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Latest Forum Threads in Premiere Pro CC
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  • 01/14/19--13:57: Audio crackle when scrubbing
  • I suspect I'll need to report this as another bug, but I've just booted Premiere up on my PC and whenever I scrub through my slideshow, my speakers crackle. It would be one thing if I had an audio file that was causing the issue, but my slides don't have any. All I have is a 4 second video and that has no audio. This crackle happens no matter what slideshow I scrub through, with or without the video I have. I even tried deleting my cache, but it hasn't helped.


    Any ideas?



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  • 01/14/19--19:10: What is this effect?
  • It's a kind of picture in picture effect. The master scene is a static wide shot and there is a tv monitor in the scene. I want to replace the video content in the monitor. Easy enough. Add new content on track above master and adjust scale and position to match monitor... EXCEPT that the monitor has some curvature and it's not a clean rectangle. I can adjust 4 corners of the new content but how do I manipulate the top and bottom to curve and match the background?

    I recall being able to do something like this in previous Premiere versions but I can't find it in latest version.


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  • 01/20/17--15:47: High CPU Usage & Lag
  • Dear forum,


    I've been trying to sort this problem out all evening but i'm sitting here scratching my head, hopefully someone can help. I'm trying to edit some 4K drone footage in PP but I'm experiencing lag that is making it almost impossible. Laptop specs are Core i7-6820HK running at 2.7ghz, 32GB RAM, GTX 980. I've closed down all other programs but my CPU usage is going up to as high as 96%, is that normal?


    I would have thought that the core i7 and GTX 980 would be able to cope with this? I've been reading that older versions of PP don't have any problems with 4K so i've gone back to CC 2015.3 but it's exactly the same for me. If anyone can help out it would be greatly appreciated.

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  • 01/14/19--04:58: Text template Issue
  • Hello


    I can't drag a text template into the timeline, any idea whats the issue?



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    I have been working on a project for a couple weeks and yesterday premiere wouldn't open the project without crashing or freezing.

    It would say all the media was loaded but most of the clips would appear pending and you couldnt view any clips/sequences in source or programme monitor.

    I saw a suggestion to start a new project and import the entire on project into it so i did that. Initially it loaded fine but then started saying that media from a loads of the clips was missing. When i relocated the clips in their normal folders it wont relink the clips with the error message 'Importer reported a generic error'.

    I went back into the old project and the same thing happened. HELP!!!

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    I'm having problems importing DJI Mavic Pro 2 h265 videos. The latest Premiere Pro version doesn't want to open them.


    I do have all the latest video card drivers, updates, Quicktime, etc. It is not a fault of the computer. I can import the same files in Premiere Pro CC 2018 and everything works. If I convert the CC 2018 project to CC 2019 project, it shows up as a missing file even if it is there.


    What should I do? Does anyone else experience such a problem?



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  • 01/11/19--09:53: Premier stuttering
  • When editing videos in 1080p videos in adobe premier every little piece of clip stutters for a few seconds then continue playing as normal. This has become a big issue when i need to cut short clips as the stuttering prevents me from finding a good point to cut. Am using adobe premiere pro cc 2019 in an hp envy notebook with core i5 5200U 8gb ram and 1tb HDD.

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    Hi, hoping someone can help.   I have Adobe Premiere Pro 2019 and have the most recent version.   In the last couple of weeks I have noticed the presets in the Audio panel are no longer there and when I try to match loudness it analyzes the clip but does not match it.  I have uninstalled and re-installed PP but I still have the same issue.  Can anyone assist?  Thank you so much.

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  • 06/17/16--12:28: Losing Color in Exports
  • Hey,


    I'm having a problem whenever I export a video I'm noticing a severe desaturation of color when exporting. I've found people having the same issue, but no answers on what to do.


    Any suggestions?

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    I have a video which was inadvertently recorded upside down. Is there a way to flip the video 360 degrees? Thanks in advance.

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    When I import my CS6 project into the latest Premiere version first it gets semi hung up when locating media (a “program not responding” message is seen.  when it finally shows me the list of media not located and I “offline all”, again it gets semi hung up (“program not responding”).  After a bit it loads the project.  I save it and close the program.  When I try to reopen it I get the message that “the file appears to be damaged and cannot be opened.”


    Any assistance in resolving this issue so I can open and encode this project would be helpful!


    If this doesn’t work can somebody recommend an alternative way to encode this project?



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  • 01/15/19--10:21: Zoom In on Premiere Pro
  • Hi everyone!


    I have been having the hardest time trying to figure out how to zoom in on my title page. It is a simple black background with my company's logo on it. The logo is really small after being imported, but I figured I could still make it look neat if I can zoom into it.


    Thanks for the help!

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    I have premier pro cc 2019 and it worked great until now, it is failing to launch not error crash code nothing, the last thing I can see is loading ImporterphotoshopAE.dllScreenshot_9.png

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    Below is a screenshot of an error message I get everytime I start up Premiere Pro (v 13.0.1). Does anyone know how to resolve this?


    The message doesn't offer any route to resolving the problem, and if I understand correctly the message is telling me that the unavailable fonts are in fact Adobe fonts? (AdobeClean-Bold, AdobeClean-Regular)




    Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 12.22.50.png

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  • 12/21/18--20:40: Zooming
  • I am having problems on Premier Pro with zooming in/out of pictures via keyframes. I can make a picture size 100 then add a keyframe a few seconds later that has the size 50. As the video rolls, I can see the literal keyframe numbers decreasing, but the picture in the actual video itself does not decrease in size. Why won't the picture actually zoom in/out while I am editing? And is there a way that I can fix that?


    >problems on Premier Pro

    [Here is the list of all Adobe forums...]

    [Moved from Premiere Elements to Premiere Pro... Mod]

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    Hi everyone


    Just recently switched over to Premiere Pro CS6 at my office. I'm an editor for a web video production company and so far I've been having quite a few problems with Premiere.


    The biggest issue is that randomly, maybe 10 times a day, the audio for my entire system will drop out while editing in Premiere. At first I was resorting to doing full restarts of my computer and the problem would fix itself, but now I've discovered that if I go into "Activity Monitor," search for "coreaudiod" and then force restart that activity, the audio will reset itself for the system, but not Premiere. I still have to then restart premiere to get the audio working again in my project.


    I've seen other people mention similar issues but I have yet to find a solution. Can anyone help? Thanks so much.


    Here are my computer specs:



    27-inch, Mid 2011

    Processor  3.1 GHz Intel Core i5

    Memory  8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

    Graphics  AMD Radeon HD 6970M 1024 MB

    Software  Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 (11G63b)



    Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

    v. 6.0.2

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    I can not deal with rendering the movie, I've been doing it for a few hours. No effect. In Premiere Pro CC 2018 (Windows 10, Intel I5, GTX 970) it's good when exporting a single frame (screenshot) is good, but in every possible configuration on the rendered effect - VR Digital Glitch - I get green noise from pixels as you can see in the movie from 0:24 and same from 0:38.



    I have current drivers.

    Please Help.

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    There is a lot of strange stuff going on when trying to import an AAF exported with Pro Tools.


    Embedded AAF just gives a mute, red colored timeline.

    With linked or copied audio files, import is working, sort of...


    - There are 1-frame clips before and after every cut.

    - In the bin, there are "FA clips" next to the normal clips.

    - There is a "FA clip" sequence as well in the bin, containing 3 frames of random audio on 2 tracks.

    - And why every clip is named "CH 1" is also unclear to me (nothing in the Pro Tools session was named Ch 1).


    None of this happens when importing the same AAF back into a blank Pro Tools session.

    There are no fades in the Pro Tools session (maybe 1, that would be the "fade 2 FA clip" I guess.

    I did 10 different export / import attempts.


    Is there a way to properly import AAF into Premiere?


    Premiere Pro CC 13.0.2, Win10.


    Edit: The 1 frame clips also happen when importing an OMF into Audition, maybe Pro Tools is messing it up (that would be remarkable).




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    We are currently working on a project that will deliver in 5.1.  The music score, sound design and final audio mix will be delivered to us as a master file which we will then sync to our video.  I have looked everywhere for a proper solution to monitor 5.1 with Premiere Pro 2018 with no luck thus far.  The Premiere project is setup correctly as a 5.1 project, and all of the audio meters are showing signal.



    Our Edit Suites have Mac Pro 2013 Trash Cans with Blackmagic Mini Monitors connected to Flanders CM 250 broadcast monitors.  Each suite also has an 55" LG OLED "Client Monitor".  My hope is (was) to use the Mini Monitors HDMI output to a home theater receiver to get the 5.1 monitoring, but from what I've read the Mini Monitor only puts out 2 channels of audio as opposed to the advertised 8 channels.  Some have mentioned using an SDI to HDMI converter since SDI carries 8 channels of audio.



    I'm looking for advice on the hardware setup to be able to monitor 5.1 audio in Premiere Pro.  We're open to using different / additional hardware in order to get the 5.1 monitoring working.  Any help with this is greatly appreciated!

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  • 01/15/19--11:34: slow motion isn't working.
  • I got a Nikon Z7 camera and I've taken some video at 120fps, and some other with their slow motion setting which is supposed to be 5 times slower than normal.  But when I include in videos with 30fps settings, these clips play at normal, not-slowed speed.

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    Im using MacOS High Sierra Vs. 10.13.6


    My project crashed after an error saying Error parsing properties popped up. I tried reopening my project and the copy i saved and it crashes every time i open it.  I restarted creative cloud, my computer, uninstalled and reinstalled premiere and it crashes every time i open it still. I open an auto save from 5 minutes before it crashed but it has none of my work that I had done today.


    I looked in the forums and followed steps but nothing is working and I don't want to have to redo the 5 hours of work i did.


    Pls help


    Moderator: Moved from Adobe Creative Cloud to Premiere Pro CC

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  • 01/15/19--14:12: Real Black and White (Film)
  • I don't know if this makes sense but I don't like the black and white effect in Premiere, It doesn't look like real film. I want blacker blacks and whiter whites, I want a good film grain, I want it to look like it was shot on film in black and white, does anybody have some tips?

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    While trying to import a sequence into my project, I'm consistently experiencing my premiere crashing after about 10 minutes. The message I get is that a serious error has occurred and premiere is required to shutdown. Both projects are operating on Premiere 2019 13 and both problems only began occurring after the 2019 update.


    System Info - Mac OS Sierra

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    I'm working on a project that incorporates H264/mp4 1080p clips into a 1080p timeline but mixed with 4K MXF footage from a Sony PXW-FS7. The master will be 1080, not 4K. The question I have is related to the mp4 clips.


    I'm taking the mp4 clips from BluRay rips. (All legal aspects covered; this question is technical.) My process will be to cut the clips I need from the full HD films and import those clips into my main project as stand-alone assets. This is so that I don't have to have a huge number of full BluRay rips in my assets for the main project, but even if I were to do it that way instead the same question pops up: What container and codec should I use to export the clips that will be imported into the main project?


    My thinking is that I should export them same as source and import them as mp4 files into the main project. This would ensure the least possible quality loss. The catch is that Media Encoder won't render an mp4 as a ProRes quad4, which I had assumed would be my master output for the finished project.


    That leads me to a second question: If I'm stuck working with mp4 clips either way, what how should I export my master for the highest final quality?


    Thanks in advance.

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  • 01/15/19--13:09: Edit Motion Text Graphic
  • I recently downloaded an AdobeStock Motion Text Graphic but I cannot figure out how to change the text to what I want it to say.....anybody know??

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    I've recently changed computer from a 2017 iMac to a 2018 MacBook Pro which I've updated to Mojave 10.14.2 and am running Premier Pro 13.0.2. I have the 2.6Ghz processor with 16GB of RAM and Radeon Pro 560X 4096 MB, Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB


    My footage is not showing on either the source or the program monitor. I can see it's there. I can see TC and the I/O marks, I can even export the clips successfully but I can't see it. I've been searching the internet for hours to fix this - I've tried uninstalling PP and entire CC (which I might try again) , I've tried changing renderer to Software only, and I've tried resetting the workspace to saved version... all of which are fixes discussed on forums elsewhere. I've been editing this project for a few weeks and was even editing it on this Mac all of yesterday with no issues. But now, suddenly no images.


    I'm stumped and I'm running out of time.


    Any ideas, anyone?

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    I'm attempting to create proxies by right clicking files in the project window. After doing so, Media Encoder opens, but the renders don't populate. I've tried several proxy file types and tried opening Media Encoder before attempting to send files from Premiere.


    Please help, h.265 files are a beast!




    Windows 10 Pro

    Premiere CC19 13.0.2

    Media Encoder CC19 13.0.2

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    I am trying to export a video that is about 2 minutes long, and it takes forever to export. My laptop eventually shuts down because of its inefficient battery life. What do i do.

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    Hello, I need an advice from you. I own a 2012 PC with an Intel Core i7-3820 CPU (turbo boosted up to 4.30 GHz). The motherboard is the ASUS RAMPAGE IV GENE with the Intel C600/X79 chipset. I need to turn it into a second/spare PremierePRO workstation. Will it be enough to install an Nvidia RTX2070 in order to get the AME GPU acceleration to work? Or will the old motherboard and CPU break the CUDA link with Premiere? The present AMD R7-250 (Radeon HD7750) OpenCL GPU is totally invisible to Premiere and makes AME impossible to use whereas the peak 4.3GHz of the i7-3820 seem enough for decent 4K timeline editing. Thank you very much for your help!

    P.S. : The OS is Windows10 1809 and PremierePRO CC 13.0.2 latest version

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    Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to place more than one multicam sequence in a sequence and have each of the multicam sequence editable. I want to have different multicam sequences on different layers and being able to edit them individually as I toggle them on and off. So far my experience with this has been that the multicam sequence I put down on a sequence in the first video track becomes the only multicam sequence I am able to view in multicam view. The other multicam sequence on different tracks don't work. When I turn off the one working multicam sequence and try to work with a different one above it, I am not able to view my cameras. In multicam playback I can only see a black frame on the left side and my selected camera visible on the right side. When I match frame my non-working multicam sequence and view them in the preview monitor I can watch all of the cameras just fine so I know my multicam sequence are functioning.


    It seems like you can only play back in multicam mode with your multicam sequences on video track 1, and not when different multicam sequence are layered on both video track 1 and 2 (or 3, 4, etc...). For me that does not work as I am working on a dance performance where I have four takes of the same performance set to the same music which I would like to intercut. By having the tracks layered I can select the best take from the best point in time of the music and just turn that on and the other tracks off. Any suggestions?


    [Terminology corrected.  Premiere Pro does not have multiclips, it uses nested sequences for multicam work, hence it creates multicam sequences.]


    Message was edited by: Jim Simon

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    Adobe and Premier Community,


    I have a project that was ongoing for over a year with dozens of separate sequence videos in it for this website client.  In each sequence we have numerous nested clips because we change the speed on the clips and then sometimes apply Warped Stabilizer, thus the clips need to be nested to do this.  None of the footage or editing has changed since completing this project back in April (It was 100% perfect in this last version of Premier), but now the client wants to edit a few of the videos with new building stats.  No problem right, WRONG!  Much to my dismay, I now have the "danger stripes" blue diagonal line issue with dozens of clips and nested clips throughout my project sequences that I have to go through and manually fix to what was once a finished video.  WHY??? This project was perfectly edited to their request and all videos were exported to H264 for Vimeo upload. I thankfully have them all to use for re-editing each mistake that Premier caused!


    Since the project was finished in April, Premier has been updated 1-2 times and thus the project needed to be updated to the latest version when I opened it in the new version on my system. I have never had an issue upgrading this project or any in the past.  This update caused this diagonal line issue throughout my already finished project on EVERY timeline in numerous spots. This is going to cost me days of non-billable time.  AHHHH!!!   This appears to mainly happen on all the nested clips, but it also happened on a few regular clips too.  Some nested sequences are fully black, yet still show the clip it's linked to properly in light blue.  Yet some show the footage for half the clip and diagonal lines through the other half, thus turning black for that half.  The reason for half and half is the linking of the nested clip is there, but the clip linked is only showing what was marked in to out.  It does not show the entire master clip it was originally pulled from.  Or, in some cases, it shows the wrong in to out location from when it was edited.


    Why would updating my project cause this issue and change 50-60% of my nested clips and 20% of the regular clips to the wrong in-out and thus give me diagonal lines on the clip?  ALL of the clips with the glitch are shot on GoPro Hero 5, have the Gopro Lens correction filter applied and some also have Warp Stabilizer applied if that matters at all to the discussion. I am still scanning through each timeline, but it appears that all drone footage and graphics are 100% correct.


    Here is a Dropbox folder full of images showing the issue across numerous sequences.



    Again, this should have been a clean upgrade of a finished project, but instead, the upgrade has just caused me a nightmare to fix over a dozen 1 minute videos that were 100% complete.


    Also, FYI, I do still have the original Project file and all the video source footage linked 100% correctly when the project rebuilt itself.
    Nothing is missing from the original project. Just for reference, here are all the finished video linked on their site that I now have to fix unless there is a way to upgrade this again without the issue:



    Can I install the previous version to hopefully not have to fix all these videos and wait until Premier 13 is fixed and allows past Projects to be upgraded without issue???  I am so frustrated right now.  PLEASE HELP ADOBE!  FIX THIS!

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    My latest project I decided to use "Essential Graphics".


    Some text is moved to the very top of the screen.


    Some background images don't render at all.  Everything looks fine in Premiere, but the GFX are missing in my rendered and finished file.


    PLEASE HELP kulpreet singh

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    Basically, when working with any somewhat large project, premiere 2019 will randomly freeze, and then the program monitor will go black. This has been happening for months, but it's been no big deal because I can just close and re-open premiere in less than 30 seconds. However, upon re-start up recently premiere has started to crash and cause the computer to do the blue screen of death. For some reason going to task manager and ending task on premiere from their seemed to fix the problem for a day or two, but the problem is back.


    My specs:


    16gb DDR4 RAM (2 8gb sticks, duel channel)

    GTX 1050 - 417.35 driver version

    AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core Processor.

    Windows 10 Education edition.

    Premiere is installed on an SSD, but my footage is installed on a separate internal hybrid drive.




    I know I can just turn off GPU acceleration, but recently doing this makes nested layers have incorrect motion properties when the simple 3d effect is applied (The issue happens to nested layers which then get a 3d effect in my main sequence). In the past GPU acceleration have made errors, so I've switched to software mode when exporting, but with this project that has the basic 3d effect, that's not an option because software mode renders and exports nested layers that have images in them with incorrect motion settings. However, basic 3d has only done this a few times in the past, while other times working fine.


    This is also the first time I am working with after effects. Instead of doing a link, I've been importing certain shots into after effects and then exporting to .avi file, which I reimport back into premiere. However, they've been fine as far as I can tell.


    I am running the most recent version of premiere. I know doing so is not recommended, but the initial switch from 2018 to 2019 saw a significant increase in reliability and initial stability for me, and online I read that when running into this problem, it's a good idea to try to update it.


    I've also tried updating my nvidia card, but doing so had no results.


    I've only had this problem with premiere, after effects seems to be fine.


    I've read that this is often a Nvidia issue. Is there a recommended stable driver and/or known stable version of premiere I should be using? Will getting more ram fi it? is it my GPU's fault?

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    I have an ongoing problem using Adobe Premiere Pro's motion graphic.


    I've got a few motion graphics templates that I purchased within the program. I use the essential graphics panel to move it to my library and then I try to drag it into my sequence. Instead I get a circle with a line through it and can't move it.


    I've managed to get one to move into the sequence but can't get others.


    I've updated my version, and reset and searched online. Seems like a really basic bug and it's interfering with my workflow.


    I've also been finding when I try to move motion graphics templates from the Essential Graphics panel and copy them to say, My Library I consistently get an error message and a crash.

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    I've imported one of the free adobe motion graphic templates through the essential graphics panel, but it won't allow me to drag the clip to my timeline.

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    Has your 5.1 surround sound ever stopped working when editing in Premiere or Audition? And did you find a solution?





    Sometimes, when I mess around with the audio hardware settings long enough I can get my surround sound (Realtek) card to work. And other times the 5.1 surround sound will switch back to stereo in the middle of a session.



    I have researched this for hours and have not really been able to find a solution. It's got to be Adobe because my card plays 5.1 just fine in other programs.



    Appreciate the help.


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  • 03/08/16--17:14: duplicate media
  • Since I was unable to contact Kevin at adobe via Facebook, about this issue and it has been marked RESOLVED elsewhere, I want to open this up and get this problem resolved once and for all time sake for the sanity of my entire post production team.


    Despite trying all of the how to's including checking XMP IDs on a fresh new project, we have been unable to move files back and forth between editors working remotely without experiencing duplicate files linked to the same media. Of course, removing the duplicate files from the project panel, removes them from sequence timelines. I've been in editorial for over 10 years and this was not an issue with AVID media, nor media in Final Cut Pro. I am still amazed that this is not a feature that works in Premiere. It's literally the only feature I've wanted in Premiere since we started using it on this animated feature film.


    Anyone else? I've tried making a feature request for this. Has anyone else had any luck with this?


    This tutorial works only if you are not sharing media with another person.


    Reuse clips and work across multiple projects | Adobe Premiere Pro CC tutorials

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    A few years ago I feathered this video into a black background in FCP and I cannot remember how I did it, I have tried to select feather in Premiere and select the rectangle but not getting any results. Would I need to create a new mask to create this below against a black background?




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    I download YouTube  music videos with Jdownloader and store them on my hard drive.

    Then I watch the videos with vlc player.

    Can I replace the audio of the song (with adobe premiere) for a better wav or flac format?

    What would the export adjustment be?


    I will post a sample video:




    This video has these audio features:




    And these are the characteristics of the new audio flac that I want to

    replace with the audio of youtube:





    Which settings are correct to improve the audio in the "export" part?


    Sorry for my English. Use (google translate)

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    Hi, GIF newbie here..


    I need to convert my video to a high quality GIF (FYI I know high quality GIFs are possible because I've seen them before). 


    After trying a dozen different online converters (including non-free ones), I managed to find one with reasonable image quality output (, but it only allows output at 10 FPS (I need at least 20 FPS). 


    I then tried exporting from Premiere Pro using the "animated GIF" option, but the image output was crummy no matter what settings I chose..


    Does anybody have any advice/suggestions?  thnx!


    Source vs. vs. Premiere Pro:


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    Hi all,


    I know others have long been experiencing this same problem, but all of the other forums on this topic that I've been able to find haven't resolved or acutely described the problem, and the discussion always devolves into lengthy discussions with solutions that ultimately don't fix the issue, so I hope this doesn't come off as a redundant post.


    The problem: Like many other posters, when I export from Premiere--even when I export lossless ProRes 422 HQ--I have major color shifting / desaturation / other color issues in my end product, and this is consistent across Mac/PCs, whether I have the latest version of Premiere or of my OS, etc.


    Yes, I know I can open my lossless file in VLC instead of Quicktime and my color will be accurate/preserved, but that's because VLC matches your source color on the back end. YouTube, Vimeo, & Facebook--where I'll actually be publishing my videos--don't do that, and the color is radically shifted/desaturated etc. when I upload there, which is what really matters here. By my lights, all of this means that something in the export itself is to blame.


    Does anyone know what this issue is and how to fix it? And I want to be clear here--I'm viewing the color in both the export and the Premiere project window from the same monitor, so I don't understand how it can be a monitor calibration issue.


    I'm by no means a color or technical expert--I just recently began motion graphics and editing--but this just seems like a consistent issue with Premiere / Media Encoder not exporting with remote fidelity to what you see in your editing window. This has been an incredibly frustrating problem for well over a year. I'm hopeful it's just a togglable setting that I have on/off, but I'm worried that's not the case. If this is an issue that Adobe knows about and can admit to, even THAT would be helpful. At least then I can stop trying to find the magic setting in Premiere or Media Encoder that fixes my issue and start working around what I know to be an immovable issue.


    I hope someone from Adobe can chime in, since I know tons of other post-producers who are much more tech-savvy than I am who complain about the exact same problem, and they use wild work-arounds that only approximate a real solution to get by. Any thoughts on what to do would be really appreciated.

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    After updating my premiere pro 2018 to 2019 I have experienced more crashes, failed renders, low level exceptions, than ever before. Isn't an update supposed to fix these issues not make them more prominent?


    Today what should have been a 1 hour edit took 3-4 hours due to the program repeatedly crashing. No color grading, nothing crazy, just some clips and some text. This week alone I have had the program crash on me REPEATEDLY.


    I have had adobe support screen share my computer twice, hardly resolving the issue, all while in turn deleting all my presets I have built up over the year.


    I have grown beyond frustrated with adobes service. I have had theses issue since I was a teenager and strongly expected them to get better as I improved my computer and as adobe released more updates. However this is not the case. I still run into meaningless problems. I find myself yelling at my screen "why wont you just work like you should" on a consistent basis and have heard others mention something similar. This doesn't make content creation any fun.


    Since Adobe can't resolve these issues I turn to the forum to ask if anybody else is experiencing these common issues with the new 2019 update. Perhaps I need to have adobe screen share my computer AGAIN, but at this point I have lost all hope that adobe will create an update, hire an individual with a brain or develop any program that can withstand what us editors and filmmakers truly need in an editing software.


    Super disappointing that adobe STILL hasn't gotten it together after releasing Premiere Pro in the 90's. Your telling me in 20-30 years hasn't been enough time for you guys to make a software that actually works? What a joke. Very strongly considering editing on a different platform and not giving adobe all my money for a horrible product.


    Please let me know if anyone else is experiencing an increased amount of bugs and issues with the new 2019 update.

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  • 01/15/19--14:34: Davinci Resolve 15 XML File
  • Can I import a Davinci Resolve 15 XML File to Premiere Media Encoder?

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    I have created and saved a number of different workspaces, based on the defaults.  So instead of Edit, I've created Edit2.  Instead of Color, I've created Color2, and so on.


    They all work really great.


    Now because they're custom, they don't show up in the Workspaces Panel at the top of the screen, but are instead in the Overflow Menu.  So I choose "Edit Workspaces", and delete the default menu choices, and move my own out of the Overflow Menu and into the main Bar Menu.  Then I save and continue working.




    However, when I shut down Premiere and reopen it, the Workspaces Panel reverts to the original, default layout.


    So what am I doing wrong?





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    Hi there


    I am editing a project that has both material shot with Canon c100 (AVCHD), and material shot with Canon 5D mark II

    At the moment I am editing the AVCHD natively, and the sequence settings were matched to it accordingly.


    What's the best way of bringing the Canon 5D footage into the project?

    1) Can I just drag the 5D footage as is into the current sequence, even though the sequence settings were set to match the AVCHD material?

    2) Would it be wiser to transcode everything to ProRes first? or am I loosing quality?

    3) If I do bring everything into ProRes, is it better to then start a new project so to make sure all the settings match, or just a new sequence will suffice?


    My computer specs are:

    macOS High Sierra 10.13.6

    iMac Retina 4K

    Processor 3.6 GHz Intel Core i7

    Memory 16 GB 2400 MHz DDR4

    Graphics Radeon Pro 560 4096 MB


    Working with Premiere Pro version 12.1.2


    Thanks so much


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  • 01/15/19--20:24: Font is Wrong in Titles
  • Recently in a very large project I'm working on when I loaded premiere the fonts didn't sync evidenced by the notification when I opened the project.


    Now when I open the project the fonts are syncing but some of the titles are showing the incorrect font. I guess this is because I rendered the preview maybe? It's driving me nuts and I damn sure don't want to go through and recreate all the title because of this expensive Adobe buggy crap


    Sometimes the font is incorrect in part of the graphic and correct in the other part, like if there's a transition the font is incorrect in the transition.


    So, is there a way to force the font to be correct or force the project to re-render or some other resolve?


    In this image for example Magistral is selected but in the preview it's a totally different font:

    2019-01-15 (8).png


    If I change the clip in some way like the duration of the cross dissolve transition the correct font shows. But, this will only resolve the font where the change is made, not the entire graphic. And if I move the dissolve back to the original edit position the wrong font comes back:


    2019-01-15 (9).png


    Please tell me there's some sort of resolve for this that's easy. I pay a lot for this software and I NEED it to work. I've already had issues late last year with premiere after an update and some other buggy things that make me want to get away from it and jump into DaVinci Resolve or some other editing program. I'm sick of paying for glitches. I'm not even trying to do anything complicated. I just need this to work Adobe, the basics need to work solid, flawlessly before you go charging us for new features we're not even using. I'm so irritated right now.

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    This issue may be related to this issue I reported just prior to this: Font is Wrong in Titles


    Recently when applying the VR Light Leaks transition I'm getting a red notification when previewing "This Effect Requires GPU Acceleration". I didn't use to get this. I have GPU acceleration on though.

    2019-01-15 (10).png


    It only does this when I render clip before previewing (when there's a green line on the timeline):

    2019-01-15 (13).png

    The notification doesn't appear and the transition works/plays during preview perfectly when I don't render the preview. So, if I undo the rendered preview green line by changing the transition length then the timeline has a yellow line, notification goes away, and transition works.

    2019-01-15 (14).png


    However, if I put the transition back where it was and the timeline goes back to green then the notification comes back.


    This didn't use to happen. This is a fairly new phenomenon. I hate paying a subscription fee for such a buggy program. Who has time for this???

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    I don't know if anyone else has struggled with this issue but I found a relatively simple solution to a problem that has plagued my workflow for days.


    The Setup:

    A portable 4TB HDD contained an assembly cut of a feature film I needed to polish and finish, however the folder structure was atrocious and the speed of the drive was poor - awful working conditions.


    The Solution:

    Transfer the entire folder structure to my RAID for cleanup and faster editing, sounds easy enough.

    The Problem:
    Loading the project file from the RAID would require new links to source footage (it was searching for the external HDD, but this is not what I wanted) so re-linking media (1800 or so files from the RAID) would get to what appeared to be 100% complete and then stall for infinity until I force quit PremierePro.


    I had considered using the Project Manager inside PremierePro but being stubborn and already having transferred the 3 odd TB of data I decided to knuckle down and figure it out.


    My Solution:
    Open project file from RAID (no external HDD connected), when link media window pops up, uncheck the "link other files automatically" box, locate and link the first file in the list and then press CANCEL.


    VOILA! The timeline opened perfectly with every piece of video and audio USED in the timeline working and linked (how I do not know). The only caveat to this workaround is that using unused footage would require a manual re-link but this can be performed en masse for whatever bin you're using. The upside is that once you re-link files when the project has loaded correctly, these files will be permanently linked to your new source location (for me on my RAID).


    My Apologies:
    If there is an extremely simple way to just point and shoot around this issue I don't know about then forgive me, but if anyone has been battling with this malakias I hope this helps.

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    Since my last problem, I've finished several videos with just weird font errors, but now it won't even open the options box for exporting. I finished editing > File > Export. I clicked Export, and nothing happens. Usually the box opens that gives me all my options for export, but it doesn't even show up. I've tried closing and opening the program several times, tried the hotkey for export, and I've tried to find another way to export the video. Nothing works...

    For some reason Premier is being REALLY buggy lately. Which is weird, because I never had a problem before last month or so.


    The latest I can be done with this video is tomorrow. I really need help.

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    I'd classify the current timeline playback implementation as very buggy in the most recent release. I'm running with up to date Nvidia drivers (with the latest version of Cuda), and in testing a project on the previous version and this version, the playback lag rendered editing in CC 2019 completely unusable.


    Is anyone else dealing with similar issues? I'm on a Windows PC laptop, i7-7700HQ, 32 Gigs of ram. The previous version worked perfectly for editing GH5 10-bit footage. As a test, I have the same project setup in Davinci Resolve 15, and it plays and perfectly with zero lag.


    Adobe, please fix the playback and Cuda acceleration problems in the latest version!