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    Hi everyone,


    Recently, after years of using Premiere fluently, my system is no longer able to use the Essential Graphics panel.  I'm running Premiere CC 2018 on Mac OS X High Sierra (10.13.6)


    No matter which template I select from Essential Graphics, when I attempt to drag and drop it onto a video track (all unlocked) on the timeline, my cursor icon shows the hand with a circle / slash through it and will not add the clip.


    It doesn't matter what template I use, none of them work.  If I make a brand new fresh project, Essential Graphics still fails to work.  I really don't think this has anything whatsoever to do with my project or sequence.


    This is a recent development, after more than a year of using the Essential Graphics panel on a regular basis.


    The only clue I have is that I did install Premiere Pro CC 2019 when it first came out, found I couldn't use it, and uninstalled it using Adobe's supplied Uninstaller, then have continued in 2018.


    Any tips?


    Joe Winston

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    Hi all,


    I have a 2.5 year old Acer E-15 laptop that I use to edit videos.


    8 GB DDR4 Ram

    Intel i5 6200U

    Dedicated graphics card (Geforce 940MX) and an Intel 520 Graphics card

    245 GB SSD and 500 GB SATA


    For simple videos that required cutting, speed ramping, music, text, it would work fine. However, I had to stop editing a video yesterday because it was extremely laggy to the point I couldn't even see what I was doing. The quality of the video was higher than what I usually edit (it was 4k) so that probably has something to do with it, but in the past even those videos didn't lag to that degree.


    I tried lowering the preview quality (the lowest it can go is 1/4, not sure why it can't go lower) and cleared as much storage as I possibly could off the harddrives.

    Is it simply just time to upgrade to a better laptop?


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    I have a new 2 month old 15" MBP. I Was working on a project, macbook volume was about on half, when suddenly an audio bug occurred with really loud screatching noise and not letting me pause it. After it stopped, the speakers were really quiet, and after the next restart they're clearly blown. Initially I blamed the hardware, though the same thing happened a day later with my Sony 1000X-M3 headphones, luckily the headphones are ok, but that did give me a heart attack.


    The situation is not ok, I am not happy. Adobe customer care chat is ridiculous.


    MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018)

    Processor: 2,6 GHz Intel Core i7

    Memory: 16 GB 2400 MHz DDR4

    Graphics: Radeon Pro 560X 4096 MB; Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB

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    I'm having lots of problems with both premiere pro CC 2018 & 2019 and it started to accrue 3 days ago, before that everything ran smoothly on my computer.

    After I had issues with the 2018 version I've decided to update to 2019 to hopefully solve the problem. 

    The program suddenly freezes with no reason, I can still move the cursor and click on buttons but the source and program monitor are not working. In different cases, it will show me "media pending".

    After that, I need to close the program but it won't close until I close it manually from the task manager.


    My computer:

    Lenovo legion y720


    16G RAM

    512SSD (The project is on the computer after I thought that maybe the problem is related to my external hard disk)

    Geforce 1060 GTX (I've updated the drivers)


    I've tried to find a solution online and I couldn't find any, This is a huge problem for me because I'm wasting a lot of time on restarting the program more than 10 times a day.





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    Since the last update PP won't shut down without a force quit on iOS 10.12.6. It functions perfectly otherwise. I guess it's not a big problem...or is it? It is annoying though. Any one have an idea what to do to fix it?

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    hi mates

    I do not know how to export my videos to instagram with the best quality?


    can you help me ?

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  • 12/24/18--10:34: Workspace
  • Кто скажет, в чем проблема. Установил Premiere Pro CC 2019 и появилась проблема, не запоминает work space при запуске с нуля или при создании нового проекта. Делаю под себя вкладки и окна, располагаю как мне нужно, сохраняю work space под другим именем, но когда выхожу и запускаю снова тот же проект или создаю новый, мой workspace не сохраняется по умолчанию. Включается или Assambley либо Learning, но не мой сохраненный workspace. В CC 2018 все запоминалось

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    I have a multitude of projects, explainer videos, that are modified on a regular basis for the company I work for.

    I use a ton of AE comps, dynamically linked to premiere for the ease in changing text, etc. within Premiere.

    In CC2019, AE comps made prior to the CC2018 release will load and play fine, but anything made with CC2018 will show a media pending error and will obviously not play.

    Also, in MOGRT files made with typekit fonts, the font that is supposed to be used is NOT used in CC2019.


    Let me know if I should report this as a big.



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    I am not an expert, but I've tried as many ways as I can to reword this phrase to find a solution to no avail.


    It is difficult to explain, because I am not sure at what point this error occurs. Everything is working perfectly fine, I am editing my videos, adding music and small short voice clips to the video. Very basic, nothing crazy. I render the project, everything looks great in the final rendered product. I close the project and Premiere Pro. Some time later (I can't provide an exact timeframe here, but some videos edited back in 2017 as well as ones edited just several weeks ago), I open that same project back up in Premiere Pro. However, now, the edits are all there and the sound, everything looks as it did when I last saved the project, but the video is out of sync. There is a delay, in the playback, of where I placed the slices/ripple deletes. The video is moving at a normal pace, nothing is different in terms of the quality or frame rate of the video I recorded, but somehow all of the edits that I've made in the timeline have just... somehow shifted? The delay becomes much longer and more severe the further into the video you go; I can see that the delay is becoming more and more gradual throughout the playback of this video. When I discovered this happening to a video I worked on in Nov 2017, I opened a more recent one and it looks as though the same problems are happening even with recent projects, but NOT with ones that I worked on, let's say, yesterday. It takes somewhere between several weeks to a month, maybe, before this sudden shift happens.


    Any ideas? Need more details? Not sure I explained in the best way possible, but I hope there are some answers out there. Brain may explode soon. Please help!


    Working with macOS High Sierra 10.13.3

    Premiere Pro is on its latest update

    Filming my iPad Pro screen using USB connection and Quicktime on my iMac


    I only use one long screen-recorded video for the entire duration of my Premiere Pro projects that are experiencing this issue.

    Thank you!

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    link to similar problem.PNGjittery playhead won't go away.PNG


    I noticed now the playhead jitters its way down the timeline in Premier Pro. You're not going to be able to see it in a still image, the only change I made was a trial of New Blue Transitions, see in Effects to right circled in blue. I found a similar problem listed on another site but they were referencing the programming monitor. ganged or unganged I still have jittery playback. Any suggestions? I'll try removing New Blue to see if this is the problem,, if so I'll have to find another vendor's plugin for transitions.

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    Hi I hope someone can assist me with this issue. I am reviewing my editors work and each time I get a project which has been captured by Sony the edited file in the timeline is shifted around 3 - 4 second later. We work with a few cameras. We generally work with Canon, Panasonic and Sony. Only recently the Sony files has been doing this. It appears to have that zebra lines on the timeline which basically means there's not footage at that particular point.


    I work with around 3 hours worth of footage including multicam sequences so it's a real headache.


    When i open my project on my MacBook pro I5 8gb late 2015, model it doesn't have this issue. it's only my main iMac computer (I7 32gb late 2014) which has this problem. I have updated my software and still no joy.  


    This issue occurs when i open any of my editors who has a Sony file in their project. Editing Sony files on my computer isn't a problem.


    Please see stills below for reference. It also has nothing to do with the transitions used, just video been shifted.


    I would appreciate it if anyone can help as soon as possible please.




    Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 20.17.19.pngScreen Shot 2018-12-21 at 20.18.00.png 

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    I imported some movies from my Phone. If I play them on my computer the quality is good, but if I import the same picture in Premiere Pro then I get a half black and white picture with purple colouring and stripes. Cant find the solution! Who can help me?

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  • 12/27/18--03:30: Cannot use premiere pro
  • premiere pro crashing on open both new projects and existing 2017 macbook pro os sierra

    have tried to start chat but will not allow me to initiate new one

    case ADB-5112110-H9L5

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    Tengo un problema en el programa Premiere Pro CC 2017 que no me da la opción de anadir un título.

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    Premiere 2019 on the Mac (13.0.1 Build 13) has introduced an odd feature; if you use the Audio Gain function, you can't commit any changes until the Peak Amplitude has been calculated. The OK button is greyed out until the calculation finishes, as you can see in the screenshot below.


    This is irritating, as I usually don't use the peak amplitude when making adjustments. I just eyeball the waveform and adjust up and down from there. Now, I have to wait for this calculation which, depending on the length of the clip, can take a very long time. It's even worse when trying to batch adjust several clips in the Project window.


    Is this a bug to be fixed, or something that can be turned off?



    Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 2.03.16 pm.png

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    I filmed a project on alexa mini in 3.2k prores 4444 and some in 2k.


    Prores runs so smoothly on my imac pro I never even bothered to make any proxies, and am editing on original footage.


    Now I have one question, which might just be silly and irrelevant, but I AM curious about it!


    If I'm going to output a final master in 2k, or let's even say regular HD 1080:

    Would it be better to edit the material in a 1080 Timeline and make Set To Frame Size on all the 3.2-footage, and when finished just render at the same Frame Size as Project...


    Is it better to edit in a maximum frame size timeline (3.2k), upscale 2k material to fill out the frame, and then when finished, render the master out to 1080



    Or is this just not an issue I should invent for myself lol


    I am going to take the final editing to grading also before rendering out a final master if that has any bearing.


    Thanks for your input!

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    I'm using PP to gather several short MP4 clips, speed them all up, and export them as a single video file. However, the software appears to be inserting red frames in between the various clips. These red frames are present both in the editing timeline and the exported file. I haven't added any transitions or effects, I'm simply trying to combine clips and accelerate them to 3x speed. I've tried turning off accelerated h.264 decoding to no avail. My understanding is that Premiere adds these red frames when it cannot interpret frames from the source material, but I don't know why this would be happening in between my clips and I'm not sure how to fix the issue. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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    I updated to Premiere Pro CC 2018 yesterday, and have since have had multiple problems with the software. Most common, most times I try to "Drag Edge of Clip" (trim) to expand it in the timeline, I automatically get shut down.


    My workaround has been to use the Razor tool to cut where I need to, but if I forget, I get shut down again.


    Other than my workaround (or any other workarounds) is there a way to fix this so I won't crash as often.



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    I just downloaded Premiere Pro CC 2019 and every time I try to create a new project, it loads for 5 seconds and then the app crashes. I've also tried clicking open project and I get the same result. I have also tried opening it up from the creative cloud and the start menu on my laptop and I cannot figure out what the issue is. Any suggestions?


    PS this is for a PC running on windows 10.

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  • 12/27/18--11:00: Epiphan capture card support
  • Does Premiere Pro CC support the Epiphan DVI2PCIE DUO capture card.  I am struggling to have Premiere Pro recognize the card.

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