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Latest Forum Threads in Premiere Pro CC

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    Hi there;

    I am attempting a round-trip workflow by exporting an XML file from Adobe Premiere Pro and importing it into Resolve. Everything goes pretty smoothly, except for 3 of the clips (out of 50 or 60) I get the error " Skipping item because of invalid in frame." I'm not sure what this means or how to fix it. Any ideas appreciated!


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    When I scrub forward vertical lines do not appear on the Timeline  When I scrub backwards the vertical lines appear.  Adobe and Dell Technical Support tried to fix the problem.  They were not successful.  I previously tried the suggestions on the Adobe Forum.

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    Hello folks, hoping you can help me.  I'm learning the tools for PPCC and while I totally get the Track Select Forward Tool, and how it moves multiple tracks, I can't seem to move a SINGLE track over to the right even when I hold down the SHIFT key (which does show me the single arrow).  When I select a track, hold down the shift key and try to move it over to the right a little bit it won't let me - but it will let me move it up or down onto different tracks.  Help!  What am I doing wrong?


    Thanks in advance.

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    Today a few of our company laptop that use a display link docking station for multiple monitors started to experience a problem after windows 10 updated.  The video player in adobe premiere pro shows a white screen unless I drag it to the laptops built in monitor then it works correctly.

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    Today I captured new video in my mobile in vertical mode when import this video to Premiere pro program shows my video horizontally

    I want to show me vertically how I can do this?



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    Hi all,


    Just looking for any workflow tips or tricks for scaling up a particularly unwieldy edit that I'm inheriting to prepare it for colour grading and editing.


    Here's the scenario: The edit is done in an HD sequence using HD proxy files. The original footage is 6K Raw Redcode. That part is easy: change the sequence settings and replace the proxy files for the originals.


    Here's the problem: There are literally hundreds of other assets on the timeline that are not Raw footage, or footage at all, of pretty much every file type imaginable: PSDs, images and image sequences, embedded AE projects, other footage that's only available in HD, etc, all with different blending modes. On these are tons of keyframes for scale, position, opacity, etc. plus animated masks and various effects. Obviously scaling up the sequence doesn't scale up these assets or their effects proportionately.


    Solutions I've tried:


    - Swap out original assets for versions that are 3.2x the original size (same scale factor as proxy>raw). Only issue is that it seems sometimes the masks (particularly feathers) and other details don't render out consistently. Also, I have even higher res version of some of the images (5x or more) that I would prefer to use to maintain full quality.


    - Embed sections of the entire sequence as after effects compositions and use scripts > scale composition, then pre-comp each layer, put in the full res assets, and then use Collapse Transformations to let the full res assets render through. This system works pretty well but obviously is very time consuming and there still seems to be some translation errors with blending modes and mask feathers. I've tried rendering these out as flattened raw image sequences, or layer-by-layer as image sequences with transparency burned in. Neither is particularly efficient.


    Other ideas/thoughts:


    - Is there something equivalent to the Scale Composition script but for Premiere?

    - Is there a way to nest parts of a sequence and use Set to Frame Size or similar to scale it up all at once and preserve the resolution of the original assets? Or similarly to preserve a range of different blending modes?

    - Are there any third party plugins or other tools to help with this kind of complicated up-res?


    End goal is to get an entire 6k timeline into Davinci Resolve for colour grading, ideally with individual clips and layer information intact. However, even to get a single rendered down 6k timeline without losing the integrity of all the transformation controls and blending modes would be a great start, and we could either grade with Lumetri or cut up the rendered output and use keyframes to grade in Resolve.


    Thanks for any help or ideas!

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  • 01/11/19--15:47: Black Magic Output levels
  • If I import a full range (CV O - 254) dpx sequence onto the timeline and look at the output on the scope via a Blackmagic card the levels come out at CV 16-235. Even worse when I import narrow range (CV 16-235) dpx sequence onto the timeline and look at the output on the scope via a Blackmagic care the levels are squeezed even more. Is there anything in the settings that can fix this issue?

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    I've tried importing the .dpx files through the media browser or through the dropdown menu option, but the .dpx files still do not sequence. Every time the image sequence box is marked, the .dpx files are unable to import fully, not with all of the individual files.

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    Hi all,


    I’ve recently had a video fail on multiple occasions going through the Vidchecker.


    The file is an AS11 for broadcast, and uses the same template project as the last 40 or so exports which have passed Vidchecker with no issue.


    The main error to come up is:


    Found 3 structural - problems with AS-11

    UK DPP conformance:

    - Picture Essence

    Descriptor item 'Black Ref Level' must be 64 (when present) but was 0. - Picture Essence Descriptor item 'White Ref Level' must be 940 (when present) but was 1023. - Picture Essence Descriptor item 'Color Range' must be 897 (when present) but was 1023.


    This is something the techs themselves have not seen before.


    It has occurred to me that this may  be related to what I have on the timeline - I have two colour mattes over the top of everything - a black and a white, with their blend modes set to lighten and darken. This is to prevent any stray pixels from going above or below legal luma levels. A technique learned in “The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro” by Jarle Leirpoll et al.


    My question is, does anybody else use this method for broadcast safe levels, and if so have they encountered any errors recently with their videos going through Vidchecker?


    If anybody uses other methods to ensure Broadcast safe levels would they care to share them? I personally find the video limiter effect on its own to be less effective.


    It is also worth noting that during these passes through the Vidchecker, it at one point indicated the colour bars were not at 100, when they definitely were. It also flagged a title sequence for harmful flashing, when the title sequence has remained untouched in 35 weeks of broadcast with no issue.


    Could this just be a error with a new Vidchecker update? If so how best to proceed and avoid such issues again as there are many more TXs to deliver.


    All help appreciated.



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    Hi everyone, I have been at this for quite a while with 45+ renders with no luck at getting it to render right.


    I am trying to create a video piece that involves 3 image layers panning/zooming out to create a 3D image effect (I will post the video result down below). It looks great and preforms as need be when it comes to the Premiere Pro preview but when it's exported into Media Encoder the image color gets blown out and super pixlated.


    I have exported quite a few videos this way before with no problem but this is my first time doing a project that pans and zooms like this so I am not quite sure if it's a Premiere Pro export problem or if it's a Media Encoder settings issue. Due to me doing so many renders I don't have all of the small details, I have just been messing around and following other Youtube video settings that people share. Hoping to get some help as to what may help get this looking properly. Some settings render better than others while some create a corrupted file that won't allow me to view it at all after waiting 30 min for it to render.


    ORIGINAL IMAGE (flattened)

    scene 1 complete.png


    VIDEO(S) RENDERED (not all just a few)


    This one is just a pan of the image with no layers but it still has the coloring problem and is really not the route I want to go with.



    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hello guys,


    I'm trying out CC 2019 after using CC 2017 for a long time and I've noticed that the feature "Selection Follows Playhead" doesn't work like it used to.

    Before when I scroll through the timeline, the playhead always selects the following clips as intended.




    Now in CC 2019, if I click or edit a transition and continue to scroll, the playhead will no longer select the clips that follow.




    This causes me to have to do an extra click on the clip I want to select to continue, which takes up more time (especially with hundreds of clips).

    How can I change it back to the way it worked before?


    Please let me know! I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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    I'm attempting to create proxies by right clicking files in the project window. After doing so, Media Encoder opens, but the renders don't populate. I've tried several proxy file types and tried opening Media Encoder before attempting to send files from Premiere.


    Please help, h.265 files are a beast!




    Windows 10 Pro

    Premiere CC19 13.0.2

    Media Encoder CC19 13.0.2

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    I have been using Premiere for the last several years for video editing for our company.  I just updated to 2019 and I could not be more disappointed.  The entire program is soooo slow, especially compared to the most recent version.  I am running a brand new Microsoft surface book 2, with all kinds of power.  The program hesitates just to move between screens when moving to render  The timeline barely moves - and I am running at 1/2 to 1/4 resolution.  I thought this update was going to be about performance!  Apparently not!  If you need some sort of updating to different version of drivers to run this program Adobe should be specific about that.  I am not a computer guru, so updating drivers and whatnot can be problematic if you don't know exactly what you are doing. Why does Adobe not care a little bit more about their customers?


    Anyway, I am frustrated as our most recent project is taking longer than it should.  I have been doing some testing with Davinci Resolve and this program sure looks promising.


    Moderator: Title changed for better searchability.

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  • 12/12/18--12:14: 13.0.2 Slow Playback
  • Ever since upgrading to 13.0.2, playback of 4K ProRes video files has been extremely slow - stuttering.  Reverted to 13.0.1 and all is normal.  Haven't tested on non-ProRes footage yet.


    Mac OS 10.13.6

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    After I installed the 13.0.2 update on my mac Premiere Pro CC became unusable and eventually unresponsive.  

    13.0.1 works fine on my 4 GHz Intel Core i7 iMac with 16 GB of RAM.  Its been great, 4K, effects, not a hiccup.

    With 13.0.3 update Premiere Pro will open a project, then quickly consume all available RAM.    All actions on the mac are extremely slow, editing is impossible.  Just sitting open Premiere Pro is writing and reading to RAM. Back and forth 300+MB/s.   When I try to quit PP, I get the eternal spinning beachball and I must force quit.

    Adobe tech support tells me I need 32GB of RAM minimum and Mojave to run PP CC 2019 or I can roll back to 2018.



      Model Name: iMac

      Model Identifier: iMac17,1

      Processor Name: Intel Core i7

      Processor Speed: 4 GHz

      Number of Processors: 1

      Total Number of Cores: 4

      L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB

      L3 Cache: 8 MB

      Memory: 16 GB


    OS High Sierra 10.13.6

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    So I filmed a small clip from my iPhone every day for a year in 2018 and I’m editing it down to one second a day for a cool compilation/recap video. Everything was fine for the first 200 clips or so, however, randomly the footage started becoming very jumpy. By this I mean a clip will randomly restart to the beginning midway and will jump back and forth between different points in the clip in a very glitchy way. I cannot make edits Because the starting point ends up changing for each clip.   It’s Super frustrating and I’m not sure what to do. It’s so frustrating because I’ve already put in so many hours of work into this and would hate to have to restart. Plz help.

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    I want to attach a video to my discussion for the Forum Users to view.  During scrubbing viewers will notice something unusual.


    [title edited by mod for clarity]

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    I started a new Premiere Pro multicam sequence, but had trouble adding clip markers to the multicam clips themselves so I moved to placing the clip markers on an adjustment layer. Turning out to be a big mistake. I have markers appearing on clips that I haven't even gotten to yet, and a few minutes ago all of my markers moved to later clips. I've attached an image showing the markers showing up on later clips (The green markers later in the sequence I did not add). What am I supposed to be placing my markers on to ensure that they don't move? That was my whole point in going with clip markers over standard markers.

    Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 5.27.42 PM.png

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    Hello fellow Adobe community!


    I'm really new to masking and have been watching tutorials but have run into a problem I can't seem to fix, could yall help me out? I'm editing a trailer to a film screening. The title lies at the base of a windshield as 2 characters are driving. The wipers are moving and I'm trying to mask the wipers to wipe over the title. I successfully did it with the left wiper and it looks really good. I tried to make a second mask and mask the right wiper but it doesn't seem to work. I trace the wiper with the pen tool and select invert under mask expansion, same thing I did on the left wiper that worked, but anything I do seems to just turn off the effect of the left wiper mask. I feel like I'm not understanding some fundumental understanding of masking. Is it possible to make 2 masks, one of each wiper, on the same text? Hope I explained this well

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  • 11/14/18--21:06: Lumetri Colors Not Exporting
  • Hello! So, there have been a couple posts on how Lumetri color effects are not exporting out of Premiere Pro correctly, but none of the answers given have corrected my export quality yet so I'm hoping I can get some new answers now especially with CC 2019. Anyways, my footage is color corrected/graded very simply. I have each clip color graded with the Lumetri effect individually and I also have an adjustment layer with the Lumetri effect on a specific sequence of the footage. It seems as though none of my Lumetri effects are being exported as much footage is dull and looks similar to the raw footage. I was orginally exporting H.264 with Match Source for bit rate but now I've tried a very of settings (I've tried MPEG, etc). My max bit rate is on in sequence settings. I've also copied and pasted my Lumetri folders into Adobe Media Encoder folder but still nothing. First image is what I have in Premiere after color grading and the second photo is what shows up on Quicktime. Please help!! I really like how I graded this footage and I'm trying to avoid re-grading it since this is an issue that I will undoubtably have in the future regardless.

    Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 8.48.48 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-11-14 at 8.48.57 PM.png

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