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    we did a bad colour , exposure , video coverage , premiere pro cc 2019 on colour correction process it is good now , i don't know how to export the recorded clips with original clip names as recorded with my correction now , i tried exporting many times in project manager . it only exports the actual footage , on video preview folder it is exported to with colour correction on very different names as rendered files ....please help to export my video clips with same names as clips as i recorded ---advance thanks to expertsproject manager.jpg


    Message was edited by: M.R.Vivekananthan M.E.Ramasami Raju

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    I have a  Win10, latest update as of today, Intel 7900x, 32gb ram, 1070 video card and suddenly PP won't play, scrub or do much of anything with new video clips or even when I open old clips or old project files the results are always the same.


    Everything shows up but I can't play or scrub through anything and when I try to exit, I get asked if I want to save the project (I can answer yes or no, doesn't matter), and then everything locks and I have to end task.


    If I put just one clip, .mov or mp4 in the project window and click on it, I get the first frame showing up in the source window but then I'm done.  The only time I can exit PP without ending task is if I haven't loaded any clips in at all.


    I've updated to the very latest video driver and everything else on this computer is running just fine.  I can play the clips in Windows media player just fine.  It is only PP that is stuck.


    Any help is appreciated as I'm on a deadline to get this video out for a client.



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    I have a 5 minute sequence already edited on the timeline. I need to insert a 15 second "logo stinger" clip in front of the 5 minutes.

    I basically need to add 15 seconds in front of my already edited 5 minute clip....... How do I do this?

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    i need to change my i think a:


    i9 xxxxx ssd gtx1080, 3 ssd (how is reeccomended in premiere..) 32 gb ram ..... total 2000 and more dollars for what?


    when i try to work on a dji mavic file or go pro file or 4k file, is not possibile (jerky playback , not smooth..and if you apply a colour is worst) and i need to convert all in pro res?


    they are serious?


    i read a lot of people that spent a lot of money with new MONSTER PC and have the same issue (jerky playback etc)

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    Hi folks,


    I am working with files from much sources (GoPo, Canon EOS 80D, DJP Phantom 4 Pro Plus, etc.) a long time and never had problems to import one of them into Premiere Pro, no matter which resolution, framerate or other settings I use.


    After updating from Premiere Pro 12 to 13 (good choise in my optinion because of some major bugs fixed) I am not able to import some P4P-files, most of them in 2,7K with 50fps MP4s. Alway an error occures, sometimes "Type of compression not supported", sometime "Generell error" (the messages are translated from german, maby the sound different in Premiere in english). Other files with the same settings have no problems.


    I just can fix that via renaming the files from "xxx_xxx.MP4" to "xxx_mmm.M4V" or to delete the understroke, than everything goes right. But thats a big job because there are thoudands of them :-(


    Will there be a fix via Adobe? Any hits for me?


    Thanks a lot,

    Yours Christian

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    Hello, my credit card expired on this account. If i will made new account and buy plan on new account with another credit card, Will I can open files realized on previuous account? I mean files from auto save with adobe premiere...

    Thanks for your help.

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    I 've noticed an dramatic slowdown when i try to change audio levels using the "G'" key.  A 14 minute interview clip took over 3 minutes before the "OK" button was illuminated and it is consistently slow for other lengths of clips, which i've never seen before.  I haven't installed the most recent update since I'm just finishing up another project started in this version.


    Anyone have any ideas what's up?




    IMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014)

    OS 10.13.6

    Premier Pro CC 2019 V13.0.1

    Processor:  4 GHz Intel Core i7

    Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4096 MB

    Memory:  32 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

    Startup Disk:  Mac HD/3 TB Fusion

    Graphics:  AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4096 MB

    Video Drive-1  G-Raid Studio, 6TB, Raid 0

    Writre:  306.8

    Read: 305.1

    Video Drives-2 6TB Raid “0” in OWC Raid Housing

    Write Speed:  328 MB/s

               Read 333.7 MB/s

    Video Drive-3 4TB G-Raid

    Write 245.9

    Read 258.0

    G-Raid 6TB Ultra Studio thunderbolt raid 0, W229, R 232

    G-Raid 8TB Thunderbolt Raid 0, W 225 R 358


    1 additional HDMI system Monitor

    1 4K monitor thru the AJA T-Tap box

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  • 12/30/18--08:14: Désactiver curseur temporel
  • Bonjour,

    Je débute tout juste avec ce logiciel.

    J'ai du mal avec l'editing. Mon problème est très simple. Je suis entrain de monter un clip vidéo avec donc une piste audio référence et plusieurs plans.

    Lorsque je veux caler la vidéo sur ma piste référence audio, celle ci suit des marqueurs prédéfinis, en mesure, en temps, je ne sais pas ce qu'est la mesure. J'aimerais simplement pouvoir caler ma vidéo où je le désire sans suivre ces marqueurs. Je ne sais pas si c'est très clair... En gros je veux pouvoir mettre ma vidéo où je veux sur la timeline sans référence de temps ou autre pour pouvoir caler la vidéo exactement en même temps que ma track audio de référence.

    Je vous remercie d'avance

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    There are just a few clips all next to each other where the sound stopped playing. No activity is showing up on the mixer for that clip. I check all the obvious things like mute, solo, the volume level under effects, etc., but nothing. I deleted the media cache files folder so it could all rebuild and nothing.


    If I move the audio to a different audio track it will play, but it doesn't when I move it back to its original track. So there's at least that fix, but I'd like to know what the original problem is vs. having to use this workaround.

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  • 12/30/18--09:23: Exporting edit with proxies
  • First time editing 4 K footage with proxies.  There is only one 1080p clip at 120 fps that i chopped up and applied some speed ramping to.


    Problem: when i export, the edited 1080 clip loses all the cuts and effects and premiere pro takes a part of the original clip.


    What am i doing wrong and any suggestions on fixing this? (did not export with the proxy toggle on)


    Thanks! :-) 


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    Hey there!


    As soon as I try to play 240fps SlowMotion Files shot with my iPhone in Premiere CC 2017 it crashes.


    Any suggestions? Thank you so much  :-)


    Best regards,


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    Hi was using Mettle Skybox plugins with no problems in the older version of Premiere. Now, after the update I get the "this effect requires gpu acceleration" on screen. The GPU Acceleration (CUDA) is on.

    If I open the old version of Premiere (17) the Mettle Plugins are gone.

    GPU Drivers updated to latest driver


    Windows 10 latest update

    Ryzen 7 1700

    GTX 650 Ti Boost 2GB VRAM


    Please please please I'm halfway through a project

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    Is it just me?


    Or is there really no way to slip a shot by entering a value, like in every other NLE?


    I tried selecting a clip with the Slip Tool ... entering "+500" ... and it SLIDES the clip.


    How do I slip a clip by a specific number of seconds/frames?

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  • 12/30/18--13:07: Add URL to Video
  • I want to create a video that has a clickable link in it.   That is, I want to be able to tell the viewer near the end of the video, "if you want more on this subject click on this link".  The link will be somewhere in the video and if they click on it, they will go to that site.  If they right click (in Windows) on the link, it will open in a new tab. I upload my videos to Vimeo.  Can a "hot link" be done in Premiere Pro and if so, how?  Thanks.  I am on the latest release of PP CC 2019,

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    I was going through my typical workflow with 1920x1080 footage and while scrubbing through in the preview monitor or playing from the timeline the video would freeze. The playhead and sound would sometimes continue, sometimes not. Sometimes the footage turned to Media Pending. I would save and try to exit, the screen goes white and says not responding. All yesterday I was able to get a few clips into my timeline before this happened. I was restarting the program every 3-5 min. I also tried restarting my computer, clearing my cache, and moving the project to a different location. Today all the footage says Media Pending and the Program monitor remains black when I try to play from my timeline. And of course my project deadline was supposed to be tomorrow.

    I am still on CC 2018 because I don't have Windows 10 yet. It seems contained to this project but I'm halfway through it so I don't want to start completely over. I've tried offlining the footage and relinking it but the screen goes white and says Not Responding whenever I try. I've watched my Task Manager while working on Premiere yesterday and the CPU and Memory never got above 60% even when the program froze. And as I was writing this my computer came up with a message that it's low on memory which doesn't make any sense to me.

    I think my next step will be to try a different computer, reinstall Premiere on my machine, and maybe move all the footage to a new harddrive. Does anyone have any other suggestions? I'm near my wits end!

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  • 05/03/18--08:32: Premiere only imports Audio
  • Hey guys,

    So i've seen this question a few times already since the last update but haven't seen any answers that work yet. Basically, Premiere only imports the audio for about 75% of my shots, the other 25% import fine. So far I have tried:

    - Clearing the cache

    - Converting the clips from .mov to .mp4

    - Renaming the source folder

    - Reinstalling Premiere Pro

    - Dragging and going through file/import to import clips

    The original clips I tried to import were .mov files shot on a Nikon D7100.  I then tried all of the above, and each time I re-tried to import clips a different few would work fine and the rest would only import audio. I also tried to import .mp4 files shot on Canon and that didn't work either. Here are my computer specs and my Premiere Pro version. I've been held up for about two weeks now with this problem and I've tried every fix I've come across online, please help! Thanks.



    Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 5.29.53 PM.png

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    Hello guys!


    I know that if you place your playhead right on a cut and you press 'Q' twice, it will cut 1 frame and move the entire sequence to the left 1 by frame. Basically it takes 1 frame away.

    I'm wondering if there is any shortcut that with a double click, instead of cutting 1 frame, it would add 1 frame and push the entire sequence to the right.

    Basically the exact opposite of the 'Double Q' shortcut.


    Thanks already!

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    I am a youtuber and I am doing interviews.

    My equipment consists of two speech recorders: DR-05 with a plugged-in MOVO VXR10  and DR-07mkII and a stand-alone camera on a tripod.

    All those tracks need to be synched.


    I walk around and turn all my equipment by hand. Speech recorders record at a slightly different speed, in relationship to each other and to the camera.

    When I tried to find the right product, I decided to stick with DaVinci Resolve for a while. Yet, despite the advertisements, Autosync in Davinci is far from perfect.


    How good is Adobe Premiere at stretching or shrinking audio tracks in order to synch them with the video?

    If I place markers on different tracks to denote that the tracks are slightly off, would Premiere be able to guess to stretch the recorded tracks?

    Can I inch up the length of the track by one frame?


    Send me a link to a tutorial where this process is shown in detail, please.


    Inching up is why I liked DaVinci for a while.

    Does Premiere offer a handy 'inching up' function?


    To what decimal place can I stretch or shrink a track?


    At this point we couldn't think of anything better then to write a script that 'shims' the audio or removes small slices, in order to compensate for the recording speed errors that my speech recorders produce.

    I would like to find a real solution for auto synchronization.

    My interviews look professional enough and yet I would really like to not to have to do it entirely by hand.


    Is there such script that works from within Adobe Premiere?


    Is there a plugin that makes Premiere even better at synchronization?

    I heard about such plugin mentioned in the tutorial videos, yet I could never find it.


    Right now, I am still uncertain why all the authsynchs in all the programs that I try work so poorly and allow the recording speed error to accumulate, instead of stretching the tracks to make them synch.


    Happy New Year.

    Thank you.

    --Vladimir Tolskiy

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    -- I'm running Premiere Pro CC 2018 on a macbook pro 15" running High Sierra 10.13.3 --


    I had previously opened Premiere at home with my dual monitor setup. Now I'm on the road and when project opens the top windows are off-screen:

    Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 8.01.40 PM.png

    When I select a different window arrangement, it gets worse:

    Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 8.02.05 PM.png


    I can drag the bottom of the window and resize it but I can't get to the top to arrange it.

    Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 8.02.23 PM.png

    Here's how I have attempted to fix it:


    - Hooked up an additional monitor. When monitor is attached I can move windows, but the moment I unplug monitor, the windows go back to original off-screen position (no matter where I had placed them while add'l monitor was running).

    - I uninstalled and reinstalled Premiere. Same problem as before.

    - I restarted Premiere while holding the option key (to trash preferences). Problem still there.

    - I created a new project. No change in problem.


    Anybody have a good idea? Thanks!

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    Is it just me that can't import videos from my iPhone to Premiere Pro CC (2018)? It probably has something to do with the new codec in IOS11 (HEVC).


    "Code missing or unavailable".

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