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Latest Forum Threads in Premiere Pro CC

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  • 01/09/19--10:51: Wrong MXF file imports
  • Does anyone have an answer for me?  When importing mxf files from multiple folders into a multi-camera timeline the same single file is imported only.  All the files are highlighted and dragged into the project, or highlighted and imported.  But for each file highlighted, a copy of the same file is imported.  If I highlight 7 mxf files to import, the same file will be imported 7 times. 


    I've done this hundreds of times over the years, and this has NEVER happened. 


    Even media encoder only recognizes that same file. 


    I tried to take the single file out of the folder and then import something else... but the program still imported the other file but then said it couldn't find it. 


    So now I'm converting each file separately using handbrake and will marry them later with their audio files.  It's very time consuming, but it's the only thing I can do till I figure out what happened. 


    Any help would be appreciated. 



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    is there a keyboard shortcut to select multiple clips on the timeline?

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    Is there a keyboard shortcut to quickly cycle thru blending modes in Premiere CS6 WITHOUT a mouse on Mac?

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    Is anyone else having an issue where scaling no longer works in the updated Premiere Pro?  After I upgraded I am no longer able to set scaling on objects.  For example, let's say I want a picture to begin on the timeline at 100% and graduate up to 120% during a 5 sec duration.  Will not work - or at least, it is not previewing that it works.  Right now I'm rolling back to an earlier version to see where the problem originates.  If anyone else is having this issue or has a resolution please let me know.  Thanks!

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    Premiere 2019 on the Mac (13.0.1 Build 13) has introduced an odd feature; if you use the Audio Gain function, you can't commit any changes until the Peak Amplitude has been calculated. The OK button is greyed out until the calculation finishes, as you can see in the screenshot below.


    This is irritating, as I usually don't use the peak amplitude when making adjustments. I just eyeball the waveform and adjust up and down from there. Now, I have to wait for this calculation which, depending on the length of the clip, can take a very long time. It's even worse when trying to batch adjust several clips in the Project window.


    Is this a bug to be fixed, or something that can be turned off?



    Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 2.03.16 pm.png

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    QT and QT Essentials have been removed from our PCs.

    Is anything QT required for the CC2019 update that allows us to write ProRes on PC?

    (been searching the forums and online and can't find an answer)



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    Image is very contrast and saturated in Premiere CC 2019 on iMac Pro!

    I check “Enable Display Color Management” (in Preferences - General), color of the video has become natural, but the contrast has remained very strong.

    In the video player, the image is correct when I look before or after export of video. In DaVinci Resolve there is same problem.


    Just recently switched to iMac from Windows. Is this a software problem or an operating system problem?

    Help me understand and solve this problem.



    Снимок экрана 2018-12-24 в 2.00.00.png

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    Tonight after updating Premiere Pro 2019, and my first time using it after getting the fall Windows 10 update, I was unable to use files off my camera that had worked previously (Fuji X-T3).  I was following a series of steps that has worked in the past, but now only the audio is showing up in Premiere.


    The clips work fine if opened in Windows using the 'Movies & TV' default app.

    I reinstalled the h.265 codec via the windows store and restarted windows/premiere without change.

    I uninstalled premiere and reinstalled without change.

    I changed the rendering from CUDA to software and restarted without change.


    If I import a finished video done before this problem, also encoded in h.265, it works fine.


    I've taken a couple screenshots of what I'm seeing after importing the clips. 





    Thanks for any suggestions!

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  • 12/23/18--00:42: Project start problems
  • I can not move a downloaded template from library to sequence window?! I can hold the Video with mouseclick and move but than it happens nothing and do not show it in any attendant

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    I'm working in a 6K timeline with RED footage. I have one bit of 4K footage I'd like to embed into it, scaled up to fill the frame.


    When I just add the 4K footage like any other footage, it displays as scaled in the preview monitor, but when I export it, it's centered within the frame, 1:1 for the pixels (so, lots of black around it).


    How I can scale it up it to fill the 6K frame?

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  • 12/22/18--10:44: Problem in export
  • When the export is getting to high percent it freezing and can't finish it. The previous projet I exported without any problem. also I tried to export it in Adobe Media Encoder and still same problem.  What is different now?

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    Buenas a todos. No voy a hacer esto mas largo. Tengo un problema que me esta estresando bastante.


    El hecho es que termine una secuencia larga en el que he trabajado varios meses. Hoy lo intente exportar, pero cada vez que lo exporto, el vídeo me sale en peor calidad. Cuando veo el resumen en "Origen", la secuencia esta en 540x360, sabiendo que todos los videos con los que trabaje estan en 1080x1920. No tiene sentido.


    Por favor, aclarenme esto, es una secuencia muy importante. Le agradeceria de por vida al que me resuelva esto.

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    Thanks for the help! This is a two part question...


    Firstly, what is the best dimension for a vertical video on a smartphone? I would imagine that since horizontal is typically 16:9 that it should be 9:16. Therefore something like 1920X1080 would be 1080X1920. But is the average smartphone screen size 16:9/9:16? Are these the best dimensions?


    Additionally, they gave me some footage that was shot 1920X1080 on a DSLR (but want a vertical product). What size matte should I create so that I may lay it over the footage in the sequence to move it around and reframe?


    Thanks again!

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    Just bought a new computer in 2018 exclusively for video editing.  It came with an NVIDIA GeForce 1050 Ti 4GB  graphics card.  Adobe Premiere Pro doesn't seem to recognize it since updating to 2019.   I have the latest drive from NVIDIA installed (417.35).   I had the computer checked and everything is running fine, the issue is the Adobe software.  Not sure what I can do about that.... really frustrated because its a new computer which I just purchased for this sole purpose and now its useless.  For clarity, there is no "CUDA" option at all when I go into Project Settings.

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    Hi guys! i found an issue when i simply do the "upgrade to master graphic" on my text animation. Here's my workflow:


    On my timeline i start to write text and shapes. Then i start to animate it. When i'm ready i save it to my personal library as backup. Everything works well. But, if i need to upgrade this essential graphic to master graphic on my project, i found a big issue on timecode: for example, my essential graphic it's five 5 seconds long. When i upgrade to master graphic, this new "shape" clip it's 12 hours long, and my animation starts at 1 hour following timecode. This is the first issue, and last but not least, if i do double click to this new clip on my project, it open correctly to the preview monitor with IN OUT points from 1 hour to 1 hour and 5 seconds. After that if i put this to my timeline, the timecode clip portion starts to 2 hours, so my clip it's black. If i re-do this drag and drop, the shape's timecode starts at 3 hours.

    If if delete from my preview monitor IN OUT points and i put only my OUT point at 5 seconds from start, from, on my preview monitor i see nothing, all black screen, but if do drag and drop on my timeline, i see correctly my good animation. What's wrong? Is it a bug or i have to ceck some preferences on graphic essentils panel?


    Many thanks!!!



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    I'm having some trouble with my colors in Premier Pro.


    I'm using the latest version of Premiere ProCC, an external Monitor (4K Not calibrated) and I just bought an external graphic card (Radeon RX Vega 64)


    It is my understanding that using the "Color Management" option under file>General it's "better" (To put it simply).

    Now, before I never had a problem in terms of color: What I graded and saw in my preview was pretty much what I was getting in my export but now my export is a lot less contrasty that my preview.


    Is it because I'm using the color management option?

    Should I not use it and grade it again or should I change some setting during export maybe?


    (I'm exporting both in ProRes HQ, and H264 4096x2160  VBR  2 pass: 48 and 60; highest bit color range and and render at maximum quality) and I have the same problem.


    Is there anybody that could help me with this?

    or anybody that could suggest a different solution?


    Thank you so much.

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    Hi All,

    I have been trying to sync 2 cameras using clip markers. The Audio on one is not great and that camera also started shooting 15min into a 1hour shoot so none of the other sync options are available.


    Footnote. novice, learned to use PP watching YouTube. I have to edit and type using my eyes as I have MND/ALS, so stuff takes a bit longer to do.


    Any help or advice much appreciated



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    I am looking for a solution for exporting SD broadcast files from a ProRes master file on the PC version, yet nothing I seem to do comes out right. I used DNX HQ for all my HD exports from ProRes but nothing seems to work for SD. Looking to export a workable SD 720x486 with the correct pixel ratio. Any help out there?

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    I'm not doing anything particularly complicated. Sometimes I'm just trying watch my edit and it crashes. I can't do my job. I'm running a rig with 32gigs of ram, RX 580 gpu, 7th Gen i7, 500gig SSD drive all on a Z170 motherboard.

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    So I'm working on a short film and the editor sends me the project file for Premiere Pro, I open it, re link the footage, and I get an Ingest error telling me that I'm missing a preset. But when I get into the actual timeline, certain shots don't match the the rendered timeline the editor sent. For some reason some shot's have their in and out points shifted. Some shots in the timeline now start on the slate instead of where they should. I asked for the editor to send over the project as an XML and that resulted in the same problem.


    Is this an ingest error? or is something else causing this? How can I fix this issue?

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