clear answer.    Would I use After Effects  or Animate CC? 


    Thank you for your help!



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    Ok, the title may not say very well what I mean, i use after effects often, and I've been making a clip for a bit, now for a quick overview, i needed to cut my 1 whole clip into 3 parts, due to part 2 not being able to be tracked by 3d camera, call it what you will, so now, i have 3 clips, I've put clip 1, 2, 3 all next to each other, I'm going to talk about the 2nd and 3rd clip merge as I'm not to worried about merging clip 1 - 2.


    my question and problem is that when i get the closest frame i can on the 2nd clip, and then go to the same frame on clip 3, its not actually the same frame meaning i cannot just cut out 1 of them.

    to put it clearly:

    i need to join clip 2 and 3 so they look like they did when the clip was just one big film and not trimmed. but the 2 closest frames to each other of clip 2 and 3 for some reason don't line up? so its like the frames are in different spots on the 2 clips of the exact same scene

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    This issue recently started happening - Premiere Pro CC crashes when I try to change the file name before an export. Premiere runs smoothly at every part of the edit until I come to exporting a file either directly or through media encoder. I can get as far as changing all export settings but as soon as I click the filename to change it, I get an error message (attached).


    Never had this before, not installed anything new on my system, running windows 10, decent specs etc.


    All adobe software is up to date also.


    Any ideas on this? This is my first posting so sorry if I have missed anything off that will help you guys!


    Cheers in advance,

    Joeerror message.jpg

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    I've had premiere pro for a while but I just installed ae and when trying to "replace with after effects composition" in pr it says that I have to install ae. I have the newest version of both installed. How can I fix this issue?

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    I have a talking head clip I need to fit into a minute and applying 110% speed increase adds a chorus or echo effect to the audio ONLY when I enable maintain pitch.


    Any ideas? Thanks for any help.

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