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    Ik have a big problem with Adobe Premiere Pro, Reinstalling, Synch did't work!

    I have already make a video with the problem. Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 Shut down - YouTube  [link Youtube]

    Each project what I open gives the same problem.


    How can i fix this problem? I use Windows 10

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    Computer: i7 3930k 3.20- 4.20 not overclocked at moment, 32 gb ram, gtx 670 gpu, C: hdd 7200 for OS, E: 2 drive Raid 0 for media files, F: 2 drive Raid 0 for cache and scratch and previews.

    Footage is xavc-s 24 frame rate 1920X1080 from sony A7iii camera.

    In properties in ppcc video codec is MP4/MOV H.264 4:2:0 for the footage.


    On playback I get the dropped frames and a slow second or 3 start up of hitting play.

    cache is clean and even cleared out all previews to start fresh.


    Filmed 4k uhd  footage with same camera.

    Dropped on a new timeline and ppcc used a red 4k setting.

    Dropped frames upon playback as I suspected would happen being it 4k. Not real bad though at first.

    So I made proxies of the 4k footage to make life easier to edit. H264 was used.

    These files on their own timeline stutter and drop frames and also have a slow startup on playback. When I move the cursor around to drop onto another piece of footage, it takes it a bit of time to show the correct file on the timeline in program monitor.

    Scratches head.

    is this my cpu at fault here or did I totally miss something. Had no problems with sony footage that was xavc from my sony a7s. But the xavc-s seems not happy.


    Any clues here would be great.

    I was told on another forum that they thought it was my cpu as a bottleneck.

    I did purchase 2 ssd drives and a new gtx1070 to see if this helped but now afraid to open boxes lol.


    I am also waiting on the higher side of adobe support to get back to me as well.


    Open ears here and would love to get to work. Yes I did say that. : )

    Thank you.


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    I am trying to upgrade from Premiere CS 5.5 to Premiere CC, but can not find any way to make menus for discs. I was told by customer service that I could make menus in Premiere before burning with Encoder, but I started a trial and can not see anyway to make menus anywhere. Has Adobe completely given up on this?

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    I forgot to ingest my assets as I normally do,

    I just finish a project and dragged assets from different sources (not all neatly organized in the project's folder)


    is there a way, to gather all assets before saving and archiving the project ?


    Thank you,


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    I am using the 13.0.2 version of Premiere Pro on a Windows computer

    Whenever I am trying to edit a text or create a mask, no outlines show up.

    This was working fine in the previous version but the problem seems to have started after the update.

    Is there a way to make them show up that I am unaware of?

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  • 12/27/18--06:02: Off-line softwares
  • Hello, I'm looking for Premiere Pro and After affects softwares that work off-line since we have a very bad internet connection in our region. I can't work with creative cloud with no internet. What should I do?

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  • 12/27/18--14:06: Error compiling movie
  • Screenshot_1.png

    So this is the error I´ve been struggling with for the past week, basically, it says "Error compìling movie, GPU render error".
    I have tried everything found on google but nothing else than turning off the OpenCL has worked yet.


    I´d trully appreciate your help, i´m desperate!



    Thank you

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    I have random crashes with 2 different PC-s and different Systems (Win7/Win10).

    Sometimes i get "media pendings" too.

    Fact is, Adobe is not able to give an error free version of Premiere. Even PS is freezing sometimes.

    I installed DaVinci Resolve. Irony is, the free version is more than good/enough for me, i have no crashes and again ... its free!

    I even think to cancel my CC subscription and keep PS/Lightroom only...

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    I have been having this problem for while now that came after a few updated versions ago. When I have a timeline full of clips and I decide I want to move one clip to a new spot or switch it out for another clip, the other clip that is after it will have a few frames from the clip that was previously next to it at the beginning so I have to go in and trim a few frames off of each clip that is next to one that I moved and it is really starting to frustrate me as I can not figure out what the problem is. Anyone else have this problem?


    Let me know if I did not explain well. It is a bit hard to explain.


    Thank you!

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  • 12/23/18--00:42: Project start problems
  • I can not move a downloaded template from library to sequence window?! I can hold the Video with mouseclick and move but than it happens nothing and do not show it in any attendant

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    Since upgrading to CC 2018, Magic Bullet Looks gives me a 'did not initialize properly' error while Premiere is loading (see below).


    Red Giant has a blog post with an upgrade for CC 2018, which I installed as a possible fix. It changed nothing. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling both Premiere and Looks, but that doesn't help either.


    I even tried re-downloading Premiere Pro CC 2017, and installing it along with the previous non-CC-2018 version of Looks, 13.0.2. And now it gives the same exact 'did not initialize' error as the 2018 version.


    I can't find anything online about this issue online. I've submitted a trouble ticket to Red Giant, but it's been 5 days and they haven't even replied. Can anybody help with this? I have a project that I wanted to finish 2 days ago, but I'm waiting on getting Looks to work again.





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    Hi there I have a question for anyone who can help me set up my auto-saving to a point where it actually does something. I've had Premiere Pro Crash on me 3 times in the last 24 hours and even tho my projects auto save every 10 minutes when I go to restart the program it says the project hasn't been opened in over an hour. I get error's saying "There was a problem syncing some files" and then when I go to "Click the specific errors below" no additional information is given. And no local save files are ever created during any form of saving the project (Save as, regular save, auto-save). So Im at a loss with Adobe as this is getting kind of ridiculous as they have no solution for me when talking to them over the phone.

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    Hi there,


    I was going to try Premiere CC for the first time, but when I run Premiere CC, the following error appears: "Adobe Premiere Pro could not find any capable video play modules. Please update your video display drivers and start again."


    Both my Windows and GPU are fully updated.


    Does anyone know how to fix this error?


    My comp:

    Intel G4560 3.5Ghz

    8GB RAM Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2400MHz

    GPU Geforce GTX 1060

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    Hello, I am hoping you guys can help me! I need to see which parts of a clip(s) were not added to a timeline, as well as whole clips that were not added. Is there a way to do this?

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    For the past few days, Premiere Pro has been randomly quitting after updating to the 2019 version and causing me to reopen my projects as recovery files, this was a bit annoying but fine. However it now won't function at all, I can create new projects but immediately the error appears: A low-level exception has occurred in: AdobeScope(transmit::createinstance)  the playback window doesn't work and play head won't move, the whole software seems to not respond meaning I can't edit at all.


    It started having this issue around 24 hours after I installed the new Mojave software for Mac, this could be the cause however last night after I installed it the software worked fine.


    I've tried creating new projects and working on already existing ones with no luck, I've tried restarting my MacBook and no luck, I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software and no luck, and I've checked and every bit of software is up to date.


    I have tried to ring Adobe and the number wouldn't go through, I tried to "24-hour chat" which after half an hour on hold was closed on me with no response or resolution. After contacting the Adobe Customer Care's twitter they told me to post this on the forums and send the link to them.


    This is a really urgent matter, I use the Creative Cloud for all my work and cannot afford to pay for something that does not work. Help would be really appreciated.

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  • 12/27/18--21:50: Can't Import H265
  • I have footage shot with my drone in 10bit Dlog H265 when I try and bring the file into PP I get "The file has an unsupported compression type"

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    Is Adobe Premiere CC a professional program?

    The program crashes constantly.For example, if I zoom in or out of the timeline.
    And when I restart the program, I have to wait 10 minutes each time until all data are loaded.

    These are rmf data, raw data from professional Canon Cinema cameras.

    Is Adobe Premiere not ready to work with such data?
    It totally annoys.A professional work for customers is so impossible.
    My system is new and meets the minimum requirements by far.

    ( windows 10 / 64 // Premiere Pro CC 13.0.2 )

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    Brand new OS Win 10 Pro - specially for CC 2019. During the work on one project I get BSOD BAD_POOL_CALLER. - after restart  I can't run Pr. They crushing at loading importerquicktime.prm.



    -reinstal Pr

    -Adobe CC cleaner

    -restore system


    WORKAROUND: I read some tips:

    1. create new OS user
    2. log in on new OS account
    3. works!


    But how do I repair that bug?

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    Not had many problems with Pr until the latest update (13.0.2). Since then Pr won't quit. I have to force quit. I guess not a big problem but it's annoying that PR just hangs until I force it to quit.

    Any ideas on how to correct this?


    MacOS 10.12.6

    MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015)

    Processor 3.1 GHz Intel Core i7

    Memory 16 GB 1867 MHz DDR3

    Graphics Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MB

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    Hello there, I'm currently using the 2018 version of Premiere Pro and I'm having an issue while trying to make a typing animation.


    The first two letters are inserted well but when it comes to the third one it is suddenly added in the middle of the text:


    Let's say I'll try to type "Hello"


    "He" comes up well but when I start to press l it becomes: "Hle", adding the remaining letters, it becomes: "Hlloe"


    And when I try to erase it, it starts to erase from right to left. I've tried to change the preference from middle to asian whatever that is, but it didn't work.

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