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    I have downloaded a sound file from youtube's audio library onto my computer, it plays fine through window's inbuilt music player and all other sound works perfectly fine. But when I bring it into premiere, none the the audio plays and i have tried multiple different audio files. I have done the whole audio hardware thing but it won't play through my speakers or streamer (basically headphones), the audio meter is registering sound, all volume is turned up, nothing is muted, I've checked the audio track mixer and all of that is registering and turned up. I'm pretty new to premiere and ive read through countless forums to try and solve this and i would really appreciate someone' help, thanks.

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    Dear sir/madam,


    I'm working on a interview and like to add captions to support the speaker with text.

    I made allready "open" captions that are shown in my display. The text will also change when i modify it in premiere.

    Unfortunately, when I export my video, it will not contain the captions.


    I did not choose the embed option, but went for the option that burns the captions in my video.

    The specs i use are: 1080x1080, H.264, Match source - High bitrate, 25fps.


    The captions are also set in the same frames per seconds as my sequence is.

    I hope you can help me out with this weird problem!


    Kind regards,


    Tim de Kler

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    Hi I hope someone can assist me with this issue. I am reviewing my editors work and each time I get a project which has been captured by Sony the edited file in the timeline is shifted around 3 - 4 second later. We work with a few cameras. We generally work with Canon, Panasonic and Sony. Only recently the Sony files has been doing this. It appears to have that zebra lines on the timeline which basically means there's not footage at that particular point.


    I work with around 3 hours worth of footage including multicam sequences so it's a real headache.


    When i open my project on my MacBook pro I5 8gb late 2015, model it doesn't have this issue. it's only my main iMac computer (I7 32gb late 2014) which has this problem. I have updated my software and still no joy.  


    This issue occurs when i open any of my editors who has a Sony file in their project. Editing Sony files on my computer isn't a problem.


    Please see stills below for reference. It also has nothing to do with the transitions used, just video been shifted.


    I would appreciate it if anyone can help as soon as possible please.




    Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 20.17.19.pngScreen Shot 2018-12-21 at 20.18.00.png 

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    Seeking media management and workflow advice.  I'm now teaching (at a new job/campus) media production with Adobe after years of Avid.  I've gone from a dedicated, self contained server system-that I more or less managed-to a campus wide Adobe license situation, where students edit on HP all in one systems which are ALSO used by other students in open computer lab rooms.  So no dedicated server system.  My current approach is to have the students purchase an external USB 3.0 drive, at least 7200rpm, and I have them import their media using the ingest/copy method.  We shoot mostly prosumer AVCHD. 


    My goal is to have them be able to have everything they need to edit on their external drive.  They could be editing on any one of several dozen standalone workstations, so I'm trying to figure out the best way to do this.  After a trial and error semester last fall, my idea is to have them make just one master project and then have a dedicated bin for particular edits.


    So far I have not had them transcode to an intermediary editing codec upon import, but I am open to that option.  FWIW so far, the HPs seem to handle editing AVCHD well enough.  We're not doing terribly complex edits.


    So if I have them get a decent enough external drive, have them ingest/copy, and set the project (and all other options) to that same drive, is that a solid approach?  The issue is that I don't want them to save anything to the local workstation drive, as they are "open to the public" and get cleaned out by our IT department on a regular basis.  This workflow also at least creates a copy of their footage on the edit drive (possibly not ideal, I know) and it keeps their SD card(s) and raw footage "safe" unless they lose the card (such stories!).


    I also collect their drives and grade/review projects at home using my own copy of PP.


    What am I missing?  I tried this workflow last semester, but I often wound up with media offline issues.  I think I can trace most of those back to user issues (SD card staying in the system, student uses media browser to edit w/o actually importing, etc.) but I wonder if I have a hole in the workflow. 


    Coming from a dedicated Avid/Editshare system, I'm trying to wrap my head around how I can best work in my new environment.


    Any guidance is greatly appreciated.  I've almost cured the 23 years of Avid muscle memory

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    I haven't had luck searching for this elsewhere, but I would like a graphic present in a video I'm making to not only track a certain point on the screen (something I know how to do), but also act as if it is on a lower layer, and certain objects in the video to cover it when the cross the graphic. Essentially, when something in the video would cross or intersect the graphic, I want it to cover it as if the video were the upper layer of a Photoshop mask. However I want it to do this when the object that crosses the graphic is slightly changing shape since its coming toward the camera, and I don't want the graphic to be covered by everything because then you can't see it.


    Is there a way to make this happen? My initial solution would be to somehow make a video layer of just the portion of the video that will cover the graphic, and use that run that concurrently with the video, on a layer above the graphic. But I want to know if that is even a possibility, or there's a method I'm missing since I'm inexperienced with Premiere.


    Thanks for any help

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    I downloaded Premiere Pro cc yesterday. But I see quite a few - and sometimes simply unknown - export formats. For example, I can not export my clip as AVI or MP4. The format "AVI" or MP4 is not even displayed. Why not?   - I have no previous knowledge about Premiere Pro. But intuitively, as well as with the help of Youtube videos I am not advanced.


    Can someone help me?


    Many Thanks


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    I'm not able to see a finished project in the timeline but I'm seeing it on the left panel. I use to open two or three projects at the same time.


    I did my best but now I have to ask for somebody's help!


    Thank you very much!

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    I'm having an issue with playback in premiere pro. I'm running version 13.0.2 on Mac. When I play video both in the source monitor and on the timeline, the playback will randomly speed up on it's own (as if I hit the L key). Sometimes it happens immediately and sometimes it happens about 5 seconds after I've hit play. Any idea on why this could be happening?


    I don't think it has anything to do with my computer, as it's never had this issue with premiere before, so I'm assuming it must be some setting within Premiere. But for good measure, here are the specs for my MacBook Pro.


    Tech Specs:

    MacBook Pro 2017

    2.9 GHz Intel Core i7

    16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3

    Radeon Pro 560 4096 MB

    Intel HD Graphic 630 1536 MB

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    Hi there


    Until now I never had a laptop where I could replay & scrubb 4k footage without any lag. This is extremely frustrating while editing. I know, that proxies are a possibility but when you want to do videos on a daily basis it is (also) frustrating to wait until all the proxies are created. I also reduced the resolution to 1/2 (even 1/4).


    I am looking for a laptop, where I can replay & scrub 4k footage without any problems. I don't care how fast the video is rendered at the end, I just want to work smoothly while editing and don't have laggy footage or a laggy timeline.


    What brand and what specs does a laptop need, that he works seemlessly with 4k footage? The price is currently not a topic (maybe later ).



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    Hey guys!

    I recorded a video with my Canon HD HG20 in 1920x1080 px and wanted to cut it in Adobe Premiere Pro but the whole video lost the margin so that sometimes my head is not on the screen. It's hard to explain thats why Ive taken a screenshot to show it:

    (If the screenshots aren't available, just take the links:

    I thought that if I would render it it will be fullscreen then so that the preview function is a little bit buggy but the renderoption offered a resolution of 720x576 and I can't change this.


    I hope that you can understand my problem and will help me. Thanks in advance.

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  • 11/10/16--05:51: Can't see mask shape
  • Hi,


    I can create a mask but I don't see the shape, the blue outline or the dots even if I select it on the effect panel, what should I do to make it visible?





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    Hi everyone,


    I recently upgraded to a new gaming laptop with the following specs:


    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060

    16 GB RAM


    When I try to export my project as an MP4 file, under Encoding Settings in Performance, the box is grayed out and "Software Encoding" is selected by default. I'm not able to change it and it says Hardware encoding is not available and that my hardware or OS requirements might be out of date. My Intel does support Intel Quick Sync and I'm not sure why these options are not available. Please let me know what I can do to get these settings on here. Thanks for reading!


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    Good morning,


    I cannot remember how to create a new library to organize my MOGRT neatly?

    Would anyone now about this?

    Thanks for your help,

    - J

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    Hi everyone,


    I'm trying to make a project based on some keynote video's, they originally are in MOV 1080 format (h.264 I think). When adding the videos to a timeline, premiere doesn't work properly anymore. It doesn't really crash, but the timeline is sort of frozen. space bar doesn't work, the main playhead doesn't change even when the video runs, I need to click menu items on top of the program to see the actual visual state of the timeline, but then it's frozen again. I really tried everything: converting clips to mpeg2, turning off CUDA mercury engine, restarting with CTRL+ALT+SHIFT, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but the result is the same everytime I add one of the video's to a timeline. Strangely, when I open other projects, mostly 4K DJI footage, premiere runs just fine. It only happens with these videos, whether they are MOV, MP4 or MPEG. No error messages display at any time.

    I really ran out of options here, what could be the problem?

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    Hey all,


    I have been working on many many sequences inside of Premiere Pro CC 2018 V12.1.2 and I recently built a new machine and installed the same version of Premiere Pro onto it, and when I go to open up the Premiere Pro file on my newly built computer, everything opens up and looks right, except for the fact that the sequence window in Premiere is white and stays white. I can hit the space bar and I can hear the audio playback and watch the playhead move, but no video plays and stays as a white screen inside the sequence window. But other projects brought over from the same computer as this project were transferred and playback just fine.


    My computer specs are as follows


    OS: Windows 10 Pro

    CPU: Intel i7-8700K

    MOBO: Asus ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming

    RAM: G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4 32GB-3000

    GPU: Gigabyte RTX 2070 Windforce Edition

    Storage: 1x256GB Sandisk SSD (For Boot and Programs)  &  2x3TB Seagate Barracuda HDD 7200RPM (1 for reading from and 1 for writing to)


    Any help is much appreciated!


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    I make a lot of DIY maker videos and therefore have a lot of timelapse / Quick clips in my videos.

    I like to use the "Speed / Duration..." from the right click menu.

    Somethimes I want the audio to be on the clips I speed up and the audio is there in preview inside Premiere Pro.

    But when I export the whole video the audio in the speed up clips disappears??  This does not happen on clips that is speed up under approx. 1000%.


    My question is, why can I hear the audio when editing in premiere and why does it disappear when I render the video?

    Is there a fix around this problem?


    I would really like to use the audio on the speed up clips..


    Kind Regard

    [personal info deleted by mod]

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  • 01/11/19--08:29: Can't export project
  • I've used PP for several years and never had a problem before, BUT, now the program crashes when I try to export. I've imported the project into a new project several times, and also started from scratch several times. SHOULD I DO AN UPDATE? (Not possible, is it?) I've also had to press force quit, and also restarted my computer to no success. Shall I uninstall the program and then reinstall, or something else?
    Please help


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    hello from vienna!


    i never thought this day would come..
    normaly, the internet (and of course this forum) has all the answers & solutions, because every known problem appeared somewhere on earth previously.
    until today...


    problem: the presets i've imported disappear, when i re-open my project.


    i import presets - fine. (right click, import presets, click on it, as usual)
    i can use them normaly - great.
    i enjoy the workflow in premiere - nice.
    i save my project as usual. i start the program the next time and all the imported presets are gone.


    i tried to re-import them several times - and everytime they import normal - i can use them - and then, after saving and re-opening the project, they are all gone (and with them, all the progress i made with them)


    maybe anybody here, who could help me.. the internet so far couldnt.


    best wishes


    ps: i'm using:
    premiere cc 2015.3
    windows 8.1
    16gb ram
    dont know what you probably need to know. just ask. i'm here, hoping for your help. thx.

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    I've been trying to export an AAF file for an Avid online editor to work on, but for some reason the video on the other side is being imported as dv420, even though I'm working on a 4k video. No less important, Avid does not display video cuts, only audio cuts.


    Couldn't find anything on the forum about this. Any ideas?

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    When I try to export a project from Premiere Pro CC18 to the Media Encoder, nothing happens?

    The Media Encoder doesn't load to project from PP.

    The only way that I can get a project rendered, is straight out of PP, which of course means

    that I can't keep working in PP, while the rendering is going on, which is a bit of issue,

    considering the time it takes to render a bigger project in various rederings.

    Hope somebody can help me out?



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