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Latest Forum Threads in Premiere Pro CC

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    Moving my cursor around the timeline panel in Premiere ver13 creates a multitude of afterimage lines that make it difficult to edit. Any ideas on how to fix this? Moving the cursor to the left tends to create them, moving it to the right tends to erase them. This is a relatively fresh install, and I'm a little tired of erasing and resetting Adobe app preferences, so I haven't actually tried that at this point.


    EDIT: I guess the razor tool is the only tool that creates the black lines. Still annoying, though.


    PC Specs:

    • Windows 10 Pro

    • Intel i7-8700 3.20GHz

    • 32Gb RAM

    • Nvidia GTX1050Ti 4Gb

    • OS and Adobe Apps installed on SSD, working documents on separate HDD



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    I have pressed / ticked something that is causing me grief in PPv13. I can not see the video in the edit panel, just blank with a white line at the bottom. Can see the video in the colour panel and left hand review panel just not in the edit panel. On export it looks fine. What have I accidentally changed? How embarrassing!!!

    Screenshot 2018-12-31 at 18.37.03.png

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    I've read through many forum questions with the same problem.

    Audio randomly dropping out during playback in your timeline.


    I've been having the same issue and I've gone through all the solutions I've found with no luck.

    -Deleting cashe files and rebooting

    -Removing audio plug-ins(I have none)

    -Converting original WAV files to MP3


    So my question is: Could it be a PC spec issue?

    I have a nice editing rig(specs below) but no dedicated audio card.

    Or a bottleneck issue as I'm editing on an external HD through a USB 3.0 connections.

    Premiere is playing back the 4K footage pretty well but I have this audio issue.


    I'm wondering if it's worth it to upgrade to a nice USB C SS Drive or purchasing a dedicated soundcard so I don't have to worry about this issue.

    Thanks for any advice.



    Windows 10

    Intel Core i7-7700 CPU 4.20GHz

    24GB RAM

    GTX 1070 GPU

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  • 12/31/18--08:57: Premier Pro - Unusable
  • After updating Premier Pro it is now completely unusable. Freezes even if i try and click anything


    Constantly having to force shut down. Uninstalled and re-installed but having the exact same issue

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    Just installed premiere cc 2017 on my SurfacePro 4 - everything works fine except one frustrating annoyance:


    I got a mouse with a wheel. Normally when I do wheel+alt over the timeline, it zooms in/out, and the zoom 'center point' should be "anchored" around the cursor. That's how it works on my editing workstation, and that's how it's always worked as long as I remember on every computer I had.  But now - it still zooms, but it zooms to whatever random point it wants - not to playhead, not to cursor.  Incredibly annoying and doesn't let me do my work!


    This feels like it should be some very dumb/little setting that I just can't find. Can someone point me in the right direction to fix this plz?


    (To be clear - I'm NOT talking about zooming video or any editing technique - rather working with the timeline/zooming in to see better.  Also - vertical/horizontal scrolling is NOT what i'm looking for.)

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    2018-12-30 23_24_13-Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 - less than frame.png

    Another question about synchronization:

    I clapped three times and here you can see the waveforms of the first two claps.

    I am trying to get them to line up exactly and this is why I zoomed in to the highest resolution possible.

    Yet there seems to be no tool that would offer me to nudge the claps to be at the exact time, or trim the waveform exactly at the beginning of the first clap.


    What are the tools that would allow me to trim the soundtracks to the resolution of one line that is shown?

    (I do record WAV files.)

    DaVinci Resolve had the ',' and '.' or '<' and '>' shortcut keys. That was pretty handy.


    I cannot even trim the soundtracks evenly.

    And I made observations about how much sound quality is lost due to this imperfect lineup.


    Thank you.

    Happy New Year!

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    I currently am trying to animate some images, basic things like scaling it up a bit and moving across the screen, however when I set the keyframes it just stays on what I last set as the scale (and position keyframes).

    When I try to move .mp4 files they animate/move just fine.


    I've tried nesting the images already into it's own sequence but it is still not animating and has no movement.

    If it does have movement it simply jumps from the first to the second (keyframes are spread out enough to where it shouldn't be jumping).


    Any one know of anything that could help, thanks.




    Premiere Pro CC 2019 (I recently just updated but it works fine in 2018)

    Standard .JPG Images

    Windows 10 OS

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    When I am zoom in, it is very easy to lose the cursor.


    What are the commands that would enable me to

    zoom in on the cursor in the timeline

    and to

    center my view on the cursor in the existing position?


    Where can they be found in the menu and what are their keyboard shortcuts?

    If they are not there, can I add them?


    Edit>Preferences>Timeline does not suggest anything.


    Edit>Keyboard Shortcuts offers too big of a list of commands to try.

    I read it a couple times by now.


    I found a vast discussion on different forums about how Premiere Pro is unable to Alt+mouse wheel zoom on the cursor because of the windows bug.

    (For some reason, this bug is associated with Windows 10 (compatibility issue), while I have the same problem in Windows 8; maybe it is not a bug at all.)


    I believe that those two commands are very basic commands that any virtual manipulation environment has to offer. They are very important in the CAD world.


    Thank you.

    Happy New Year!

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    I rendered a 360 video from the GoPro Fusion using the Fusion Studio. When I tried importing the rendered 360 video, it only imports as an audio file, even though the format is mp4. Help please! Thank you!

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  • 12/31/18--14:02: PP Skins
  • can anyone tell me if they make Premiere Pro keyboard overlays/skins for PC keyboards? If so, how do I get one? Thank u

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    Totally new to Premiere Pro. coming from GoPro Studio

    Wanted to start shooting in 4K/60 (GoPro 7 Black) and quickly realised my old trusty Mac is not up for the job editing vids so I went out and bought a fairly decent windows laptop. (Lenovo Yoga 730, i7 8th Gen, 16GB RAM)

    Still struggled a lot till I figured out proxies (learning as I go along).  However as you probably know, after adding a day's footage its best to leave the laptop overnight to finish creating proxies (I'm cool with that)


    What I'm looking for is a quick and simple way to go through footage. (playing it directly is super fast and awesome) to sort it but also something real light / fast to simply play each clip and cut out parts of it, before adding it to a PP project.

    At the same time I do not want to loose any details or quality, so perhaps I'm asking for too much


    Is there any lightweight fast app that pretty much only does this job and do it well?


    For what it matter I got the Premiere Pro CC 2019 subscription (only for now,  since the entire suite is a bit pricey for someone like me still learning and just use it for fun.


    TIA and Happy New Year!

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  • 12/28/18--16:24: Do I have my settings wrong?
  • Same file.  4K from my phone.


    Davinci Resolve - scrubs fast


    Premiere - scrubs slow


    PC Specs


    AMD 2990WX


    64GB RAM 2933Mhz

    NVME M.2 SSD Drives

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  • 04/21/17--07:45: Panels open in wrong monitor
  • I have been using a multiple monitor setup for years - The majority of my panels are positioned on my main monitor, while my project panel / bins / etc are on my smaller secondary monitor.


    Since upgrading to El Capitan my workspace incorrectly opens all on one monitor - with my project panel hidden *behind* my timeline. I have to manually lower my timeline to drag it over, then reposition my timeline panel to full-screen again. I have tried resetting my workspaces, saving a new one, I've also tinkered with my display dice.


    Once I get the panels where I want them, If I just close the project and re-open, the panels stay situated correctly. But if I quit premiere entirely, the screens go back to their incorrect layout.


    Premiere CC 2017 11.1

    Mac 10.11.6

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    I just updated from CS6 to CC 2018 in Premiere Pro and I can't found the "Browse in Bridge" option in File menu (I believe that option was disscontinued), what I can do?

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    When I open a project in Adobe Premiere, the program monitor of the sequence just displays a black or white screen. I can only hear sound. Being unable to see what I'm editing renders Adobe premiere practically useless.


    I've heard about several people who've had the same issue and I spent a lot of time trying out different solutions, such as reïnstalling the program, cleaning up cache and installing a different driver. So far, no luck.


    I hope to solve this issue soon. Thanks.



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    What is the difference between master clip a fax and using adjustment player? Isn’t it the same thing for example when I click on master clip affects a color correct every single one of those clips I’m not seeing the difference between that and adjustment layer. Is there a difference or not?

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    I've just started using Premiere Pro. Editing works fine, but when it comes to exporting, my exports just stop after a certain amount of time. I was just trying to export a roughly 20 minute project, and it just stopped saying it had 23 mins 4 seconds left. This is the same thing that happened when I was trying to batch export 6 similar videos in Media Encoder.


    I've restarted my PC multiple times.

    I've tried closing all other programs and only having Media Encoder running.

    I've tried exporting in Premiere Pro.


    The only video I've been able to successfully export was 16 minutes long, but that was my shortest video.


    I'm using Windows 10 64-bit Home Edition Version 1803, 8.00GB of RAM, Intel Core i5-7200 CPU @ 2.50 GHz.


    Thanks for checking this out, hoping someone can help

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    when I select all my clips in the time line and click on dialogue and choose match volume it shows a yellow error icon and when I click on it it reads “some clips are not selected” but I selected them all. I dont get how to fix this.

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    Hi everyone,

    I am looking for a solution to my Adobe Mercury Open CL GPU acceleration being disabled (greyed out). I tried what different videos and forum posts recommended but they didn't really fix anything. Any help is appreciated and my pc specs are listed below.


    CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700X

    RAM: 16 GB Corsair DDR4

    GPU: Radeon RX 580 8GB

    OS: Windows 10



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    Happy new year!    Can anyone help with this?   I have my video files (MP4s shot with an iPhone) saved on my desktop and they play fine but when I import them to Premier Pro CC, they don't play properly either in the storage bin or when I put them on the timeline.  Let's say it's a 5 second vid of someone shooting a basketball into the basket.   The vid will import in such a way as to show the ball flying through the air into the basket and then when it should end, it repeats the same scenes.   Vids are also jittery in general.


    I have enabled the 'Mercury software only renderer' and have deleted my media cache.   What else can I do?


    Thanks in advance.

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