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  • 11/17/18--10:49: H.264 Audio only 320kbps AAC
  • Hello,


    The AAC is limited at 320kbps, but i want 384kbps



    Here is a comparison between 2 export,

    320kbps DESTROYED

    384kbps NOT DESTROYED



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  • 11/15/17--09:00: "MME device internal error"
  • Hello


    I was going about my own business and editing a video when a dialog box saying "MME device internal error" popped up. My audio was no longer playing during video previews, and when I went to the Audio Devices tab in Preferences to try to change the output device, I received the same error message.




    If anyone could tell me the fix ASAP, it would be much appreciated.


    Thank you!

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    When I import video files in premiere pro, they get covered with a kind of filter. The files are defenetly not damaged, because I can watch them outside of premiere without any problems.

    It is looking like this(the video datas, do not have any filters or effects):adobe video.png

    Do you have any idea, what I can do to fix it? Audio is working by the way.

    Best regards,


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    I spent all night creating proxies for my video clips to be able to edit in multi-cam on my MacBook Pro. There are seven camera angles, all originally shot at 1080. I was able to edit with some difficulty in that resolution, but thought that a proxy workflow would solve my playback issues. So, I created proxy files using the presets available in Premiere: 1024x540 Apple ProRes 422 (Proxy).


    However, once they were ready and I enabled the proxies, playback has not been improved at all. In fact, it seems to be playing back WORSE than before. I double-checked that the clips are in fact linked to the proxy files. I've looked at the proxy files and they are at the expected resolution and smaller file size. I've edited multi-cam using proxies on this same laptop before without difficulty. What did I do wrong??

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    Hi All

    PPro 2017.02

    When I add a clip marker on the timeline, two entries are added to the marker window.

    I can see on the timeline that both the audio and the video track have a clip marked - even though the audio track was disabled and only the video track was selected.

    To make matters worse - the two markers are logically the same - changing one changes the others, deleting one deleted the others.

    The net affect is that all my markers appear twice.

    It doesn't make a difference if "Sequence Timecode" is checked in the panel menu or not.

    Deleting the audio track gets rid of half the markers (obviously) - but that doesn't help - I need the audio

    I don't; want to use sequence markers since the marker needs to move with the clip (even to another sequence)


    can anyone help ? I've just started logging a documentary using markers and this is going to cause me a big head ache

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    OK, this is strange.

    So i have DVX200 (Panasonic) Ultra HD MP4 files at 23.98. One of them is one hour long. It takes just 20 minutes to convert it to Ultra HD DNxHR LB. Very fast. But the minute I switch to H.264 encoding, it takes over 75 minutes. Can someone from Adobe explain why the huge discrepancies? Same computer, same platform, Windows, 13.0.2 Version CC 2019 AME, same exact, identical file




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    I am having a really weird issue re-linking files in Premiere Pro CC 2019 and was wondering if anyone has had this issue before or knows a fix? I am re-linking a project that just got duplicated to another drive, all the files relink without issue, however if the files have already been placed in a sequence, when they are relinked they are shifting their in/out points. I took a few screenshots of the issue in actionHERE. I have an interview clip here that is synced to an external audio source in the sequence. (I placed markers on the clips to show how it's shifting) after I re-link the media, the camera footage shifts to the start of the clip regardless of where the in point was initially in the timeline, and the audio remains the same. WTH is going on here?

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    hey everyone can you please help me out here I just did a custom built PC here are my specs


    windows 10 home

    32gb ram 3000 ddr4

    8700k I7 not overclocked

    1070 ti graphics card

    1 500 ssd Samsung hard drive



    it seems that adobe is still playing back footage and dropping frames like crazy and it isn't stabilizing the footage fast at all can someone please help me

    I would love for it to stop dropping frames when I play back the footage and there is also a long delay from when I press the play button until it actually plays I got have cc monthly cloud if someone can please help me before I cancel it.

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    ISSUE :

    I have been working on a project from past few months . Initially everything was fine . Suddenly premier pro starts showing problems . While editing from no where PLAY BUTTON STOPS RESPONDING  . Everything works fines expect I can't play video . I have to restart the app to fix this problem . With time it starts showing another problem. While viewing clips to edit from project panel , it starts showing MEDIA PENDING and then after a while play button also stops responding . If I have to close the app due to media pending issue then I have to restart my PC altogether to start the app again.  It's very frustrating and irritating . Intially it was ignorable but now this problem shows up in every next 10 mins . Please help .



    clearing up cache

    Reinstalling premier pro cc 2018 to Local C: drive

    Installing cc 2019 ( Same issue was showing up here also )

    Link & Unlink media



    I don't know whether it is the problem with my pc or the software .



    Dell xps15 9560

    Nvidia GTX 1050

    Ram 8 GB

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    Twice now when I've gone to open PP CC2019 I've received a sign in message when already signed into the computer. If I go through the process it shows me two machines that are logged into CC. One of them is the machine I'm on! I sign out of that one and it signs in automatically.


    Has Adobe changed the way they identify machines with the new version???? If so could they please fix this glitch.


    To anyone suffering from the sign in loop if you follow the above process it is a quick way around it, but I'm concerned if this continues to happen Adobe wlll step in with "too many activations" which I've never experienced but read about on this forum.

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    I hear an intermittent static, white noise, fuzzy, fully corrupted audio.


    Exported from GoPro Fusion Studio 1.3 with the Cineform codec in 5.2K.

    With H264 codec in 4K, sound is okay.


    I tried installing GoPro Studio Quick to get the Cineform codec with it, didn't work.

    I've built the cineform-sdk from GitHub using CMake, no difference.

    I've installed Adobe Media Encoder to get codecs with it maybe, didn't work. When I preview the same gopro video in this, there's no sound either. It's not static, it's totally mute. For other mp4 videos I hear sound.


    Help, make my Premiere recognize sound!


    version: Adobe Premiere Pro CC v12.0 Build 224

    Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 09.10.41.png

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    Hi all,


    I believe I made a mistake buying the latest Dell XPS15. I thought I was buying a powerful machine and I was going to be able to run Premiere Pro smoothly. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Dell Support said the Nvidia GTX1050Ti is not supported by Adobe which I didn't know when I purched the laptop.


    Now, my question is how can I still make the most of it, maybe tweak some settings and be able to use Premiere Pro for video editing (including 4k videos)? Would it help if I install a previous version of Premiere Pro? Can I change anything in the Adobe, Dell settings to increase the performance a little bit? I've tried editing 4k videos and the playback is increadibly slow. The qualitiy of the video is also very bad. Even my brother's 4 year old Macbook Air with much lower specs is able to run this application better.


    The XPS15 has an Intel I7-87500 processor, 16GB of RAM and Nvidia GTX 1050Ti graphics card.


    Any advice and suggestions are highly appreciated!




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    Adobe and Premier Community,


    I have a project that was ongoing for over a year with dozens of separate sequence videos in it for this website client.  In each sequence we have numerous nested clips because we change the speed on the clips and then sometimes apply Warped Stabilizer, thus the clips need to be nested to do this.  None of the footage or editing has changed since completing this project back in April (It was 100% perfect in this last version of Premier), but now the client wants to edit a few of the videos with new building stats.  No problem right, WRONG!  Much to my dismay, I now have the "danger stripes" blue diagonal line issue with dozens of clips and nested clips throughout my project sequences that I have to go through and manually fix to what was once a finished video.  WHY??? This project was perfectly edited to their request and all videos were exported to H264 for Vimeo upload. I thankfully have them all to use for re-editing each mistake that Premier caused!


    Since the project was finished in April, Premier has been updated 1-2 times and thus the project needed to be updated to the latest version when I opened it in the new version on my system. I have never had an issue upgrading this project or any in the past.  This update caused this diagonal line issue throughout my already finished project on EVERY timeline in numerous spots. This is going to cost me days of non-billable time.  AHHHH!!!   This appears to mainly happen on all the nested clips, but it also happened on a few regular clips too.  Some nested sequences are fully black, yet still show the clip it's linked to properly in light blue.  Yet some show the footage for half the clip and diagonal lines through the other half, thus turning black for that half.  The reason for half and half is the linking of the nested clip is there, but the clip linked is only showing what was marked in to out.  It does not show the entire master clip it was originally pulled from.  Or, in some cases, it shows the wrong in to out location from when it was edited. 


    Why would updating my project cause this issue and change 50-60% of my nested clips and 20% of the regular clips to the wrong in-out and thus give me diagonal lines on the clip?  ALL of the clips with the glitch are shot on GoPro Hero 5, have the Gopro Lens correction filter applied and some also have Warp Stabilizer applied if that matters at all to the discussion. I am still scanning through each timeline, but it appears that all drone footage and graphics are 100% correct.


    Here is a Dropbox folder full of images showing the issue across numerous sequences. 



    Again, this should have been a clean upgrade of a finished project, but instead, the upgrade has just caused me a nightmare to fix over a dozen 1 minute videos that were 100% complete.


    Also, FYI, I do still have the original Project file and all the video source footage linked 100% correctly when the project rebuilt itself.
    Nothing is missing from the original project. Just for reference, here are all the finished video linked on their site that I now have to fix unless there is a way to upgrade this again without the issue:



    Can I install the previous version to hopefully not have to fix all these videos and wait until Premier 13 is fixed and allows past Projects to be upgraded without issue???  I am so frustrated right now.  PLEASE HELP ADOBE!  FIX THIS!

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    I am trying to edit a multi camera project in Premiere and the program is constantly lagging and sometime unresponsive.

    Is this a common problem?  Software issue?  Hardware Issue?

    This is what I am using:

    Computer specs:

        Dell OptiPlex 3040

        8GB RAM

        CPU Intel i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz (4 cores)

        Graphics Intel HD Graphics 530

        Hard Drive 500GB Samsung SSD



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    When I import my footage into Premiere, it seems contrast is being added to it. What was properly exposed footage looks like it has crushed blacks and blown out whites. I have not added any effects and there are no master clip effects added. When the footage is in a sequence, I can create an After Effects Composition, and the color returns to normal. I am looking for a solution inside Premiere so I don't have to create AEcomps for every clip. It affects both .mov and .mp4 files.



    Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 12.11.27.png


    .mov AEcomp

    Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 12.11.43.png



    Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 12.12.04.png


    .mp4 AEcomp

    Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 12.12.15.png


    Thank you in advance.


    ~ Geoff



    iMac Pro

    High Sierra v.10.13.6

    3.2 GHz Intel Xeon W

    64 gb 2666 MHZ DDR4

    Radeon Pro Vega 56 8176mb


    Camera info:

    Canon 80d shooting in .mov and .mp4


    Premiere Pro CC v. 12.1.2




    I have tried the same video on an iMacbook Pro computer with updated Premiere and AE. There was no issue with the colors. This problem might be specific to Premiere on iMac Pro systems.


    I also created a GIF to better demonstrate the difference between footage in Premiere and the same footage routed through After Effects.


    After Effects displays the colors correctly. Premiere doesn't. Why is this so?

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  • 12/15/18--16:22: crash report
  • I've received a crash report from Adobe and i can't open my project file without crashing, I badly need a help cause the project I'm working on is due tomorrow, please help me

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    I tried following the steps on this page:  Error "Premiere Pro could not find any capable video play modules" | Startup - but theses solutions did not work.


    Anyone have any ideas on how to correct this error?



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    I edit a 1-hour long TV show every 2 weeks and the show has basically the same format for every show, so I use the previous show's project, remove the old footage, and import the new footage.  As I edit each segment, I use markers to show where I've made a cut in the video so that I can see the cut coming up when I'm switching from camera to camera in the multicam timeline.


    Here's the problem: Whenever I load the previous show's project, I immediately remove the old footage and replace it with the new footage.  As I'm syncing all the cameras for each segment, I right-click on the timeline for that sequence and clear all the markers.  They all disappear from the timeline and I go on about my work.  But, when I close that sequence out and look at the multicam sequence containing the new footage where I just cleared out all the markers, all the markers still show up on the multicam sequence.  Now, when I add new markers to the cleared out sequence, the multicam sequence has all the new markers mixed in with the old markers, and I can't tell which markers are the new ones, and which are the old ones.


    Side note: sometimes the old markers left behind are from the previous project, and sometimes they are from a random project from months ago.


    I have no idea what is causing this and it is super irritating.  Any help in figuring out how to clear this metadata, or whatever setting is keeping these old markers around, would be greatly appreciated.


    Thank you so much!


    tl;dr: Basically the marker data from older projects sticks around and shows up on the timelines of projects when an older project file is used with new footage (even after the old markers have been cleared from the timeline).

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    Hey All,


    Perhaps some light could be shone here on this issue.


    Why are Adobe's H264s so big? I'm talking, really big. And when I am able to restrict the bitrate to attempt a lower file size, the picture comes out noisy as hell.


    Specifically, I am taking feature films with a ProRes 4444 source and exporting "Audio Reference" Quicktimes, which basically have all 16+ audio tracks same-as-source, but with a compressed 480p H264 picture, so that an Audio QC guy can check the sound in ProTools, but not have to have a 200GB file. Instead, we usually target a 15-20GB file size.


    Anyway, I've run tests out of Premiere/Encoder, Davinci Resolve, Avid, even Handbrake. I am always going into the most advanced, granular, customized options for all these export tests - max render quality on/off, bitrate per second limiting, etc. - and without exception, the Premiere files always come out larger and worse than any of the other programs.


    A Resolve output, for example, got me an H264 at a cap of 5mbps of 13.7GB. A test with Premiere at 3mbps came out at 17.8GB and looked ten times worse.


    Is Adobe just using a worse H264 compression than the rest of the competition? Seems like that cannot possibly be the case, but I cannot disprove it otherwise.

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    Working on a project where i need to remove the grain from my video and there is no option to re-shoot it..  I followed a YouTube video showing how to link the sequence into After Effect to make the changes. How To Remove Noise From Video in After Effects - No Plugins - YouTube.  The only difference is; I right click the clip and choose "Replace with After Effect composition". (How to Clean up Noisy Video in Premiere Pro in 30 Seconds )


    My video is 32 minutes in length.  I exported a 20 second portion and it took 45 minutes to render as H.264 - High Bit-rate, default settings.  On medium bit-rate I saved 6 minutes.


    My rig is a Lenovo Thinkpad P70

    i7-6700HQ 2.6GHz

    32 GB RAM

    Nividia Quadro M3000M 4GB


    Adobe Premiere Pro, Media Encoder, and After Effect CC 2019

    Everything runs off of an internal SSD

    I am using the Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration (CUDA)

    No Proxies

    My footage is in AVCHD 1080P PS


    Am I doing something wrong based on the advice I searched up?  Is it something the my rig can't handle?  Premiere Pro can't handle?  I'm not quite a novice user of Premiere Pro and this is my first attempt at After Effects.  any push in the right direction is welcomed.


    Thanks in advance

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