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    Hello, I just started having this problem as of last night and it's KILLING my workflow.

    All of a sudden (I mean I haven't changed anything or any step of my export process), when I export a movie file .mp4, I can't upload to Instagram or share in a message iPhone. Any files that haven been exported prior to this, I still can upload them to Instagram and send in text. So it's not the app or device, it is clearly an issue of the files now coming out of premier.


    I have:

    - Updated my software, iOS, Premiere, Instagram, and dropbox.

    - Restarted all devices, computer, phone, modem

    - tried different export settings


    I have been able to download the file to my device. Upload it to YouTube. But I can't share in an iPhone message, share on Instagram and when I share the dropbox link to a friend they cannot download it because a "network" error...


    Is anyone having this issue? I feel like it started, after I updated to CC2019. however, I opened a new project in CC2018 and I'm having the same issue.


    The weirdest thing is that the device says "network error"

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    I'm recording signal like this (24bit audio):


    c:\ffmpeg-nov\bin\ffmpeg -video_size 1920x1080 -framerate 25 -f dshow -rtbufsize 702000k -i video="Decklink Video Capture (2)":audio="Decklink Audio Capture (2)" -c:v dnxhd -vf format=yuv422p -b:v 185M -c:a pcm_s24le e:/video/


    And if I click on "Export" video through Premiere, everything is OK (see the picture):



    If i press Queue and export it through Media Encoder, the picture on Output and Input is RED (see the picture).

    export_through_media encoder01.PNG

    Any suggestions?




    Thanks, Anže

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    I have filmed in 1920x1080

    I've been accidently editing in a 1440 sequence size

    I moved the footage over to a new 1920x1080 sequence

    But I can't convert the original 1920x1080 footage back, it's stuck squished in 1440 so everything but the titles have a black boarder

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  • 01/07/19--05:01: Only Importing Audio
  • Hello, I just downloaded the free trial of Premier Pro CC on my Mac OSX Version: 10:11:6. When I imported the mp4 files into Premier Pro only the audio showed up. I would really like to be able to use Premier Pro in the future, so if anyone knows a way I can fix this, please let me know. Thank you.

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    when exporting, the file is significantly less than the specified parameters

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    Two days ago I subscribed and installed Premiere Pro CC, Premiere Rush and Media Encoder.  Since these have been installed I cannot view any Youtube videos without the video running very slow and jumpy while the audio is normal.  Looks as if something has been installed in the background to cause this problem.  The problem is only on my main PC running Win10 Pro.  My internet connection is good and no other computers, tablets or phones using the connection have this problem.


    Any suggestions to fix this?

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    I have one gigabyte rx 550 2gb in that machine:


    Fx 6300

    8gb ram 16000mhz

    Asus M5A78L-M PLUS


    When I start the premiere and select Open GL, the program stops and crash in few seconds. When I use software only it works well but slowly... I'm using win 10 pro last version, and I just wanted to undertand why this cards is not even on the list and why in the gigabyte's rx 550 page they said the card would be 15x fast on premiere. THAT IS NOT EVEN RECOGNIZED HOW CAN IT BE 15X FAST????


    I see many people on google complaining the same.

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    For some reason, in ALL (across multiple project files and sequences within 1 project file) of my synced audio/video created in Premiere 2018 has now been shifted over for some reason as seen below. It's done this in mutlicam sequences and just synced files. I've attached images of both.


    Anyone have any clue what happened here?



    This is the multicam sequence and was rendered in 2018 with zero issues.      This is just 1 video file with 2 audio files.

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    Hello everyone.


    I recently started adding titles to my Premiere Pro project. Until an hour ago, the text boxes would just show whenever I dragged the text button like I always do.

    But now, the text boxes don't appear anymore. I can still see the text itself and I can edit it (without an indication of where I'm typing because the text-cursor has also vanished), but I can't see the boxes around them with the handles to make them bigger or smaller. Selecting the text also doesn't work anymore.


    help me.png

    I clicked on the Text tool and the box on the timeline, yet the box on the screen and its handles don't appear.


    I tried to search if I accidentally did something with the preferences, but that's all the same. I seriously don't understand what on earth could have happened. Please, help me. And yes, I've already tried restarting the program, creating a new file, a new sequence, everything; the boxes still don't show.


    Thank you for reading! I hope anyone can help me with this because I have a serious deadline coming up.





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    Like for example I closed down Premiere, opened it up a few hours later and all the media on the timeline was offline.. No waveforms on audio, etc, I had to wait for a couple thousand assets to be loaded. Yet other times, I don't recall this happening. The project loads up and everything is online ready to go.

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    I'm trying to change the colors using color correction (Lumetri color panel) but the the picture remains the same.

    No Change in the color nor in the the brightness, exposure etc.

    I'm using Lenovo Yoga i7 + win 10.

    Are there any settings I should change?

    Should I configure my computer screen card?




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  • 01/07/19--08:33: Wormhole effect...
  • Greetings!


    I am trying to create a wormhole effect utilizing two pieces of footage. One is the main action sequence and another is a "Wormhole" (another video that has like a tunnel effect). I want to use that footage in a section of tree's that form a portal.


    Currently I am attempting to use the Track Matte Key, but I have seen videos utilizing the Legacy Title...which works...and another video that uses color matte's with the Track Matte Key on the original footage.


    Now here is the issue. If it was just a still piece of footage (like a logo on top of another piece) I get how that can work...but the main source is moving so I attempted to use the pen tool to create a mask for every frame to move along side the "portal".


    Now currently I have a Track Matte Key on the original footage (V1), A Color Matte on V2 which I specify in the Track on V1 and then the wormhole footage on V3. I tried to just specify the wormhole footage on V3 with V2's Color Matte, but that didn't seem to work. I had to redraw the mask every frame to fit the scene.


    Now I do have a wormhole effect in the space I created, but it is dulled out and dark (the color is bright shining red...but this looks like a Transparent barely seen effect. Opacity is at 100% on the mask and such. What am I doing wrong? (to give you an example, If you have ever seen the show "StargateSG-1" I am trying to do something similar to the stargate. Where the  shimmering gate is displayed while the rest of the scene's are being produced. Most video's I have come across are just based on one scene over another on a static circle or text. Any help would be appreciated


    As I mentioned before, I could try to do a legacy title, but I have to create a new title for every frame and each title will have to be adjusted to move with the action. On the flip side, the video's do come in clear with that method...but as you can tell, it would be very tedious to do it that way.

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    I am having an issue with only the minidv footage that I am putting into my timeline. All of this type of footage only shows me the first 10 seconds of the clip when put into Premiere.


    All of the footage recorded on my digital camera is absolutely fine and shows the full length of the clip in the timeline.


    All the footage is .mov file types.


    I have attached an image below of the minidv clip file and footage put into my timeline. As you can see the clip is 30 seconds long but when dropped into my timeline only comes to 10 seconds.


    I unfortunately did not capture the footage from tape to computer myself.


    I wouldn't say I am an expert within premiere, but. I have been a user for many many years and I have never had this issue before. I recently purchased the most current version of the software. I'm also struggling to find anyone else with the same issue on the internet...


    Many many thanks for any advice or solutions!


    Screenshot 2019-01-07 16.42.38.png




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    I'm editing gameplay video's which are recorded with an Atomos Ninja Inferno. I try to edit these files (Apple ProRes, MOV) from an external ssd, since my iMac Pro only has 1TB internal. But I can't get Premiere to play these files normally. While the same file imported from my internal ssd does play on full resolution. Any idea's what goes wrong? Is it read/write speed? Is it a codec thing? Is it the cable?


    More info:

    iMac Pro 2017

    3 GHz Intel Xeon W

    64 GB 2666 MHz DDR4

    Radeon Pro Vega 56 8176 MB


    I connect the ssd in a caddy with a sata to usb3 adapter.


    What I tried:

    Switch between ProRes 422/HQ/LT

    Recorded with DNxHD-codec

    Several SSD's, for example Samsung 860 Pro

    A portable Samsung X5 Thunderbolt 3 SSD

    Multiple preview file formats at the sequence settings



    So it seems I found the solution. Premiere Pro on a Mac can't handle an exFAT formatted disk. Or at least in combination with ProRes files. I copied the prores files to a mac os journaled formatted disk and everything works smooth. I hope Adobe fixes this bug soon, because the workflow is now far from ideal. The Atomos device only supports exfat formatted disks, so I have to copy these files to another external ssd before I can start editing. And obviously this takes a while due to big file sizes.

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    I have been working on a project (my first in Premiere after switching from FCPX) that involves a large number of lengthy 4k clips and I wanted to be avoid the size and dropped frames during playback so I created proxies out of all of my clips through ingest. I took all of the proxies offline and began working on them, but I have run into a few problems and I don't know if they are because of limitations in a proxy workflow or if they are just user error.


    - I renamed the proxies in the bins for search functionality, but when I took one proxy back online as a test, it lost the name and was reset back to the original file name. Is there anyway to relink the proxies without them losing their bin names? This wouldn't be such a big issue if I was only relinking at the end of my project, but that leads me to my other problem...


    -I can't make subclips out of offline proxies. A large reason for creating proxies it seems is to be able to save space and allow more mobility in when and where you edit, but not being able to create subclips seems like a huge limitation.


    With the little testing that I have done it does seem like I can create a subclip perfectly fine while the proxy is online and nothing happens to the subclip when I bring the proxies offline, but that causes me to run back into my first problem with retaining proxy names...


    So if I am not missing anything, my only solution is to bring all the proxies back online, rename everything again, create all subclips I might want, and then at this point I am able to bring everything back offline if I want. Obviously though this is far from ideal :\


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    I am pretty sure this is a bug but I am just coming off holidays so my brain is not running at 100% yet. I wanted to check on here before I put a bug report into adobe.


    What I have is I time remapped a clip, but I realized that it was remapped to fast to meet the beat of the song I was using so I wanted to adjust the timing of it by moving the whole keyframe line up and down. In the past if I am remembering correctly, I simply placed my playhead at my desired spot where I would want the key frame to be and by simply adjusting the percentage by moving the line up and down I could match the keyframe to the playhead and find the percentage I needed to use. Today if I try to do that, if I move to the playhead, as soon as I release the mouse it jumps to another spot.


    I am assuming that the adjustment isn't moving in the same scale as it is actually showing me so after I release the mouse the actual adjustment is where it goes to. Its frustrating because its now essentially a guessing game and it is slowing my edit down!!!!


    Is there perhaps a setting that I have turned on/off or a quick fix I can try to fix this. If you think its a bug let me know and I will put in a bug report.


    I am on version 13.0.2 running mac OS.

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    hi. I‘m trying to do a timelapse using PP. i followed the instruction i.e. select 1st image, click Image Sequence n Open.

    After imported, PP only read some of picture and not the whole pictures in the folder.

    My timelapse should be around 15-20secs. But it was cut in the middle and become around 3 secs.

    Pls help!

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    Hello, can someone please help. I know how to take my photos and import them into Premiere for a timelapse, but every time I try and import the photos, it won't let me select image sequence. My photos are sequentially numbered, and there aren't any photos out of order. WHY will Premiere not let me import these photos in a sequence? Please help!


    Time Lapse issue.JPG

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    I ordered a new High Resolution 4K monitor and I see that there is a setting in Photoshop that will allow me to increase the size of the User Interface to properly scale the Menu and fonts in Photoshop but I don't see an option like that in Adobe Premiere. Is there a way to increase the User Interface elements, menus and fonts. I am very surprised that Adobe does not have an option like this on all of this 2019 software produces.

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    Ever since updating my iPhone 7 Plus to iOS 11, I've been unable to import videos taken with that phone into Adobe Premiere Pro 2017.1.2 (Mac). I understand that this has something to do with the new HEVC file format that iOS 11 uses to save videos to the iPhone file system. I'm sure there are a thousand ways to convert these videos, but that takes tons of time that should be used editing videos. Is there some codec that can be installed into Premiere to correct this import problem, or will there be a fix for this in a future Adobe update?

    Thank you.

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