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Latest Forum Threads in Premiere Pro CC

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    I use Premier Pro and Rush. At first, obviously there was no problem. But now the sound and video aren't synchronized. The sound comes out right, but the video repeats for a few seconds. I thought it was a video problem. The same thing happens when I try different video. The same thing happens for both application and desktop versions. I posted on YouTube.

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    Not quite sure how this hasn't been fixed yet - or am I missing something - but when you consolidate clips in a sequence (with the Project Manager), the first clips of each video will be offline every time.

    So, I have a video that is called "". I edit several bits of it into a sequence. I consolidate that sequence. Now I have several new clips just from those edits.

    The first one is called "", the second "" and so on. Every clip from 001 on is online as it should be (the consolidated material), the first one, only called "" now searches (after deleting original files) for the original mov - but it should have linked to the consolidated one.

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  • 01/09/19--05:45: Atualização CC 2019 BUG
  • Atualizei o CC 2019 Premiere e After e dancei. O Dynamic Lynk não funciona. Estou com problemas no áudio na timeline. Dar preview  é impossível.  Minha máquina é dedicada para Motion Graphics e virou uma carroça após a atualização CC 2019.


    Intel I7 4790K 4.00

    RAM: 32gm 1866

    Win 10 Pró

    HD Sistema: SSD 456gb

    HDs arquivos: SSD 256gb

    MB: AZUS Maximus Hero VII

    Vídeo: GTX 970


    Enfim. A atualização acabou com minhas edições.

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    I just got my first Mac and am using Premiere Pro. I'm trying to import some screen recordings from my desktop, and only one will upload. The rest receive an error message that says "File contains a complex edit list", then a window pops up with those three clips' file names and says "We were unable to open the file on disk."


    I moved them from the desktop into a folder and have the same problem. Any suggestions? Using Premiere CC 2018.

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    I'm working on an instructional video which uses two video timelines.  One is the main timeline and the second is a thumbnail off to the left of the video.  See attached photo.  I want to export a still image of the two timelines as they appear, but I can only take a still from one or the other timeline, but not one with the two images combined.


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    For some reason, in ALL (across multiple project files and sequences within 1 project file) of my synced audio/video created in Premiere 2018 has now been shifted over for some reason as seen below. It's done this in mutlicam sequences and just synced files. I've attached images of both.


    Anyone have any clue what happened here?



    This is the multicam sequence and was rendered in 2018 with zero issues.      This is just 1 video file with 2 audio files.

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    Hello, maybe this has been answered before, but I couln't find any solution.


    When I want to preview clips, or play from the timeline. Premiere pro playback freezes and drops a huge amount of frames. Aswell as media pending time is quite long.


    Is there someone else having this issue since updating to '19?


    It also seems that my GPU is not used during working in PP (which is impossible due to the frame drops)


    My specs are:


    Operating System

    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit


    Intel Core i7 @ 2.60GHz 61 °C

    Coffee Lake 14nm Technology




    Dell Inc. 0KKV3F (U3E1)


    Generic PnP Monitor (1920x1080@60Hz)

    Intel UHD Graphics 630 (Dell)

    4095MB NVIDIA Quadro P2000 (Dell) 53 °C

    ForceWare version: 411.95

    SLI Disabled


    476GB PC401 NVMe SK hynix 512GB (RAID (SSD))

    Optical Drives

    No optical disk drives detected


    Realtek Audio

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    -- I'm running Premiere Pro CC 2018 on a macbook pro 15" running High Sierra 10.13.3 --


    I had previously opened Premiere at home with my dual monitor setup. Now I'm on the road and when project opens the top windows are off-screen:

    Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 8.01.40 PM.png

    When I select a different window arrangement, it gets worse:

    Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 8.02.05 PM.png


    I can drag the bottom of the window and resize it but I can't get to the top to arrange it.

    Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 8.02.23 PM.png

    Here's how I have attempted to fix it:


    - Hooked up an additional monitor. When monitor is attached I can move windows, but the moment I unplug monitor, the windows go back to original off-screen position (no matter where I had placed them while add'l monitor was running).

    - I uninstalled and reinstalled Premiere. Same problem as before.

    - I restarted Premiere while holding the option key (to trash preferences). Problem still there.

    - I created a new project. No change in problem.


    Anybody have a good idea? Thanks!

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  • 01/15/18--04:37: MTS files out of sync
  • I have just re-opened a project I was working on last week. Suddenly all the MTS audio is out of sync.


    I previously exported the timelines and they were in sync. I haven't changed anything in my configuration.


    CC 2018 Mac OSX10.13.2


    There have been numerous posts about this issue. When is it going to be corrected?

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  • 11/04/17--01:17: Premiere 2018 - A Disaster!
  • Since installing Premiere 2018, I have had nothing but trouble. So far:


    1. I had my first crash/hang within 30-seconds of opening Premiere when trying to open a previous project

    2. Project conversions (from 2017) frequently show "media offline" even though THEY ARE RIGHT THERE WHERE THEY'VE ALWAYS BEEN

    3. Missing Dolby Support - this a HUGE problem as it now means many of my files are no longer compatible (and we're talking 10's of thousands of files so transcoding is impractical

    4. Had one incident where the mouse would not show on the Premiere window (but would for the task bar and any other non-Adobe Window

    5. After Effects titles show as offline

    6. Random MP3/M4A import/generic errors


    Not only having problems with 2018, installing that has actually caused problems for CC2017 too, something that worked fine before.


    The problem I'm now having in CC2017 is again offline media. This is with projects that were finished in CC2017, not converted, now won't reopen properly. Relinking media will give me a "the selected file does not contain audio media used by clip references". Apparently this might be down to the Dolby codec but as CC2017 supports this, it should work fine (after all, I edited the entire project with it before). Anyway, I import a different clip just to get the prompt that says "install the dolby codec" but even after this, relinking the other clips still brings up the "selected file/clip references messages".


    So yes, this is truly awful for someone like me that needs access to a huge amount of past projects. I could accept a buggy 2018 but not a now buggy 2017 too. My question is does any one know how to fix the last part of my problem.


    Unless I can get this fixed, I will be cancelling my subscription early, you can't charge for software that's this bug-ridden.

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  • 01/09/19--08:21: Video problem
  • My problem is about video export. After export, my video is flickering. In Premiere nothing is shaking but when I open it in Media Player, frames are shaking, flickering. My export settings:

    Format: H.264

    Preset: Youtube HD 1080 29.97



    I submit my video with that problem in attachment.



    PS. My English is bad, sorry for mistakes

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    After using cc18 on W7 pro with no problems, I finally moved over to Windows 10 pro 64 bit and did a full clean install of both that and premiere -  Version 13.02 build 38.  Now lumetri effects do not work at all!!  The scopes still work but not a single applied effect makes any visible difference to the image


    Has anyone else found problems with this? And a solution?


    Nvidia gtx 980 gpu, i7 quad core.   Only 12Gb ram at present - about to increase-  but always worked fine for HD before. Not using 4K


    Any suggestions appreciated - as Lumetri is a rather essential element!!

    Thanks in advance

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    Since the last update PP won't shut down without a force quit on iOS 10.12.6. It functions perfectly otherwise. I guess it's not a big problem...or is it? It is annoying though. Any one have an idea what to do to fix it?

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    I am looking for a way to make Kereoke CDs (CD+G) and I already have CC. I would hate to go to some other company and spend $200 on a program I don't need, and since my CC does just about everything else, I was hoping there was a way to save to CD+G from premier pro, since that is what I am using to make the video portions of text anyways. I can not seem to find how to save to BIN files or just straight CD+G exporting. Does anyone know of a patch or how to do so?

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    I have about 3-5 ingest presets I want to delete from Premiere pro cc2019 "create proxie" drop down menu.

    I mainly want to delete the ones I made. 2019-01-09.png

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    My mouse cursor keeps dissappearing as I work in premiere cc. It isnt the mouse as I tried several. I have to restart the project every few minutes. It seems to get worse with time. I am doing closed captioning so maybe that is part of it.

    Anyone else have this issue?

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    Is Adobe Premiere CC a professional program?

    The program crashes constantly.For example, if I zoom in or out of the timeline.
    And when I restart the program, I have to wait 10 minutes each time until all data are loaded.

    These are rmf data, raw data from professional Canon Cinema cameras.

    Is Adobe Premiere not ready to work with such data?
    It totally annoys.A professional work for customers is so impossible.
    My system is new and meets the minimum requirements by far.

    ( windows 10 / 64 // Premiere Pro CC 13.0.2 )

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    I used to be able to export my videos to my YouTube account and keep it to Private or Unlisted setting when I export them as some of these videos were not intended for the public. Lately the videos that I've been exporting are being made public even if I have set them not to be done when I do the export. Is this a problem with the encoder or more with YouTube not recognizing any of this settings now?

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  • 01/09/19--10:17: Captions error.
  • how can i fix this? it should be as the caption tool shows (in the left side of the screen and in yellow and in a bigger sizes and not how you can see it on the screen white an smaller.



    Captura de pantalla 2019-01-08 a la(s) 17.30.03 (2).png

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    In my videos I do a lot of subtitles for talking and I use a special font. Is there a way to change the default font so every text I make starts out as my special font? I do not like having to edit every single text I make and change it to a certain font. Also is it possible to make a present for text because I use color coordinated text per person speaking. IE. I am blue, my friend is red and another is green. Every text for us I have to change colors for manually, I expect this and accept it, just asking if possible to make a "friend 1" "friend 2" text color preset so I don't have to manually edit the color value to their color.

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