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Latest Forum Threads in Premiere Pro CC

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  • 12/20/18--06:22: Multicam not making cuts
  • Before I beging, just some basic system info: I am using Premiere Pro 2019 version 13.0.1 on a late 2015 iMac running OS Mojave.


    I am having trouble making camera cuts using the multicam feature. I have used multicam before in this version, so I don't think it's a software issue. I assume I'm just doing something wrong, but when I play through my timeline and hit the number keys to make camera cuts (as usual), it doesn't cut the clip. Instead, it just changes the entire clip to the new camera shot I selected.


    Any input would be very helpful

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    Premiere pro is such an amazing upgrade from Final Cut 7 in almost every possible way, but...


    All synced footage that comes off movie sets contains bundles of several mono tracks, i almost always have 4-8 tracks of synced sound per clip.  Is there no way to single click the pen tool on linked, multi-track audio and have a keyframe add to each track?  I been searching for a few hours and have been coming up with zero.  Am I missing something simple? 


    Yes there are several workarounds, I've been reading a few solutions, but none of them simplify the process of quickly changing levels of multi-track audio on-the-fly from the timeline.  Obviously, I can make a cut and a transition, but just in terms of speed, that's about 3 extra steps.


    I'm really surprised that premiere does not seem to be able to do this, they have the pen tool, it's so close to being perfect!!  Is there something I don't know about yet, some kind of easy audio nesting or something, where you can apply one keyframe and have it effect multiple tracks?

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    Since Adobe released the editable text function between PP and AE my workflow has changed dramatically. I updated to 2019 recently, and I'm having problems with reconnecting to the updated files and secondly the fonts aren't 'sticking' when I make changes to them in PP.


    Reconnecting Files: I tend to open PP first, make my new project redundancy. I close PP and then open AE make the file redundancy, close the file > move original file to a new folder with other backups > change name of AE redundant file to the same name as original. Open PP and files tend to reconnect correctly and orderly. 2019 update didn't seem to do it like usual this time. AE files never really loaded in the timeline, and video wouldn't show under lower thirds and the title plates never even played.


    Band aide fix: I bring in new files from AE (TitlePlate-Template, Name, LowerThird) go about duplicating my master and working on my individual videos. I change my first title plate. My font Face/Family Completely change. I'm using a fat bold font, and goes to a Regular Time New Roman looking font face..


    I sort of have no idea what to do, because I've been using this workflow for ages. I often have 70-80 video's with this template to them, and being able to just update an animation to some text in AE and be able to change the title in Premiere has been the greatest part of my workflow. I shutter thinking about having to go back to any of my old projects that really rely on this method. Should I roll back my programs till there's a fix? Did I just miss something during updates?


    I noticed AI, had a very cool update to it's font library integration, and I'm wondering if there's some weird bug with AI and AE talking libraries, thus creating a weird talk with AE to PP now? 


    Windows 10 (64Bit)


    PP CC 2019

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  • 12/20/18--06:29: Wrong colouring
  • I need help!

    Why is my edit screen error colour? Like the Picture below… In the right upper corner.

    Thanks for help



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    I have been working for hours on a short, short video and using the masking feature. The video was shot at 60 FPS and is 65 seconds.  Using Premiere Pro cc 2018, Windows 10 all updates are done.


    I had completed all of the masking and saved the project, ran to the store and went to render the project when I got back and Adobe did what does Adobe does best crashed.


    I opened the project and 1/2 of my keyframes for the masking are missing.  None of the autosave versions are correct.


    I opened one of the files to show a co-worker and keyframes just deleted themselves.


    Is it typical that if you delete one point on a mask in a keyframe that the point disappears globally?


    Is there some trick that I'm missing or is this a bug??? I lost about 6 hours of work, I have to mask an irregular shape so using the auto track is not an option.


    Are there any workarounds if this is a known issue, I'm scared to start over again after losing that much work.


    Thanks for any help on this issue!

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    Working on a project where i need to remove the grain from my video and there is no option to re-shoot it..  I followed a YouTube video showing how to link the sequence into After Effect to make the changes. How To Remove Noise From Video in After Effects - No Plugins - YouTube.  The only difference is; I right click the clip and choose "Replace with After Effect composition". (How to Clean up Noisy Video in Premiere Pro in 30 Seconds )


    My video is 32 minutes in length.  I exported a 20 second portion and it took 45 minutes to render as H.264 - High Bit-rate, default settings.  On medium bit-rate I saved 6 minutes.


    My rig is a Lenovo Thinkpad P70

    i7-6700HQ 2.6GHz

    32 GB RAM

    Nividia Quadro M3000M 4GB


    Adobe Premiere Pro, Media Encoder, and After Effect CC 2019

    Everything runs off of an internal SSD

    I am using the Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration (CUDA)

    No Proxies

    My footage is in AVCHD 1080P PS


    Am I doing something wrong based on the advice I searched up?  Is it something the my rig can't handle?  Premiere Pro can't handle?  I'm not quite a novice user of Premiere Pro and this is my first attempt at After Effects.  any push in the right direction is welcomed.


    Thanks in advance

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    By adding an extra 10-20 pixels here and there I think Audition and Premiere Pro could work well with touch-screen monitors.

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    Hi. I'm on a Mac Pro OS 10.14.2.


    I'm working on working on an ongoing project that has run into problems after I updated to the CC 2019. The first problem is an error message that tells me that there are missing audio effects. The effects seem to be present in library, but are missing from the shots. The second problem is that a LUTs I applied (SL Noir Red Wave (Universal)), a Lumetri effect that came with the software, does not look as it should. The effect is in the clip, as are the adjustments I made, but it should be black and white and appears in color. I emptied my caches but that did not help.


    I went back to the 2018 version. The audio effects are back, but the clips are still in color. I did a complete unisinstall of Creative Cloud, and deleted all remaining adobe files, then reinstalled but it has not helped. If I reapply the Luts to the clips it does work, but doing it that way means that I'll have to redo all the finer adjustments.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    All the best,


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  • 06/08/18--23:02: Lumetri "Look" bug
  • I can swap LUTs ("Looks" on the Creative tab) on average 2-3 times before some bulls_t bug kicks in and my footage suddenly looks like a gremlin behind the scenes wanged the shadows up to 500%. Once this happens, there are two ways to fix it: 1) turn off Creative, 2) reset or delete Lumetri (you cannot copy paste or you'll bring whatever weird value is broken along for the ride) - which means you have to re-correct your footage. Sliding the "Intensity" slider to 0% does not help.


    This happens with factory preset LUTs. It happens with custom loaded LUTs. It happens on Cuda-accelerated Mercury. It happens on CPU-only. Sometimes it's triggered by changes - any changes, no matter how small - in slider values within the Adjustments section. Sometimes it's caused by the simple act of changing LUTs. It happened on 12.0. It's happening on 12.1.


    That's all I can think to troubleshoot right now. It's exhausting and, frankly, I have work to do.


    Am I the only one having this issue? I can't see how that would be possible, yet I can't find any other mention of it.


    RED editing mode
    3840x 2160 timeline


    PP CC 2018 v12.1

    W10 (latest)

    GTX 980ti (Driver 397.93)


    EDIT: Once the bug presents itself, the giant washout happens when doing ANYTHING on the Curves tab as well. Even going so far as adding a single point on the line causes the shadows to flip out.



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    Just installed the 13.01 Premiere update. (See error pic.) Go back to 13.0. Works fine.

    Tried latest 1080Ti display driver. No joy.


    Just me?


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    I am experimenting with MacOS High Sierra's new (under the table) support for eGPUs.


    It's quite amazing to see what I can do with this setup.


    However, I did notice that my Premier and Media Encoder and not taking advantage of the eGPU enclosure and AMD RX 580 GPU for OpenCL Acceleration though.


    Any ideas on how to switch from the internal GPU to the eGPU?


    Anyone know if Adobe will eventually support doing so?


    Thanks in advance!


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  • 12/20/18--07:06: Embedded CC
  • I receive a lot of files (mxf) that have embedded 608. In the app Media Info if the CC show "Muxing mode : A/53 / DTVCC Transport" no CC is imported. If it shows "Muxing mode : Ancillary data / CDP" all is well, CC comes in with the file, I can edit and export a new file and retain embedded CC.

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    So, I just updated to the latest version of PP, and my key bindings got wiped.  I tried downloading settings within the sync function, but it didn't restore them.  I seem to remember having this problem last time I updated PP and had to manually recreate my key bindings last time.  Is there a way around this?  I don't want to have to manually recreate all my keybinds every time I update, and it seems like there has to be a way to keep them from getting lost every time.

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    Hi there I'm a laser artist, and often need to record a video for customers. The problem is the analog to digital conversion.

    Lasers have a continuous line that get chopped in the video breaking the beauty of the laser drawing itself. Is there a way to avoid this?

    I have for example a gopro that has 60fps maybe I could try integrating two or more frames into one and have a continuous line.


    An example

    Generative Circular Laser Patch - YouTube

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    This morning I updated to v13.0.2 and opened a file I had been working on yesterday. The project's mp4 videos are are still visible in the project timeline, but the preview window does not playback video - only audio. I know the video content is there because it shows up when I export the project. Working on iMac, 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5 processor running High Sierra 10.13.6; rebooted after installing update.

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  • 12/20/18--09:47: automatic effects
  • is there an option to apply presaved effects automatically when something is dropped in the timeline?

    because there are effects i use on every imported file.

    would be easier then drag and drop them on it

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    Hi, I work at a community media station and a lot of our users still use Legacy Titles. I have been trying to ween them off and use Essential Graphics but for some projects, Legacy Titles just works better.


    One issue that has been occurring is when a Legacy Title is duplicated and the text has been changed, it then reverts back to the original.


    I am just wondering if this is a known bug or if any others users have had this issue? If so, is a fix/workaround without using Essential Graphics?



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    For the past few days, timelines that were edited suddenly seemed to go out of sync in places with check markers across some clips. Note that this behavior is inconsistent and some clips retain their normal sync. I have a feeling it's an issue with how Premiere is referencing the files, but even after fixing things, I again get the same error. One reason that might be exaggerating the bug is that the timeline has different frame rates from different cameras. It's incredibly frustrating and I'm wondering if there's a fix to this or I'll be forced to ditch this constantly buggy software. Contacted customer support twice and after wasting several hours, they couldn't fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    The new vector motion controls are great.  I have been waiting for this in Premiere for a long time.  Unfortunately, I can only seem to use them on text generated with the text tool in premiere.  The "vector motion" controls don't appear on vector ai and eps artwork brought into a premiere timeline.  Is there any way to do this?





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    I'm having an issue on my current PP project. I'm working with some GoPro footage shot a 24p/1920 X 1080. I have some shots with a lot of fall leaves on the ground, so there's a lot of video information there.  When I play these shots from the source files they look perfectly clean, but once I put them on the timeline and playback from the timeline, they show pixilation on the ground and jaggies on some diagonal edges, like on the sidewalk. The resolution is set to Full, so that's not the issue (although it does look like it's playing at half-resolution). Any thoughts?

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