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    Hi there,

    in some projects export media do not work. I mean - clik "export media" or CTRL+M  but nothing happens.  It is strange because I exported vids from these "faulty" project recently. The only solution is: to create  a new sequence and do "copy/paste" action.

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    My soft: macOS 10.12.6; Pr 2019 (13.0.2)

    Problem description:

    1. Pr crushed and workspace was different when reopened.

    2. After reopening, kept getting the error message "Error parsing properties list from memory".

    3. Tried to open the project window and Pr kept crushing.

    4. Deleted Pr properties (holding alt key while opening) and runed First Aid in Disk Utility. Nothing changed.


    Thank you for your help.

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  • 12/24/18--15:21: Clips freezing
  • I am new to Premiere Pro and I have been trying to make a video with clips from youtube. When I import my clips the video freezes towards the end of the clips. The audio will still play all the way through but the clip freezes. My friends told me to render the video (went to sequence >render in to out) & (double-click clip > Render and replace ) but the video still freezes.


    What should I do?

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    I'm working on an instructional video which uses two video timelines.  One is the main timeline and the second is a thumbnail off to the left of the video.  See attached photo.  I want to export a still image of the two timelines as they appear, but I can only take a still from one or the other timeline, but not one with the two images combined.


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    I am attempting to animate some text but am unable to do so as all of my animation controls are grayed out and do not respond to clicks. I created the text in the text tool. Any suggestions?

    Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 2.46.29 PM.png

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    I've been through all the discussions. All of them tell me to crank the playback resolution to full. My default is at full and I cannot change it to lower as it is greyed out. High playback quality is turned on. The same image is given in export. On the left is the raw video, and on the right is the playback. I zoomed in to show detail. Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 4.48.16 PM.png

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    I am looking for a solution for exporting SD broadcast files from a ProRes master file on the PC version, yet nothing I seem to do comes out right. I used DNX HQ for all my HD exports from ProRes but nothing seems to work for SD. Looking to export a workable SD 720x486 with the correct pixel ratio. Any help out there?

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    I'm having this problem for quit a while, premiere or media encoder just stops at a random point not specific one without any errors  just stops for hours without any progress, I usually collects the project and send it to a coworker to render the video, even when I'm trying to make proxies with media encoder it stops at a random point without any errors

    It doesn't happen every time but it's very frequent, I have the latest versions of premiere, nividia driver and windows 10

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    link to similar problem.PNGjittery playhead won't go away.PNG


    I noticed now the playhead jitters its way down the timeline in Premier Pro. You're not going to be able to see it in a still image, the only change I made was a trial of New Blue Transitions, see in Effects to right circled in blue. I found a similar problem listed on another site but they were referencing the programming monitor. ganged or unganged I still have jittery playback. Any suggestions? I'll try removing New Blue to see if this is the problem,, if so I'll have to find another vendor's plugin for transitions.

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    In Adobe Premiere, (most current version) I'm having problems with some of my transitions going posterized or solarized when I the clips have Lumetri color applied.  I removed the Lumetri color effect and the transition works OK.  Here are screen shots:


    clip with lumetri color applied before transition:
    still-1-before transition.jpg


    barn wipe transition between clips:
    Still-2-during transition.jpg



    Clip after transition with Lumetri color applied:
    still-3-after transition.jpg



    This doesn't happen with all effects, but it does with several wipes, page peels, additive dissolves, etc.  Is there a fix for this?  Would love some help on this.  Thanks.



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  • 12/24/18--10:34: Workspace
  • Кто скажет, в чем проблема. Установил Premiere Pro CC 2019 и появилась проблема, не запоминает work space при запуске с нуля или при создании нового проекта. Делаю под себя вкладки и окна, располагаю как мне нужно, сохраняю work space под другим именем, но когда выхожу и запускаю снова тот же проект или создаю новый, мой workspace не сохраняется по умолчанию. Включается или Assambley либо Learning, но не мой сохраненный workspace. В CC 2018 все запоминалось

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    So i got a new XLR mic and ever since setting it up the playback in Premiere Pro and After Effects has stopped working. i have tried updating drivers, uninstalling and reinstalling, ive tried messing around with the Audio Hardware and playback preferences and even resetting preferences, nothing seems to be working. Everything was working fine before i setup my new mic. Please Help. My specs are; Intel i7 8086k, 16gb RAM, RTX 2080.

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    I'm aware that everyone's asking for this, but if this is some "anti-Blackmagic" stunt to try to keep people using premiere instead of DaVinci, it's going to backfire.


    This should've been talked out before release or at the very least DURING the release process.


    If support isn't added soon, you will most definitely start losing Blackmagic camera owners to the DaVinci editing workflow if this isn't a thing in the near future. I already know some people who have switched, and from what I've heard, DaVinci has actually created quite the editing software in addition to an obviously badass color program.


    Food for thought.

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    Is one of the issues I'm having.  Others are:


    No playback in either the source or program monitors - the source screen shows black and the program screen is white.  


    Sequence won't start playing when I short cut with the space bar or click play - playhead on timeline also will not move


    What I've tried to do:


    Shut down PP several times (beachball each time and have to force quit.


    Opened different projects on different drives. 


    My specs:


    I am running PP 2019.  Just updated MacOs to Mojave 10.14.2.  Installed and then uninstalled PluralEyes because it was crashing everything.


    Can anyone help me figure out what is going on?



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  • 11/04/17--01:17: Premiere 2018 - A Disaster!
  • Since installing Premiere 2018, I have had nothing but trouble. So far:


    1. I had my first crash/hang within 30-seconds of opening Premiere when trying to open a previous project

    2. Project conversions (from 2017) frequently show "media offline" even though THEY ARE RIGHT THERE WHERE THEY'VE ALWAYS BEEN

    3. Missing Dolby Support - this a HUGE problem as it now means many of my files are no longer compatible (and we're talking 10's of thousands of files so transcoding is impractical

    4. Had one incident where the mouse would not show on the Premiere window (but would for the task bar and any other non-Adobe Window

    5. After Effects titles show as offline

    6. Random MP3/M4A import/generic errors


    Not only having problems with 2018, installing that has actually caused problems for CC2017 too, something that worked fine before.


    The problem I'm now having in CC2017 is again offline media. This is with projects that were finished in CC2017, not converted, now won't reopen properly. Relinking media will give me a "the selected file does not contain audio media used by clip references". Apparently this might be down to the Dolby codec but as CC2017 supports this, it should work fine (after all, I edited the entire project with it before). Anyway, I import a different clip just to get the prompt that says "install the dolby codec" but even after this, relinking the other clips still brings up the "selected file/clip references messages".


    So yes, this is truly awful for someone like me that needs access to a huge amount of past projects. I could accept a buggy 2018 but not a now buggy 2017 too. My question is does any one know how to fix the last part of my problem.


    Unless I can get this fixed, I will be cancelling my subscription early, you can't charge for software that's this bug-ridden.

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  • 01/08/19--13:46: Don't know how to export
  • Hi, I'm relatively new to premiere. I was working on 30 second 4k 60fps clips. Now that I finished I don't know how to export them. I will use them like graphics. When I tried exporting as motion graphics it was grayed out. I also can't seem to find any format that has alpha channel support and works on windows. Any ideas what to do?

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  • 01/08/19--14:07: Encoding stuck at 100%
  • Hi!


    I have several times now tried encoding my hyperlapse footage which was taken with my Dji Mavic 2 Pro. It never seems to work, I have cleared cache already. The only way I seem to get it to encode is when I change the resolution, but then the black bars appear which I do not fancy. I want to use the resolution given from the images.

    What happens is that it says that it will take approximately 35 seconds to finish at first, and then it gets stuck at around 40-50% encoding. And then it gradually slows down and is really slow at encoding. When it reaches 100% it just stays as 100% and nothing else.


    What troubles me is that it says the estimated file size will be 35 mb, when only one of the 125 images averages a file size of 6 mb.


    Here are some screenshots of Media Encoder:


    Footage info:
    240 dpi
    24 bit depth


    Camera info:
    Hasselblad L1D-20c




    Expo: -3

    10 mm





    I can upload the images if needed.

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    probably a common problem but I can't find any answer.
    just made a clean install of mojave, premiere pro, video assist, davinci resolve


    I don't have no playback option to view trough my reference monitor connected to my mini monitor pci card
    the rest of my application are doing fine.


    is it a known bug?
    am I missing something?
    why adobe depend on its community and do not give an offer to chat to a tech?


    mojave 10.14.2

    premiere pro 13 (build 38)
    black magic mini monitor 10.11.4




    thank you everyone in advance !

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  • 01/04/19--12:52: "CREATEINSTANCE" error
  • Hello,

    Whenever I have opened a new project. or launched Premier Pro Cc I cannot view contents of the program or source monitor. This seemed to occure sometime within the last three weeks. Looking in the event panel, this error shows.

    Restarted. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Same problem. Im currently on the phone with Adobe Support. but on hold.

    Version 13.0.2 Build 38

    Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 2.51.03 PM.png



    Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 2.44.36 PM.png

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    This is about 10 % more contrast than what I see on my monitor when I export …


    05 Fairlight Rough Cut on Vimeo


    How come ??  Used export, import (xml ) and all sorts of stuff that I can hardly remember now.


    I have to have stuff done tomorrow !

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