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Latest Forum Threads in Premiere Pro CC

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    I have been sent some Green screen footage of a person talking.


    The footage was adequately lit and shot and I can get an excellent key of the person. Unfortunately. the person speaking had some green in their tie and in the Alpha mask it shows as black dots in the tie area. There are only a few of them, but I can only remove them if I push the settings to the point where the outline of the person starts to deteriorate which I do not want to do.

    I feel there should be a way to almost "paint" into the alpha mask like you can do in photoshop in white to remove the dots.


    Is there a way to add to the mask?

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    Since I've started editing 360° panoramas into VR movie clips in Adobe Premiere I've had this problem: In editing mode (in the vr mode) the nadir and zenith looked fine. But after I export the clip I get this swirl distortion on the bottom and on the top. Do you know how this happens and how I could avoid it?





    distorted nadir.PNG

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    I'm not able to see a finished project in the timeline but I'm seeing it on the left panel. I use to open two or three projects at the same time.


    I did my best but now I have to ask for somebody's help!


    Thank you very much!

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    Hi I hope someone can assist me with this issue. I am reviewing my editors work and each time I get a project which has been captured by Sony the edited file in the timeline is shifted around 3 - 4 second later. We work with a few cameras. We generally work with Canon, Panasonic and Sony. Only recently the Sony files has been doing this. It appears to have that zebra lines on the timeline which basically means there's not footage at that particular point.


    I work with around 3 hours worth of footage including multicam sequences so it's a real headache.


    When i open my project on my MacBook pro I5 8gb late 2015, model it doesn't have this issue. it's only my main iMac computer (I7 32gb late 2014) which has this problem. I have updated my software and still no joy.  


    This issue occurs when i open any of my editors who has a Sony file in their project. Editing Sony files on my computer isn't a problem.


    Please see stills below for reference. It also has nothing to do with the transitions used, just video been shifted.


    I would appreciate it if anyone can help as soon as possible please.




    Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 20.17.19.pngScreen Shot 2018-12-21 at 20.18.00.png 

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  • 01/08/19--18:13: media encoder: software only
  • So yet again here I am posting about something that adobe seem to have broken. And ironically on the same day they sent me an email telling me creative cloud was going to get more expensive.


    Transcoding from a cineform file to mp4. This used to take seconds, or minutes if it was a larger video.  Why exactly is hardware acceleration unavailable? I have a gtx1080ti, I thought this would handle the h.264 encoding? I have an i7 5820k.  I dont really want to know about quicksync, or get my head into hardware details. I just want to know why something that is working is now broken. 


    this is mirrored across the whole suite of products.  I'm seeing the complacency in Adobe that comes with monopoly. 

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    I have been using Premiere for the last several years for video editing for our company.  I just updated to 2019 and I could not be more disappointed.  The entire program is soooo slow, especially compared to the most recent version.  I am running a brand new Microsoft surface book 2, with all kinds of power.  The program hesitates just to move between screens when moving to render  The timeline barely moves - and I am running at 1/2 to 1/4 resolution.  I thought this update was going to be about performance!  Apparently not!  If you need some sort of updating to different version of drivers to run this program Adobe should be specific about that.  I am not a computer guru, so updating drivers and whatnot can be problematic if you don't know exactly what you are doing. Why does Adobe not care a little bit more about their customers?


    Anyway, I am frustrated as our most recent project is taking longer than it should.  I have been doing some testing with Davinci Resolve and this program sure looks promising. 

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    anyone have any ideas what is causing this? it plays audio fine but the video doesn't play. video plays fine in after effects and media encoder. I exported from timeline to encoder and it shows there and I created an AE comp from within premier and it played fine in AE. It just doesn't show in premier. My system windows 10. All updated. nvidoa Quadro m5000 card.


    I installed Nvidia cuda toolkit and after that it does this..tried install and reinstall.  If anyone can help thank you! 

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    We are having numerous performance issues within Premiere Pro, which all look to have started in December.


    Previously, PC ran perfectly fine with the same footage and compiling etc., but only recently started occurring. The PC will shoot up to 100% CPU usage at times, but other hardware is not maxed out (e.g. RAM only using 10GB of 16GB, GPU hardly being used, Disk fine)


    The issues we notice are glitchy or laggy video, unable to skip through the timeline (we can skip forward, but the video still shows video from previous location on the timeline), stuttering video or video locking up altogether


    We have:

    • Tested on 3 machines, same issue
    • Tried various playback settings e.g. half quality playback and quarter
    • Tried different rendering options e.g. turn CUDA off
    • Rolling back to previous versions of Premiere
    • Updating and rolling back Graphics Driver
    • Full reinstall of CC and Premiere
    • Full OS re-install


    The above has had no effect, and the issue persists for us.


    PC specs are:


    i7 7700K

    Gigabyte GA-H270-HD3

    16GB DDR4 2400Mhz RAM

    Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SATA3 SSD

    Geforce GTX 1070


    I find it hard to believe the hardware is not adequate, as it was working fine previously and meets the requirements as far as I can find. We are at a loss as to where to go forward from here.


    Is anyone else coming across similar issues?

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    Why does this error keep happening? Please help


    Screenshot 2019-01-10 11.26.08.png

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  • 12/17/15--04:16: How do I move a small mask?
  • I'm blurring a face using a gausian blur but can't move the mask because it is too small, the Grab icon that should appear in the middle doesn't show up, it's just the 'add anchor' point that appears everywhere pretty much. I've tried alt/ctrl/shift + click but none of them work. I can use the arrow keys but it means I have to keep clicking back to the timeline to move forward a frame then click back to the mask. Is there anyway to drag a small mask and/or where is the shortcut for 'next frame'?

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    Hello - I need to convert a 30P master video to 25P (PAL). Could someone please give me intructions on how to achiever the cleanest 'broadcast quality' conversion within Premiere CC? thanks in advance Alex

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    As an example. I'm working with corner pinning.A frame by frame animation and it's tedious work. It would be very helpful if I could move the pinning control points with the keyboard instead of the mouse at times.

    When the control point are closely grouped it's especially difficult like in the image below. I keep grabbing other keyframes accidentally and I'm zoomed in at 400%.


    That's about 20 frames of animation showing and the movement is getting tighter and harder to work with.


    Any help of suggestions is appreciated.



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  • 01/09/19--17:41: Import error
  • I'm not able to import some video. I get this error. Any ideas how to solve this issue? See attachment. The clip does in fact have Audio and Video.



    Import Error.PNG

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    Hello, I just started having this problem as of last night and it's KILLING my workflow.

    All of a sudden (I mean I haven't changed anything or any step of my export process), when I export a movie file .mp4, I can't upload to Instagram or share in a message iPhone. Any files that haven been exported prior to this, I still can upload them to Instagram and send in text. So it's not the app or device, it is clearly an issue of the files now coming out of premier.


    I have:

    - Updated my software, iOS, Premiere, Instagram, and dropbox.

    - Restarted all devices, computer, phone, modem

    - tried different export settings


    I have been able to download the file to my device. Upload it to YouTube. But I can't share in an iPhone message, share on Instagram and when I share the dropbox link to a friend they cannot download it because a "network" error...


    Is anyone having this issue? I feel like it started, after I updated to CC2019. however, I opened a new project in CC2018 and I'm having the same issue.


    The weirdest thing is that the device says "network error"

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    Latest version through the subscription, Win 10 i9 9900k 32GB RAM. This is infuriating. Literally about a 25% chance to crash on choosing import. Sick of paying money just to be slapped in the face with losing work through your unstable horse ****. Jesus christ already.

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    This problem is so bizarre that I struggle to put into words how it even manifests. I open my project and premiere initially renders whatever frame was there when I closed the project, if I try to move the playhead to another place on the timeline, it will lag anywhere from six to twenty seconds before rendering the frame. It plays everything back no problem, but takes absolutely forever to start playback. The other issue that is even weirder is that when I hit play, it often takes forever to actually start playback. I find that if I hit the spacebar four times it seems to snap the program out of whatever bug it's in, but that fix isn't very consistent or reassuring. In general, everything is slower and usually simple tasks like sliding a clip over and extending it will often times cause the rainbow wheel of death to appear if that aforementioned task is done too quickly, BUT the program never crashes when this happens, it just spins the wheel for five minutes (sometimes more) then will show the changes I tried to make in the blink of an eye and be ready to go again. The strangest thing is that if I open another project, I don't have this problem, it's just on two of my active projects.


    I've updated everything and am running Mojave OS on an iMac Pro 3Ghz intel Xeon W, 64GB DDR4 RAM, and Radeon Pro Vega 64 16368 graphics card. Editing off of a Pegasus R4 with USB-C.

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    I NEED HELP ASAP! My last few video clips I got from my email and downloaded them. The videos are like 2 or 3 minutes and when I import it it works but it only shows the first few seconds. PLEASE EXPLAIN!

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  • 12/27/18--21:50: Can't Import H265
  • I have footage shot with my drone in 10bit Dlog H265 when I try and bring the file into PP I get "The file has an unsupported compression type"

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    I'm editing a video since 2 weeks, everything was fine until today. I opened Premiere and all my clips look green/pink.


    I didn't change anything, but yesterday Windows Update installed a new video driver "Intel Corporation - Display - 2/28/2018 12:00:00:00 AM -".


    I think the problem is a result of the new driver?

    Do I need to update a codec?

    Or should I remove the display driver?

    What can I do?


    Thanks for your help.

    Greets Udo



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    recently started taking my editing a bit more seriously and discovered the proxy facility which i think is fantastic. However i have followed many tutorials on the internet, changed the settings god knows how many times but every time, it will create the proxy in the relevant folder but there would be no video.


    Thought i was doing something wrong but ive tried it so many different ways im unsure where im going wrong. the only problem i see is when media encoder has rendered the file, i reset status. When i click custom the Ingest settings come up. Under Summary and Source it says "No video". I have no idea how to fix this? can someone please help me?


    I have tried to export a sequence using media encoder and that works fine, its just for some reason not playing ball when it comes to proxies.



    Currently using PP 2018 and AME 2018



    Thanks in advance.



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