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    I have about 2 hundred clips all back to back and need about 10 seconds of space between each one. I can't think of any creative way to do this all at once. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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    In Pro Tools, there's the ability to select a starting point to play from, hit play, then when you hit stop, and then play again.. it will play from the same starting point as it just had.


    I know that in Premier you can "Play from beginning of clip" but that's not my goal.


    Any other audio engineers out there will know exactly what I am talking about! Hopefully I explained it in a way that makes sense. Any ideas?

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    After upgrading to the 2019 version of Premiere Pro CC I'm getting this error when opening any project. I can edit the project but I don't know if any work that I'll be doing will be compromised by this error. I need a position about this problem to continue working in any project in the 2019 version.lvcod.jpg

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    Hi all,


    So, I built all my captions using the new captioning tool. Everything looked fine. I closed the file and left it for another day, I came bak today and my captions are still in the timeline, but I can't see them in the program monitor anymore. It shows up on my "source" monitor but not "program". Any idea what I'm doing wrong?  Thanks!

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    Hi, I am having an issue with Media Encoder.


    When I'm ready to send a sequence from Premiere, I hit "Queue" and Adobe Media Encoder opens, but then nothing happens. It does seem to receive the information from Premiere.


    I have uninstalled and reinstalled both programs multiple times.


    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

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    I'm aware that everyone's asking for this, but if this is some "anti-Blackmagic" stunt to try to keep people using premiere instead of DaVinci, it's going to backfire.


    This should've been talked out before release or at the very least DURING the release process.


    If support isn't added soon, you will most definitely start losing Blackmagic camera owners to the DaVinci editing workflow if this isn't a thing in the near future. I already know some people who have switched, and from what I've heard, DaVinci has actually created quite the editing software in addition to an obviously badass color program.


    Food for thought.

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    Tonight after updating Premiere Pro 2019, and my first time using it after getting the fall Windows 10 update, I was unable to use files off my camera that had worked previously (Fuji X-T3).  I was following a series of steps that has worked in the past, but now only the audio is showing up in Premiere.


    The clips work fine if opened in Windows using the 'Movies & TV' default app.

    I reinstalled the h.265 codec via the windows store and restarted windows/premiere without change.

    I uninstalled premiere and reinstalled without change.

    I changed the rendering from CUDA to software and restarted without change.


    If I import a finished video done before this problem, also encoded in h.265, it works fine.


    I've taken a couple screenshots of what I'm seeing after importing the clips. 





    Thanks for any suggestions!

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    Since the last update PP won't shut down without a force quit on iOS 10.12.6. It functions perfectly otherwise. I guess it's not a big problem...or is it? It is annoying though. Any one have an idea what to do to fix it?

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    I have a very small project -- no effects or anything.


    I have 1600 png frames that I'm animating.  They're 2k format and create about 36 seconds of video. There are no effects.


    I can successfully go to File > Export > Media > and export with Premiere


    however, I can't export to Media Encoder.  When I try, absolutely nothing happens.  In the past, the job is sent over to the Media Encoder queue.  Now, it just sits there as if I've done nothing at all.  I'm kinda clueless as there's no indication of an error.  I have plenty of space, ram and resources, so I don't believe this is a problem.              

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    I've been doing a lot of testing of this the last couple days. They changed the 'default' behaviors in a couple ways, and it seems "broken" to many for conversions ... they convert, but the media is still VFR when checked in MediaInfo's "Tree" view. Why?


    On the video page of Handbrake, where you have the frame-rate drop-down selector and the CFR/VFR buttons, if you use the "suggested"  setting for frame-rate of "Same as source" ... what you get is the same as the source ... and if that source is VFR, you get VFR output files,  if you have the CFR box checked!


    From testing, if I use a VFR source, and the frame-speed shows say 30fps, and I don't set it to something specific myself ... I still get VFR media exported.


    So ... you need to both check the CFR box, AND manually set a frame-rate, to be sure of getting CFR media exported.


    Also, if you're using the basic setup which defaults to the Encoder Profile set to Main, typically your Mbps tops out at 21.1 Mbps. Setting that to High jumps immediately to around 65Mbps with my Samsung S7 phone's 47.5Mbps 4k files. So I'm working with the other settings to figure out how to get around 48Mpbs out of it.



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    Hi. I have installed Premiere Pro CC and I imported video files from my Nikon D4s and D810 cameras. During playback, the speed is too fast, and I cannot understand a word due to the speed. Why is this? Is the program mis-interpreting the fps rate? I have tried to alter the speed with shift+j or l, but the basic speed for the clips are just wrong. Anyone with tips for a frustrated new user of this program? It was not an issue with Premiere Elements or Finalcut.

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    Hi all,


    I have a timeline with a lot of short clips and my workflow is to apply denoising and a LUT to all of them. Check the image below for reference. If necessary, I apply clip-specific color correction on track V4 (not shown).


    Now, what I want to do is send all these individual clips (they can be 100 in a day) to Media Encoder using a preset I already created there. I'm happy if I can choose an output folder and if the filenames will match the clip names on track V1 (e.g., DJI_0986.MP4).

    What I do now is I press X on each clip (to set my in and out points on that clip), then export media with Ctrl+M, then unfortunately I have to manually specify the name, since the default name is the one I gave to the entire sequence. Go to the next clip, repeat. And so on. Luckily I get the export preset and folder already prefilled. However, that's still a lot of unnecessary hassle.


    Is there a smarter way to export them in batch with the filenames from track V1? I really hope you can suggest something!


    Thanks in advance,



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    Hello Adobe community,


    I am doing a new project where I have to use a lot of on screen text. I am using "Legacy Title" to create those text.


    The problem that I am having is that the size of the panels change every time I reopen the titles.


    Below are the images:

    1) First time I open it. This is normal. All three panels are divided properly.



    2) Second time I open: Look at the left and right panels. Right panel gets extended and the left one gets squished.




    3) Third time I open the title. Again look at the left and right panels.



    This gets really annoying when dealing with lots of on screen text!


    Any help will be appreciated.



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    Is there any way to retain rendering files from Premiere Pro CC 2018 timelines when upgrading to the new Premiere 2019? Mine just automatically upgraded …along with Premiere CC 2018 (...why do they both update?).


    I opened a project today after upgrading and all the render files went missing. Now my computer is taking hours for a single  timeline to render. It will likely many days to re-render all the files from recent projects. (Is it worth it?)


    And it is incredibly sloooow with the high bitrate 4 k files on 1080 timeline! (I have a reasonably fast PC with 32 gigs a fast processor and new fast graphic card.)  Any suggestions?

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    I don't kown, It's obvious a bug

    All video

    The lastest version Premiere





    win10 pro workstation version_1809

    ASUS ROG RX vega64 with lastest driver

    AMD 2950X CPU

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  • 12/21/18--13:48: capturing pal dv 16*9
  • cap lat.png


    hey there,

    Im capturing throug a camera directly to adobe premeire cc 2018 12.0 with blackmagic decklink studio 4k

    what is the best driver to capture pal 16*9

    cause i have a problem that when capturing dv 16*9 i have a missing pixels, the example is attached throug the image

    also when capturing pal uncompressed 8 bit or 10 bit the output is 4*3 not 16*9

    any one have a solution for my problem

    thank you...

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    Today,when I wanna export the open captions to a movie in the preset of Apple Proress 4444 with alpha , I find that the captions can't be seen in the output monitor. And the movie don't include the captions too. The version is Premiere pro CC 2019.


    I wanna ask if  anyone can tell me how to export the open captions to mov in the preset of Apple Proress. Thanks!屏幕快照 2018-12-24 下午4.50.53.jpg

    屏幕快照 2018-12-24 下午4.50.53 (2).jpg

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    I'm having this problem for quit a while, premiere or media encoder just stops at a random point not specific one without any errors  just stops for hours without any progress, I usually collects the project and send it to a coworker to render the video, even when I'm trying to make proxies with media encoder it stops at a random point without any errors

    It doesn't happen every time but it's very frequent, I have the latest versions of premiere, nividia driver and windows 10

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    I have some waste of time with the new CC version when a want to change
    te Gain of a clip. Normaly à open the audio gain panel (G) and set my gain
    and press "ok". But not (and with 2018) you have to wait the "peak amplitude : Calculating..."
    before apply my change.


    Sometime I work with long a multi audio track video (8 audio track video) and take a lot of time
    before the calculating finish... and this process restart everytime I return to the audio gain panel of
    the same clip.


    Before It was super easy and fast.... like I press "G" and exemple "12" (automatically in the last field)
    and press enter, listening to the timeline, too loud, press "G", "10", "enter", play... etc.


    Now I just wait again the peak amplitude everytime before I can press enter... If a click too fast
    sometime Premiere crash.


    Why? Can we disable the peak amplitude calculating? (this is just for a overview and I don't need this
    long process)



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    Hello! I'm here to ask, So I have Adobe Premiere CC 2019 and i Used to use the GPU rendering,

    But Suddenly THe GPU Rendering Option was greyed out and it says Software Only. I try to search on Youtube on how to solve this problem.

    But it doesnt work, I try like cuda_supported cards, and OpenCL.

    The Last time i used the GPU rendering was OpenCL so i tried to put opencl_supported_cards but it still doesn't work.

    Screenshot (137).png

    My Laptop has:

    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4210U CPU

    NVIDIA GeForce 820M

    WIndows 10 64 bit

    I tried also in premiere cs6 and tried on Media Encoder cc 2019 but the GPU rendere still greyed out. Please help me! Thanks!

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