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    I've been editing (by free -_-) the youtube videos of my friend for 3 months or more, and finally she could buy a computer. She wanted a laptop, so I recomended her a few ones and she finally chase this one: gb-ssd-gtx-1050ti-156?utm_camp…


    Well, I thought I was free, she would never depend on me for editing her videos anymore (when I was editing the last video I recorded a tutorial for her meanwhile).


    When she started to edit her 1st video, she had a problem on the preview. The preview looked like is this: bug premiere - YouTube (and the exported video is that also, I told her to upload a little sequence so I can ask here with a real example, please, ignore the turned around thing, that's not the problem).


    I was not at my home (and I also was traveling) to decently investigate about it, and I told her to keep editing as she could and I would help later. I told her to export the video, and then I discovered it just wasn't a problem about the preview, the problem also was affecting to the exported video.


    When I reached home, I made a Team Viewer session with her, but I couldn't solve the problem.


    Yes, I've tried to change the settings of the project to: Only Software of Mercury Playback Engine and also the option of full preview.


    She records from a phone and I've always created this sequence: HDV 720p30 and  exported her videos on H.264.


    I've never had any problem when I edited her videos in the past. I've been editing her videos on my PC (GTX 960 4GB) and also on my laptop, which is also a MSI with 1050Ti Graphic Card.


    I've upgraded also all her laptop's drivers, including the Nvidia ones. I don't know how to solve this problem, but I want her to edit by herself and not to depend on me anymore.


    Has this happened before to anyone? How did you solve it? Do you have any clues of how could I resolve this?


    Thank you a lot in advance!

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    Since the update to Premiere Pro 2019 I can no longer open the program. I'm running the NVIDIA Quadro P600 display card on a Windows 10 PC.


    Have attempted all the proposed solutions such as updating the driver etc. and nothing works. Is there something else I can try?


    Thank you.

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    Hi there,


    I was going to try Premiere CC for the first time, but when I run Premiere CC, the following error appears: "Adobe Premiere Pro could not find any capable video play modules. Please update your video display drivers and start again."


    Both my Windows and GPU are fully updated.


    Does anyone know how to fix this error?


    My comp:

    Intel G4560 3.5Ghz

    8GB RAM Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2400MHz

    GPU Geforce GTX 1060

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    Hola, recientemente he instalado Premiere Pro CC 2019 en un portátil ASUS Rog Strix GL703GE con Windows 10 y una NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti, pero al intentar iniciarlo me sale uno de los dos siguientes errores:


    1.     " ^1 could not find any capable video play modules. Please update your video display drivers and start again." - (ejecutando el programa como administrador)


    2.     " no ha podido encontrar ningún módulo de reproducción de vídeo. Actualice los controladores de visualización de vídeo e inténtelo de nuevo." - (NO ejecutando el programa como administrador)


    He estado mirando diferentes vídeos y foros con un error parecido en español: "Adobe Premiere Pro no pudo encontrar ningún módulo capaz de reproducir vídeo. Actualice los controladres de visualización de vídeo y vuelva a empezar." Pero este no es mi caso cuando no lo ejecuto como administrador, y es que no he encontrado ni un sitio donde hablen del segundo error. ¿Alguien puede ayudarme? He probado diferentes 'soluciones', pero no han resultado. I also accept any help in English, thank you.

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    PC Info:

    CPU: i5-7500 @ 3.4 GHz

    RAM: 8 GB DDR4

    GPU: GTX 1050 Ti


    CC Versions:

    Premiere Pro:

    After Effects: 16.0.1


    The Problem:

    Premiere Pro errors at "Loading ImporterQuickTime.prm" with the message:

    ^1 could not find any capable video play modules. Please update your video display drivers and start again.

    Sometimes it says "^1" at the start, but sometimes it's just a blank space.



    After Effects hangs at "Initializing MediaCore" for a few seconds, then crashes with no error message. I get the Adobe Crash Report dialog, and have submitted crash reports.

    Sometimes I do get the crash report dialog, sometimes it just hangs for a few seconds and quits.



    Attempted Solutions:

    I have:

    • uninstalled and reinstalled both Premiere Pro and After Effects multiple times;
    • updated, uninstalled, and completely reinstalled my GPU drivers;
    • used the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool on Premiere and After FX;
    • started Premiere Pro with Administrator permissions; and
    • created a new user account, to no avail.

    I have not:

    • reinstalled Windows. (I want to see if there are better options before I go through all that trouble.)



    If anyone has had this problem and solved it, or knows anything I can do to potentially help the problem, please let me know! I'm willing to do just about anything. I don't want to reinstall Windows unless I absolutely have to.


    Thank you in advance, community!

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    I've found that if I have a multicamera sequence that is larger than the sequence it is cut into, and I have multicamera view turned on for the program monitor, the multicamera preview monitor will show the proper size, but the 4-up display on the left will show the angles zoomed/cropped.

    Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 2.52.06 PM.png


    For reference, this is a 1920x1080 sequence, and the clip is a 5568x3132 multicam sequence. Toggling scale to frame size / set to frame size, or adjusting the size of the multicamera sequence in effect controls doesn't seem to alter the size at all.


    If i open the multicamera sequence in the source viewer, everything is the proper size.


    Any idea what's going on here?

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    Anyone got a fix to this?


    Screenshot:Screenshot - af085b0ce59d9fb90761f4cbd70a4e97 - Gyazo



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    People, I need help.


    My premiere pro 2019 at startup appears a message saying -> could not find a video module with playback capability. Please update the video drivers and start again. and my video card driver is up to date.


    No after effects cc 2019 when it is opening stay on initializing MediaCore and not leave until crash report appears.


    my notebook that I use these programs is an acer vx15 Intel Core i5 7300HQ 15.6 "8GB HD 1 TB GeForce GTX 1050 Windows 10





    Sorry for the bad english. I do not know English. I used the translator.


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    I have seen through search that this issue has come up before, but today I did the update (13.0.2) to Premier Pro and that dialog came up. After the search on this forum and Google, and after trying everything suggested, I finally just reverted to the last install and all was well. I will wait until I see another update before trying again and Auto Update is off for this app.

    No changes to my system (Windows 10 64 bit, Asus MB, i7-7700K CPU, 16 ram, AMD Radeon RX 460). Glad there was another system handy that had not been updated. Curious about others experiencing this issue again. Many of the suggested cures refer to past Windows and AMD drivers and processes, so hard to know if current choices are valid options or if new things must be tried. I did uninstall and reinstall to Premier Pro also to no avail. Only reversion seems to work. No bug fixes for this system, only bugs.

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    I've noticed that downgrading to Adobe Premiere 2018 works but not 2019. I work in between my Macbook Pro and my Windows Desktop. It runs perfectly fine on my Mac but this error shows up on my PC.

    I've done all of the troubleshooting I can find on several websites, even Adobe's guide and nothing works. How soon until we get this issue fixed?



    i7 -7700K

    16 GB Ram

    GTX 1080ti

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    Just installed the 13.01 Premiere update. (See error pic.) Go back to 13.0. Works fine.

    Tried latest 1080Ti display driver. No joy.


    Just me?


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    I tried following the steps on this page:  Error "Premiere Pro could not find any capable video play modules" | Startup - but theses solutions did not work.


    Anyone have any ideas on how to correct this error?



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  • 12/13/18--13:47: Latest update broke Premiere
  • I just had to downgrade to v13 from 13.1.

    After I had updated to 13.1, Premiere wouldn't start.

    I would get a message: could not find any capable video play modules

    I uninstalled, removed preferences, reinstalled. No luck.I updated my GeForce graphics. No luck.

    Any idea what might have happened?

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    So I created 2 different videos all from stock, sent it to the client for approval and got approval. I heard it was extremely easy to just click the shopping cart button and whalla the watermark disappears. Nope been charging the clients bank account with still watermarked footage, sometime they disappear but now most of the clips are now offline. and half of the approved clips are coming up with a licensing error notification "Sorry, something went wrong while trying to license the video. Please try again"


    I've already called adobe they have been no help just resetting preferences and they don't know how Premiere works with stock. I have already signed in and out of Creative Cloud, restarted my computer. The deadline is in 2 hours and I'm having to recreate the missing clips in my timeline.


    Has anyone ever had this issue? THanks in advance.

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    Kind of a convoluted question I have been unable to find an answer for yet. Possibly because I cannot assemble an appropriate search term.




    8k originals
    2k proxies generated by camera during shoot
    editing proxies on a laptop
    want to reconnect to original footage for mastering


    I am currently at the end of adding metadata to my proxy sources and I now have two choices – move to connecting proxies and originals (I've done some tests and it worked great) OR go straight into editorial and address reconnecting to originals later.


    So here is my question: will Premiere modify edits recursively and autoupdate if original footage and proxies are connected after the edit is completed? Or will the edits made using proxy footage only recognize connections with original footage made before starting editorial?

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    I can't upload my time lapse videos that were shot on my GoPro to Premiere Pro. I know they are MP4 files and think that's the problem.


    1. What free converter do y'all use to get them to a format Premiere Pro accepts?

    1a. Which format do you suggest converting it to?


    2. Does anyone else do this frequently and recommend different settings and/or solutions for this?


    Thanks in advance!

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    I have a 360 video that I would like to export as a flat video, where I am choosing which perspective from the 360 view is shown. Is there a way to do this in Premier Pro?


    Thank you in advance for any consideration on this.

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  • 01/07/19--16:42: Problem with premiere pro cc

    My problem is consistent, ever since I have downloaded the software it was slow I have to wait a few minutes in every click of a button.

    From the start when I'm dragging a video to the timeline I can't see it over there until I press play and the bar that shows where I am in the video doesn't move ever.

    it doesn't matter what kind of footage I'm trying to edit.


    Furthermore, when I'm trying to edit the speed or scale of the video it doesn't respond at all.



    • OS: Windows 10.
    • Processor: Intel I7 - 8750H.
    • Installed memory: 16 GB.
    • System type: 64 Bit.
    • Graphics Card: Nvidia 1050 Ti.



    PC401 NVMe SK hynix 512 GB.



    • Premiere Version: Premiere Pro CC 2019 v13.0.
    • Footage: Canon EOS 5D MIV,  1920×1080, 60fps, about 15 seconds length.
    • TRT of the timeline: about 5 minutes.
    • All production audio files are on a separate drive as the footage.
    • Current project file size: 108 MB.



    • Removed all video effects.
    • Created a blank new project and imported the entire old project.
    • Restarted computer.
    • different types of footage in the software.


    Thank you for your help.

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    Whenever I'm in Premiere trying to import using windows explorer by double clicking import or whenever I go to export and change the name/location Premiere just crashes. A windows trouble shooter box comes up and then says close program. Thats it, no errors, nothing.


    It doesn't happen when I start a new project until after I've imported the initial set of footage, every time after that it crashes.


    Happens on all project doesn't matter what footage I'm using.


    Need desperate help since importing and exporting are literally the most vital parts of premiere.





    - Windows 10 Pro

    - Intel i7 4770k

    - 32gb Corsair LP RAM

    - Nvidia GTX 780ti - drivers updated



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    Hello everyone,


    I have seen this glitch so many times in my career, usually a good work around is to add like +0,1% scale but here is the problem:


    Most recent exemple : I've shot a video with the GH5, some images 2160p24 and others 1080p180/60 (interpreted as 24) and I actually upscaled the 1080p footage to 4k with the Scale to frame size functionnality so I can render the whole thing at 4K. Problem is, if there's some 4K footage under the upscaled 1080p footage, there's a line of pixels all around that actually shows whats behind, i've seen this so many times, it also shows on the export, here's a zoomed screen shot of the problem (against a dark background to better see the problem).


    Other widely encountered exemple: A lot of people add bars to their videos to give the wide cinescope feel (instead of making the timeline cinescope itself, which wouldn't allow you to warp stabilize in the main timeline), often times they use black bars png files that are not big enough, so they actually scale/fit to frame size and surprise surprise, it's not perfectly scaled and that line of pixel dancing (basically from the video behind the bars) is there all around, here's a zoomed screenshot (upper corner) i've just come across on a random youtube video:

    So my question is, am I doing something wrong ? Am I missing something because clearly i'm not the only one, it has happened to me so many times and i've seen it almost as much. Maybe it's a glitch ?


    You guys tell me Thanks a lot !

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