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    I'm editing a video since 2 weeks, everything was fine until today. I opened Premiere and all my clips look green/pink.


    I didn't change anything, but yesterday Windows Update installed a new video driver "Intel Corporation - Display - 2/28/2018 12:00:00:00 AM -".


    I think the problem is a result of the new driver?

    Do I need to update a codec?

    Or should I remove the display driver?

    What can I do?


    Thanks for your help.

    Greets Udo



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    Just updated to the latest version (v 13.0), and the "crash report" window appears after 1 min of running the program.

    The previous version 2018 v 12.1.2 and 2017 v 11.1.4 works perfect. Any solution?


    My specs:
    Hp Omen

    cpu: i7-7700 2,80ghz

    Ram: 16gb

    Video: Geforce gtx 1050 Ti (4Gb)

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    Here is my workflow.  All of my original 4K A7s II footage is on an external drive and sits in the same folder.  I've made Proxy files with Premiere and those files sit on another external drive in its own folder.  I attached the proxies using right-click then Proxy>Attach Proxies>then found the folder>hit search to confirm the files, then once found hit the OK button.  It takes a couple of minutes and then everything attaches and the footage plays smoothly.


    At the end of the day I SAVE AS the project and re-name it to today's date as a back up.  No folders or drives change names or locations.


    The next day, the Proxy files are not attached and I have to attach them everyday.  So my question is, every time I save the project and rename it to today's date, does it un-attach the proxy files?  Or am I missing something?



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  • 01/05/19--10:30: Premiere pro crashing
  • When opening up premiere pro it takes a while but eventually opens. It will allows me to use media browser and it will allow me to select a video. However, when opening the video and try to bring it into the work space to edit sequencing, the colour wheel appears and the application becomes unresponsive and I have to force quit the programme. Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 18.31.46.png

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    I have some time-remapped clips that look fine when rendered out on my computer but I get stuttering/jerky motion when I view them on YouTube.  I watch plenty of other 4k video on YouTube and they look fine - it's only my uploads that are a problem.  For example, this video plays back nice and smooth at 4k on my computer: Bulgaria 8K HDR 60P (FUHD) - YouTube


    Here's a section from a video I just uploaded that looks smooth on my computer but stutters when I watch it on YouTube set to 4k: Richard Ames - Never Lose Hope - YouTube 


    So, what's the secret?


    Again, my original file is fine when played locally and my network connection is sufficient for other 4k videos on YouTube.  So there's something about my render settings that YouTube doesn't like.  I'm rendering to H.264 with the 4k YouTube settings in Premiere Pro.  Also, the clips that are stuttering started as H.265 HEVC from a DJI Mavi 2 Pro.  But I can't explain why they would look fine after final render on my computer and not on YouTube.





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    I am assistant editing a large project. As I am going through all the footage I am grabbing Selects to put in the time line. I don't need clean edits, just chucks of video. I figure I could save a lot of time with an "in and out" shortcut to quickly grab 5 seconds of video and drag it to the timeline. ANy suggestions or work arounds?



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  • 01/05/19--11:12: Recording Audio Problems
  • I've watched all the tutorials and have gone through the audio I/O setup. My Rode NT USB mic configures properly.  The audio mixer has the red record lights on yet I can't don't get a VU meter signal.  Please help.  Thanks, Ron

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    I've been working with proxies and am ready to export, I try to attach full resolution media and it still only shows me my sequence with proxies. All the clips in the project are still proxies as well.


    So far I've tried:

    Putting everything offline, and attaching to full resolution clip.

    Rendering sequence.

    Exporting through media encoder.

    Importing the footage again/replacing footage.

    Creating a new project and importing the full res footage.

    Deleting the proxies all together (still finds them in my recycle bin); then deleted them from there.


    So at this point the proxies are gone and it is still showing me proxies in the project.


    I am very lost here, any help is appreciated!



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    I want to cancel my membership plan.

    Because i cant use MOV file during Premiere pro. i want to edit MOV video but it doesn't work with that file.

    so, please refund my money.

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    recently started taking my editing a bit more seriously and discovered the proxy facility which i think is fantastic. However i have followed many tutorials on the internet, changed the settings god knows how many times but every time, it will create the proxy in the relevant folder but there would be no video.


    Thought i was doing something wrong but ive tried it so many different ways im unsure where im going wrong. the only problem i see is when media encoder has rendered the file, i reset status. When i click custom the Ingest settings come up. Under Summary and Source it says "No video". I have no idea how to fix this? can someone please help me?


    I have tried to export a sequence using media encoder and that works fine, its just for some reason not playing ball when it comes to proxies.



    Currently using PP 2018 and AME 2018



    Thanks in advance.



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    When I click on Audio track 1 to mute I actually mute Audio Track 2 and vice versa. What?! If I cut out of a part of A1 I actually cut out of a part of A2 but visually it's A1. OMG! What the?!!!!! I've tried resetting the preferences to no avail

    I also have tried swapping the tracks that doesn't do anything. WOW that's crazy

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    I want to attach a video to my discussion for the Forum Users to view.  During scrubbing viewers will notice something unusual.


    [title edited by mod for clarity]

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    I have been working on a project (my first in Premiere after switching from FCPX) that involves a large number of lengthy 4k clips and I wanted to be avoid the size and dropped frames during playback so I created proxies out of all of my clips through ingest. I took all of the proxies offline and began working on them, but I have run into a few problems and I don't know if they are because of limitations in a proxy workflow or if they are just user error.


    - I renamed the proxies in the bins for search functionality, but when I took one proxy back online as a test, it lost the name and was reset back to the original file name. Is there anyway to relink the proxies without them losing their bin names? This wouldn't be such a big issue if I was only relinking at the end of my project, but that leads me to my other problem...


    -I can't make subclips out of offline proxies. A large reason for creating proxies it seems is to be able to save space and allow more mobility in when and where you edit, but not being able to create subclips seems like a huge limitation.


    With the little testing that I have done it does seem like I can create a subclip perfectly fine while the proxy is online and nothing happens to the subclip when I bring the proxies offline, but that causes me to run back into my first problem with retaining proxy names...


    So if I am not missing anything, my only solution is to bring all the proxies back online, rename everything again, create all subclips I might want, and then at this point I am able to bring everything back offline if I want. Obviously though this is far from ideal :\


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    I just bought Adobe Premiere Pro CC and every time I've imported a clip into the program it says its only 30 seconds regardless of the actual length of the clip.

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  • 01/05/19--15:16: scale doesn't work
  • I tried to scale a layer in my movie with keyframes. A start keyframe at 50, then one at 100, then again one at 50. But this doesn't work. I looked for over an hour to see what I was doing wrong. Then I had the idea to try the same thing with the opacity and with the rotation. They both work just fine. So, then I tried the rotation tool and the scale tool at the same time, with keyframes at exact the same moment, WAUW, it works.. Even the scale tool works! Now I deleted the keyframes of the rotation tool, and bam, the scale doesn't work anymore..
    I saw there was an update available, so I did that, in the hope it would work just fine now. But no, the scale tool still doesn't work.. Am I the only one? Or are others having the same problem?

    I uploaded a video, so you can see the problem..

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    Hello! I have been working on a new project in Premiere Pro CC 2019 (I have not updated PP since I began the project)


    My Specs:

    I'm working on a brand new 2017 iMac Pro

    - 3.2 GHz Intel Xeon

    - 32 GB RAM and Radeon Pro Vega graphics

    - Mojave 10.14.2

    - my footage is on a 16TB G-Drive.


    My project is set to auto-save every 5 minutes, and saves up to 20 copies a day, and I save manually a lot as well. At the end of each day, I save my work, close premiere, copy the project file, paste it to my desktop for backup (the master file is saved on my external hard drive) and then update the date on the filename.


    Yesterday, after I did all of that I remembered I needed to check something so I tried to open the project back up but Adobe said "sorry, a serious error has occurred..."  I tried to open up the auto-saves and they all gave me the same error. After a lot of troubleshooting (including trying to open the file up on a different computer), I moved the project file (the corrupt one) to a portable external hard drive, created a new project in Premiere and imported the contents of the old project into the new one - all of the information was in tact, thank god. I worked on the new file for a couple hours today and did the same thing at the end of the day. I tried to open the project back up and the same thing happened! However, this time, i found that the auto-saves prior to a certain point were all working (see image below - green dots mean good and red means it will not open). All I did today was change label colors and clean up some multiclipping, i did not import any new footage. So what could have happened between 2:03 and 2:19 that made the file corrupt?


    I also tried chatting with someone at Adobe and they were extremely unhelpful...

    Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 3.23.11 PM.png

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  • 01/05/19--16:40: Video dimensions
  • I just recently edited my first video for YouTube on adobe premier I exported through media and instantly uploaded it to YouTube for my daily upload

    turns out that despite the fact my video was enlarged to the barriers  the preview box my video ( which is rectangular ) cake out 2x smaller that the youtube viewing box . I am confused how to make the preview Box into a triangle and to get my video to fit onto YouTube’s view box .

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    Hi, I ordered the premiere pro 2018 release off of amazon. I just purchased premiere pro and got the book to learn basic workflow. Upon downloading the lesson files I noticed the years differ from the application but i figured the program would reformat the files for use in the 2019 updated premiere proCC. The application though says files unrecognized and then just quits the application. Im confused because the 2019 lesson files wont be available until February 15th of this year according to amazon. How can I fix this issue i really want to learn this program? any guidance would be great thanks.

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    I have one gigabyte rx 550 2gb in that machine:


    Fx 6300

    8gb ram 16000mhz

    Asus M5A78L-M PLUS


    When I start the premiere and select Open GL, the program stops and crash in few seconds. When I use software only it works well but slowly... I'm using win 10 pro last version, and I just wanted to undertand why this cards is not even on the list and why in the gigabyte's rx 550 page they said the card would be 15x fast on premiere. THAT IS NOT EVEN RECOGNIZED HOW CAN IT BE 15X FAST????


    I see many people on google complaining the same.

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    I've been working with the CC2019 13.0.0 version of premiere succesfully since its release. I'm on an iMac with HighSierra 10.13.6 installed.

    Last week I updated to the 13.0.1 version and encountered severe problems:


    Problem description:

    I immediatly noticed that I couldn't get any video playback in any of my existing projects, nor in newly created ones.

    The Project preview window stays either black, or grey, I get no audio playback either. In converted projects the source window also isn't showing anything,

    in newly created projects it's working as usual.


    When placing an object in a newly created project's timeline, I get the following error:


    A low-level exception occurred in: Adobe-Bereiche (Transmit::CreateInstance)


    Also Premiere is crashing everytime when I try to quit and I have to hardquit it.


    Attempted fixes:

    I've tried resetting preferences, changing software acceleration and also reinstalled Premiere CC2019. Rightnow I downgraded back to version 13.0.0 but that doesn't change anything. My older version of CC2018 is still working (luckily). I can't reinstall the whole CC rightnow due to time issues and projects that need to be finished.

    I'm using a clean Premiere Install without any plugins or third party software.


    I tried googling the above symptoms and it looks like the Transmit tool is connected to third party software, which I don't have any installed though.

    It also seems like nobody else has this exact problem according to my research.


    Maybe someone here can help me out. If you need any additional information, I'll provide it.


    Best Wishes



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