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Latest Forum Threads in Premiere Pro CC

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  • 07/03/13--09:40: Join Through Edits
  • Can anybody make this work with audio only tracks. I placed a wav file of a cd track at 44.1KHz, cut it with the razor tool, and the double clicked the edit, I did not get the option to join the edit. It works ok with a video track.

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  • 07/04/13--12:21: Download Help
  • I purchased the year program and can't get it downloaded. I have windows 8.


    [Thread title edited for clarity.]

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    no sequence file or codec could be associated - can't open project; how can I resolve an item?

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    Hi, i dont have Speech analysys moduls in premiere cc. when i install them new a folder "CS6" is created but still no access to these moduls. any help?

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    I downloaded the International English speech analysis model from here:



    Which says they're for CC as well as CS6.


    But when I install it, I don't get the option in CC to analyze clips using anything but US English.


    The models are installed here:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\SpeechAnalysisModels\CS6 so I tried creating a CC model, copying the CS6 content across, and restarting Premiere. No joy. What else can I try?





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    what is the shortcut for centering the cursor in the timeline in Premiere Pro CS6?

    (I can not find it e.g. here: s.html)




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    After infinitely trouble with stability in OSX Premiere CS6, I´ve tried to open my project in CC. I get a dialogue box when importing media with heading "Cannot Link Media" and saying "The selcted file cannot be linked because it has 2 audio channel(s) and the clip was created with 1 audio channel(s). Now, these clips had no issues in CS6, but after installing CC, I cannot open anything in CS6 and CC won´t, as stated, accept my clips. Now, I tried to uninstall CS6 to late reinstall it. But Adobe seems to have removed the installer, anyway I can´t find it. SERIOUSLY!. This is EXTREMELY frustrating. PLEASE HELP!

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  • 07/04/13--17:29: no sound
  • Hello Adobe world. I am new to using Adobe Premiere CS 5.5. I have this huge issue on where I cannot hear any sound when I have to edit the videos. The audio mixer shows that there is something playing, but i cannot hear a thing. If I open it in any other program such as windows media player or Adobe Audition, it can be heard. I have tried changing the output hardware and mapping and nothing seems to work. Can someone please help me?

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    Hi everyone, I've got a strange issue.


    I've got effects applied at the track level.  When I export my final video, the audio effects from the "rack" are not being applied.  Am I missing something or is this a bug?


    It plays back/sounds correct in the timeline, but the export has no effects applied!


    Here is a screen shot of my audio mixer settings:


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    I downloaded th trial version in Premiere CC and try to edit a multicam project edit about 30 min of footage saved it and close Premiere CC after reopen each cut made on timeline start with the begining of video so like i had 3 cameras and all of them start recording on diferent time i got like black image all over and sometime when i had switched to the camer x what start recording 1st is showing the image

    ........ any help?

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  • 07/04/13--11:50: How to add key frames in CC
  • I'm just trying out CC and can hardly get past get-go :-(


    I surfed for help for 45 minutes and found nothing useful.


    Sadly after telling people people for at least 15 years that Adobe has great products but the worst help files of probably any major company, it's still true.


    Adobe help still assumes that you know the answer that your looking for :-(  Whenever I surf for help I try anything before a URL marked Adobe.


    Anyway that's why I"m here ;-)


    I'm staring at the CC timeline and I wan't to fade in both picture and sound; so how do I add key frames?





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    I know it is supposed to be among the color correction effects but I don't see it. What am I doing wrong?

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    Hello everyone,


    I would like to understand if it is possible to turn the audio off while reproducing clips in the source panel. How?

    Thanks a lot



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  • 07/04/13--23:17: Avid Media Composer Import
  • Can anyone please tell me whether I am able to import/edit native Avid projects in PP CC on a WIn7 PC. 


    I know that Avid projects can be saved as AAF etc for either round trip or export, but there willl not be an opportunity for that.


    Many thanks.

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    I have to integrate a new sequence in a long project and I'm a bit reluctant to touch the whole thing to make some space for it. Isn't there a way to do this  by creating a new project and import the new sequence without rendering?

    or what are the options?

    my concern is to not loosing quality during the process.


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  • 06/26/13--00:01: Extract leaves a gap
  • I am embarased to ask this, as I am obviously missing something...


    I understand the difference betweeen lift and extract, but cannot figure out how to make an in to out cut and leave no gap.


    If I lift from in to out, there is a gap created from my in to out, which is what I would expect.


    If I extract from in to out, there is still a gap, but about half the size of lifting.


    How to I extract and leave no gap???



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    How can I get the clip mismatch warning back?

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    With Premiere Pro CS 5.5 and 6, my 2 stereo audio channels from my XF100 where imported as 2 differents stereo tracks on my timeline. Now with CC, I only have one stereo track, chanel 1 mono on the left and channel 2 mono on the right in my timeline. I use the Canon XF mpeg2 preset for my timeline as usual.


    Can I have my two distinct stereo channels?

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  • 07/05/13--00:51: Title template
  • Hi all,


    i have a verry simple tekst what i turned into a title template,

    I have to use this template numerous times in a video and across numerous video,s whit different tekst.


    The title always starts and ends with a bandslide effect.

    Do i have to put this effect on the title every time i use the template or is there a way to save the template including the effect?




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    I'm trying to reveal a clip in project window by right clicking a clip in timeline and choosing "Reveal in project", but the function is greyed out. Is it because the clips are merged? The clips have one track of video and 1-3 audio tracks depending on clip. When option+right click either only video or audio, i get the "Reveal in project" available, but when clicked, nothing happens.


    I also have problems with match frame. When i put a new (merged) clip on the timeline, it works, until i try the match frame again on different time. So it kind of works only on the clip that was previously edited to the timeline, and only once. Works fine with regular clips.


    Clips were merged using in or out point as the sync point, and "Remove audio from AV clip" checked. Audio and video sources don't have matching timecodes.


    I'm using CC 7.0 on Mac OS 10.7.5.

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