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    In Premiere, at random times when I'm editing a video, the playback will freeze. I still can use the rest of the program, and I can hear audio but I can't see the video in the preview window. It's just stuck on one slide. I have to save, close and reopen the program to get it to work again.

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  • 12/22/18--05:31: amd radeon 530
  • hello !

    i have an amd radeon 530 4gb graphics card and an intel i7 8th gen processor , and 8gb ram can my pc run adobe premiere ?

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    I am trying to create a slow zoom in for a pic.  I add the pic to the timeline, then select the effects control.  Then I press the button next to scale to toggle animation at the beginning of my clip, then I go all the way to the end of my clip and select a keyframe and change the scale size up or down.  When I play the clip back the scale is moving, but the clip just stays the same, never zooms in or out.  What am I doing wrong? Is it something to do with the size of pics I am using, JPG maybe?

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    Hi all,


    I'm having a very puzzling issue with Premiere Pro CC. I have created a brand new project. The project itself, and every scratch disk in the Project Settings > Scratch Disks menu, are set to my D drive. Despite this, whenever I import a clip, Premiere is creating a CFA cache file for it on my C drive. This can't continue because my C drive is a very small SSD only used for my OS. I can't figure out why this is happening, especially when all of my settings show that cache files should be going to my D drive. Any help appreciated!

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  • 12/21/18--20:40: Zooming
  • I am having problems on Premier Pro with zooming in/out of pictures via keyframes. I can make a picture size 100 then add a keyframe a few seconds later that has the size 50. As the video rolls, I can see the literal keyframe numbers decreasing, but the picture in the actual video itself does not decrease in size. Why won't the picture actually zoom in/out while I am editing? And is there a way that I can fix that?


    >problems on Premier Pro

    [Here is the list of all Adobe forums...]

    [Moved from Premiere Elements to Premiere Pro... Mod]

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    I was able to edit my short videos for youtube these past few weeks without any problem until today. Premier pro keeps getting stuck, not opening videos and displaying a "media pending" message on the screen. Help!


    [Here is the list of all Adobe forums...]

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    Hallo everybody

    Videos from Gopro Mp4 format, transformed to constant rate and 30fps with handbrake, uploaded in adobe: video looks fine before cutting - after cutting and moving it to the video line and then viewing it again: it looks a little like black and white, blurred!

    No idea what to do! Never seen that before!

    I used the same setting with a lot of videos before, opened and closed adobe, used different videos, opened new projects - always the same.

    Thanks for your help!


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  • 12/21/18--18:17: Premiere Pro and Audition
  • Hello, my name is Dahli, and I am currently experiencing a difficulty in Premiere Pro.


    I am fairly experienced with premiere, I can do basic things like use the razor tool and I can go as far as adding effects and editing audio and stuff like that, but I need help with something. I am editing a gaming video for my YouTube channel.


    The thing is, I want to trim an hour long clip in various sections and make it shorter. The other thing is, there is a bit of background noise in the audio and I want to open the audio in audition to fix the audio and then reflect the changes back into premiere.


    I am wondering should I edit the audio first in audition and then send it back to premiere and then edit the video or edit the video first and then edit the audio after in audition?


    If I edit the audio after I edit the video, I will end up with more than one audio file in the sequence (because I am going to be trimming away the stuff I don’t need) and I will have to go and send each audio clip into audition one by one. So my other question, is there a better way to do this? If I edit the video first, will I be able to edit the audio as a single clip/sequence  in audition after it’s been trimmed or will I have to edit each clipped section in audition one by one. Or is there a better way to do this?

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    I've been running Premiere 2017 on my machine for about a year now, no problems. Today, after a crash, it simply refused to boot. Just hung on that opening screen, appeared briefly on my Task manager, and then just crashed and popped up the Send error report to Adobe window. I reset my preferences, removed plugins, same deal. Uninstalled and reinstalled it, no go. Uninstalled it again and then tried installing Premiere CC 2019 and running that, exact same issue.

    There have been no other changes made to the PC. hardware or software, that could cause this.



    Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

    Graphics AMD Radeon HD 5700 series (drivers up to date)

    Processor AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six-Core Processor, 3200 Mhz, 6 Core(s), 12 Logical Processor(s)

    16GB Ram


    I've also tried messing around with permissions and such, running the applications as administrator, different users, all to no avail.

    Does anyone else have any idea what could be causing this, or a fix? I really need to get back to work here.

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    I've been having problems with Premiere Pro CC 2019 not opening in my preferred workspace when starting a new project.  I have a dual screen setup, and I have saved my custom workspace.  But lately, when I start a new project, my workspace does not open, and I can't get the project to change to my saved workspace, even after I select "Reset to Saved Layout" on the Workspace bar.  I thought I found the trick to get it to use my workspace when starting a new project by saving a new copy of my workspace, but that's still not opening with my custom workspace!  Someone mentioned turning off the "Import Workspace from Projects" button, and I tried that, but it didn't help for new projects.  What seems to be happening is that Premiere does not like to open with the "Project" tab as a separate panel not connected to any other panel.  Everytime I start a new project, the Project panel is in a group with Media Browser, Effects, Info, History and Captions panels.  Any ideas?



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    This has been an ongoing issue for me since I got a new box (Dual Xeon, Quadro K5200, 64 GB RAM). It ONLY happens when using or launching Premiere Pro CC: The video diver crashes (I can still hear the audio playing) causing a black screen, forcing me to hard reset. THis has gone on through multiple versions of PP CC (since 2016) and I have religiously updated the Quadro drivers. It's now happening on another Windows 10 system (laptop) with a Quadro P3000. ANyone else have this issue and/or solutions?

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    Alright, so I've downloaded a few videos that I need to include in my movie onto my desktop. If I watch them in say, quick time player, there is audio and I can hear everything perfectly. Once I import the file into premiere though, the audio detaches and is nowhere to be found! It's like it doesn't exist or something.

    I've looked everywhere for a solution and can't seem to find one so please help!


    In the timeline the file appears as purple instead of the normal blue with audio attached if that helps.

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    I've been using the rating field in the project pane to rate clips from 1-5 stars. If I switch the copy of the media drive with that the project file is linked to, once re-linked, the clip ratings in the project pane reset to no rating information. Also any markers placed on clips without text notation are disappearing as well.
    Anyone have any insight? Descriptions come over. I'd hate to lose all of my notation work.





    On PP 2019 13.0.1 on Mac OS 10.13.6


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  • 12/21/18--14:03: Play Back Troubles
  • So play back has been something that has been annoying me to no end. No matter what I do I always get dropped frames, even if the footage is 1080p.  I recently upgraded my computer parts. My current build is:


    Ryzen Threadripper 2920x (12 Core 3.2ghz)

    32GB of Corsair Dominator Platinum 3000hz

    EVGA FTW3 1080ti

    Corsair 750 Watt Modular Power Supply

    Asus Strix x399 MOBO


    Most of my footage is either 4k at 24p or 1080p at 120fps.

    Even with the specs of my computer I still get dropped frames in playback.

    Could it be something todo with my sequence settings or how im editing? Anything info would be appreciated.

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    when i edit in premiere the color looks great. just like i want it. but when i export, it doesnt matter if its quicktime animation, H264, or any lossless format (believe me i tried everything), it reduces sharpness, contrast, saturation and gives it a green shift.

    Premiere export.pngPremiere export 2.png

    its really noticable in the skin tones.

    what can i do to perserve my color?

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    I have footage that comes in around 100 mbps out of an a7iii. When I export a sequence out of premiere h.264 using high-quality preset for ultra uhd, the bitrate states 80 mb/s.


    After render it out I check it and it's around 15 mb/s.



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    Hey, everyone!


    Trying to apply a super simple scaling effect to a jpg on Premiere CC (most recent and updated version). For whatever reason, the scaling effect (and only the scaling effect) plays back in the timeline when another effect is present and active. For example - if I scale up any image to a certain percentage, then Premiere fails to show any changes when scrubbing through the timeline. When another effect is introduced (active, with keyframes) scaling can be viewed in the timeline. For instance, if the position effect is introduced and one parameter is bumped up one unit through the keyframes (from 3104.0 to 3105.0 in this case) all of a sudden the scaling appears in the playback. All other effects playback fine in the timeline when they're on their own or accompanied with other effects. So weird!


    After export and subsequent viewing on Quicktime, the scaling effect (unaccompanied by any other active effect) appears to be working fine, but again, fails to playback when scrubbing through the project timeline within the working file in Premiere CC. I uninstalled and reinstalled. I played with memory settings and returned them to defaults. A colleague and I tested this on their computer and they had the same issue. We were able to fix it in the same manner described above (without uninstalling, reinstalling, memory tweaks, and whatever else I messed with).


    I think it's safe to say that this might be a software bug and not a hardware/memory issue.


    Thanks in advance and may you all have a happy and fulfilling 2019!

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    So I'm shooting 4K video @ 30fps in Filmic Pro on an iPhone 6s+ and can't get the sound to work properly. Typically when I import it it works right away, but then the sound will drop out after some random amount of time; sometimes it stops when I close the program and re-open it, sometimes it's when I restart the computer and open the saved project, the latest was right after I finished color correcting a clip, all the audio from those files worked. I've tried converting them to mp4 in VLC and that did work for a while but now they just have no sound right off the bat. The only thing I changed was that I started importing the files through the Filmic Pro section in iTunes rather than just the file explorer. No idea why this is happening, I know it's not my speakers because the two sound level bars show that there's nothing, and a solution to this would make my day.




    Running the latest version of Premiere on the latest version of Windows 10. This issue was happening before and after both were updated.

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    Seit dem Update von Premiere CC auf die Version 2019 stürzt das Schnittprogramm immer ab! Auch bei weniger komplexen Aufgaben. Es handelt sich meistens um 1080p 50fps Files mit einer Cliplänge von max. 3 Minuten ( meistens viel viel kürzer )


    Kann mir da vielleicht wer helfen? Antworten auf Englisch sind auch ok!



    Google Translate:

    Since the update of Premiere CC on the version 2019 crashes the editing program always! Even with less complex tasks. These are mostly 1080p 50fps files with a clip length of max. 3 minutes (usually much shorter)



    Can someone help me? Answers in English are also ok!

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    Hi I'm new there,my english is bad,hope you guys can understand me.

    I have a problem when I preview my image sequence. It's just stuck all the time.

    But it's smooth when I import other video footage and preview it.

    It bothers me all day.


    Please help me.


    I have 12 GB RAM


                I7 8550U


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