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    Just got a new desktop with a GeForce GT 720 specifically so that I would have a powerful enough machine to edit video and now in premire pro cc 2015 I still get lagging video during playback especially after color grading with lumetri and now when I try to render it gives me an error 1609629690 saying there is an error compiling the video. It lags after I color grade but the rendering error came up after I used a third party plug in for a transition effect. Any ideas because I can't even export my videos right now!

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  • 01/02/19--11:30: Dynamic Link Fails
  • Does anyone know why the link between Premiere and After Effects is broken in Premiere 2019?

    The dynamic link is grayed out.

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  • 01/02/19--11:28: zoom in overlay video
  • Hello,


    How can i zoom in a video in a overlay video?

    It is not possible through scale. Then the image is larger and that should not be.

    It must be a small screen in the corner. It revolves around the main image.


    Is there any other way to zoom the overlay video?


    The little screen need to be zoom in the airplane.

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  • 01/02/19--12:39: Defects in rendered footage
  • I am editing 1080p footage that was recorded with a Galaxy S9+.  When I go to render it I am getting the presence of either white or red bars randomly in the footage. 


    Here is an example:


    Kaya in Slow Motion - YouTube at ~49 seconds. 


    When I render again the bars show up in different parts of the video, never the same part. 


    I am rendering in 60.00fps and encountering problems.  I tried 59.94fps and I'm still having issues. 


    My render settings:

    render settings.JPG

    The original file properties:

    original file info.JPG


    Is there anything obvious I should be changing that would prevent these errors from occurring in the rendered footage?


    Thanks in advance,



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    I have an issue with my exports showing a strange, red pixelation in some of the darkest points of my images (Notice the arm). It appears regardless of export settings, making me think it is a source image problem. However, I have used a lot of footage from the same shoot and this problem seems exclusive to this setup and shot. It is also only visible after my color grading and after exporting. It is not visible at all in my project. I have tried several export settings, from mp4 (which is the deliverable requirement) to ProRes and DNX


    Cropped Image.png


    It seems to get less apparent as I lighten the image, but the client is not very happy with the lightened product and wanted it around this level of darkness. The source footage I am using is Pro Res LT. Sorry I can only post the above cropped image due to privacy concerns.


    Please let me know if anyone has encountered this or has any suggestions.

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    Hello, I can’t import a sequence from a previous project, preserving all the layers associated with it. It just imports a single condensed sequence along with various bins. I then drag the sequence into the timeline but as I said the layers are all compressed. The only way it seems that I can import a previous project properly is to literally open the project in my new project and have both projects open. I just want to import the sequence (I used project manager to consolidate it) as it appears in the previous project.

    This process seems overly difficult. I just want to be able to access pieces of a previous timeline which I can then drag into my new timeline

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    The title says it all. Just built a new pc and got the subscription now when I open my old project files(these were also on premiere pro cc but older version) and try to save them as with a different name the program just freezes. I've given it time and even deleted everything from project leaving only the sequence with no other files in project. Still freezes, any ideas?

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    Hello Adobe community,


    I am doing a new project where I have to use a lot of on screen text. I am using "Legacy Title" to create those text.


    The problem that I am having is that the size of the panels change every time I reopen the titles.


    Below are the images:

    1) First time I open it. This is normal. All three panels are divided properly.



    2) Second time I open: Look at the left and right panels. Right panel gets extended and the left one gets squished.




    3) Third time I open the title. Again look at the left and right panels.



    This gets really annoying when dealing with lots of on screen text!


    Any help will be appreciated.



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    anyone have any ideas what is causing this? it plays audio fine but the video doesn't play. video plays fine in after effects and media encoder. I exported from timeline to encoder and it shows there and I created an AE comp from within premier and it played fine in AE. It just doesn't show in premier. My system windows 10. All updated. nvidoa Quadro m5000 card.


    I installed Nvidia cuda toolkit and after that it does this..tried install and reinstall.  If anyone can help thank you! 

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    I have a question for anyone who does voice recording of an actor or voice talent.


    Assume once you're done recording (or shooting) that getting that actor back for a pickup line is cost prohibitive. Does anyone have a generic sentence or phrase they ask the actor to record to capture all the basic speech structures so you have what you need in your editing toolbox if/when you run into a missed word or a word that gets stepped on by a background sound?


    Thanks for any help or thoughts.

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    Hey, everyone!


    Trying to apply a super simple scaling effect to a jpg on Premiere CC (most recent and updated version). For whatever reason, the scaling effect (and only the scaling effect) plays back in the timeline when another effect is present and active. For example - if I scale up any image to a certain percentage, then Premiere fails to show any changes when scrubbing through the timeline. When another effect is introduced (active, with keyframes) scaling can be viewed in the timeline. For instance, if the position effect is introduced and one parameter is bumped up one unit through the keyframes (from 3104.0 to 3105.0 in this case) all of a sudden the scaling appears in the playback. All other effects playback fine in the timeline when they're on their own or accompanied with other effects. So weird!


    After export and subsequent viewing on Quicktime, the scaling effect (unaccompanied by any other active effect) appears to be working fine, but again, fails to playback when scrubbing through the project timeline within the working file in Premiere CC. I uninstalled and reinstalled. I played with memory settings and returned them to defaults. A colleague and I tested this on their computer and they had the same issue. We were able to fix it in the same manner described above (without uninstalling, reinstalling, memory tweaks, and whatever else I messed with).


    I think it's safe to say that this might be a software bug and not a hardware/memory issue.


    Thanks in advance and may you all have a happy and fulfilling 2019!

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    This seems to be my last resort as i've spent the last two weeks communicating with adobe customer support (who can't seem to help resolve my issue) as well as IT support at my job who also are stumped. I've tested this issue out with 3 other work laptops all 2017 and 2018 models with the same graphic cards and updated Premiere software (13.0.2), the issue with desaturated exports regardless of codec happens on all of them. I've tested out raw footage exports as well as exports with an applied LUT that come with premiere (nothing 3rd party).


    The issue is no matter what i do, i see the color and saturation i want while in premiere editing, yet when i go to export everything comes out desaturated (not just specific colors, but the overall clip itself). This issue does not happen on my older Macbook Pro 2013 model which uses a different graphics card (I believe Apple changed all graphics card after 2014, not sure) But I don't see how this problem is only isolated to newer models using the latest updated Premiere software. I also cant imagine im the only one experiencing this issue. Adobe support hasn't been able to help either.


    - I've changed the video rendering and playback to "software only" "metal" and "open CL" to see if this was the issue, didnt work.

    - I've tried exporting through Media Encoder, didn't work.

    - I've tested on different 2017 and 2018 macbook pro models at my job, didn't work.

    - I've looked at the footage (in premiere and export) on different screens at work, didn't work.

    - I've tried exporting Iphone 7, Iphone X and Go Pro raw footage, as well as 4k Lumix GH5 raw 8-bit footage, they all export desaturated, didn't work.

    - I've downloaded and tried exporting with older versions of Premiere (12.1.2), didn't work.


    - I exported using my older 2013 MacBook pro, on the latest updated Premiere (13.0.2) export worked just fine.


    I currently am on my work laptop, these are the following specs:


    MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018)

    Processor: 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7

    Memory: 16 GB 2400 MHz DDR4


    Radeon Pro 555X 4096 MB

    Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB



    I've attached a screen shot comparison of what the clip looks like while in premiere editing, and what they look like upon export, using H.264, Vimeo 4k, these are the settings i've always exporting on my Macbook Pro 2013, and never had a problem.


    There are two screen shot comparisons

    (one with an adobe applied LUT, close up of older man's eyes, shot with Sony A7 III raw) and

    (one with a pink & blue *** with two subjects, shot with Lumix GH5 4k 8-bit raw)


    Please help! I don't know who else to ask, or if anyone else is experiencing the same issue.


    Comparison, Sony A7 III, 4k raw (In premiere & Export)

    Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 1.42.55 PM.png


    In Premiere, with applied adobe LUT:

    Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 12.54.32 PM.png


    After export, H.264, Vimeo 4K (i've tried other codecs, including H.265 and nothing works)

    Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 12.36.12 PM.png



    Comparison, Lumix GH5 4k raw 8-bit (In premiere & Export)



    In Premiere, Raw footage

    Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 1.05.29 PM.png


    After export, H.264, Vimeo 4K (i've tried other codecs, including H.265 and nothing works)

    Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 1.05.44 PM.png




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    This has been happening quite often, Premiere will lock up with the color wheel when I double-click RED media into the source window. I can't diagnose the cause, but I think there may be a conflict between the autosave and opening a clip. When I force quit the app, I get the notification dialog box saying Premiere is attempting to save, as well as the progress bar box from the autosave trying to save, but it doesn't. Perhaps it's trying to do two things at once?


    I'm using 8K clips and linking to the Monstro's auto-generated 2K proxies in the same folder directory. My media is spanned across eight drives using two USB-C 4-bay enclosures. I don't think speed is an issue, but I'm on the latest version of Premiere. It wasn't doing this before the 13.0.2.

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    can anyone help me get rid of the stitch lines in my gopro fusion vidoes. They only show up in Premie. I am using the latest software and can’t find any fixes.

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    Tried different setings, always poorer after rendering.  terrible quality and shows the green lines and footage. same thing on RUSH.


    If I add a photo to the composition it always has lines.  Help?

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  • 01/02/19--14:02: Piste audio grisée
  • Bonjour,


    Je suis VRAIMENT débutante dans premiere pro. Chaque année, je me fais un petit montage vidéo très très basique et là j'ai un soucis. J'ai inséré ma musique et mes vidéos dans le timeline. J'ai décidé à la toute fin de finalement ajouter l'audio de mes vidéos au timeline, mais c'est impossible pour moi de les faire glisser. Ils sont grisés et bloqués. Seul l'audio du dernier vidéo inséré reste accessible. Que dois-je faire?




    Sans titre.png

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    Happy new year!    Can anyone help with this?   I have my video files (MP4s shot with an iPhone) saved on my desktop and they play fine but when I import them to Premier Pro CC, they don't play properly either in the storage bin or when I put them on the timeline.  Let's say it's a 5 second vid of someone shooting a basketball into the basket.   The vid will import in such a way as to show the ball flying through the air into the basket and then when it should end, it repeats the same scenes.   Vids are also jittery in general.


    I have enabled the 'Mercury software only renderer' and have deleted my media cache.   What else can I do?


    Thanks in advance.

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  • 01/02/19--15:54: Team Project Workflow
  • I am working in team with team members in a different location and we are all working on the same project. I have 25+ years of software development in large teams, so I'm familiar with the concepts and workflows, in general.  The Adobe Team Project mechanism seems to be missing a few key features, but I thought there may be work around for some of these issues.


    #1 Revert/Abandon all Changes

    Many times I am looking at the project and Premiere thinks I am changing it because I modified a setting (e.g. mute/solo a track) or maybe I actually made a change that I really don't want to keep.  There is no way to abandon all changes since the last sync.  You can only go forward.  In a non-team program you would do this by exiting the program and simply not saving your changes.  There seems to be no equivalent in Team Projects.


    #2 What Changed

    When pushing changes to the cloud you are provided with a comments box and a list of changed assets, but later when you look back at the previous changes you only see the comments.  There appears to be no way to know what assets changed from one version to another after the push.  A super detailed comment might provide more insight, but having it be automated and consistent would be best.  The comment is for why you made the change and a brief summary of what changed. The system should tell you what assets were changed from version to version and be 100% definitive.


    #3 Save As Locally

    As we go along we want to save checkpoint copies of the project to a local profile file.  The Save As creates a whole new Team Project, but it would be nice to be able to Save As to a local file project in one step.  Right now have to Save As, then Convert that Team Project to a Local project. Then Archive the copy of the Team Project so that I can then delete the archive.  At first I found that converting the current Team Project to a Local project seemed to work, as the Team Project was still there and shared.  But days later, after many changes went into this Team Project, we discovered that it was no longer sharing those changes with the collaborators. So Converting a project isn't doing a Save As Local, or if it is then its a bug that it is stopping sharing at that point.  And without any notification or indication.

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    I've been having an issue with Premiere UI lag, however the issue extends across all of the CC apps. When resizing window elements, or when I change workspaces, there is a considerable choppiness and lag. This also occurs when scrubbing the playhead on Premiere Pro or After Effects on empty portions of the timeline. I've conducted basic tests with task manager on and noticed spikes in my GPU usage across Desktop Window Manager and Client Server Runtime Process up to 40%. Below are videos recorded of Premiere Pro and Photoshop.




    There are a lot of answers and videos regarding lag caused by high resolution video or bad codecs, but this is not related to actual video whatsoever. The problem persists even in empty projects.


    I tried contacting Adobe customer support and the rep controlled my computer, refreshed some files, and basically reset Premiere. This did not help the problem. The rep then said that the issue is because my graphics card (GTX 1080) was not listed as part of the requirements for premiere. I pointed out that they were referencing a list of recommended GPUs for GPU Acceleration, to which they responded "but sometimes it affects the program too."


    I tried photoshop on a Surface Pro 4, and it also handled like clunky garbage, but it's also not really made for running anything even slightly intense.


    Does anyone have any insight into a possible solution or fix to achieve a better UI experience?


    My basic computer components:

    CPU: i7-6950x

    GPU: GTX1080

    Memory: 32Gigs (2x16)

    Boot Drive: Samsung 250G SSD

    Application Drive: WD Black 2TB


    Thanks, any info would help. If there's anything else I can add to help diagnose the problem, let me know.

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    Premiere CC... I have MULTI CAMERA SEQUENCE...Screen shot attached. Everything appears perfect  But if I play the video for editing it crashes...It also Crashes if I

    move curser....Please help it is urgent........THANKS IN ADVANCE

    for forum screen shot.jpg

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