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    I have had this problem on every computer in our office, every version of Premiere since they added Lumetri, on both Mac and Windows. It has been happening for years and Adobe offers no answers or help, so hopefully someone else has had this problem and can help.


    As I'm doing my color, nothing crazy just basic grading, I go back and several of my clips will have changed on their own. It is ALWAYS the same thing. One or two of the color wheels will have moved itself, usually in the direction of green or blue. This will happen even if I have not made any color wheel changes on that clip.


    I then fix the color but surprise surprise later it decides to change itself back to yet a different color. The amount of time I have wasted on this over the last couple years makes me sick.


    Anyone? Adobe?



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    I've filmed a shot which begins outdoors, following a subject indoors. Filming in raw meant I could expose for exterior and then when the subject goes indoors I could key the exposure to bump up 2 stops however when I apply the keyframe to the master on PP, it doesn't actually apply it. So its defaulted at 0, then at the point of moving indoors, it's keyed to go to 2 but the exposure doesn't change for some reason. Anyone know why?


    I can set the exposure at the beginning to whatever I want, so I could start at 2.0, but I won't be able to adjust afterwards..


    I've tried this on another Macbook Pro and its the same. I've also tried pre-rendering the file but no luck.


    Screenshot 2019-01-10 at 13.40.24.png

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    Is anyone else having an issue where scaling no longer works in the updated Premiere Pro?  After I upgraded I am no longer able to set scaling on objects.  For example, let's say I want a picture to begin on the timeline at 100% and graduate up to 120% during a 5 sec duration.  Will not work - or at least, it is not previewing that it works.  Right now I'm rolling back to an earlier version to see where the problem originates.  If anyone else is having this issue or has a resolution please let me know.  Thanks!

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    Hi there;


    I'm having an issue with Luts in Premiere.


    I'm importing footage to work with, and Premiere seems to be adding a LUT to everything, which I can't seem to disable by using 'Disable Masterclip Effects' or by going into Lumetri and switching from 'None' to a LUT and then back to 'None'.


    The footage is .mp4 shot on a Sony A7 Mkiii with colour profile (1-2-1).


    Also, I've just imported an .mp4 (downloaded from youtube) and the same thing has happened.


    I'm on an iMac pro 2017.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    QT and QT Essentials have been removed from our PCs.

    Is anything QT required for the CC2019 update that allows us to write ProRes on PC?

    (been searching the forums and online and can't find an answer)



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  • 01/08/19--04:04: Weird trouble PP CC 2019
  • So since a couple of weeks i'm experiencing troubles with the suite CC.
    Almost all programs(Ps, media encoder, Pr, Ae) start to become unstable and have weird symptoms.
    Sometimes i can't open JPEG/PNG in photoshop because it tells me its not a JPEG/PNG... while Lr can.
    But then Pr is worse ! video's don't play audio right sometimes the audio is even made up, also masks from text show black or darkend on the video.
    Adjustment layers switch on or off while they just overlay not changing, also sometimes clips start when the curser didn't reach the clips.
    And some other weird things.... for me the suite is useless ATM i can't work on anything or trust it a bit.
    Really bummed by this can someone please help me out !

    Things i did:
    De/Re-install the programs,
    Delete preferences,
    Delete cache,
    Rename the files for Ps. it worked sometimes,
    Rename the video worked one time for Pr. 




    DDR4 16GB 2400MHz
    GTX1060 6gb
    3TB HDD


    Message was edited by: Jeske Bertens

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    I just upgraded to 2019 (13.0.1) from 2018 (12.1.2) on 11/2. I have opened and converted two projects in progress in 2019. In both projects, all parts of the editing process have become nearly impossible when working in 2019 vs when I was working on them in 2018.


    The projects are 1920x1080 23.97 using ProRes 422 footage files of the same size and FR—not proxies. There are also dynamically linked After Effects comps. In several places, those comps are layered on top of the footage and each other and sometimes use the multiply and screen blend modes. I am also using the morph cut and cross dissolve effects on the footage and the tint effect on some of the AE comps.


    Before, I could scrub and play through the footage without an issue in real time. At worse, when I had several CC apps opened the footage would drop to 1/2 res. Un-rendered motion graphics would playback with dropped frames but once rendered played back in real time. Rendering was fast and exporting both from within Premiere and with AME was also fast. The one project had a TRT of 6:27 and rendered from AME in about 8-10 minutes.


    Now, in 2019, I cannot scrub through the footage at all, even with it forced to 1/4 res. It takes several seconds for the current frame under the playhead to display whenever the position of it is changed.


    I cannot play the project back smoothly. When I hit the spacebar to play portions of the project that are footage only (no MoG), Premiere will play a couple seconds but there are tons of dropped frames and it will only play so much before the video stops and only audio plays. At that point, it will often grind to a complete halt after a few more seconds. I cannot playback un-rendered motion graphics at all—it won't even attempt it! Even rendered sections playback in the same choppy manner as the parts that are strictly footage.


    Rendering within Premiere and in the new version of AME have also become unbearably long. Hitting return to render the project used to take minutes for several hundred frames of MoG and now I have no idea how long it takes because I let it sit for an hour and it had complete 30-some frames. The project I mentioned before that rendered from AME in about 8-10 minutes took that long just to get to 1% and at that point, the estimated time to finish calculator climbed until it read over 9 hours. I let it go for another half hour until it had reached 2% and canceled the render. Just opening the project in AME and changing the render settings takes 2-3 times as long now.


    The dynamically linked After Effects comps are also problematic. If I make a change in AE, the change used to show up nearly instantaneously in 2018. Now, it takes several minutes or it will just show the media pending placeholder. Changing editable text fields for AE comps from within PR also used to be instantaneous but now takes upwards of a minute to show in the program monitor once I commit the change.


    Double-clicking in the project pane and opening the After Effects file to import a comp also takes forever. First, it takes several minutes to populate the top-level folders of the AE project in the import window. Then, it takes several more minutes to populate the comps when I drill down into one of the folders. This process used to happen immediately in 2018.


    I am having similar performance issues in After Effects including rendering both inside AE and in AME so although I tried exporting my comps as footage clips the renders were taking so long I canceled them.


    I have tried using all three rendering engines (software, Metal and OpenCL) for both AME and in Premiere's project settings as well as restarting, clearing caches and deleting preview files. Nothing changes.


    I am working on a MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018):

    macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 (I am unable to upgrade to Mojave due to our IT dept and enterprise security apps)

    2.9 GHz i9

    32 GB memory

    4 GB Radeon Pro 560X

    1 TB SSD (OS and apps)

    1 TB Samsung T5 external SSD directly connected without adapters (project files)


    This thing is a monster and so far has handled everything I can throw at it...until now. So, I don't think it is the computer at all. I am up against deadlines and lost a lot of time screwing about with 2019. Luckily, I hadn't made any significant time-consuming changes and rolled back to 2018 and finished the projects there.


    I know there are several existing threads about similar performance and stability issues but this seems to be a wide-spread issue that isn't getting enough attention from Adobe. I am going to keep using 2018 and hopefully, anyone who sees this post or any of the other threads thinks twice about upgrading or at least leaves the 2018 apps installed and doesn't test out 2019 with any critical projects! Don't be an overly-excited early adopter like me!


    P.S. I haven't had any of these issues with Lightroom Classic, PS, AI or AU. Only PR, AE and AME. Granted, I spend the vast majority of my time in the video apps and only use the other apps for quick tasks to support the editing process and I haven't any large batches of raw files in LR since upgrading.

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    I've made a MOGRT in AE with the text properties (font size adj., faux styles) but when I import it into Premiere, changing those properties has no effect on my text.


    What's gone wrong?


    I could add the scale property from transform, but this should work since it's an option, right?

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    The error "A low level exception occured in Lumetri Color (AEVideoFilter)" keeps appearing in every projects, and it prevents me from exporting my videos (Error compiling movie). Looking at the error tab, there is a long list and the time stamp where the error occured. It's written "(AEVideoFilter:13)"

    I'm using windows, Premiere pro 2018 (ver. 12.1.2).

    The error doesn't appear when i use another laptop.

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    I'm not even sure if it exports no effects at all, because it is even louder than the original file.

    Furthermore, the same trouble arises when putting it on Audition.


    It is too loud and the DeNoiser doesn't work either. What to do?

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    I am working with a new editor and when he sends me the PR file I link the media on my computer so I can view his edits.  But for some reason with this editor I am getting a Magenta-Green color wash over the videos when try to select them.  If I continue to select them and import them the color wash is on all the files.

    Any idea of what's happening?  I've been doing this for years with little issue, so I assume it's a setting on my editors end?

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    I'm having an issue with workspaces after updating to CC2019.  First, I noticed that all of my custom workspaces from Premiere Pro 2018 were missing (and I foolishly hadn't synced them to the cloud in many months).  Problem solved by copying them from documents>adobe>premiere pro>12.0>profile>layouts to the same folder for 13.0.


    However, when I start a new project and select my custom editing workspace, there's one window that won't start up in the right location.  I have to manually drag the project window to my preferred location at the start of every project.  I've tried saving the custom workspace many times (save changes to this workspace, and save as new workspace), synced with my cloud account, but I can't get a project to start up with an accurate positioning of my custom workspace. 


    After I manually move the project window, save workspace and close project, it will then open again with the correct configuration; however, when I then create a new project the very same window will be out of place.


    Any ideas?

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    I'm not doing anything particularly complicated. Sometimes I'm just trying watch my edit and it crashes. I can't do my job. I'm running a rig with 32gigs of ram, RX 580 gpu, 7th Gen i7, 500gig SSD drive all on a Z170 motherboard.

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    I'm making a video for an important client. They send me a correction list with minimum corrections on the captions. The frustrating problem is that when I apply those corrections, some are changed, but some are not. And if I close the program, after saving all my work, and open it again, the changes are gone.

    I really think it is a bug and it is really frustrating for the client also to see that some mistakes are still in the captions, and for me to keep on going through the video several times to see these random mistakes are still there even though I corrected them before.


    Anybody with the same problem?


    Thanks in advance.



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  • 01/05/19--11:12: Recording Audio Problems
  • I've watched all the tutorials and have gone through the audio I/O setup. My Rode NT USB mic configures properly.  The audio mixer has the red record lights on yet I can't don't get a VU meter signal.  Please help.  Thanks, Ron

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  • 09/14/18--10:22: Paste Attributes Not Working
  • I am using windows 10 and have the latest Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 installed. I have been having issues trying to use paste attributes for some time now, even with previous versions of Premiere Pro CC. I want to copy a lumetri color setting on a video clip and apply it to multiple video clips by highlighting the clips and right clicking and choosing paste attributes. But when I try to do this and I right click on the clip, paste attributes is greyed out and not selectable.

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    By accident my PPCC19 project "Motion Graphics Template Media" - folder has been deleted (my fault).

    I have a Premiere Pro project that has some text for Essential Graphics in AE imported. I guess that's why the MGTM-folder was created? Now when I open Premiere Pro  I'm asked for linked media for clips like "6130fdd5-da26-49db-89f5-56a32b42c839" in this folder. How can I recreate this folder create these files to replace those missing? I have the .aep files that these missing links origin from.


    Thanks a bunch for some advice

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    Hey guys,


    First time posting on here so go easy on me. I recently purchased a DJI Osmo Mobile 2 a few weeks ago. I love the product and would recommend it to anyone increased in an affordable gimbal. My only issue arises when I try to edit the raw video on premiere. For some odd reason the video quality or aspect properties get distorted when I drop clips into premiere. The videos I import into adobe end up being zoomed in and only show a 1/4 of the footage shot wile the rest of the screen is black. I tried scaling the video to frame size but it makes the video grany and had to see. My videos are shoot in 1080p or 4k obly. When I play my raw footage on windows media player it looks perfectly normal and in excellent quality. I only have issues when I upload to premiere. The videos are shoot in mp4 format if that affects anything. Please let me know if there is anything else I can provide to help solve this frustrating issue. Thanks in advance and cheers!

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    Hey all,


    I have been working on many many sequences inside of Premiere Pro CC 2018 V12.1.2 and I recently built a new machine and installed the same version of Premiere Pro onto it, and when I go to open up the Premiere Pro file on my newly built computer, everything opens up and looks right, except for the fact that the sequence window in Premiere is white and stays white. I can hit the space bar and I can hear the audio playback and watch the playhead move, but no video plays and stays as a white screen inside the sequence window. But other projects brought over from the same computer as this project were transferred and playback just fine.


    My computer specs are as follows


    OS: Windows 10 Pro

    CPU: Intel i7-8700K

    MOBO: Asus ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming

    RAM: G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4 32GB-3000

    GPU: Gigabyte RTX 2070 Windforce Edition

    Storage: 1x256GB Sandisk SSD (For Boot and Programs)  &  2x3TB Seagate Barracuda HDD 7200RPM (1 for reading from and 1 for writing to)


    Any help is much appreciated!


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    Hello all,

    I am working on a feature documentary as an AE. I've been syncing clips for months. I'm talking 400 hours of footage synced from external recorders to audio scratch tracks. I manually sunk all of it, then merged in an edit suite, on their computer. All was going smoothly. Until today.

    We finally got an editor involved and I duplicated my drive to hers. However, today we started working together and realized that ALL of my merged clips are off. It doesn't matter what I do- manually put in and out points, try and use timecode sync, use PluralEyes and line them up then merge. The clips will be sunk in the timeline, perfectly, but as soon as I merge they get out of whack!

    All my timelines are 23.98, 1920x1080. If there were audio frame rate issues, the sequences would have flagged them/I would have been able to hear drop-frame issues as I listened back.

    At this point, it doesn't matter if I import the audio and video into new projects created just to sync. If I merge, they get out of sync immediately.

    Does anyone have any idea wtf is going on?

    Thank you!!

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