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    I’ve been having trouble accessing adobe premiere on my iMac.


    It won’t open/launch after my 2017 membership ended and I renewed it.

    I get the same error message even though my subscription payments are up to date.






    Please help!

    I need premiere asap and I have no idea how to fix it.



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    I have been using premiere for 14 years. It seems like multiple times a year I have crashes, at least since the CC. Today I had another. More so, it locks up. I just noticed there's another update. But, the update is hanging up too. EVERYTHING ELSE ON MY COMPUTER IS RUNNING PERFECT.


    There is no reason why I shouldn't be able to just do all the basic editing I've been doing for over a decade without having the program lockup. I lost some really nice cuts this morning. It just hangs there like it's done before. I open task manager and all my resources are not even being used.


    Here's a screen shot of my task manager next to adobe locked up on a spot where a low resolution video was inserted into the timeline. It locked up after I clicked on the project panel to bring in more media.




    So I force close premiere and reopen it. I bring in the new media but only the audio will drag into the timeline! So, I look to see if there's updates because recently there was an update and after that some issues, then a new update resolved those issues. Sure enough, there's a third update. It's barely been a month it seems and three updates??? Adobe needs to do more rigorous testing before rolling out these updates. They're making enough money to do this. Paying customers should not be beta testers. What are they doing with all this money we're throwing at them? Or, maybe more people have already quit adobe than I realize?


    I WILL BE LEAVING ADOBE. A lot of people are leaving adobe. Look YouTube and you'll find many people that hate the subscription model. The problem is we're paying more for adobe than what the competition charges combined. And, in the end we're getting something that updates and causes issues.


    I've met a lot of professionals who just need a program that works, I'm talking people like myself that make a living doing videography. Once it works we don't need to update it, IF IT'S NOT BROKE DON'T FIX IT. Sure, if the company wants to role out one or two updates a year with new "features" that's awesome. A one time fee should be sufficient. Maybe a fee every few years for the newest if necessary.


    After seeing so many people leave adobe for better programs that are even free like DaVinci Resolve (free version or paid, paid version is free if you buy a Black Magic camera) and experiencing all these issues I'm ready to get away from Adobe. In the comments of these videos you'll see a lot of people doing the same thing. They all say they're very happy to get away from Adobe's subscription model, zero tech support, and adobe's constant issues. I would have already left, I just need to finish some projects I've already started in Premiere.


    Don't get me wrong, when it works it works fine. I am very comfortable with the workflow. But, for a few years now I just haven't been able to justify paying for it over and over since I do the same type of editing with virtually every project. It's insane paying for this.

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    Hi every body

    So I use Adobe Premiere pro cc 2019.

    I could easily load previously imported mogrt files but now I can't.

    It is stuck at : loading motion graphics template at 15 %.

    I uninstalled pp and reinstalled, reimported mogrt files but none worked for me!

    Help me please.

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    Hey there,

    I'm thinking about buying the maxed out new Huawei matebook x pro as an editing on the go and of course university machine.

    Reading about the 4gb minimum vram requirements for cc 2019 I'm not really sure, because of the matebook x pro only having the Nvidia mx150 with 2gb of vram.


    Does this mean that I cannot install premiere pro 2019 at all? Or is it just like a recommendation? Will only CUDA not work? For effect stuff and intense graphic stuff I got an desktop pc with gtx 1060..

    Do you think it is worth getting the laptop or will it just be a pain in the *** only working with cc 2018


    Thanks in advance.


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    if I activate in the program monitor "safe areas" is no picture available since this update!!!

    (Picture is black, Sound is working)


    R. Stephan



    High Sierra 10.13.6

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    Since the latest update I've been having an issue with Warp Stabilizer. Namely I will apply it and it won't analyze the clip.  If I try to manually click "Analyze" it starts for a split second then just goes back to not being analyzed, as if I hadn't clicked the button at all. 


    There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to this happening.  I tried deleting the effect and reapplying it, restarting Premiere, restarting Premiere and reapplying, and Restarting the computer.  One or two times that this has happened to me, deleting and reapplying seemed to work.  This time however it isn't working at all.  No matter what I do Warp Stabilizer currently will not analyze on one specific clip.  I haven't tried all the clips on my timeline yet that I was going to apply it to.

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  • 12/16/18--10:10: fichier .mogrt rame
  • Bonjour


    Quand j'importe un titre animé ( .mogrt ) sur ma timeline, je n'arrive pas à la lire à vitesse normale, il rame énormément.
    Existe t il un réglage de Prévisualisation ou autre pour le lire correctement, car c'est impossible de faire un montage dans ces conditions.

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    Hello guys, i have Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 for Windows 10 and recently (5 days) when I save a project in Premiere, but after being saved the Timeline it is empty. Help?


    P:S - I recorded the screen with a Screen Record while doing the saving in Premiere, how can I put it here?




    [Here is the list of all Adobe forums...]

    [Moved from generic Cloud/Setup forum to the specific Program forum... Mod]

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    My workflow is extremely slowed down due to how often I have to render. I'll add an adjustment layer above a clip and start some editing, rather quickly I get red on the color changing bar above the clips, I don't know what it's called.


    Below, I'll add my computers specs. l've looked up the PR system requirements, but I'm not able to tell the difference between the two. I think the only thin I can upgrade on this Mac is the RAM, which I have upgraded to 24gb.


    iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015)

    3.2 GHz Intel Core i5

    24 GB 1867 MHz DDR3

    AMD Radeon R9 M380 2048 MB


    Thank you,


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    I'm not doing anything particularly complicated. Sometimes I'm just trying watch my edit and it crashes. I can't do my job.

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    Disclaimer:  The following is not endorsed by Adobe in any way.  I am just a user, like you.  These are my views and recommendations.  However, they are based upon more than 15 years of experience and success using Adobe software, as well as a decade of participation in the forums.  I make these recommendations because I use them myself.  I know they work.


    Step 1:  Do these first.


    A.  Know what you're doing. -- Premiere Pro is meant for professionals, people who already have at least some basic education or training.  Many issues posted in the forums are the result of ignorance.  This is best solved with knowledge.  So get some education/training on the general subject of video production first, and then read the full Premiere Pro manual.  Do these things before using the software.  You will have a much easier time of it.


    B.  Creativity is no longer enough. -- In this day and age, you do yourself a disservice if you are not an advanced computer user.  Any editor using software at this level should be able to build and troubleshoot their own computer.  (Or at the very least, have quick and easy access to such a person.)



    Step 2:  Basic Troubleshooting.  If you still have a problem after successfully completing step 1 above (do NOT skip step 1), give these a try.  They are listed in no particular order, and not all suggestions will apply to every issue.


    A.  Restart. -- Close and restart Premiere Pro.  If that doesn't help, restart the computer.  (You'd be surprised how many issues this one will solve.)


    B.  Test other media. -- It sometimes happens that a particular problem is specific to one media type, so testing other supported camera media is a good troubleshooting step.  (I should note that cell phone and video game footage are NOT suitable media.  If you intend to edit with professional software, use a proper camera rather than your phone, and use a hardware recorder for screen capture.  Blackmagic and AJA both make suitable devices.  If you don't wish to change your recording method, then you should change your editing software.  Look into consumer level programs at


    C.  Use the Media Browser. -- There are certain media formats that just work better when you copy the entire contents of the card to the hard drive, unchanged, and import them into Premiere Pro using the Media Browser.


    D.  Try a new sequence. -- They can get corrupted, so start a new sequence in the same project and test that out.  If it works, you might be able to copy/paste everything into the new sequence and get back to work.


    E.  Try a new project. -- Like sequences, project files can also become corrupted, so try out a new one.  If it works, you might be able to import the old project into the new one and get back to work.  When importing projects, use the Media Browser and import only one sequence at a time.  Test that out before importing the next sequence.


    F.  Reset Premiere Pro. -- Holding down Shift+ALT while Premiere Pro starts up and until the Welcome screen appears will reset both the preferences and plug-ins.  This will solve many issues.


    G.  Remove all effects and transitions. -- It does sometimes occur that a specific effect or transition, or a setting in one of those, causes crashes and other odd behavior.  So work through your project by removing the effects and transitions to locate the offender.


    H.  Clear the Cache. -- Close Premiere Pro and using Windows Explorer, navigate to the proper location on the hard drive and manually delete all Cache folders along with the Peak Files.  When you reopen the project, let the cache files rebuild.


    I.  Rename Media Folders. -- With Premiere Pro closed, rename the top level folder containing the media.  When you reopen the project, relink the media to the new folder and let the cache files rebuild.


    J.  Uninstall all plug-ins. -- Even if the plug-in isn't used, just having it installed might be the problem.  So test without them.  I recommend using IOBit's Uninstaller for the task.  Perform a Powerful Scan after the normal uninstall process to make sure all the leftovers are gone.


    K.  Test on a second machine. -- Premiere Pro allows two activations.  Test things out on a second computer system.  If it works on the second, you might have a hardware issue on the primary system.


    L.  Render -- It can easily happen that a system just isn't powerful enough to handle sequence playback in real time.  Try rendering the timeline.  This can apply especially when using Dynamically Linked After Effects compositions.


    M.  Turn off CUDA -- Unfortunately, GPU acceleration isn't perfect.  Sometimes this is the only way to get things working again.


    N.  Remove QuickTime -- Again I recommend using IOBit Uninstaller for the task.  Perform a Powerful Scan to make sure all leftovers are gone.




    Step 3:  Advanced Troubleshooting.  If steps 1 and 2 haven't solved the issue (do NOT skip step 1), give these more advanced options a try.


    A.  Update drivers. -- The GPU diver, I/O device drivers, audio drivers, network drivers, etc.  Get them directly from the hardware manufacturer.


    B.  Roll back a driver. -- Conversely to the above, there are times when a new driver will introduce a bug that wasn't there before, so installing an older driver can sometimes solve the problem.


    C.  Remove third-party hardware. -- In the spirit of eliminating variables during the troubleshooting process, physically remove any third-party hardware like I/O devices from the system, and fully uninstall their drivers.  Keep it out until everything works again.  (Or if this turns out to be the issue, replace the hardware.)


    D.  Remove security software. -- Windows 10 includes sufficient anti-virus and firewall protection, if you know what you're doing.  (See step 1B above.)  Third-party security tools can and sometimes do interfere with the proper operation of Adobe software.  Just don't use them.



    E.  Reinstall Premiere Pro. --  It does sometimes happen that something goes weird with an install.  When you perform this step, use the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to ensure a complete removal of the software, and then reinstall.



    F.  Try a new user account. -- Like sequences and projects, even user accounts can sometimes go weird.  Try creating a new Admin user account and running PP there.  If this works, you will have to move everything over to the new account.


    G.  Don't move documents. -- Be sure to leave My Documents in its default location on the C: drive.  Moving that has caused issues for many people.  If you're in a networked environment and can't do that, move Premiere Pro to a non-networked computer and do this.


    H.  Use local drives only. -- Outside of using Adobe Anywhere or Team Projects (both of which are paid services), keep everything on internal drives only.  Use networked and removable drives only for backup and archiving.


    I.  Reinstall Windows -- This is not a bad thing to do every once in a while.  If nothing else has worked, this might be worth trying.




    Step 4:  Back to Basics.  There are many people successfully using Premiere Pro under less than ideal conditions, but if nothing previously listed has solved your issue, it might be time to take a look at which points below you're violating and correct them.


    I recommend running Premiere Pro only on a:


    A. Properly configured -- Use only Intel/nVidia hardware in an edit system.  Have multiple internal hard drives to spread out the load, ideally separating project files, cache and scratch files, media and exports onto their own dedicated drives.  Use at least a 24" 1920 x 1080 monitor.


    B. Self-built -- HP, Dell and other such companies normally install a bunch of crap you don't need.  It's cheaper and better to build your own system.  (Do NOT skip step 1 above.)


    C. Windows machine -- They just run better.


    D. Dedicated to editing. -- Only install what you need to do the job.  Don't install games, office, email or other unnecessary software on an edit system.  Perform those tasks on a second machine.


    I recommend the above because I believe it will work for the overwhelming majority of people.  I do believe that as you violate any of these four points, you increase the likelihood of having a problem.  Since you're here, you're having a problem.  And if you're at step 4, it's a difficult problem that just might require this drastic a measure to correct.




    Step 5:  Now what?  If you have successfully completed steps 1 through 4 and you're still having an issue, read the following guide on the information we need in the forums in order to help.




    Mod note: Title of discussion changed to avoid confusion with staff created FAQs.

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    I JUST downloaded the new version of Premiere 13.0 and it doesn't want to close down properly.  It shuts everything down, but I have to force quit to actually get out of the program.  Is anyone having this problem and of so, does anyone know how to fix it?  This is my MAC setup:


    Thanks!Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 2.27.56 PM.png

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    I have a camera and a sennheiser lavalier microphone.


    I already placed my clips into the project timeline. There is 2 audio channels: L and R. I am trying to identify which audio is the correct one (that came from the sennheiser lavalier). I do not want the camera microphone in my project.


    Problem is they both sound so similar, nearly identical, when I play them back.


    How do I find out which audio came from the sennheiser lavalier?

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    Is it something like spelling each letter which buy the way sounds very complicated or it is more like Google translate pronounce it...Listening how it is being pronounced in different language was quite funny lol

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    Hi Everyone,

    I've got a ton of old home movies converted to avi clips that premiere pro cc 2018 can't read after I've imported them. How do I covert them to a format that will allow me to use premiere to work with them?

    thanx much,


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    _1_Proxy duplicates files when synced from pluraleyes AND duplicated clips in original bin that you cannot delete - this all happend when you first make a proxy files and then export to xml/sync it in pluraleyes 4/import synced xml.



    how can you remove duplicated clips that are identical?

    why you cannot make one version that has minimal flaws?

    last one had imported mono audio from xml sent from fcp x

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    My 4k footage edits as you'd expect...however my 5.7k appears circular and is on its side (90 degrees)

    All looks fine in the insta app.

    I'm sure it's an obvious fix. Please help.

    Screenshot 2018-12-16 at 23.00.19.png

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  • 04/15/16--09:21: Manual Multi-Camera Method
  • Premiere Pro has long has multi-camera editing capabilities.  The first method involved manual creation of both the Source and Target sequences.  Automatic creation and syncing was added later, and a lot of folks are using that method without any difficulty.  However, there are times when things just don't work the way you expect with the automatic method.  Unfortunately, Adobe has removed the older, manual method from the Help file, so may editors new to Premiere Pro aren't even aware that manual creation is possible.


    If you're having any difficulty using the automatic methods, this manual method will almost certainly resolve those issues.


    1. Create a sequence to hold your footage.  (Source Sequence)

    2. Add the clips, and sync them manually.

    3. In the bin, right click that sequence and choose New Sequence From Clip.  (Target Sequence.)

    4. In the timeline, right click on that newly nested sequence and choose Multi-Camera>Enable.

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    As the headline says ppcc19 crashes with a white screen at the start.

    Issue began when it crashed while I had a project opened an premiere closed itself, without any warning.


    Im Working on a MacBook Pro mid 2012

    Mac OS Mojave


    2,3 GHz Intel Core i7

    16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

    NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB

    Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB


    Runs 4k without big issues.


    Did the latest update an a reinstall. Did not fix it.


    What could it be?

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    Premiere 2019 on the Mac (13.0.1 Build 13) has introduced an odd feature; if you use the Audio Gain function, you can't commit any changes until the Peak Amplitude has been calculated. The OK button is greyed out until the calculation finishes, as you can see in the screenshot below.


    This is irritating, as I usually don't use the peak amplitude when making adjustments. I just eyeball the waveform and adjust up and down from there. Now, I have to wait for this calculation which, depending on the length of the clip, can take a very long time. It's even worse when trying to batch adjust several clips in the Project window.


    Is this a bug to be fixed, or something that can be turned off?



    Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 2.03.16 pm.png

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