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    Hi everybody,


    I've just updated Premiere Pro CC to the 2019 version, starting a fresh project, and trying to import footage from my Blackmagic Video Assist recorder.

    But it fails with this message :


    Capture d’écran 2018-10-16 à 09.48.07.png

    The file was copied with Shotput Pro, and plays fine in CC2018 version, and in the finder. I've tried with other ProRes files from the recorder, and the problems remains the same. I tried with other Quicktime Prores files, generated with media encoder, and they play fine in CC2019.


    I deleted Media Cache files and co. But the issue remains the same.

    Is this may be related to a bad metadata in the BM QT file ?


    Thanks for your help !

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    I need to put English subtitles on a german video which is over an hour, I've been given an XML by a professional subtitling company (who we've worked with in the past and they're XMLs could always be imported by Premiere before), but Premiere will not import it into the project! I've tried importing it in all the ways I know how (File>Import, dragging and dropping and through the Media Browser), but nothing seems to work. The strange thing is I'm not getting any error window, when I try to import it, Premiere acts like it normally does with the Import Window popping up, but when it's finished there's nothing in my project! Can anyone please advise me on this issue?? Is there something I'm doing wrong? Is it something to do with the most recent Premiere update? Do I need to update my OS?


    Many thanks in advance.


    I'm currently using


    macOS Sierra 10.12.4

    3 GHz 8-Core Intel Zeon E5


    Premiere CC is the latest version: 12.0.1

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    I add the videos in the cut window but often only the audio file in the cut window purely. Although that is a mp4 file.

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    Hello Folks! I am new to adobe premiere 2018 and very excited . Starting to use this for social account and trying to edit any video clib to 15 seconds and then export using 900 x 1600 aspect ratio. When i do that and then send the file to my samsung galaxy S8+ to upload as instagram story the file gives me an error.

    However if i use the same file and modify it using an app ( reconvert it) like instashot then the file magically gets uploaded .


    Below were my tests


    1. Cut the file to 14 seconds ( same issue)
    2. Tried syncing it using drop box , google drive , 4 other pieces of software + local drag and drop - same issue
    3. reduced the size to 1-2 megs > same issue


    I then tried the installed instashot app , converted the file to 1080p ( it was now 22 mb) and it uploaded with out any issues.

    I followed several dozen  youtube tuturials and was not able to crack the issue. Because I am doing the exact same thing as they are and yet it works for them and does not for me.


    I noticed that quite a few people have this issue with Adobe premiere on youtube so your help on this would be really resolving the issue for a lot of folks.

    Below i have my render settings >





    some part of me is thinking that this has to do with how instagram is detecting the video source > but i am not sure how to pin it exactly




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  • 10/18/18--03:34: Premiere Pro 2019 lagging
  • Recently updated Premiere to the v13.0 2019 version the update went fine and it worked the first day using it. However, now it just keeps lagging and being really unresponsive, taking far longer to quick render clips or just do anything. I've also recently upgraded my RAM to meet more than expectations of Premiere and have Windows 10 Pro installed so I'm just wondering what's the issue? How can I fix it? Is it my computer or is it the fact that there has been a new update and there are some growing pains along the way.

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    Does anyone have a good workflow suggestion for importing files from XDCam HD disk as single MXF files, so that they could be easily renamed in finder?

    We have used pdw-u2's and XDCam Transfer, but it rewraps to QT and its not working anymore. As we use 400-500 disks / show renaming is important. And since much of the preparing is done in location we try to avoid transcoding.


    Any software / workflow suggestions are appreciated.



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    Hi, has anyone also problems after switching to premiere 2019 with a cuda graphic card? I have the geforce gt 750 ti and it works great using premiere 2018, but cuda is not working anymore after the update to 2019.




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    Using Mac OS 10.9.5, 8 GB RAM, 100 GB free storage, 2.4 ghz Intel Core i5.


    I currently have the 2015 release of Premeire Pro.


    I want to download the 2017 release of Premeire Pro.


    I was not able to because, I believe, the system requirements are for Mac OS 10.10 at least and I have Mac OS 10.9.5.


    However, when I went back to look at the system requirements for the 2015 release, it also said 10.10 required. So how was I able to install the 2015 release, but not the 2017 release?


    Thanks for your input.



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    By adding an extra 10-20 pixels here and there I think Audition and Premiere Pro could work well with touch-screen monitors.

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    Is anyone able to run the october update to CC2019 on CPU's older than Intel 6th generation? If the October update didn't force me to buy a whole new machine in addition to buying windows 10, that would be great. 

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    Hey guys,


    I uploaded video of 1080 HD to youtube and then to vimeo when i upload it and click on playing setting and set it to the fullest which is 1080 HD

    the video seems too blury and almost has no colors and it seems to have a blury transparent layer on the video as you can see in the picture attached here


    On the left side it is the original on my windows it appears full HD all color grading is on the point

    On the right side is that of vimeo and youtube as well



    For sure you have noticed that blury transparent layer on the video which makes colors do not appear as well as very very low quality also i switched the play setting to the fullest which is 1080 HD


    i tried different format and codec i increase the bit rate and does not make a sense as youtube and vimeo will compress the video to the required bit rate

    so it does not make a sense the problem is that blurry transparent layer on the video which washes out all the colours and make it looks like ****** 240 video


    anyone can help please URGENT!


    Thanks in advance

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    I just upgraded to 2019 (13.0.1) from 2018 (12.1.2) on 11/2. I have opened and converted two projects in progress in 2019. In both projects, all parts of the editing process have become nearly impossible when working in 2019 vs when I was working on them in 2018.


    The projects are 1920x1080 23.97 using ProRes 422 footage files of the same size and FR—not proxies. There are also dynamically linked After Effects comps. In several places, those comps are layered on top of the footage and each other and sometimes use the multiply and screen blend modes. I am also using the morph cut and cross dissolve effects on the footage and the tint effect on some of the AE comps.


    Before, I could scrub and play through the footage without an issue in real time. At worse, when I had several CC apps opened the footage would drop to 1/2 res. Un-rendered motion graphics would playback with dropped frames but once rendered played back in real time. Rendering was fast and exporting both from within Premiere and with AME was also fast. The one project had a TRT of 6:27 and rendered from AME in about 8-10 minutes.


    Now, in 2019, I cannot scrub through the footage at all, even with it forced to 1/4 res. It takes several seconds for the current frame under the playhead to display whenever the position of it is changed.


    I cannot play the project back smoothly. When I hit the spacebar to play portions of the project that are footage only (no MoG), Premiere will play a couple seconds but there are tons of dropped frames and it will only play so much before the video stops and only audio plays. At that point, it will often grind to a complete halt after a few more seconds. I cannot playback un-rendered motion graphics at all—it won't even attempt it! Even rendered sections playback in the same choppy manner as the parts that are strictly footage.


    Rendering within Premiere and in the new version of AME have also become unbearably long. Hitting return to render the project used to take minutes for several hundred frames of MoG and now I have no idea how long it takes because I let it sit for an hour and it had complete 30-some frames. The project I mentioned before that rendered from AME in about 8-10 minutes took that long just to get to 1% and at that point, the estimated time to finish calculator climbed until it read over 9 hours. I let it go for another half hour until it had reached 2% and canceled the render. Just opening the project in AME and changing the render settings takes 2-3 times as long now.


    The dynamically linked After Effects comps are also problematic. If I make a change in AE, the change used to show up nearly instantaneously in 2018. Now, it takes several minutes or it will just show the media pending placeholder. Changing editable text fields for AE comps from within PR also used to be instantaneous but now takes upwards of a minute to show in the program monitor once I commit the change.


    Double-clicking in the project pane and opening the After Effects file to import a comp also takes forever. First, it takes several minutes to populate the top-level folders of the AE project in the import window. Then, it takes several more minutes to populate the comps when I drill down into one of the folders. This process used to happen immediately in 2018.


    I am having similar performance issues in After Effects including rendering both inside AE and in AME so although I tried exporting my comps as footage clips the renders were taking so long I canceled them.


    I have tried using all three rendering engines (software, Metal and OpenCL) for both AME and in Premiere's project settings as well as restarting, clearing caches and deleting preview files. Nothing changes.


    I am working on a MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018):

    macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 (I am unable to upgrade to Mojave due to our IT dept and enterprise security apps)

    2.9 GHz i9

    32 GB memory

    4 GB Radeon Pro 560X

    1 TB SSD (OS and apps)

    1 TB Samsung T5 external SSD directly connected without adapters (project files)


    This thing is a monster and so far has handled everything I can throw at it...until now. So, I don't think it is the computer at all. I am up against deadlines and lost a lot of time screwing about with 2019. Luckily, I hadn't made any significant time-consuming changes and rolled back to 2018 and finished the projects there.


    I know there are several existing threads about similar performance and stability issues but this seems to be a wide-spread issue that isn't getting enough attention from Adobe. I am going to keep using 2018 and hopefully, anyone who sees this post or any of the other threads thinks twice about upgrading or at least leaves the 2018 apps installed and doesn't test out 2019 with any critical projects! Don't be an overly-excited early adopter like me!


    P.S. I haven't had any of these issues with Lightroom Classic, PS, AI or AU. Only PR, AE and AME. Granted, I spend the vast majority of my time in the video apps and only use the other apps for quick tasks to support the editing process and I haven't any large batches of raw files in LR since upgrading.

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    I tried searching for an answer, but I might not be using the right terms, and wasn't able to find anything.


    I sometimes make a mistake that only is realized after the final render (missing clip, offline media, other issues) that requires me to re-render the entire project to rectify 3 seconds of footage. Is there a faster way?

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    I know I've read some other users in the past running into this issue of workspace resets, and it's been an issue I've been facing now since the 2019 update. A huge annoyance after each project having to redo my workspace layout. Also, the Legacy Title app does NOT remember its settings either, I have to manually turn back on "Tools, Styles, Actions, and Properties" but right-clicking on the title window box every time I use it. Talk about frustrating and a waste of valuable time when making small corrections having to reopen these tools.


    Any suggestions from the community? Adobe are you aware of these issues / looking to address this?

    Coming from both my iMac Pro 2017 and MacBook Pro 2016.

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    I'm working on a MacBook Pro 13" Late 2013 2.8 Ghz Intel Core i7, 16GB ram. I'm using Premiere Pro 13.0.2. According to the system requirements, I think I should be good. But I can't edit a thing because when I run my cursor over the timeline, it stutters. I can start to execute edits, but I immediately lose control, so, for example, instead of rolling back a clip just a few frames, it rolls away several seconds of the clip. The problem persists regardless of the tool I have selected. Just until this upgrade, I was able to use Premiere without major problems like this one, which has rendered it basically impossible to use.  Any thoughts? Do I need a new computer? I hope there is some kind of fix as I am on deadline... Thanks very much for your help. 

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    I accidentally deleted the timeline/sequence panel from Premiere Pro CC. I undocked the panel and then I X'd out out of it.


    Now I can't create any timelines/make videos. Any advice on how to get the panel back?


    I already restarted Premiere Pro and the panel was still gone. Any help is greatly appreciated.



    Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 8.31.43 PM.png

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    Premiere is freezing and then the playback will go black and I can't do anything.  I can hear the audio but I can't see anything.  If I wait about an hour, then it will have unfrozen and I can edit for another 5 minutes or so before it happens again. I have tried the following:


    1. Resetting the preferences (by holding alt as Premiere starts up)


    2. Emptying my media cache


    3. Relocating RAM to Premiere's performance


    4. Updating Premiere


    5. Cleaning over 600 GB of storage on my computer's hard drive


    6. Contacting Adobe Support (to no avail)


    7. Previewing at 1/4 and 1/8 the quality of playback


    Please help

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  • 12/28/18--16:24: Do I have my settings wrong?
  • Same file.  4K from my phone.


    Davinci Resolve - scrubs fast


    Premiere - scrubs slow


    PC Specs


    AMD 2990WX


    64GB RAM 2933Mhz

    NVME M.2 SSD Drives

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    I really need help, Mi premiere stops playing video and audio from timeline and preview windows, the time marker doesn't move hittinf play, but I can move it with mouse, I can't render previews and when I exit premiere, the program frezze.


    I try many things, and the problem persist, please, help!

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    is there a method for which as soon as I open the project all the clips are disconnected from the audio without me doing it manually? I ask because on my old computer all the clips were automatically disconnected without me doing anything.

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