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    Hi I can't open my Premiere Pro CC 2015, everything else works but when I open the premiere it gives me warning saying "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000001d).Click to close the application." I have already uninstall and reload the program but keeps giving me the same message. If you can please help that would be great.

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    I've tried every fix and it still wont run (0xc0000143 error code) A load of work to do and I cant do it.....thanks Adobe

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    HI everyone, there is an update out now for pp and ae. Has anyone of you tried it yet? does it fix the above mentioned issue? I'm a bit reluctant to try the update to be honest.

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    When I try to open Premiere, it acts as if it is loading for a few seconds, but then everything just goes back to normal and Premiere never opens.  I don't even get a text box, it just never opens!  It has always worked fine until I updated it, and all of the other programs I use are working (After Effects, Photoshop,Muse, Lightroom, etc.)

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    This is also happening to me. Downloaded 2019 and it would occasionally open and always with a big white square on my program monitor. Reinstalling 2018 now to see if it works. I agree, I pay a lot of money for you to test your product before its released. If its not ready JUST DON'T RELEASE IT, its not that hard.

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    How can I export a video to play from my MacBook Pro to my Apple TV via airplay?

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    Brand new OS Win 10 Pro - specially for CC 2019. During the work on one project I get BSOD BAD_POOL_CALLER. - after restart  I can't run Pr. They crushing at loading importerquicktime.prm.



    -reinstal Pr

    -Adobe CC cleaner

    -restore system


    WORKAROUND: I read some tips:

    1. create new OS user
    2. log in on new OS account
    3. works!


    But how do I repair that bug?

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    So hello, Premiere Pro forums, I've been trying to fix a problem with my video clips to no avail for some time now. I have a project that's basically just six images spread out with default transitions between them and a single audio clip, and inside the program while previewing the video everything looks fine and dandy but after export on all the presets I've tried so far it develops a weird brown-ish... film? That glitches over the video while it's playing in Media Player. Any help? Am I stupid? I dunno?



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  • 01/04/19--21:43: Premiere Pro 2019 Won't open
  • I'm using a MacBook Pro and Premiere pro 2019 won't open....I have mno idea what is causing the issue


    As Photoshop Lightroom and After Effects all open

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    Tried different setings, always poorer after rendering.  terrible quality and shows the green lines and footage. same thing on RUSH.


    If I add a photo to the composition it always has lines.  Help?

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    Not quite sure how this hasn't been fixed yet - or am I missing something - but when you consolidate clips in a sequence (with the Project Manager), the first clips of each video will be offline every time.

    So, I have a video that is called "". I edit several bits of it into a sequence. I consolidate that sequence. Now I have several new clips just from those edits.

    The first one is called "", the second "" and so on. Every clip from 001 on is online as it should be (the consolidated material), the first one, only called "" now searches (after deleting original files) for the original mov - but it should have linked to the consolidated one.

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    Isn't it nice that with the latest update of CC you can't make a new sequence without causing the program to rear the ugly bugs still in the system that cause the program to crash? 


    Seriously is there a group of us that can do a class action lawsuit against the company?  Paying full price just to use the 2017 version is beyond ridiculous.

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  • 01/05/19--04:06: Help with Trial
  • I have downloaded pp for a free trial. Seems fine until I create a project. Seems to create it and then crashes and shuts down. Does the same when I try to open or create another. I have uninstalled and reinstalled software and same result. Please help.

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    Hey team,


    Now before you all say so, i know that the GeForce 920MX is slow (let alone running pp on a sub-par laptop) but

    today, I was doing some editing, and i went to trim a video and premiere lagged seriously for at least a few minutes,

    then upon restart (computer restart) the CUDA option was gone from my settings.


    I have had any issues with this until now so I'm not sure why it would suddenly drop off the menu. This works for me

    in After Effects so the acceleration works.


    Has anyone else come across this?



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    Hi, I've owned my laptop for over a year now and all the way until October it was working fine. It's a stock ASUS ROG GL553VD, here are the specs:




    Sadly I cannot give you any crash reports as the PC does not give any, I've looked in AppData and nothing. All I get is a white screen followed by a complete shutdown of the program. There is no pattern. It has happened on multiple projects performing varying tasks.


    The PC has had Windows 10 reinstalled twice and complete wipes of the drives (128GB m.2 and 1TB HDD) and the problem is still here. The Only log of any kind is get is in the form of a notification saying "Application has been blocked from accessing Graphics hardware" but this only shows up 1/10 times it crashes. All drives have been updated with drivereasy.



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  • 01/02/19--11:28: zoom in overlay video
  • Hello,


    How can i zoom in a video in a overlay video?

    It is not possible through scale. Then the image is larger and that should not be.

    It must be a small screen in the corner. It revolves around the main image.


    Is there any other way to zoom the overlay video?


    The little screen need to be zoom in the airplane.

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    We are currently editing a feature film on 3 workstations, all connected to a shared NAS in a post house.


    1 of the workstations are getting a unique problem. Every day when the editor opens the project the timeline has shifted on random points. Meaning the picture is out of sync from sound. Its completely random, and on different places each time. We have found no system or method in it.


    It is a quick fix when it is only in scene sequences which lasts a few minutes. However when the timeline is over 1-2 hours long its becoming extremely tedious. It also then comes down to the editors memory of how the scene actually was.


    The project has been moved from a Avid project (I know bad idea) and it needs to move back to Avid at some point. Because of this the project is synced through subclips rather than merged clips. (Avid instantly synces the subclips back but wont touch merged clips). It feels like the subclips are the cause of the issue but not quite sure how.


    The following has been done -

    - Generated new project file and sequences.

    - Switched the actual hardware and re-installed premiere.

    - Switched NAS mounting method.

    - Cleaned local cache

    - Changed media path.


    It is edited on a MacPro on CC 17.


    It is worth to mention that this is only related to this single project, not other projects being done on the same workstation.


    I understand that this might be a unique problem, and would greatly appreciate if anyone have any suggestions.

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    I got the Adobe Premiere Pro 2019, and after 2 days, this issue came up. I have not been able to use Premiere since then. I re-installed the program, but the issue is still there. What can I do?

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    Could anybody help me? I´m new to editing an dry plan once I finish my Roughcut is to pay an editor to continue but I really want to figure out this one first.


    Thanks alot!


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    Hi "adobe".


    Why [...] can't you fix the captions tool? What is the problem? Actually, with every update it gets worse!


    All my subtitles are now in multiple sizes, all over the screen and will not respond to any changes in the menu.


    Now I would have been quite forgiving if this was a new addition, but this is about 6 years old? Am i wrong?


    So do me and everyone else who works with the caption tool a favour.


    Fix it or get rid of it


    Thanks 9for nothing, since no-one ever picks up the phone)





    [Moderator note: improper verbiage removed on this public forum.]

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