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Latest Forum Threads in Premiere Pro CC

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  • 01/06/19--03:33: Camera Raw in Premiere Pro
  • Why do not you include Camera Raw in Premiere Pro?

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    I had this issue about 6 weeks ago, never found a solution, and now it has reappeared. I've done many projects since that time with no problems. It appears I'm at risk of losing all of my work here just because of a silly audio glitch.


    Issue: My project (wedding edit) was working fine, and then problem seemed to appear out of nowhere. I can't hear any audio from timeline (3-4 tracks of nat sound, music, dialogue). Audio meter is flat as well. Even exporting xml and importing into new project won't bring audio back. Levels are normal audible values for all. Strangely, bars and tone will play audio on timeline without issue, which makes me think this isn't a hardware issue. Problem is persistent across all sequences in project, including new sequences created after initial problem. Issue been replicated on my other Mac.


    Footage is Canon DSLR 1080p24 H264 files

    Audio is .mp3 at both 44.1 and 48hz


    2013 15" MBP Retina 16GB RAM running OSX 10.8.5

    2009 27" iMac (2.66 GhZ Intel Core i5) 16 GB RAM running OSX 10.8.5

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    Hola, recientemente he instalado Premiere Pro CC 2019 en un portátil ASUS Rog Strix GL703GE con Windows 10 y una NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti, pero al intentar iniciarlo me sale uno de los dos siguientes errores:


    1.     " ^1 could not find any capable video play modules. Please update your video display drivers and start again." - (ejecutando el programa como administrador)


    2.     " no ha podido encontrar ningún módulo de reproducción de vídeo. Actualice los controladores de visualización de vídeo e inténtelo de nuevo." - (NO ejecutando el programa como administrador)


    He estado mirando diferentes vídeos y foros con un error parecido en español: "Adobe Premiere Pro no pudo encontrar ningún módulo capaz de reproducir vídeo. Actualice los controladres de visualización de vídeo y vuelva a empezar." Pero este no es mi caso cuando no lo ejecuto como administrador, y es que no he encontrado ni un sitio donde hablen del segundo error. ¿Alguien puede ayudarme? He probado diferentes 'soluciones', pero no han resultado. I also accept any help in English, thank you.

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    Hey guys, I'm trying to export my project but the final video comes with green and purple jumping. I attached two screen shots for example. Anyone can help plz? 1.PNG2.PNG

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    I used to be able to export my videos to my YouTube account and keep it to Private or Unlisted setting when I export them as some of these videos were not intended for the public. Lately the videos that I've been exporting are being made public even if I have set them not to be done when I do the export. Is this a problem with the encoder or more with YouTube not recognizing any of this settings now?

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    Hello and thank you for reading my question


    Here is the problem:


    I'm doing a family project which I'm editing in premiere pro. Yesterday I was using premiere pro with no problems at all. Today I opened the same project and everything looks normal but when I tried to drag new clips to the timeline, nothing happens!. I thought that the clips were not in the correct format but that's not the problem. I tried to re-drag the transition clips that I was using before having this problem and I can't drag them anymore. It doesn't matter what I try to drag, I even created a small black video from premiere pro itself just to see if my files were bad but not even that is being able to drag.


    Can anybody help me with this problem?



    P.S. As I was typing this question, I also realize that the same symptom is happening in AE! I can't drag anything at all to the compositions. (I know that this last thing should be in another section, but just to let you know)


    Help please!

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    Two days ago I subscribed and installed Premiere Pro CC, Premiere Rush and Media Encoder.  Since these have been installed I cannot view any Youtube videos without the video running very slow and jumpy while the audio is normal.  Looks as if something has been installed in the background to cause this problem.  The problem is only on my main PC running Win10 Pro.  My internet connection is good and no other computers, tablets or phones using the connection have this problem.


    Any suggestions to fix this?

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    This issue was resolved a few updates back, but looks like it's broken *again*. I can't see the Bounding Box anymore unless i manually increase the Program monitor's height.


    Can someone look into this?
    Version 13.0.2 (Build 38)

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    So I'm having this now. When I first updated to the new CC 2019 version everything worked fine. Then I got a Bad_Pool_Caller crash (I'm on Windows 10) and since then PP won't fully start anymore (it was on on the moment of the crash).


    During initialization it get's stuck everytime on a certain plugin . I erased all plugins and now it get's stuck when initializing "Importerquicktime.prm".

    adobe block.JPG


    I tried reinstalling, but nothing seems to work. When I use the previous version (12.1.2) of PP everything works fine. Problem is I have already upgraded some projects to CC 2019 and cannot open them in an older version.


    My computer specs:


    processor: Intel Core I7-6700 CPU 3.40 GHZ

    RAM: 16 GB

    Graphical card: Geforce GTX 1060 3GB


    Does it have something to do with the Windows crash? I have a feeling it is, but don't know what to do? I looked for updating my network driver, but it was already the latest version as well.


    Any help is much appreciated!

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  • 01/02/19--12:39: Defects in rendered footage
  • I am editing 1080p footage that was recorded with a Galaxy S9+.  When I go to render it I am getting the presence of either white or red bars randomly in the footage. 


    Here is an example:


    Kaya in Slow Motion - YouTube at ~49 seconds. 


    When I render again the bars show up in different parts of the video, never the same part. 


    I am rendering in 60.00fps and encountering problems.  I tried 59.94fps and I'm still having issues. 


    My render settings:

    render settings.JPG

    The original file properties:

    original file info.JPG


    Is there anything obvious I should be changing that would prevent these errors from occurring in the rendered footage?


    Thanks in advance,



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  • 01/06/19--07:23: Multi Track Mixdown
  • Hi, the last 18 years i worked with Avid Media Composer.

    Now i use Premiere CC too.

    Now i have a problem...


    I havea sequence (5 audio tracks) and would like to re-route the individual channels to export.

    For example channel 1 at 1, 2 and 5 / channel 2 at 1, 2 and 6 etc. / Is this only possible with submixes?

    At the end i need 8 Channels.

    What is the easiest way in Premiere CC?


    Thanks for yout help


    (Avid Media Composer Example)

    audio workflow.jpg

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    Is it just me that can't import videos from my iPhone to Premiere Pro CC (2018)? It probably has something to do with the new codec in IOS11 (HEVC).


    "Code missing or unavailable".

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    Hallo everybody

    Videos from Gopro Mp4 format, transformed to constant rate and 30fps with handbrake, uploaded in adobe: video looks fine before cutting - after cutting and moving it to the video line and then viewing it again: it looks a little like black and white, blurred!

    No idea what to do! Never seen that before!

    I used the same setting with a lot of videos before, opened and closed adobe, used different videos, opened new projects - always the same.

    Thanks for your help!


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    Hi, I've been working on a project in CC 2017 that has been opening up through Box Drive. I need to switch laptops, so I downloaded Box and Premiere Pro, but now I can't open the files from Box anymore. It is always unable to locate media, and freezes whether I try to locate immediately, or Offline it and try to locate manually. The few times that I've been able to follow the path all the way back to the original location, it doesn't find any of the correct media, even though I don't have this problem with the exact same file set on a different computer. What should I do?


    Thank you

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    when exporting, the file is significantly less than the specified parameters

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    I just got adobe premier. I've had it previously and never had this problem. Everytime I click to start a new tells me that it has a run script error then under it says expected. I'm confused.

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    This is also posted in the After Effects Forum, but I thought I'd put this up in the Premiere forum too, as a lot of my problems have to do with linked After Effects Compositions inside a Premiere timeline. Original post below:


    Hi all, I apologize in advance about how long/dense this post is going to be. This probably should be threeish posts in one.


    I’m a senior in high school (take that as you will), and have been editing in Premiere for almost four years now. I wouldn’t say I’m anywhere near an expert with any of the Adobe applications, but I’ve done enough video editing, effects work, and sleuthing around forums to say that I know how to use Premiere and After Effects at a pretty confident level, and am fairly knowledgeable.


    I recently upgraded from a mid-2015 11inch Macbook Air, 4gb of ram (it’s what I had from school), to a custom PC Build. The PC is running the following:


    AMD Ryzen 5 2600 6-core CPU (w/ stock Wraith Cooler), boosting to 3.80 GHz with no throttling

    Gigabyte Aorus B450 Pro Wifi Motherboard

    16GB Corsair Vengence LPX 3000 MHz (running at said 3000 MHz)

    Asus GTX 1070 Dual OC, 8gb Vram

    Samsung 850 Evo SSD

    WD Blue 1TB 7200rpm HDD

    The most recent version of Windows 10


    I’m also running the most recent 2019 CC Updates for all my Adobe applications.


    I’m having some problems, some of which may be normal, and some could easily be me expecting too much of a new computer. (I also know that Adobe works loads better with Intel chips, but I got an amazing deal on the Ryzen chip.) I've been hunting around the Adobe Help Forums and r/editors and r/premiere for a while now with little to no luck, so I thought I'd finally ask for some help.


    EDIT: Yes, this PC build wasn't built specifically for editing. My brother was the one paying for most of it and was steering more towards gaming, so I tried to find a good middle ground for both our needs (and either way, anything is an improvement to the MacBook Air). I'm starting to wonder if this parts selection is not ideal.


    Issues are as follows:


    First, a couple more minor things:


    After Effects chugs after a few minutes doing rotoscoping with Roto Brush and Refine Edge. Probably has to do with caching all the different frames as they're rotoscoped.


    After Effects takes ups insane amounts of ram (although, it is After Effects), and becomes very slow to cache when things get somewhat effect heavy. I’m consistently hitting upper 95+% of RAM usage.


    Premiere also pushes the system to the upper 90%’s of RAM usage, but more below.


    More pressing issues:


    I have zero GPU Utilization in Premiere, Media Encoder, or After Effects. The GPU is not being used to accelerate anything at all. I’m on the most recent NVIDIA drivers, have CUDA acceleration enabled in everything, and the most I’ve seen it pushed was a brief spike to 7% when opening Premiere. Usage in AE is less. I know that GPU acceleration doesn’t work for everything, but I feel like I should be seeing more use out of the GPU.


    The other main issue is that when I open up my project file, an After Effects process starts hogging up RAM. The process takes up 10+ GB’s of RAM, plus Premiere itself takes 4 or 5, on top of whatever Windows does in the background. I’m hitting 97-99% RAM Utilization when trying to render previews in the timeline, and near that when just idling on the timeline sometimes. This likely has something to do with the fact that I have several linked After Effects Compositions, but it still boggles my mind. Those linked comps also get stuck as “Media Pending” for between 5-20 minutes. Also, more often than not, closing Premiere doesn’t kill the  After Effects process that opens up, and so it keeps hammering the CPU and hogging 8-10 Gbs of RAM with both Premiere and After Effects closed. I have to kill those processes manually or restart the computer. Premiere also has issues closing and will stop responding, sometimes leaving its own processes running after it’s been quit for me to kill in task manager later.


    Sluggish timeline performance in Premiere was generally sped up after clearing out cache files. I can't play back linked After Effects Comps on the timeline in Premiere, toggling proxies doesn’t help (which makes sense), and I only managed to successfully Render and Replace an After Effects Comp once before Premiere crashed (I only got it to work that one time by killing the After Effects task I mentioned earlier, a trick that sadly no longer works.) Rendering and Replacing now either crashes Premiere or appears as if it is going to take too much time for me to risk being locked out of my timeline.


    I would encode or export the compositions inside After Effects or Media Encoder, but I can’t, because it’s going to take 20+ hours to export a 10-second comp in ProRes 422. Also, rendering preview files of those linked compositions in Premiere isn’t an option either, because that too is looking like it’s going to take over 20 hours. I know to not fully trust the estimated time number in any Adobe app, but at the rate these exports/renders have been moving, and from personal experience, I’d believe it.  I feel like this level of performance is not what I should be expecting to see from my system (but I also think I could be asking for miracles).


    It’s getting to the point where it’s almost impossible to get any work done, and I have a deadline coming up. This whole debacle has also affected the overall performance of my computer, slowing it down a ton earlier today after I restarted due to After Effects crashing (speed and boot time issues were fixed after restarting 5+ times due to some of the other previously mentioned issues). From what I've been seeing, it feels like these problems have to with the apps themselves, and not Windows stability.


    I should note that I shot the project on a Canon t7i, 24fps, h.264 (dunno the bitrate of the top of my head) w/ I think IPB compression? The linked After Effects comps include some simple ones that are just masking and/or roto and layering footage, as well some that have roto, two layers of Echo, two layers of AE Pixel Sorter (3rd party plug-in), as well as some layers of footage (effect plate, clean plate, etc.). The video as a whole is looking like it's gonna sit at about 4 minutes, with nearly two minutes of effects shots.


    I have a feeling that encoding all of my original footage to ProRes, Cineform or something less compressed would help with performance and render times, but I have no idea how long that would take given the current performance of the system (I should note though, it rendered something like 50 1024x540p ProRes 422 proxies in what felt like 2 minutes a few days ago, but those are very low resolution. It also handled h.264 proxies of the same resolution fine). I also don’t want to completely uproot all of my project files figuring out how to replace/link newly encoded footage. If it will help, I’m willing to uninstall and reinstall apps, but I’m not sure if that would help.



    Anyone know any way to help? If people want pictures or more info, or me to break down the issues individually, just ask. Do know it may be a bit before I can respond. Sorry it's such a bear of a post, and I hope I wasn't overly specific. I know these types of posts can be very vague sometimes, and I wanted to avoid that.

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    I have several clips with different types of time interpolation chosen for them. However, as I've seen in the export media window, there're also three different time interpolation options, frame sampling, frame blending and optical flow. So, I want to ask if i have chosen the frame sampling option in export windows, will all of my clips with optical flow time interpolation become frame sampling time interpolation? Thanks.

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    Hello Adobe community,


    I am doing a new project where I have to use a lot of on screen text. I am using "Legacy Title" to create those text.


    The problem that I am having is that the size of the panels change every time I reopen the titles.


    Below are the images:

    1) First time I open it. This is normal. All three panels are divided properly.



    2) Second time I open: Look at the left and right panels. Right panel gets extended and the left one gets squished.




    3) Third time I open the title. Again look at the left and right panels.



    This gets really annoying when dealing with lots of on screen text!


    Any help will be appreciated.



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    Hello, my Input LUT (in Lumetri Color panel) only show eight LUT sets. If I open Adobe Premiere Pro>Show Package Content>Lumetri>LUTs I have three folders Creative with 65 LUTs, Legacy with 79 LUTs and Technical with 8 LUTs which is the only one I have access.

    How can I access to all the others LUTs? It is a bug? Thanks!

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