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    System: Windows 10 Home (with Fall Creator's Update 1709), PPro CC 2017 (reinstalled - more on that in a moment), MTS video files (which apparently have Dolby audio).


    I have been videoing a monthly teaching series, whose sixth and last installment happened today (I had been putting them in the same project just to be tidy). Sometime in the last month I upgraded PPro to CC2018, and after I opened my project and let PPro "convert" it, it was having memory troubles while conforming the audio, with a variety of different errors happening when it would get partway through (sorry, I didn't keep notes of the wording, but I don't think that matters now). I simplified to only the newest footage, re-saved, rebooted, and tried opening again, and then while conforming the new audio my screen went black and never came back, requiring a hard shutdown. After reading of others having trouble with memory leaks in CC2018, and also noticing that I no longer had an export preset I had made, I decided to re-install CC2017 so that I could just finish this project before braving the new version.


    Once the CC2017 version of PPro and Media Encoder were installed, I could open my project, but I got: "Dolby Codec must be installed to use this feature. Clicking OK will install and enable this codec for immediate use." I clicked OK, but my media files merely changed from "pending" to "offline". The Properties box says, "Offline: Media Type Mismatch". When I importing the new media file, I get video only, as if the file didn't even have an audio track. Properties successfully gives the video specs but doesn't mention audio. I deleted the Media Cache, Media Cache Files, and Peak Files folders, but I got the same behavior.


    This is clearly related to the Dolby codec licensing, that PPro would now be dependent on the OS native codec. I guess I lost Dolby's codec when I upgraded and then downgraded again. But that leaves three burning questions:

    • When that message comes up at load time, offering to install a codec, whose codec is it talking about, and why doesn't it actually do anything?
    • I have Windows 10, so why can't it see the native codec? When I simply double-click on one of the files, something called "Movies & TV" (which looks very much like part of Windows, not a third-party player) plays the video and audio just fine. So it seems that the native codec is alive and well, so what's going on?
    • What should I do now? CC2018 started the process of conforming audio and put a couple of .cfa files in Media Cache Files, so it apparently found the native codec. But it couldn't conform a 53-minute stream without crashing my PC in bizarre ways. Granted, I only have 8GB of RAM, but that has never caused me any trouble before.

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    Hello all,

    Is there a way to use the fx and transitions from after effects in a Premiere timeline? I saw a video of a guy who created a way, but wanted to be paid for the download of files. I am still on Premiere Pro 2017. Thanks.

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    Hello, I just started having this problem as of last night and it's KILLING my workflow.

    All of a sudden (I mean I haven't changed anything or any step of my export process), when I export a movie file .mp4, I can't upload to Instagram or share in a message iPhone. Any files that haven been exported prior to this, I still can upload them to Instagram and send in text. So it's not the app or device, it is clearly an issue of the files now coming out of premier.


    I have:

    - Updated my software, iOS, Premiere, Instagram, and dropbox.

    - Restarted all devices, computer, phone, modem

    - tried different export settings


    I have been able to download the file to my device. Upload it to YouTube. But I can't share in an iPhone message, share on Instagram and when I share the dropbox link to a friend they cannot download it because a "network" error...


    Is anyone having this issue? I feel like it started, after I updated to CC2019. however, I opened a new project in CC2018 and I'm having the same issue.


    The weirdest thing is that the device says "network error"

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    I'm having a problem with the multicam previews. They are not scaled to HD but cropped/zoom into a 100% so I only see 1/4 of the entire frame.

    I made a multicam sequence from 8 x 4k takes, I set the video effect scale to 50% which seams to work fine for the composit video, so the final edit is fine when I have selected clips, but the small previews of my multicam options which I need to edit from are all in 100% zoom which means I only see 1/4 of the entire frame making it almost impossible to edit. Anyone know if I can make this previews scale 50% as well?

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    Buenas a todos. No voy a hacer esto mas largo. Tengo un problema que me esta estresando bastante.


    El hecho es que termine una secuencia larga en el que he trabajado varios meses. Hoy lo intente exportar, pero cada vez que lo exporto, el vídeo me sale en peor calidad. Cuando veo el resumen en "Origen", la secuencia esta en 540x360, sabiendo que todos los videos con los que trabaje estan en 1080x1920. No tiene sentido.


    Por favor, aclarenme esto, es una secuencia muy importante. Le agradeceria de por vida al que me resuelva esto.

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    I am trying to export a project with H.264 export format but as soon as I select this format in the export settings window, I get the spinning wheel for a few seconds, and then Premiere Pro is crashing completely. It does not even say that the application is not responding or proposing to submit a bug report, the application window is just disappearing. If I try to export to a different format, the export can be done without any error (I successfully exported my project with "H.264 Blu-Ray" format).

    I get exactly the same problem when I send the projet to Adobe Media Encoder and try to change the export settings to H.264 in Media Encoder (AME is crashing as soon as I select H.264 export format).

    I am using the latest versions of each software (Premiere Pro CC 2019 v13.0, Media Encoder CC 2019 v13.0.2 Build39).

    The project I am trying to export is a sequence 2704x1520 pixels 29,97fps based on GoPro Hero 5 Black footage 2704x1520 pixels 59,94fps.


    My PC :

    Windows 10 Pro v1809 FR

    Intel i7-3770K

    RAM : 32 GB

    EVGA GeForce GTX 670 (driver v417,35)

    All my drivers are up to date.


    I tried to delete all cache files, uninstall all adobe applications (deleting all preferences), then ran the AdobeCreativeCloudCleanerTool.exe, then reinstalled everything (restarting the computer between each step of this process) : same result...

    I tried to create a new project and import my project in the new one, but I get the same problem when I try to export.

    In the project settings, I tried to switch the rendering system to "Mercury software playback engine only" : still the same problem.


    Any help would be more than welcome !

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    This might be an obvious question, but I can't quite seem to make my adjustment layer work the way I expect. I'm trying to make a time-lapse with a pile of still images, which I created using the "Automate to sequence..." tool. This seems fine, except that the original images are quite a bit larger than 1920x1080, and I'd like to do a bit of scaling and cropping. I added the "Transform" effect to an adjustment layer above the sequence, but the "Scale" option isn't working how I expect. If I add the Transform effect to an individual image and set a scale of, say 50%, it "zooms out" like I'd expect. However, if I set Scale to a number less than 100% in the adjustment layer transform effect, it just makes it a smaller, sort-of-cropped image of the original view, which isn't really helpful. Is there some subtlety to using the transform effect in an adjustment layer that I'm missing?

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    So hello, Premiere Pro forums, I've been trying to fix a problem with my video clips to no avail for some time now. I have a project that's basically just six images spread out with default transitions between them and a single audio clip, and inside the program while previewing the video everything looks fine and dandy but after export on all the presets I've tried so far it develops a weird brown-ish... film? That glitches over the video while it's playing in Media Player. Any help? Am I stupid? I dunno?



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  • 01/07/19--16:42: Problem with premiere pro cc

    My problem is consistent, ever since I have downloaded the software it was slow I have to wait a few minutes in every click of a button.

    From the start when I'm dragging a video to the timeline I can't see it over there until I press play and the bar that shows where I am in the video doesn't move ever.

    it doesn't matter what kind of footage I'm trying to edit.


    Furthermore, when I'm trying to edit the speed or scale of the video it doesn't respond at all.



    • OS: Windows 10.
    • Processor: Intel I7 - 8750H.
    • Installed memory: 16 GB.
    • System type: 64 Bit.
    • Graphics Card: Nvidia 1050 Ti.



    PC401 NVMe SK hynix 512 GB.



    • Premiere Version: Premiere Pro CC 2019 v13.0.
    • Footage: Canon EOS 5D MIV,  1920×1080, 60fps, about 15 seconds length.
    • TRT of the timeline: about 5 minutes.
    • All production audio files are on a separate drive as the footage.
    • Current project file size: 108 MB.



    • Removed all video effects.
    • Created a blank new project and imported the entire old project.
    • Restarted computer.
    • different types of footage in the software.


    Thank you for your help.

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    I'm having lots of problems with both premiere pro CC 2018 & 2019 and it started to accrue 3 days ago, before that everything ran smoothly on my computer.

    After I had issues with the 2018 version I've decided to update to 2019 to hopefully solve the problem. 

    The program suddenly freezes with no reason, I can still move the cursor and click on buttons but the source and program monitor are not working. In different cases, it will show me "media pending".

    After that, I need to close the program but it won't close until I close it manually from the task manager.


    My computer:

    Lenovo legion y720


    16G RAM

    512SSD (The project is on the computer after I thought that maybe the problem is related to my external hard disk)

    Geforce 1060 GTX (I've updated the drivers)


    I've tried to find a solution online and I couldn't find any, This is a huge problem for me because I'm wasting a lot of time on restarting the program more than 10 times a day.





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  • 01/08/19--18:13: media encoder: software only
  • So yet again here I am posting about something that adobe seem to have broken. And ironically on the same day they sent me an email telling me creative cloud was going to get more expensive.


    Transcoding from a cineform file to mp4. This used to take seconds, or minutes if it was a larger video.  Why exactly is hardware acceleration unavailable? I have a gtx1080ti, I thought this would handle the h.264 encoding? I have an i7 5820k.  I dont really want to know about quicksync, or get my head into hardware details. I just want to know why something that is working is now broken. 


    this is mirrored across the whole suite of products.  I'm seeing the complacency in Adobe that comes with monopoly. 

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    I have a Mac Book Pro (8/256 GB) and when I try to do some editing the PP

    - suddenly stops react to my commands, doesn´t show the clip in the left corner and behave unpredictably

    - starts the spinning of the beach ball over and over again and I can´t do a thing, just have to wait....

    - I´ve to render over and over again


    I´ve runned Bitdefender but it didn´t find anything


    I store my projects on a external harddisc


    I have restarted the cumputer several times


    Any Ideas why this happens?

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    >Premiere Proで、挿入したテキストデータのフォントを全て一括で変更する方法



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    On my old laptop (Samsung) and my desktop (Dell) I had no problem what so ever the videos moved over from the folders and were fine.


    Now I have a new HP Pavilion which I have updated the memory to 32 thinking that was the problem, but when I bring the videos they look all grainy and with green and blue lines and are not clearly rendered.


    Still photos - no problem, they look fine.


    What do I need to do to make this work correctly?  Must be a setting that is specific to this machine.


    Thank you!


    Adobe Preimer Pro issue.JPG

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    Hello, this happens frequently. I don't know why and don't know how to fix it . Can someone help me ?

    Thank you so much.


    ''Sorry, a serious error has occurred that requires Adobe Premiere Pro CC to shut down. We will attempt to save your current project.''



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  • 09/25/18--19:53: dvaaudiofilterscan?
  • Hi,


    So I just did a fresh install of OSX Mojave. Then I installed Premiere CC. On my dock I now have an icon for a plug-in scan. If I hover over it, dvaaudiofilterscan pops up. I searched to find out what this is and got no concise answer. In fact, there was some indication this is malware from Adobe. Can anybody explain what this is and whether it is a concern? Thanks

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  • 11/19/17--08:44: Unspecified Drawing Error
  • Premiere Error.jpg

    I currently run a modest post production company with multiple Adobe CC seats.  Recently I have come across this error.

    The project is a simple 2 camera multicam sequence and I keep receiving this "Unspecified Drawing Error".  Has anyone else come across this and have a solution to fix it?  I am not sure if it will affect my render, but it is coming up periodically.

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    I read that some feature was removed from Lumetri, though I am not clear on what.

    1. Were the color wheels removed in CC 2019?

    2. If so, was this done to make Premiere more like DaVinci?

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    Hi. I just install adobe Premioere at my new laptop Dell xps 15. Below is how my preview of video look like. I don't what should I install or update. I think I did it all.

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    Hi, When I open Premiere directly the full window opens up, and then a smaller white window opens and closes on it's own indefinitely in the center of the screen.  When I open from an existing project file, I am able to use the program if have the program windowed.  If I go full screen the program won't function (it's like the work spaces just don't render, but if I click where I know something should be it will sometimes work.  I am running a 2015 Lenovo with a Core I7, integrated graphics, and a GTX 960M.  I have tried running the program on both integrated graphics as well as the nvidia card and have the same problem regardless.  Before I updated a few days ago I was having a few laggy issues which prompted me to do an update but which were just more of an inconvenience.  Not sure what to do, any help would be appreciated. 


    Thank You,


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