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Latest Forum Threads in Premiere Pro CC

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    How can I export uncompressed audio; with my video - in H.264 format?


    The only options on dropdown are AAC, Dolby and MPEG. Any way??

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    I am running Premiere Pro CC 2019. The cut video/sound clips in a cut timeline are relinking 16 frames early. The length of the cut clip is correct but starts 16 frames early. As you can imagine, this is causing havoc! I have been corrected it but there are thousands of cuts. Talked to support in India but they couldn't figure it out. Can anyone help? Do I have a setting wrong?

    Thank you,

    Sageland Media

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    I'm not sure what's going on, but PP will not import any files whatsoever.  I updated PP two days ago, and my iOS a week or two ago.  I've cleared the cache, deleted all backup files I no longer need, and even done a clean sweep of old files on my computer.  I've tried importing less files (5 clips compared to the 100 I tried the first time) and I've restarted my computer as well. 
    PP worked 2 days ago when I put a film together, so I'm not sure what's going on.  I can't cancel the import, because the little beach ball is just wildly spinning.  I've forced PP to quit 4 times, tried to start a new project as well as open the one I started first (though it doesn't matter, there's absolutely nothing in either file).  I've been searching the internet for a the last four or five hours and I'm coming up empty-handed.  Anyone here have any ideas on what I can do to get these imports?

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    I record gameplay vids with a constant frame rate. (So it's not VBR related thing) I decided to update Premiere to the latest 2018 build and now imported vids get out of sync. I've decided to give 2019 a go and its the same issue. The desync can be as long as 4 secs! Even VBR vids don't get that.

    Fortunately In 2017 it works just fine. I've just tested a few builds and It works on fine jsut fine and but causes desync on  and


    What's the issue and how can I fix it?


    Running Windows 7 SP1

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    After updating to 12.1.1 all the drop down options in Premier are not working. For example when I click on the drop down for blend modes in the effects panel, nothing appears. I can't select an alternate blend mode. This affects ANYTHING with a drop down. This is also happening in Media Encoder and After Effects! Anyone run into this problem? I had to roll back to the previous version to get it working again.

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    I may have miss it or something but i am wonder if it possible to use the GPU's from a 2nd machine to render/process?  I have an crypto miner that i am no longer using due to the cost of running it, it has 5 rx580+ nitros in it.  I like to use the gpu in it to process and export the video files from my adobe programs.


    I just start to research this but i have not seen anything so far that suggest this is possible but i thought i throw this out there and see.  I spent a bit of time and money on this machine and i like to keep using it.

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  • 12/29/18--05:51: Jerky / Choppy export
  • Hi. Noob to the forums here. Hoping you all can help me.


    I've got a one-take shot that I'm time-ramping to match some music. The raw files, shot at 50fps, playing back at 25fps (in quicktime) play smooth as anything. The export, once it's been through Premiere is somewhat choppy.


    I've tried all the different time interpolation settings (sampling / blending / optical flow) on export with little effect.


    It was shot at 50fps. But, as it was shot on an Alexa mini, it defaults back down to a slow-mo 25fps on playback, which is what I set my PPCC project to for editing. Have also tried changing the sequence settings to 50fps with no difference to export quality.


    The time ramping ranges from 114% (which equates to a bit faster than half-speed slow-mo in playback) to 200% (which equates to real-time in playback), with slow transitions in between (as you'll see from the time ramping keyframe map picture attached).


    Below are all the media info for the source and export files. Also some screenshots of the settings of the project.


    Computer info: Macbook Pro (Mid 2012); 10.12.6; 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7; 16GB 1600 MHz DDR3; Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB RAM; 1TB SSD


    Source info

    Source info.png

    Export info:

    Export info.png

    Sequence settings

    Sequence settings.png

    Project pic showing time ramping

    Project pic to show time ramping.png

    Some advice would be much appreciated.


    And just for clarity: the issue I'm concerned with is EXPORT, not playback (which I have on really low quality settings anyway as my computer is a bit underpowered)





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    I have been working for hours on a short, short video and using the masking feature. The video was shot at 60 FPS and is 65 seconds.  Using Premiere Pro cc 2018, Windows 10 all updates are done.


    I had completed all of the masking and saved the project, ran to the store and went to render the project when I got back and Adobe did what does Adobe does best crashed.


    I opened the project and 1/2 of my keyframes for the masking are missing.  None of the autosave versions are correct.


    I opened one of the files to show a co-worker and keyframes just deleted themselves.


    Is it typical that if you delete one point on a mask in a keyframe that the point disappears globally?


    Is there some trick that I'm missing or is this a bug??? I lost about 6 hours of work, I have to mask an irregular shape so using the auto track is not an option.


    Are there any workarounds if this is a known issue, I'm scared to start over again after losing that much work.


    Thanks for any help on this issue!

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  • 12/29/18--06:09: Seit dem Update nur Probleme
  • Ich bin am verzweifeln und ich weiß echt nicht mehr weiter,

    Seit dem Update cc19 spinnt das Programm rum. Ich habe schon alles versucht, von den Setups muss eigentlich alles passen. Hatte bei cc18 nie Probleme. Mein Cc19 hängt sich nach ca 3-5 min auf.  Ich kann keine Vorschaukamera benutzen (Dateien werden Gelb als "Ausstehende Dateien angezeigt.) Ich kann zwar die Maus benutzen aber kein Button geht mehr. Das Ganze Programm hängt sich auf. Ich muss damit arbeiten und verzweifel dran. Kenn einer das Problem und kann mir helfen?




    I am desperate and I really do not know how to continue Since the update cc19 the program is spinning around. I have already tried everything, from the setups everything must fit. Never had problems with cc18. My Cc19 hangs up after about 3-5 minutes. I can not use a preview camera (yellow files appear as "Pending files.") I can use the mouse but no button goes more The whole program hangs on I have to work with it and despair of it Kenn if one of the problem and can me help?

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  • 12/29/18--06:11: Re: footage unrecognized
  • Hi! Everything was running smoothly with my clip which is sourced from a usb drive and it was recognized....until now.


    One of my clips is all stripey and won't play. I uploaded the source clip onto my hard drive and it still won't play. I want to find the option to relink video but this option didn't come up at start up.


    Please help.



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    before I updated I had the option to adjust the balance of the effect from clip A to B. After the update this doesn' t show up anymore. Anyone know how to bring it back?




    premiere 1.jpgpremiere 2.jpg

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    I've reset my preferences to make sure I've got a clean slate after all the issue I had and now this. Damn Premiere doesn't want to give a break

    2017 and 2018 same issues Hell!

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    I'm editing gameplay video's which are recorded with an Atomos Ninja Inferno. I try to edit these files (Apple ProRes, MOV) from an external ssd, since my iMac Pro only has 1TB internal. But I can't get Premiere to play these files normally. While the same file imported from my internal ssd does play on full resolution. Any idea's what goes wrong? Is it read/write speed? Is it a codec thing? Is it the cable?


    More info:

    iMac Pro 2017

    3 GHz Intel Xeon W

    64 GB 2666 MHz DDR4

    Radeon Pro Vega 56 8176 MB


    I connect the ssd in a caddy with a sata to usb3 adapter.


    What I tried:

    Switch between ProRes 422/HQ/LT

    Recorded with DNxHD-codec

    Several SSD's, for example Samsung 860 Pro

    A portable Samsung X5 Thunderbolt 3 SSD

    Multiple preview file formats at the sequence settings



    So it seems I found the solution. Premiere Pro on a Mac can't handle an exFAT formatted disk. Or at least in combination with ProRes files. I copied the prores files to a mac os journaled formatted disk and everything works smooth. I hope Adobe fixes this bug soon, because the workflow is now far from ideal. The Atomos device only supports exfat formatted disks, so I have to copy these files to another external ssd before I can start editing. And obviously this takes a while due to big file sizes.

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    Hi Guys

    I'm working in PPr 2019 and I've a 10 second template (made in Ae CC2018), which I've used a 100 or so times in CC2018 and about 20 times in 2019, with no problems. I've made an 1080x1080 sequence for Instagram and exporting 'match source. medium bitrate', like I have done dozens of times. The sequence plays fine in the program monitor and renders fine, but today as soon as the play head hits the template, it shifts off centre until a second before the end. Here's a capture:20181229 AdobeAeTemplate - YouTube.


    Can anyone throw any light on this? A thirty second promo is taking me all day...




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    I've got a new laptop and I'm trying to edit a project from 2018 on it. I converted the project, but now it won't play any of my footage. At first I thought it was an issue with my laptop's specs, but when I opened a new timeline and pulled up some footage, it played fine. What's going on? I've tried switching to mercury playback engine only, but nothing's working.

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  • 12/29/18--09:33: Clips on Timeline are Red?
  • Hello, I am trying the newest version of Premiere Pro CC 2019, and when I put clips on the timeline they are showing a red line, at the top where the ruler is. On Previous versions, these same clips show yellow. The clips playback ok, but should I be concerned about it showing red? This is just video clips, no effects at all. Thanks.

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    Hallo everybody

    Videos from Gopro Mp4 format, transformed to constant rate and 30fps with handbrake, uploaded in adobe: video looks fine before cutting - after cutting and moving it to the video line and then viewing it again: it looks a little like black and white, blurred!

    No idea what to do! Never seen that before!

    I used the same setting with a lot of videos before, opened and closed adobe, used different videos, opened new projects - always the same.

    Thanks for your help!


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    Gopro VR player 3.0 doesn't work.

    and when i update to Premiere Pro CC 2019, it says Gopro Vr Reframe is missing.



    i am using macOS Mojave and Premiere Pro CC 2019


    so it's hard to edit VR video these days.


    Is there any plan to update? or have solutions?

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    Screenshot 2018-12-29 at 21.53.28.pngHowdy big brain!

    I have an issue exporting astins for a 2K feature doc that we are currently finishing at Technicolor.

    The project sequence settings are 2K 1998 x 1080 and square pixels (1.0) in 25fps.


    The astins look great when in Premiere but when exported they have a stepping issue on the pixels. The font is Avenir and they aren't particularly small, but they would be unusable on the big screen. I've never had this issue when part of a sequence, I can only assume its to do with Alpha?


    I've exported in 4444 with Alpha and also Animation with Alpha, optical flow, its pre-rendered before export too.


    Any assistance would be much appreciated.


    Thanks kindly.


    imac Pro 2018

    Latest PP CC




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    I want to attach a video to my discussion for the Forum Users to view.  During scrubbing viewers will notice something unusual.


    [title edited by mod for clarity]

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